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    UB has reached at least 20 wins for the 5th time in 6 years. Hopefully we can appreciate how far we’ve come over the past decade. To get here after losing 5 seniors and the head coach is no small feat. Coming out of Cleveland with the bid would be icing on the cake but it’s been a fun season even with the speed bumps. Horns up 🤟🏽
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    Overall this roster is in good shape for next year. Which reiterates my position that Whitesell has some runway. Aka a win now window. Mballa - Was great. Simple said. Beast on the boards. The more he rebounded the more it led to us winning. Going forward would love to see him improve his free throws. And develop a few low post moves. I want to see him in more screen and role. Wlilliams - Made a big time jump from year 1 to 2. Now I want to see more. I want to see him continue to improve his outside shot and work on his right hand dribble. The combination will make him deadly bc defenders wouldn’t be able to sit on his left or play off him. And work on his defense. With his length he could be a better defender. Graves - Graves was Graves this year. We learned who he isn’t. He isn’t Batman. But he’s still a scorer and a leader. Maybe not a vocal one but still will be our senior leader. The more he can refine his all around game the better. Segu - Started off strong and closed out strong. Struggled in the middle. He is likely to be the starting PG and will have big shoes to fill. So we need him to take a big time leap. He needs to get better defensively and if he can refine his pull up game he will be deadly bc of his dribble skills. But more importantly he’s gotta be ready to be our floor general. Gallion - Was an after thought until the final weeks of the season. But he surely impressed. Wasn’t afraid to shoot and could shoot. Maybe just maybe we have a future diamond in the rough. Maybe he can be that vocal floor presence and outside scorer. Hope he makes a solid leap like Williams and Segu did. I wanna see him guard and rebound also. When we win our guards contribute in all stat categories. Hardnett - Started off slow. Was played out of position. But then found his niche before completely disappearing. I need to see more from him. And I realize he’s just a freshman. I don’t know what his game is though. When he was successful he just scored around the basket off second chance opportunities. I wanna see more. He will only be a sophomore. Nickleberry - Perhaps we expected too much from him. Hopefully he’s healed from his concussion. He’s going to be a senior so he needs to grow rapidly. I saw someone who could use both hands to dribble. Hopefully he refines that and just finds a role and becomes a useful contributor. I don’t need him to be a star. But I need more than what we got this season. Bertram - Is what he is. I think he’s been here long enough for us to know his game by now. I won’t be heartbroken if he grad transferred. Otherwise he’s a 10th man off the bench. Big bodied big man if you need to spell 5 minutes. Freeman/Robinson - I will just temper expectations so that we don’t fall into a trap like we did with Nickleberry. My only hope is that they come to UB for 4 years and are the future for this team. I would love for them to contribute next season but can’t depend on it. But hopefully they are backcourt mates for a long time here. Skogram - Really excited about him. Big men take longer to develop and he will be just a freshman but have high hopes for him long term. Hopefully he is good both inside and outside. Will add a nice pick and role or pop dimension to the offense. Could be a good stretch 4. Did I miss anyone? On paper we have a solid team. Great young nucleus. And tons of room for growth and improvement. We could reclaim the MAC in the next year or two. But a lot of that will depend on our PG play and willingness to play defense. Hopefully we get better shooting as well. Better shot selection. I feel that without Grant and Johnson that will be the case. Hopefully the coaching staff learns from their miscalculations this season and gets the best out of this team going forward. We have an open coaching spot let’s fill it. And an open scholarship...let’s get hard at work on that. Sorry for the looong post.
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    This is my first post. I’ve been following this board for a long time, but finally created an account. I’ve been going to games since Coach Weatherspoon took over the program when we hosted NC. I just finished listening to Coach Whitesell on the UB basketball radio show. I like Jim. He seems to be authentic and that’s certainly important quality in life. However passion is just as important IMO and that seems lacking at times with Coach. I was frustrated how satisfied he sounded by just beating Miami on Saturday. Coach Oats set a new standard for our program last year and we seem to have gone back to the old days. We should be blowing these MAC teams out. We probably have the best roster of talent, but not the best team. That’s on Coach. I certainly believe it’s possible to win the MAC tournament, but probably equally possible to lose the first game. Hopefully Coach and his staff can inspire these players to get it done in Cleveland. A little more passion wouldn’t hurt. Go Bulls!
