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    The class that Oats/Hodgson had coming in was undoubtedly a step above anything we've seen. That being said... if we didn't see that class I think we'd all be raving about the class we DO have coming in. We didn't lose any current players and the staff did a remarkable job recruiting in short time. The turnover rate is the same as it would have been and the talent is still high (likely still a step above what other MAC schools can pull).
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    We will win some and lose some. Then we will have to win three or four games in the MAC Tournament to go to the NCAA.
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    Yes, he was already in Buffalo.
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    Commitment coming soon?
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    Maybe I didn't internalize it, but I did not realize we were going to be on FOX this Saturday night in Happy Valley. ABC is showing LSU vs Texas at that time. Bars and sports-themed restaurants all over the US will be showing PSU taking on our Bulls. I am glad PSU blew out Idaho...it will let them get a big head. Our guys rotated a lot of guys last week to see how they would do. I am not worried. Lance will have them ready to go and take the game to PSU. You heard it here first -- a UB victory on Saturday (okay...maybe Verandaman already said this a few posts ago). Go Bulls.
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    Yes we will probably lose, but I wouldn’t look at the score from this weekend as an indicator. Dont forget Idaho dropped down to the FCS a few years ago. UB is a much better team
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    He isn’t Oats. And that’s not a bad thing. Oats was very blunt and direct. Bordered on arrogant. Not crazy like Hurley. And that was fine. Two prime examples...against Arizona at half he said we should be up double digits. Low and behold we blew them out. He then said we can take advantage of a youthful Kentucky team. I don’t think that sat well with coach Calipari and we know what happened. Coach Whitesell has a different personality. A more mature one some might say. Bottom line is can he coach and can his message reach our players? He may not excite some but it takes nothing away from the job and the staff have done. Let the coaches coach and players excite. Go Bulls!
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    The only team it even remotely makes sense for is Bona because they are in the middle of nowhere and do not have credit card machines or cell phone reception. Until WNY starts caring about Big 4 basketball there’s no reason to give up a home game for a sterile environment.
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    That will be tough to do. A lot of good teams.
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    IMO the most important game on that schedule is UCONN, making noise in that tournament would be huge for us.
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    Fun to see this duo together regardless if its the Griffs. Would be nice to see them get a hand during the home matchup.
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    Zach Berry a writer for an Ole Miss blog also in with a UB crystal ball. He's 35/37 on his predictions.
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    I mean....seems like we got him??
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    there it is. Lets hope a commitment comes as well. Would be huge.
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    Usually, a good Oline and RBs travel well, but Liberty’s Dline won the battle. Didn’t see that coming. Nor did I see the up-tempo offense by LU dominating what is supposed to be a good Bulls D. Just one of those games. They really wanted it more than the Bulls. I’d consider Liberty the caliber of a mediocre MAC team so this doesn’t bode well.
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    Let’s not forget too with how big the portal is now, JW’s plan might be to leave open spots to get transfer talent in
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    Hopefully him tweeting about jenkins then hinting at a commitment means it's us. But speaking about lack of signings, I think if ub comes out in the beginning of the season wins some games and plays a style they have played the past few years, it will go a long way in getting commits. Players may be a little hesitant in committing with out seeing the new coaching staff in action
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    With Vantrease has the punter now our expected yardage per punt should drop significantly, so we should be going for it more on 4th in the middle of the field. Not sure is LL and the staff look at it that way or not, but IMO we should be.
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    This could be huge. This is the buzz I’m looking for. Let’s get him.
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    Came here to say I am very excited for this game on Saturday. I think we will be able to run all over Liberty. I think how we perform in this game will be a good indication for the rest of the season. Thanks for listening to my ted talk.
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    Glad to see him get another chance.
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    See what they did with Idaho great run defense overall great defense 350 yards passing 350 yards running Will be a very tough game I will be there I was at the Robert Morris game--hope to grow from these experiences go bulls
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    Biggest rivals? I think you are confusing them with Syracuse. A team who has had a notable accomplishment or two in the last 50 years.
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    Too bad for Tyree. Who knows what would have happened with his draft stock, but he really would have had a chance to work on the areas of his game that needed it...whether at UB or some other place in college. He was the best QB we ever had and will be missed. I hope something opens up for him somewhere.
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    Like I said, I haven't been to a game in a few years, and before that I was a student and lived on campus, so I'm not necessarily the best person to ask traffic questions to haha. I will say that traffic getting in for night games is usually not too bad, since people are arriving all day rather than all at one time in the morning. But the last mile can still take an eternity. The weather looks like it'll be pretty great, though, so if you can get in earlier, you could either head downtown or just tailgate hop. PSU fans are generally happy to share a beer and some food for some football talk with away fans.
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    Absolutely amazing Tyree leaves early and can't even latch on a practice squad anywhere. Maybe he was listening too much to Brad Riter and Scott Wilson who were talking about him being a first rounder on twitter and really inflating his ego all the time with their UB homerism. Anyone that could take a step back could see he needed another year in college, at UB or as a grad transfer.
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    Just looking at the schedule now. I know we aren't going to get anyone great to come to AA like back in the day so I just look for some different/interesting schools to come here. WM and Army at least make for interesting D1 schools with win probabilities. As well as definitely Dartmouth. Interesting to see all 3 Big 4 schools are home games this year.
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    Nice to see a few more non-conference home games, as we had just three last season. Seems like a nicely balanced non-conf schedule with the one great opponent in Stanford, a handful of solid teams that should be similar to our level (Dayton, Drexel, American) and others against weaker teams that should give us some confidence boosting wins(CCSU, SJSU and the Ivy's). I would also hope all three Big 4 games would be wins but you never know...I think Canisius is headed in the right direction under Hemmer but probably still a year or two away from being decent. The MAC should be a bit more open this year with CMU losing Sue and their top two players...Ohio probably will be the favorite in the polls but have yet to prove they can win in March.
