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  2. The tweet show has begun...so far Ayton and Arizona have been listed.
  3. Unless he interviewed in Tulsa, I find it hard to believe that he went out to UNLV, got offered the job, and declined it within 12ish hours. I interpreted it as UNLV said to his agent UNLV is offering $1.6m, and either NO or his agent said no
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  5. Brandon McCoy involved? Shocker. Wouldn't be surprised if UNLV was slipping him some money under the table as well.
  6. This is just mean and a tease lol. 4 day countdown.....*fingers crossed*
  7. All this talk of preseason rankings, after getting bounced in 2nd round and losing so many seniors? I guess I like the optimism. 😉 Do any of the guys have a chance of approaching Wes Clark in terms of making plays? A playmaker who can also pull up and shoot... was worried about that all year, and the lack showed against TT.
  8. According to the NCAA March Madness cite after Saturday between the NCAA, CBS, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox and Yahoo there remained two perfect brackets. For the Sunday games the two pickers agreed on the results of seven of the eight games. The seven games they agreed on were all picked correctly. They only disagreed on the UB - Texas Tech game. One picked Texas Tech and the other UB and well you know the rest... https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/bracketiq/2019-03-25/1-ncaa-tournament-bracket-stays-perfect-sweet-16-first
  9. Soooooo... He already interviewed, with UNLV? Sorry I'm not as optimistic about what this shows as you all are...
  10. "Yet another year"? Uh, they won it all last year, and you're dogging them because they're (relatively) down year this year, but they still did as well as our beat year ever (both 6 seeds bounced in 2nd round)? Huh. 😉
  11. meh, I'm confident that they will have yet another year of... " they have a great program that'll be back"
  12. Yea... But one team knows they have a great program that'll be back, whereas we're still partly in the hoping for the best mode...
  13. Disagree with this - this is part of the reason some of us "complaining" about some of the ugly games. It goes to prep and focus. You can't be on all the time, but you can't have some of the (relatively) lazy, ugly games we had and say we were prepping well.
  14. So I had to hit rewind and watch the tape. Here’s what I saw. First play of the game. CJ gets a contested layup. Gets bumped before the shot. No foul. Ball bounces off. I think this is important. Sets the tone for the night. CJ is going to have a rough night. Refs are not going help. Perkins stabilizes this team. Without him keeping it together, game would have been over in the first half. Wasn’t sure when I watched this live but Jordan had a really good game. He had some big buckets and was very active on offense. I hate to point out one player but watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice how bad Harris was. He took some bad shots. But I can live with his offense cause we all know he can explode but the issue really was his defense and lack of effort. He was constantly getting beat by his man. And when he helped, it was a lazy help. And then to top it off, he didn’t box out which led to many offensive rebounds for Tech. He usually plays very casually but he was noticeably out of it on rewind. CJ was off. I can’t explain it. But when your best player is off like that it makes it almost impossible to win against a top ten team. I’ve rarely seen him have a bad game but it might actually be the worst I’ve seen him play. I think the crowd was a factor. We played in a hostile setting. We have not played in a setting like this in the ncaas. In the beginning of the game when TT hit some really tough shots. Some of it was their athleticism but still... I doubt they make those shots on a regular basis. We played tough D and we were definitely unlucky with some bounces on rebounds. Caruthers is the one player who got the brunt of TTs length. He got blocked a lot. We took the lead 26-25. We won that stretch by sheer will. It was not pretty. It goes to show how tough our team was this year. We didn’t win but I commend the players for that stretch. It gave us a chance. At the same time TT played absolutely horrible during that stretch. It was some ugly basketball. They did not look like a top team. We did not play bad to close out the half but TT got some freebies at the line and they converted. We didn’t. Perkins missed a front end of a 1 and 1. In a game like this those misses are magnified. Jordan makes a great drive to the basket but the ball doesn’t fall Second half, TT again makes incredible shots. Everything is falling. I think mentally this was the tough part. We had clawed our way back and then to just have the lead expand that easily. Then I think the cliche of the wheels coming off is the only way I can describe it. Everything went wrong at this point. With the crowd going nuts, the opposing players feeling invincible, the game gets out of hand quickly. Credit goes to Coach Beard. I think he knew our team tendency and attacked it. One thing I noticed was how there were always 2 or 3 guys on our penetration. He did not give up anything easy at the rim. I had to think about this but I don’t think we had a player who plays the midrange game this year. I know that’s the most inefficient shot in the game today and it is probably by design but perhaps one can counter the analytics based team by playing only the 3 point line and the paint. Wes Clark would have done well on Sunday cause the midrange jumper was sorely needed. overall, it was ugly but I don’t think it was as bad as it looked. Some of it was that it was not our day but I don’t think the issue was the talent gap which most would automatically conclude. Some of it really was scheme and some the emotion of an ncaa game. We had a rough night. It happens. We will be back. Coach Oats is good. He will be hungry to bring another group back soon. I am pretty sure of it. Some of the way he generates offense is really innovative. He will make the next group shine. He always does. He knows what he’s doing.