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    Safe to say, that this is good news
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    It wasn’t a specific win/loss benchmark overall. It was NOT 7 home losses (7 of those in favored matchups). It was NOT missing Cleveland for the first time in since 2003. It was NOT being out played by Dartmouth and Army (again, both at home). It was NOT the lack of energy, focus and defense that we saw this year. It was NOT the lack of improvement in just about every facet of the game that the team struggled with to start the year. It was NOT the change in general energy and swagger surrounding the program with Hurley and Oats.
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    Sure do appreciate how magical the 2017-2019 teams were. Not sure we'll ever get back there again, but it was great to experience it.
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    Buffalo misses Cleveland one time and attendance goes to crap.
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    Wow sucks for the five Kent State fans that were planning on attending.
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    I just cannot get over the fact that for the first time since '03 the Men's team won't be in Cleveland. Simply unacceptable way to end the season. Don't want to hear about ups and downs and mid-major parity. Miami lost 19 games and they're going because we handed them their first conference road win...
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    Disappointing to have the students, minus the band, cheer team, dazzlers, and first few rows of True Blue sit the entire game. When @enrique14150, I, and our small crew were down there for the Bonnies game we made a ton of noise the entire time. If any students are reading this, the aluminum steps inbetween the seat levels makes a ton of noise if you hit it with your foot. I've been tempted to walk over to the student section to make noise before because it sounds like a library at times. sigh, I know I'm gonna regret this Minus the expletives, sexual harassment, and general distastefulness of the Bonnies student section, they're loud and they cheer for their team. We could really use that. WE'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE. The blackout game vs Kent where Evans had the stepback 3, True Blue was standing up and filled both baselines and a section in the 300's. Later that year against Bowling Green I remember the students standing the whole time. I think as recently as a couple years ago we had a game against Akron where the student section stood the entire time. I don't expect the Cameron Crazies. I don't expect people camping out for the best spots. I just wish there was more noise coming from the student section.
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    No one on here can come out and say this season was a success. Anyone who does accepts mediocrity.
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    Sibande has as many points in the 1st half as he did in the 2 earlier games combined. Gotta make someone else beat you. Defense needs to show up in a big way from here and hope we don't get screwed with early foul calls.
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    I know Hardnet is a work in progress, but I’d still much rather see him on the floor over Bertram. I don’t even care if it’s not his normal position at this point. Oh and give Gallion more minutes please.
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    I'm pleased with the job Whitesell has done so far. It was always going to be a challenge this year, with so much turnover on the roster and picking up where some great teams left off. He deserves some credit for the past several years too, he was on the staff, it wasn't all Oats. I think the 2019-20 roster has talent but not as talented as the past couple years. Segu has become a better player defensively and developed that fadeaway jumper. Williams has gotten incredibly better. Mballa and Hardnett have a ton of potential. They have highly regarded recruits coming in. The team reached 20 wins again. They're set up to do even better next year. I'm really not understanding where the problem or dissatisfaction is coming from.
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    Solid finish. Show up in Cleveland and it’s buy buy buy
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    I find a lot of the praise posts of Coach Jack to be funny as compared to the numerous negative posts regarding the men's side. While the positive posts regarding Coach Jack are absolutely warranted, so many people on here bash coach Whitesell after the men's team had a coaching overhaul, losing 5 seniors (4 of whom were All-MAC), losing the entire committed/signed incoming class, and "only" being 10-7/19-11. The women are 8-9/17-11 and I have not heard any negative comments towards Coach Jack (and there shouldn't be any).
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    A win is a win, great to get one on senior night. Thank you Davonta for a great 4 years, you have been a pitbull on defense.
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    He may have been a 4-star prospect out of HS and now is well below that based on his first two years, but he's got a five star name!
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    well this is good at least. Will be tough to draw him away from these big schools I feel like.
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    That would be not smart on his behalf. Bc then he’d have to sit out a year. And sitting out at his age is detrimental to his growth and nba proscpects.
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    He'll be back. Kinda surprised CJ, Perk and/or Harris didn't do this after their junior seasons. Good chance to get feedback from NBA scouts with little to no downside.
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    The NCAA is getting this right. Winter sports basically had their entire season. Did some lose out on conference and national championship tournaments, yes. But they got to play their last season. It is not like spring sports that were stopped early in the season. There will be issues with scholarship limits next year if they give an extra year in spring sports. If a school made offers of partial scholarships to the freshmen starting school in the fall what do you do with a player who comes back for another season, who you thought would be out of eligibility? The only athletes impacted for going pro are really baseball players who were expecting to be redrafted or drafted for the first time this spring. Are their other sports to go pro in after college that are spring sports? Yes. But there is so little money and jobs the loss of the spring season was most likely a make or break for them.
