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  2. That’s always nice to see, 2nd team Juco All American!
  3. New JUCO CB commit https://twitter.com/GloBoy_J/status/1219018777821634561?s=19
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  5. Two things we have to guard against...1) a letdown after 3 straight wins and 2) overlooking those opponent and looming ahead to Kent state on Friday. We’ve seen clunkers at home against lesser opponents, this will be as much a mental test as anything. Good barometer of how far we’ve come.
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  7. WMU comes to Alumni sitting at 2-3 in MAC play but beat Kent and have been in every game except for a 15pt loss in Akron. Can't say that I've watched them play but Flowers scores 18+ a game and over the years Bulls teams have been susceptible to big games for individual players. Hope to see our defensive trend of-late continue as wins are going to get harder to come by when we play some of the top of the conference. GO BULLS
  8. At least they seem to bounce back from the stinker games. Good sign. Let's hope they can hit their side by March. I want to go to Cleveland again. Women are playing well too, though they let EMU get too close at the end
  9. No way of knowing for sure, but there were some good signs recently that the team will be a handful for anyone in the MAC. I look for Graves to rebound as he gets over the flu, Williams has developed into a legitimate scoring threat. If you add Jordan, Mballa, Johnson (playing better recently) and Segu, the offense should be there. The key as others have said will be their defense. That will determine how well they do the rest of the season. Play solid d and they will be a strong contender.
  10. Who knows where this team is going. We’ve seen it all; the good, bad and the ugggggly. The hope is always there. Yesterday’s defensive effort is encouraging. But CMU has never been the gold standard in the MAC. That challenge lies ahead with Akron high school, Toledo, BG, Can’t and perhaps one or two more since we’ve already lost to NI and BSU.
  11. The Vanderbilt and Ball State games were really awful. It's one thing being biased, it's another being a fan and fan boy rooting for your team. Everything else has been on point this year.
  12. Was out of town today. Only saw score, read box score and comments. Seemed like team really committed on the defense end and played a complete game. Fair play to Whitesell for getting his guys on a 3 game win streak with this last one the best of all. Keep it going!
  13. Anyone watching this tonight? He's getting pretty good minutes, but Paul VI offense totally runs through Roach and Keels every time down the floor. They're playing Freeman in a 3/4 role, playing him in the post with flex to the wings. Hasn't had the ball too much on offense, but looks like a pretty slick passer for the position, when he's had the ball. Aggressive on-ball defender.
  14. Agree. A huge win with a good team effort on both ends of the floor. Good contributions from our bench especially with Malala in foul trouble. WMU beat Kent State tonight. Need to continue our improvement defensively and offensively and from the free throw line. Also the women won a tough game against Eastern Michigan who has a pretty quick and athletic team. Go Bulls!!!!
  15. Now it's quiet on this topic after 3 straight wins, with the most recent one in blowout fashion on the road. This team is as we hoped when they play as a collective unit. Let's hope they've turned the corner after the 0-2 start and have figured things out. They're not going to go undefeated the rest of the way, but 10-3 over the rest of the regular season would be super and easily be a top 4 if not top 2 seed come MAC playoff time. It's just one game at a time, and hopefully they'll keep up the winning ways back at home next week!
  16. Didn’t see the game. I saw him play in hs. I was unimpressed. He was slow. He wasn’t very good off the dribble. He wasn’t a good defender. But I have to say I was shocked by how he skimmed down, got himself in great shape, became so much quicker and his shot improved significantly. I don’t know where he’s going. But he’s come a long long way.
  17. Off topic - watching Duke vs Louville. Nwora a no show, after a no show vs Kentucky. Over-rated.
  18. Last week
  19. Considering what we put up with on the Vanderbilt broadcast...
  20. None of them can win road games against each other so all of them deserve to get in. /s
  21. The latest edition has the B10 getting 11 teams in. Nebraska and Northwestern are out. And so is Minnesota...except Lunardi has them included in his “Last 4 in” category. Must be nice...Just noticed that Virginia, VCU, and Xavier are listed in the “First 4 out” category - and yet he’s got them as 11 and 12 seeds. Bottom line: Just win, baby.
  22. Damn. The players could use some love. They’ve earned it.
  23. Nope, 1/27. I'd imagine its roaring for that BG game but not WMU/KENT
  24. Will students be back for the next two home games? We could use a rowdy environment.
  25. Huge win! And really needed this one with how our schedule shakes out. Can not overlook Western Michigan on Tuesday. Michael flowers really talented and must contain him. We get past that game, then gonna be a brutal stretch against arguably the best 3 teams in entire conference.
  26. Ah didn’t know. He did look a bit sluggish so makes sense now.
  27. Impressive win today. This game worried me bc it was a road game against a team that can score. And boy did our defense show up. The defense won this game. Took charges, rebounded and the communication was great. I’ve said for weeks if we improve our defense even a little bit we can be very good. This was a prime example. With Kent St looming next Friday the WMU game Tuesday could be viewed as a trap game. Good teams show up and take care of business. The key will be mental on Tuesday. Go Bulls!
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