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  2. Yeah I disagree with Maine on the starting line-up. Jordan, Graves and Johnson will be starting because they are the 3 best players on the team. Period. No brainer. Whitesell preached at his introduction press conference that we would play the same up tempo style that Oats had. So why would we all of a sudden go 3 forwards and only 2 guards? Johnson is taking Massinburgs spot and should be good for at least 12pts per game. Just watch. He can ball.
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  4. Agree with everything you said except this. Often times a guard would get the ball with Perkins guarding him after a switch and he would underestimate Perkins quickness by thinking he could blow past him, which often wasn’t the case. Regardless though there’s a lot to be excited about
  5. Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
  6. A few thoughts on some of the above recent comments: I don't see Mballa being granted his waiver. If he does, we are one of the favorites in the MAC. MBalla playing this season would be huge plus for us. The only hole in this roster at this point is depth in the paint position, Mballa would fill that without a doubt. Mballa playing this year would lead to a grad transfer from Brock after the season I would guess. There is a lot of discussion on a 3 guard lineup. I find it hard to imagine a situation where coach plays Jordan, Graves and Johnson at the same time. This lineup is just too small. Coach Whitesell has a different philosophy than coach Oats. I think Whitesell is a believer in length, especially on the wings and athleticism in the post. His recruiting style and the prospects he targets has made that pretty evident, his emphasis is on length and athleticism. I think you will see a lot of lineups with WIlliams and Hardnett on the floor with Nickelberry. That's some impressive length and athleticism. The key to this style working is that all players need to rebound. Graves is a strong rebounder from the guard position. From what I hear Johnson is also a strong rebounder from the guard position. Jordan and Segu will focus on getting back to prevent a break while the others rebound. I am not holding my breathe that Jordan can learn to shoot free throws. I find it unlikely that at this late point in his career he will figure it out. I think at the end of close games we will be substituting him out for Segu. I expect big things from Segu this year. He is going to be strong and is one of the future players on this team. As I said above, if Mballa plays we are one of the favorites to win MAC. If he does not, then we should be one of the top 4 teams. I suspect this team will get better as the season goes along and by seasons end we will be playing our best basketball. There are a lot of new faces on this team and it will take sometime to learn how to play together and for coach to get the best out of these players. Last year was a fun season, and many of us UB fans are expecting a big drop off in both the results and the excitement surrounding the team. I do not think a large drop off in excitement will occur for this team. This roster is full of potential and this season will provide a fun brand of basketball that we will all enjoy watching. We have not had bigs that can run the floor like these guys can (Hardnett and Mballa). I suspect there will be many less three pointers shot this season and way more fast break opportunities in the full court and screen and rolls for a flush in the half court set. Defensively this team will be stronger than it was last year, as our length and athleticism will allow us to switch and match up with the opponents much better than we could last year. Perkins and a guard was a mismatch. Hardnett or Mballa in that role is something I personally cannot wait to watch. I love the way this coaching staff is building this roster and I cannot wait to get this season underway. You heard it hear first, this team will result in a more exciting brand of basketball than last seasons team. Go Bulls!
  7. To an extent, I can be guilty of enjoying the spectacle.
  8. GASP! It’s totally frowned upon to judge a player and their decision making! You’re not allowed to have an opinion on their life. Kidding of course. But you’ll upset some people on the forum. Also, I agree with you.
  9. None of these lists mean anything. Until they are signed, it's all talk. Even once they sign, it doesn't even seem to matter anymore, as guys still leave even before setting foot on campuses. Until the fall semester starts, nothing seems to be set in stone anymore. As some people have told me, "that's just the way it is now", and I don't much care for it.
  10. Trying to figure out/guess the rest of your road trip rankings.....I am assuming PSU will be #1.....it is for Dar and I; we have already bought our tickets through UB for the game! Ready for #4 in the next day or so.....may have something to say about each and all 🙂 eh!
  11. Guarantee if Duke or Kentucky came in with a late offer there’d suddenly be a top 13
  12. Best concert I ever saw was Talking Heads at Millet Hall.
  13. Yea exactly. They aren't bound to this list at all and they could just say things changed and go somewhere else.
  14. Yep, it's ridiculous. Remember last year when Hawkins made a big deal about his top xx, then all of a sudden Alabama shows up and the "top" list goes out the window. It's all the "look at me" generation.
  15. Lol @ final 12 - social media has turned recruiting into such a circus.
  16. Probably because the poll is over and you can no longer vote. Final results: Kept: 7 Drop: 4
  17. They have not listed the two remaining MAC teams that they have rated higher yet, but would guess other two are not that much higher. Which means they agree that Buffalo has a decent shot at MAC championship. Interestingly they keep an archive of their previews. Here are last few years for fun. Shows how difficult it is to make projections. https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/16536 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/14970 https://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/13503
  18. I can't see the poll. Says I'm not allowed to see it. Any idea why? I'm guessing the questions was "Did you cancel ESPN+ after UB basketball season?" My answer is yes. They let you switch it on and off, why pay for it the 6 months UB football and basketball aren't on?
  19. They have Ball St. as 4th in the MAC at #131.
  20. I say this is accurate. Our upside potential is very high. Top 4 in the MAC would be great and in line with where I think we currently are. And where I expect us to finish. But the upside is there.
  21. I'd be very happy being around 100. Hardnett getting the waiver should help also. Mballa would be clutch.
  22. Collegesportsmadness has us at #109 (3rd in the MAC) in their top 144 countdown. But good words on us surprising the MAC if our team gells. No lineup guesses and written up before Hardnett's waiver news, and incorrect on Pat Moore being a JUCO.
  23. So you're saying that's a chance!!
  24. Last week
  25. He has a total of 29 offers (if I counted correctly). Odds are pretty long.
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