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    Which is why I laughed at the whole situation. As I have said in other post, Oats is swimming or trying to swim in the deep end of the recurring pool (4/5 star players and one and done players). We had gotten to the middle of the pool which is why we initially landed Hawkins. But it’s clear he isn’t the caliber player Oats needed for the SEC. Not a knock on the kid...Oats needs impact players right away. He has no time to develop. Had he come to UB he could’ve gotten minutes and learned by doing. Not wasting on the bench.
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    Then nobody comes here
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    If you fire every first year coach after a 20 win season there won’t be any coaches left for you to hire.
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    The story on Hawkins and why ub was in the discussion (and was coming here) was playing time. Here he would have gotten minutes right away at other power schools that were in on him he would have been similar to what he did at Alabama. Which it looks like alabama screwed him by not red shirting him and wasted a years worth of eligibility I hope he considers ub, would be a great addition. Front court of him and mballa could be nasty
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    Somewhat similar size, and definitely a similar lack of me not being a scout.
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    I'm going to be unbearable in Cleveland if one or both teams win next year. If you see a giant banner hanging from the second level of Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse with BACK TO BACK TO BACK or BACK TO BACK while Whitesell or FLJ cut down nets you know who is responsible.
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    Just blew my weekend plans out of the water. On the bright side, it saved me a bunch of cash, and some vacation time at work.
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    100% agree there. No chance to replace Jordan with what they got now. I like Segu, but he brings nothing to the table like what Jordan brought defensively and driving the ball to hoop. I see them as middle of pack team probably sitting in that 4-7 range in conference. Best thing to happen is if Brock/fagan/nickel berry transfer, would open up lot of spots to get some quality In there.
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    Whitesell was not new to being HC. Whitesell was not new to this roster. We saw no growth in his method of coaching the team. We saw no positive changes in how the roster was handled or responded. It was only one year but this was an internal hire, there wasn't a typical learning curve.
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    Here's my post-mortem on the season (assuming there's no postseason tournaments in the cards) - If you told me in September that UB was gonna go 11-7 in conference and win some of their bigger non-conference games, I would've said the season would be a success. If you told me that they were gonna lose to Dartmouth and Army, drop a bunch of MAC home games, and not make it to Cleveland, I would've said the season would be a total failure. As with anything in life, the truth is somewhere inbetween. My benchmarks for a successful season this year were (1) 22 wins and (2) a bye to Cleveland. Clearly neither of those two benchmarks were met, though being the odd-man out on a 3-way 11-7 tie, I'll give them a little bit of credit for that....so I certainly can't call the season a success. As others have indicated, UB has made a living these past 6 fantastic seasons off upperclassmen transfers/Jucos coming in and making immediate impacts. Hamilton, Conner, Harris, Clark, Caruthers, McRae, the list goes on. Simply put, UB just did not get that same level of immediate impact transfer this year from the upperclassmen (clearly they did get that impact from Mballa). I struggle with how much of that I put on the coaching staff. My expectations were lower than most here, but I certainly still expected them to be playing this coming weekend. Was it a failure on the coaching staff to not get more out of some of these players? Not putting them in the right position to succeed? Or did we, the fans, simply expect too much and put unreasonable expectations on the players? I don't think we'll ever know. I'm not gonna get all doom and gloom here. There were clearly bright spots this season. Jeenathan Williams improved exponentially, and I can't wait to see how he continues to improve in the next two years. Josh Mballa is clearly an elite MAC big with 2 more years to play. There are some very good puzzle pieces here, and if no one leaves - knock on wood - there is definitely still potential for growth next year. I won't call this season a failure, but it's a sign of how we the fans view the program now compared to the Reggie era. 20 wins is nice, 11-7 in conference is nice, wins over Depaul and Harvard are nice, but they're not good enough. In my mind, the Whitesell floor has now been set. I expect better next year. Yes, they're losing maybe the best PG in program history, and some other contributors, but that's the nature of the game in college basketball. There are young players on this team who will need to step up, and the coaches need to get them there. There's a lot of work to be done this summer, and I'm hoping they come out of the gates blazing in the fall.