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    That might be Finals week.
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    Either of these would be fun games that I would love to see. Looking at Bulls schedule, there is a gap between Vanderbilt (12/3) and Canisius (12/18). NC State has more room on their schedule than Baylor during that time. NCST has one game at UNC Greensboro on 12/15. Baylor has two home games Arizona (12/7) and Butler (12/10). I see that more teams than those I have already identified have room on their schedule, so my list is too short. Maybe I just have to be patient... announcement should come soon.
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    Baylor or NCST please
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    You would think by now they would just default with UB being the best team in the league. We all know it is the safest bet. We are the flagship in the MAC.
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    National media really only sees that we lost our coach and starters. They don’t know or care how great our depth is because that requires work and research.
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    Biggest improvements in attendance last year: https://watchstadium.com/news/these-college-basketball-programs-had-the-biggest-changes-in-fan-attendance-last-season-08-22-2019/
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    https://bustingbrackets.com/2019/08/25/ncaa-basketball-recruiting-top-25-impact-junior-college-transfers-2019-20/9/ nice article here featuring David Nickelberry and some familiar faces on who UB had recruited, committed, and de-committed.
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    Back on topic here. As per our boys over at bullrun...
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    No, it isn't. In California the support for sports is really weak. When I say winning, I mean winning championships. The Great Lakes and up-state New York are different. There is a reason the Bills, Browns, and Lions all draw fans to their games despite being small market teams and not winning. There is a reason the Chargers left San Diego and the Raiders are leaving Oakland. This is true of basketball too. If you look at college attendance there isn't one Pac 12 team in the top-30 for attendance. It is mainly Mid-West and Great Lakes.
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    I can see how this could be misconstrued. To clarify, not taking away somebody’s Bills fandom to turn them into Bulls fans, but rather turning somebody who has a passion for pro football into one that can at least keep up with local college ball.
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    Wow I dig it. I feel like a lot of times coaches just go for the experience and are scared to put the young players in if it’s somewhat close. This must mean that Myers impressed LL enough to give him the nod and honestly that’s really exciting. Let’s see what he’s got and start getting him game experience NOW. GO BULLS
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    Hey 46, we're kicking around the idea of letting the winner of BRuWPeG join us for B&B, I will let you know what we decide. In the meantime we love to have folks contriubte at the site. You can play with fanposts ( https://www.ubbullrun.com/fanposts ) and if you like it there is always room for another editor. feel free to email me at ubbullrun at gmail.com
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    The performance of the new QB's is a huge question mark. I'd say anything north of 6-6 would be solid.
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    The AAC decided to stay at 11 teams for this year. They prob didn’t have much of a choice as there wouldn’t have been enough time to make big changes this close to the season. UBAD was quoted somewhere saying he was happy with being in the MAC but it kinda sounded like just a general answer as to not stir up the pot right now. AAC commissioner said something along the lines of them not looking for anyone right now but if schools want to pitch to them they’ll listen. It all just sounds like formalities while I bet there’s a lot of talk going on behind the scenes. If I was an AD at a school hoping to get in to the AAC you know I’d be working like hell to try and sell the program. While travel would definitely be tough it’s just a major step up (while not too big to hope for like Big10. Nobody will ever move from the MAC to a P5 school). It’s the logical next step if you really want to be a reputable program and really build a brand. It makes this year especially important for football and both MBB and WBB. If we can have more success with other Olympic sports that also helps. But our biggest downfall is the success is recent and nowhere near consistent. I don’t think we need a 10 win season again in football but just having a winning record would be huge. Give us the opportunity to have a bowl game victory on our resume. We need consistency. As for basketball I think both men and women need to be competitive. This athletic year is almost upon us. LETS GO BULLS
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    Having games at the arena is a joke. Perhaps if Jim is able to maintain the level of play, ie tourney appearances in consecutive years and perception in community that we’re building something big, then playing in the arena would make some sense. But there has been very little interest among the general public for Big 4 double headers the last few times they’ve been held. The atmosphere was terrible for those games. I much prefer games at AA, KAC, Reilly and Niagara to those poorly attended affairs at KBC.
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    If the team scores 90+ in their first few games and win, it won't be about "persona". When you win, people adjust their thoughts to fit who you are. If the team scores 55 points and has 24 turnovers...well, that's another story.
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    At some point when we get close to the start of the season (next week?), I will do a poll. By the way, how does our non-conference schedule measure up to the rest of the MAC? See for yourself: one person's perspective. https://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2019/8/15/20755414/mac-football-ranking-the-non-conference-schedules
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    That's the way college life should be.
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    Reading what Coach Leipold has said in the paper and inferring from that, I think it is Vantrease and it isn't close. I think the other two guys will swap out the backup role. I could see Myers having some packages because of his ability to run. I think Johnson still has work to do in order to catch up relative to where he started. Depending on how the season goes, we may even see Bycznski or Chase...since they won't burn a redshirt playing in only a few games.
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    #1 RB in Pennsylvania. That is accurate! We saw him play in the PIAA playoffs at Liberty HS in Allentown and the St. Joes Prep team is operated like a college program. Not only do they play in the tough Philly Catholic League but also schedule one or two national opponents per season. They play in the 6A largest school classification and won 4 of the last 6 state championships. Burrell is the real deal. This is a great pickup for the Bulls.
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