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    UB only needs one win out of two to be MAC East champs. #MACChampionship
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    More I think on it, screw a throphy, the 2 schools should buy a big boat. Loser gases it up, winner gets to decorate, alums and students get to cruise Lake Erie to games.
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    Fundraising is literally crowdfunding. Every school does it. I'm not sure why people are so hung up on this campaign... simply because it was explicitly called "crowdfunding"?
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    In my mind this shows that the decision of UB to do what they did was correct. Being called out by the buffoon Tucker Carlson & Company is badge of honor in my mind.
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    Congratulations on becoming Bowl Eligible well before Halloween. I always enjoyed my MAC trips to Buffalo, I went to all three and all the games in Philadelphia, of course. I thought it was fairly obvious I took a liking to the Bulls. I sincerely hope you represent the G5 in the Access Bowl. Good luck.
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    Already watched the game twice.
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    Over the years here at UBFAN, I have written many different versions of this same post...with names or conferences changed. The first step is to win, consistently. The second step is to be at the right place at the right time. Being successful at Step 1 increases the likelihood of Step 2. But you can't get to Step 2 without Step 1. Having followed UB sports (especially football and basketball) for almost 30 years, the two biggest things to happen to put UB on the path towards Step 1 was hiring Gill and Hurley. The hug after the BSU MACC between Gill and Manuel...there should be a picture of that (large size) somewhere in Alumni. It signified a step change. Finally making the NCAA basketball tournament was another step change. Now we have to win and win consistently. Beating WVa in a true road game helps establish that consistency in many different ways. Though I am not in Buffalo, I will wear my UB gear today proudly. Go Bulls!
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    Nice! Let’s get after some more talent.
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    Agree! UB will win the MAC East; I think they will match up well against NIU...(think WMU is toast). Bowl game could be a lot of fun...would love the Frisco Bowl against Houston!
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    What do you base that on? Mark Alnutt has the Memphis AAC connection. I would hope UCF's Danny White would endorse us to join as well. (He can take the credit for starting our rise.) I think Buffalo is an ideal addition to the AAC. Top 60 TV market, New York State presence for the conference, long history with Temple.
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    The best way to restructure the MAC is for Buffalo to go to the AAC.
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    You went a little too far there, ed. The name calling is uncalled for.
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    I think I was most impressed by Davonta Jordan this game. He had a really complete game, 3 steals, 3 blocks, took 2 charges, held their best scorer to 4-14 shooting and 6 turnovers, but most importantly, knocked down two 3's. If he can consistently make open 3's this year, that's going to help a lot with our spacing
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    I actually disagree. If we take away the abysmal 3 point shooting, compared to last year in the first game against Canisius, I thought we played much better. Defensively, we played pretty darn good. Really eliminating St. Francis' ability to get comfortable, turning the ball over, and preventing them from gaining any sort of momentum, especially in the second half. St. Francis is a damn good team too, and for us to hold them to 67, could have even been less, that's very impressive. Mind you, last season, Buffalo really didn't become the ultra consistent team until about the Ball State game, game #15, that's when we saw guys like Jeremy Harris come alive. And from what I saw yesterday, this team is going to find itself well before game #15 this year. It's still early on in the season and it'll take time before the true talent and potential bleeds out. It'll take adjustments, changing up game plans, and just each player finding their role on the roster.
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    If we hit the open threes, the zone won't work...we had plenty of them yesterday. Finally hit a few in a row in the 2nd half and that put the game away. St Francis is good guard based team. While we may not have looked as polished offensively yet, the defense already looked improved on a possession to possession basis and the pace of play is still there. There were multiple instances where St Francis hit a contested three or drive and we pushed the ball right back up the court and scored. All in all, a satisfying opener, especially considering we have 11 guys that can provide legit minutes and lineup combos take some time to sort out.
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    UB has the chance to beat teams like Marquette, and can definitely beat Syracuse. One thing they have to work on from last season. Defense. These guys can score 85 points a game, but they have to finish them and pull away. This team has the speed, athleticism, ability to rebound, shoot the 3, and play fast. It's really up to them at this point if they want to be as great as they can be. As coach Oats has said, keys to success are the 3 H's "stay hungry, stay humble, stay healthy".
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    There's nothing wrong for a program to request donations and crowdfunding from people who genuinely care about the program. In the end, if you don't want to donate, then don't donate. If you want to donate, then donate. It's not a hard concept. People always have to complain about something..................
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    I think he was referring to 3 point shooting. 8-33 from the 3. 30-41 from the 2. But overall, that's 38-74 51.4% total shooting. Pretty good overall.
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    I have insider so it comes with that since they merged. It’s honesty like $30 a year when you can and you get the mag and featured articles. I've spent worse money. There were days I spent $10 to watch a bad UB team play on one of those bad streaming platforms before it became mainstream.
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    But, a mix of the 2000 and 2010 census say that the ten counties within the Buffalo media market have closer to 2.5/household.
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    http://www.espn.com/watch/schedule/?categoryId=cd70a58e-a830-330c-93ed-52360b51b632&startDate=20181026&type=upcoming Yes, but on the dreaded ESPN+. Pony up. In fact, it looks like almost every game will be on ESPN+.
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    Buffalo market is 586,930 households. 7.8 is a percentage = 45,781 households max of 11.3 = 66,323 households If you chose to believe 4/household is a good assumption, then you get 183,122 -265,292 people.
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    Starting 2-0 gets UB inside the top 20. That's all Kevin wants, lol.
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    A win against one of those teams would be huge for an at large bid. But lets win all three just to be safe.
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    Best hope, better bowl games, ones tied to larger conferences, need teams to fill-in. How great would a Pinstripe Bowl against Syracuse be?