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  2. That was the frustrating part of the year. The consistency was not there both as a team and as individual players. The only player out of our newcomers that gave us hope was Mballa with all the others being very inconsistent or no help at all. If we don’t get some positive improvement from the majority of our returning players without naming them it could be another frustrating year. Hope the community support and the student support will not waver like what has happened at our other local colleges. Our family will be out in front in our support for both the men and women. Go Bulls!!!!
  3. That is still the beauty and the frustration of what is happening in college basketball and sports in general. Only the player and his family know the full story why a player makes a decision to stay or go. The crazy part of leaving a program and going with their coach is their is no guarantee that the coach or the player will be successful. Many factors of course enter into it. The new college of course is an entirely different atmosphere and the entire quality of teams and players can be leaps and bounds in what was envisioned. Hope that Coach Whitesell and staff can sell our program and get some players to come here. Go Bulls!!!!
  4. Do agree. How Coach Jack and this coaching staff can get Fair to play a team first mentality and get other players involved while increasing her shot percentage. Who will take the place of Onwuka in the starting lineup and hope the two new recruits can provide some solid minutes. Summer and Fair can’t be the only two productive players for this team to be successful. It should be a very interesting year and will be great to see Summer back in the lineup. Go Bulls!!!
  5. 100%. I wonder why he didn’t get nearly any playing time at ASU?
  6. Lol, it didn’t matter what they said for a reason, we all know why they left, Nate Oats was gone and so were they.
  7. Dang...and he’s leaving being close to home. So much for that being the reason why he decomitted from us. That’s now what 2/5 of our initial recruiting class from a year ago transferring out of the places they ditched us for.
  8. There was no reason to lose some of the games we did at home. Just goes to show that this team was capable of being really good...and bad. We could beat anyone and lose to anyone. Hope it’s fuel for next year’s fire.
  9. Andre Allen entering transfer portal. I’d love to get him here after all
  10. I was curious what it would look like if I listed all the games in order of KenPom ratings to see who we beat that was ranked higher and who we lost to that was below us. 7-4 in games against teams ranked better than us.
  11. 52 UConn N 82 Akron A 82 Akron H 94 DePaul A 110 Harvard N 116 Ball State A 116 Ball State H 121 Missouri State N 123 St. Bonaventure H 128 Kent State H 128 Kent State A 148 Buffalo 152 Toledo A 158 Towson N 167 Ohio H 167 Ohio A 168 Bowling Green H 168 Bowling Green A 169 Vanderbilt A 182 Northern Illinois H 195 William & Mary H 196 Eastern Michigan A 205 Dartmouth H 216 Central Michigan A 216 Central Michigan H 229 Miami-OH A 229 Miami-OH H 229 Miami-OH (MAC) H 237 Western Michigan H 258 Canisius H 264 Army H 300 Niagara H ~400 Nazareth H
  12. By all means expected. Next year will be huge for UB WBB.
  13. Teams like to hold their offers until they think a player might actually pick them
  14. Have we offered him or just interest?
  15. Yesterday
  16. He may have been a 4-star prospect out of HS and now is well below that based on his first two years, but he's got a five star name!
  17. In his defense he played 10 minutes a game last season. Tough to jump on him. As he said he’s looking for a chance to show what he’s got. Someone who is hungry could be a boost to this team. Could bring a fire.
  18. His stats are pretty awful through 2 years. You never know, but I’m hesitant on this one
  19. Can’t blame a kid for wanting a bigger role but you gotta earn it. Hope his quotes don’t make him sound selfish. Aside from that he’s got a lot of interest from MAC schools. Oregon St is the only power conference team...and they suck.
  20. He's been horrible at ISU. Low rebound totals, low 3%, low FT% Could a change of scenery + lower comp level help? I'm not sure, but his numbers OOC against similar level schools are just as bad.
  21. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/hinsdale/sports/ct-dbr-zion-griffin-iowa-state-basketball-transfer-tl-0402-20200329-3expoqoktjez7a5wcvh4onsnzy-story.html Iowa State transfer. Been in contact with us apparently. Chicago resident (Thorpe connection). Have a pretty good shot to get him maybe I would say. Former 4 star recruit. Averaged 3 points 2 rebounds last season.
  22. Last week
  23. I’m just hoping he’s not tempted by playing in a larger conference. He’d definitely get a chance to start if he came to UB, most likely would be a bench player at Cal and Ole Miss
  24. I would say UB is prob the best team on that list. Cal and Ole Miss have nothing too much going for them. Would be a nice get.
  25. Could help the other way too with a p5 player not getting any minutes they expected/were promised to transfer to a mid major to start
  26. I hope immediate transfer eligibility doesn't pass. I just think Mid majors will be continuously raided for their top talent and it gives another advantage to the power 5.
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