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    Actually, they are more than atrocious. More like embarrassing. " The MAC East better be weary"? Maybe you meant 'wary'? I've heard local high school games with more coherent announcers.
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    I agree Brook. Some posts just aren't worth a response.
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    My friends mention it to me, but then again they know my fanaticism.
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    No point in focusing on the past. Let's just say that we should not keep brining up Danny White. Move forward. Let's talk about things going on now with the program. Or things in the future. Bringing him up isn't as great as some people here think and actually alienates some key stakeholders that are vital to the success of these programs going forward. There is nothing to be gained by speaking about him. He was a great hype man. There is no doubt in that. But it is important to remember that many hype men over sell and under deliver and if you're one of those people who were on the wrong side of those things it can leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you more reluctant in the future. Let's focus on the great football and basketball seasons we are in and stop talking about the ex-ex-Athletic Director.
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    White had some great hires. I agree with that. But a few people act like he was a God and constantly bring him up as if those were the glory days. He is long gone and a lot of what he did was wasted money and lead to a lack of progress. He did some things well--like hiring some coaches--and did other things poorly. While the hiring of coaches is something the public notices, those aren't the things that build a program because without everything else in place you can't scale the program and keep the good hires from being poached. It has been the problem with MAC/Mid-Major/G5 programs for years. Getting a good coach and a few good seasons isn't rare. The rare thing is scaling a program and that requires a lot of things that the public doesn't notice nearly as much as the coaching hires.
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    I am confused. I agree NYBI was a failed attempt. But everything else put in place has worked out to UB's favor. If we focus on the one mistake made over the many successes, what does that say about us? It makes sense for good talent to leave if we constantly have that mentality. The things put in place by White have helped us. If you can't see that, then you are lost. EDIT White helped us, and Greene sustained it. Alnutt inherited a great program. Now we will see if he can continue to the next level
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    You act like the NFL facility isn't costly. An extra 10k in attendance doesn't cover the bill and you're getting excited about there being 5k more fans the last time they were there? Also, the novelty of an NFL stadium wears off with added use. Not to mention the fact that it isn't close to the campus. Get the Bills to do something? Why would the Bills do that? The Bulls football program is a competitor to the Bills. They aren't going to subsidize their competition.
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    It’s amazing how good of a program ADMA got. Top of the conference in MBB, WBB, and soon football. Now to sustain it, and take down better OOC programs. Let’s take down a good program in their own house. WBB did it to FSU. MBB has a few shots this fall. Football next year at penn state.
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    Received 2 votes in the coaches poll http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/football/polls/coaches-poll/
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    The failure of #NYBI was the parochial attitude of some local people, led by Bob DiCesare and Bucky Gleason at the Buffalo News. White wanted to grow UB's brand statewide. But the local pity committee was too busy looking for insult. Think small, be small. We all want the U@Buffalo to grow and be successful. But we fight every attempt at growth because it involves looking outside our fear bubble. The same locals who bemoaned #NYBI are the same people ignoring the school in it's success. Not buying tickets. Not donating. It's pretty narrow thinking to believe that coaches and administrators come here to stay here. UB, as well as about 80-90 other schools, are stepping stones. Hiring good people means they will leave in a few years. The trick is to play the game to your benefit: Getting fat buyouts, keeping the pipeline filled with strong candidates. I don't blame White one bit for leaving. It had to be frustrating dealing with the local mentality. But you can't deny that White set the athletic department in it's upward trajectory.
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    I didn't realize Bucky Gleason had burner accounts on here lol. I'm shocked to see such resentment for Danny White when he was clearly good for our program. The NYBI campaign failed because of y'all not because of White. People love to complain about White and Greene yet they both got better jobs elsewhere so clearly people in industry thought highly of their efforts here, and I'll rate their opinions as more valuable than yours lol.
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    Ok, which one of you clowns donated a $1? I guess it's better than nothing.
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    Took the words right out of my mouth. Most likely a way to fish for new boosters than about a piece of equipment my neighbor owns and leaves out in the rain.
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    Let's just win the MAC
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    Nice, detailed evaluation of Hodge. He will be the second Khalil to make the pros. Only question is how high will he go? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-draft-buffalo-lb-khalil-hodge-can-be-a-productive-three-down-nfl-defender/
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    mh55: crickets. So much for his predictions. I guess we won't hear from him for a year now.
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    Temple will be an angry team. Sounds like a fun game
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    Brooklyn, you are high roller man. Haha, what are you doing putting in 6 different emails.
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    All, I'm happy to announce that we will start using a new platform to host our forum. We were previously using SMF, but it was time to move on as the community for supporting SMF was getting smaller and smaller. This new platform (Invision) actually costs money, but it was time to move. Thanks to Jeseph for the suggestion. The old site will be kept around for archive purposes. In the beginning the new site will be bare, but we should be able to fill it up rather quickly. You can still use your old username/password combination from the old platform. If you have trouble, you can email me at kyuhwang at google's email provider. We might have some minor issues the first month. The platform is new to me also, but there are some new features on it so I'm still learning on the fly. Thanks for your patience.
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    I can dig into the developer docs to see if its possible to have the calendars automatically pull the data in if you like?
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    "Guard-U" got us to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament, when we had great big men, we never got that far.
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    Right now, I'm planning on attending the Temple game. Lucked out with the Jewish Holidays this year. That means no soccer for the kids and no coaching for me.
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    With the calendar feature is it possible to up load team schedules without having to input each game individually? If yes, it would make the site better as people can post and see up coming games to post about. Also will new sections be added for all other sports? Thanks moving ubfan to the 21st century.
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    Ok the plus side, mh55 won't be trolling us. He probably under a Schuylkill overpass in the fetal position sucking his thumb.