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  2. Army gets some decent teams coming to town, but they're a different situation.
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  4. New York Bulls line on...……………….
  5. 97 days (or so)……………. Holy Mackerel....2019 is screaming down our highway; wish it was faster. Time to kick the pigskin...………….almost
  6. Fair point...so what, New York teams suck?
  7. Who would want to play at our stadium? Syracuse's stadium is +/- the awfulness of ours (depending on how much orange is around me) and their "best" OOC team is: 2019 - WMU 2020 - Liberty 2021 - Rutgers 2022 - Notder Dame (if it doesn't get moved), Purdue if it does 2023 - Army 2024 - Ohio Of those, we'll play all but RU and ND/Purdue at home in the same time frame.
  8. If that happens then FLJ would have to replace Vic Schaefer if he leaves MSU. Get the crew all back together in the four closest SEC schools
  9. ...is Danny White, of State University of New York fame headed back to Ole Pis….'er Ole Miss? Bjork has moved along to Texas A&M...….after all the National Football Championships that Danny gave himself at UCF, I would guess he is a lead candidate...unless smarter (cooler) heads prevail. No flies on that guy....
  10. Also Ohio transfer Kirk went to C(olorado)SU
  11. Am I reading correctly that the Bahamas Bowl is the very first bowl? Edit: Never mind. I found a site with a complete list.
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  13. So, the updated version now shows 16 OOC games scheduled for 2020-2024 (with the addition of UMass in that window). UB now has 11 road OOC games and now two seasons when they have but one OOC home game. To put it in perspective, the marquee home games for 2020-2024 will be: 2020 - St. Francis 2021 - Coastal Carolina 2022 - unknown, yet likely an FCS team; UB has three road games at FBS stadiums scheduled now 2023 - Liberty 2024 - UMass (Bonus info 🙂 )…. 2025 - ??? 2026 - UMass 2027 - ??? 2028 - UMass Please save me any economics lessons. Anyone inspired by the scheduling job being done by UB? For comparisons sake, NIU has marquee home games: vs BYU, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Tulsa and UMass over the same (2020-2024) period. Just saying..... I renewed my seasons and made another donation to The UB Foundation.....and I will continue to do so, God willing. But my word.....
  14. https://fbschedules.com/college-football-bowl-schedule/ Hope the Bulls get one of the Bahamas Bowl, or the Cheribundi Boca Raton Bowl....but any bowl would be good!
  15. I just think it means it’s the first day a recruit can officially sign the LOI. I think recently it’s lost its flair bc recruits are making a spectacle of signing. It’s just one massive free for all.
  16. So was it determined that the signing day deadline didn’t actually mean anything?
  17. Maybe you guys are related.
  18. https://247sports.com/player/jalen-thomas-46049647/ Would love to grab this guy, former UMASS commit.
  19. I personally want Marial Mading from Rhode Island. 3 star 6’11 redshirt Freshman that just hit the transfer portal. Has a lot of Kevin Durant to his game
  20. The only restriction I see potentially would involve academic qualifications.
  21. Yeah. You need to be a qualifier (not sure how you do that) to be able to leave and play immediately as a Sophmore (like Cadwell). He's top 10 in scoring and top 30 in rebounding in all of JUCO. If he was eligible for 2019, he'd be top 10 on every list. It gets pretty confusing I think.
  22. What is a freshman JUCO qualifier? Is that what he would need to be able to transfer after his freshman year instead of graduating first? I didn't know you normally couldn't do that.
  23. Verbal Commits call him a 2020 player, I'm not sure if he'd be granted a freshman JUCO qualifier (I think that's based on grades). They could be look at him for next year too
  24. Good detective work, thanks! It would also make a lot of sense given Jenkins JUCO roots
  25. I doubt he's on vacation with two open scholarships still. Maybe he's there for 6'8" F DeAndre Pinckney, averaged 18 and 9 in JUCO as a freshman, but I think he went under the radar because he committed to a D2 early. He since Decommited and has offers from FIU, New Mexico and Florida Gulf Coast.
  26. Coach Jenkins is in Miami, any significance to this or do you think it’s just a vacation?
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