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    I wholeheartedly disagree that the year was "fine". Ten years ago, this would have been a fine season (with a disappointing ending). We are (or were supposed to be) passed this point. Maybe I have high expectations, but I wanted us to dominate the MAC...again. This season was just a lot of confusing performances sprinkled in with some strong wins. The talent level, overall, is just so much better than it was 10 years ago for UB. We were supposed to tail off somewhat from last year -- that was expected. But even accounting for that, the drop off was a little more than I expected. Regarding the coaching, the comments you made (i.e. "too loyal to his players", "minutes for guys who just weren't getting it done", "hopefully he learns", etc.) are things that you might say about a new coach early who is early in his career...not a guy who has been coaching as long as JW. I may be wrong, but I don't feel he is the guy to get us back to the top. But that's me. I was looking for something about JW and I came across some quotes he made when he was let go by Loyola. It was an interesting read. https://www.espn.com/chicago/news/story?id=6216289
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    I go back to the mighty maniac days where we stood for forty minutes and yelled like crazy. So I’m right there with you, no buzz in Alumni this year. Tonight was a awful showing of attendance.
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    Agreed not fair to call him trash that’s just me frustrated after he had another horrible game when we needed him to show up. But a big disappointment I think is fair. The numbers back me on this just look at his game to game stats throughout the year, he just didn’t have the impact we all expected coming into the year.
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    Absolutely no excuse to get beat at home as a large favorite again. JW has a LOT of work to do. Not even making it to Cleveland is unacceptable.
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    He should be long out of this game.
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    I find it interesting...speak for yourself
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    We can complain all we want about fouls, but if we lose this game it will be because we can't hit free throws.
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    or with a loss combined with losses by BSU and Kent. Hopefully just get the damn win on Friday and then a few more next week! Not bad for a guy who (when he was signed) was a big time recruit from a basketball factory, then took some flack (early) from many on here due to his extremely poor shooting. He's been a warrior on the floor for this school over his 4 years, and a gentleman off the floor.
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    I was thinking about how much the top score's points per game influences the teams overall performance. I also, tried to estimate the impact of Jayvon's performance (2P%, 3P%, FT%) in 2020 being below how he performed in 2019. The chart below shows MAC conference results Leading Scorer Points per game vs team win percentage. This was generally pretty correlated. To estimate the impact of Graves shooting percentage decline, I adjusted his points per game to reflect him taking the same number of shots, but shooting as he had in 2019. This would move his points per game from 16.8 up to 19.8. Based on the correlation observed, I estimate that the slip in Graves performance resulted in one fewer win in 2020.
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    Of course none of it matters if we don’t win tonight. Poor close to the half. We got complacent and left points at the free throw line. It’s crazy that seeding 1-12 is going to come down to the final game. Nothing as of now is settled. Which reiterates that there is no clear cut favorite in this conference.
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    If Lanier was here and had a similar record to Whitesell, would people here be jumping all over him? I mean, Georgia State is only 18-12 this season (had 28 and 24 wins the last 2 seasons), so how is that any different than this year's UB record of 18-11? I don't know Georgia State or him well enough to question him or praise him, but I still prefer to stand by the coaches and players that are on UB. Surely we all wish they were winning everything, but all we as UB fans can do is support our team. No one here (as far as I am aware) is able to make any decisions on hiring/firing/transfer/etc. so backing our squad is the best that we can give, unless we are either a) fair-weather fans or b) bandwagon hoppers. Since I was here as a student, athlete and now old guy in the stands at every game, I prefer to simply support the blue and white (or black or grey - yuck).
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    I like looking local. He didn't "light up JuCo" by any stretch, but I hope he grew a lot off the court. Goodnews wasn't ranked, and Malik was in the honorable mention. We are normally used top 40 Juco players but we will have to see what happens.
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    I’m sorry but I gotta criticize Whitesell here...why is Johnson still in the game? Also the Miami coach has made adjustments since last week. We have not. Poor coaching. Also Whitesell is still searching with his player subs and lack of a rotation.
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    I’ve searched social media, other fan forums, etc. and found nothing about about Josiah withdrawing his commitment. It’s a big decision and if it’s true that he has second guessed himself, he won’t be the first. He appears to be someone that will play as a freshman if he commits to playing defense. It’s clear this kid can shoot the three. Go Bulls!
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    Hopefully he is good to go for next week. We have no shot without him.
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