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  2. Agree, some quality teams in the tournament. FWIW Flordia / Xavier Rank < 48 per this website (barttorvik has them at #1 and #37) respectively). 53 / UConn https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17790 57 / Miami FL https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17783 100 / Missouri St https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17655 109 / Buffalo https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/17627 Towson / St. Joseph's Rank > 144 per this website. (barttorvik has them at #143 and #286) respectively).
  3. That will be tough to do. A lot of good teams.
  4. Agree with both you and Dutch. If this team leaves Charleston undefeated then yea at large would be in play. But that’s a big if. The beauty is that we control our own destiny with 3 days in March
  5. Regarding what is in bold...that is one way to look at it. But if you feed me filet mignon instead of minute steak for a few years, my "floor" becomes filet mignon. Don't give me a lesser cut and say "a few years ago, you would have loved this cut". The bar has changed and for the better. There are higher expectations now.
  6. Certainly the team will not be ranked pre-season. But...should the team leave Charleston undefeated...they will be ranked since people (i.e. voters) now know who they are. They are starting from a higher point.
  7. That's really all that matters. This team isn't getting an at-large.
  8. Three days in Cleveland. That’s what our schedule is a build up to.
  9. I have some company now in the 11-7 club although I certainly hoping for better. However, I believe this team will improve over the course of the season and I am optimistic they will peak in March. I think they have a legitimate shot at winning the MAC tourney and earning another NCAA tourney bid. This team compares to Nate Oats first year - that team peaked to win the MAC tournament and gave a Miami (FL) team (that lost in Sweet 16 to eventual champ Villinova) all they could handle in round of 64.
  10. This is what many people seemingly forget about...when it comes down to it, our ability to make the NCAA's rides on if we are the best team in the MAC. Will we be as good as we were last year in the eyes of the national media and people who do not follow the MAC as closely? Likely not. Will we be the best team in the MAC and good enough to once again win the conference? That is a yes in my book. Looking at BG specifically, they lose two of their best five and I do not think anyone would argue that the talent level of the players they have coming in does not compare to UB's. Yet many are just assuming BG will be the MAC team to beat. Of course we need to see what this year's team will look like on the court but the same goes for nearly every team, in every season. It is exceedingly rare the position we were in coming into last season where we returned nearly all impact player's and had such little turnover.
  11. The class that Oats/Hodgson had coming in was undoubtedly a step above anything we've seen. That being said... if we didn't see that class I think we'd all be raving about the class we DO have coming in. We didn't lose any current players and the staff did a remarkable job recruiting in short time. The turnover rate is the same as it would have been and the talent is still high (likely still a step above what other MAC schools can pull).
  12. My son and I spoke about this the other day when I was explaining to him Buffalo's OOC schedule. He said that UB had the best regular season ever by a MAC team and were ranked for the entire season. He felt that if UB didn't meet Texas Tech, they could have been a final 8 team last year (and I agree). He thinks the drop off from the senior production (Harris, CJ, Perk) will be too much to overcome...and the loss of the recruits at the level they were. I can't blame him -- he is right. But I told him that just because UB doesn't win 30 games this year, they still can have a strong MAC season this year and get a bye. We'll see. I think people on this fan board are overly optimistic about the contributions that the newcomers and those who didn't play alot will make. But that's to be expected -- this is a fan board after all. However, I do think the cupboard is not bare and Graves + Jordan and some of the other guys progressing (Segu / Williams) will make us quite competitive. We will see how other guys fit in. It will be an interesting season and an interesting challenge. I had hoped Oats and the guys he brought in would be doing it, but that was not in the cards. So we will play with what we have. 8 - 5 OOC and 11 - 7 in conference...I would think are reasonable expectations. So 19 wins are what I say, regular season.
  13. 3rd is a bit surprising. Can't really fault them having bowling green 1, they will be a tough team this season
  14. Having first team Jayvon, newcomer of the year Antwain Johnson, and presumptive DPOY favorite Davonta Jordan and finishing behind Kent with 0 award winners would be actually difficult to do
  15. This tweet also list Jayvon as a preseason first team all conference. And Antwain Johnson as newcomer of the year.
  16. Third in the MAC East...behind Kent who graduates Walker. Lol is the only appropriate response.
  17. This bad? There were Temple idiots who wanted to join the MAC for all sports........to end up This bad?
  18. Yesterday
  19. I haven't looked super closely at the schedule as of yet, but I think that the 1st post seems reasonable. 14 wins might be a tad high, although I think that the MAC will be down for several opponents, so maybe it's realistic. I think our boys will be very strong overall, taking a step back but not several (32 wins is just unrealistic, but mid-20s is very realistic in my eyes). This team is extremely athletic, so if their shooting can be on point, they will be a handful for most, if not all opponents.
  20. Agree. This season will have ups and downs. It will look different from seasons past but we will still be a solid team. Obviously the goal is to win every game but let’s face it we will lose more than 4 games. That said just build and be clicking come late February into March and win the MAC tourney.
  21. We will win some and lose some. Then we will have to win three or four games in the MAC Tournament to go to the NCAA.
  22. I think 8-5 is reasonable, but I think MAC would be 11-12 wins. I feel at end of season we will have a good shot at the MAC tournament. If we play at similar pace, I see a drop of about 5 points per game to around 79 average. I attribute the drop in points per game to a dip in 2pt percentage FT percentage, and perhaps a slight increase in turnovers, as they have not played together for as long. I hope we keep up the defensive intensity and hold opponents to 73 points or fewer a game. So add in a couple of tourney wins and a 20+ win season. May not be popular, but that is my expectation.
  23. 24-7 (ish) without enough quad 1 wins to be an at large. Hopefully win the MAC tournament
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