  15. I understand.. I just think that if anyone should be disappointed, it could be Villanova, not UB. One team too a step back, and one did not.
  16. Here's the video, in case you'd rather watch the post game press report... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJdg-MZFLPg
  17. I’m not disappointed in him in the sense that I’ve lost faith in him. I’m just disappointed. “This is on me,” he said. “Hard with a one-day prep. We had to beat Arizona State. To put all your prep into that game. You got one day in between games and you got to figure out how to beat the No. 1 defense in the country. That’s a quote from Nate. Kinda sounds like an excuse. TT had the same amount of time to prep for us. Yes they prolly overlooked their 1st round opponent and spent some extra prep time on us. But if we wanna fancy ourselves the Gonzaga of the east we can’t keep coming up small. You would’ve thought we would’ve learned a lesson from the Kentucky experience. I’m not discounting our season. I’m talking about for 2 hours on Sunday...we were out classed on the bench and on the floor. No shame...just grow from it. We will break through sooner than later with Nate at the helm. https://www.niagara-gazette.com/sports/ub-s-magical-run-halted-by-texas-tech/article_06313289-4242-5430-a64c-7b7a5204dc07.html
  18. I agree that there’s no entrenched starter at the 4 or 5. And hey if he comes in and learns the system both offensively and defensively and earns a starting role I’m all for it. Whatever makes the team better. My only fear is that once again we are placing unfair expectations on him bc of YouTube clips. Much like we did with Rondo and Williams. And look at some of the fan base now...already giving up on those two. That’s all.
  19. B&S were pretty good on radio, but they tend to revert to form when Buffalo teams lose. They relish snark.
  20. I hear you but...What dues does he have to pay? We have no seniors at the 4 or 5 next year. Who is the entrenched starter he has to sit behind? There’s a whole new front court available. And you can’t teach height and his tapes show athleticism on offense AND defense. Worse case scenario he is a young Ikena Smart and in that case, he still helps us as a starter. Jeenathan had seniors ahead of him and frankly, I don’t think he’s that good.
  21. Sorry, I can't agree. Yes, the staff might have been out coached. But I don't see that as a disappointment. How many P5 teams did UB have to prepare for this year, what, 4 or 5? How many did Chris Beard have to prepare for - ~25? I can't expect one team to be equally prepared as another who has had 500% as much experience with high major competition. Buffalo was as prepared as the MAC will currently allow. Another thing I think about in this loss... How many other NCAA championship games ended with a 20+ defeat? Buffalo was certainly not alone. Sure, it stings, but the PAC-12 should feel much worse... Small consolation, but that does make me feel better.
  22. Hopefully Rondo will learn how to steal the ball, from taking a few of Ray's sandwiches! Two birds, amirite?
  23. I’m not looking for a fight here but what makes you think Hawkins has “it”? That you’re so ready to put him in the starting lineup. Is it bc he’s 6’10? Bc he’s a 4 star rated as opposed to the 3/3.5 that Jeenathan was? He hasn’t stepped foot on a college court and he’s in the starting 5...gotta earn that. Plus have you seen his body...it needs work. Perkins didn’t become chiseled right away...just like it’s going to take him a little bit. I agree this is his best chance to start sooner than later but I don’t think he comes in and starts right away.
  24. Pat Chambers isn't getting fired for some odd reason
  25. If this ain’t a sign. Even tho it says no commit. Just yet...hopefully. If Hawkins commits to us first thing I want the training staff to do is get reallocate his weight from his midsection to his upper body.
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