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    Ahh yes just what this site needs. Politics
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    One thing we know for sure, once Oats says he's happy/focused on a coaching job, he doesn't leave!
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    I think everyone needs a hug
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    Is there a reason you're this mad at an 18 year old that you don't know lmao. He gets to play in a major conference in his home state, where his dad also played. Good for him.
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    It’s spelled oot and aboot there. Learn the lingo.
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    And people wonder why I lock threads once a recruit has moved on....
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    Maybe he wants to get paid too!
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    https://247sports.com/player/jalen-thomas-46049647/ Would love to grab this guy, former UMASS commit.
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    Do we lock the thread now haha. Good for him. He gets to be a contributor on an SEC team (not sarcasm). I’m still jaded I’ll admit. Interesting to see how much of contributor he becomes? If next season some hotshot 4/5 star “has” to play ahead of him bc that’s what booster want. I know Nate will have success. I hope he fails yet I hope he does good. Just a bag of mixed emotions. Why’d it have to be Alabama though. I hate everything about that state and school.
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    Thought the same thing, never was a fan of the trash talking players. The ones that kill other teams quietly Definitely got Perk vibes from it. He looks like he’d be an awesome addition to the team
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    WE DID GREAT We keep our entire team intact We got two bigs and both can be dudes. We got a good guard. UB did great ---we will have a great season go BULLS
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    I think you'd be surprised. The #12 JUCO player just Decommited from Texas Tech today for example. I don't think we're necessarily in play for him but there's talent still out there and I'm sure there will continue to be ripple effect until a while after the draft pool is finalized. It's late in the recruiting cycle for players just as it is for teams. I don't think talent pool is the issue, the bigger issue to me it seems is that our ability to land high level recruits has been predicated on coaches building relationships with players early and staying in contact. We don't really have time on our side but Skogman and Nickelberry were solid pulls on short notice. Regardless of what the rest of the class turns out like I'm optimistic for future classes.
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    I like this. Cheap travel for fans and the team, and a school that we could build a regional rivalry with. I also grew up an hour away so Mom gets a visit. Now more home games please
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    Don’t you need Embiid’s permission to say that??
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    We are now a true fan base.
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    All the while You were in front of me I never realized I just can't believe I didn't see it.... Wait those are Marc Anthony lyrics. Am I in the right forum? Forgive my attempt at humor. Marco Anthony would be a great get for next season.
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    At least you spelled his last name correctly. That is more than I can say for him.
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    Can confirm that UB is working hard on Marco.
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    I'm not sure that conferences with Net rankings of 14, 18 an 21 make the MVC, CAA and Horizon on par or better than the 9th ranked MAC.
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    Can’t wait for us to bring in a 25 year old freshman next year that’s married with 2 kids
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    Mostafa is ranked on 247
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    Makes sense for him to go to a basketball program that went 11-21 last season. Won’t be long till he’s in the transfer portal after wasting his time on a bottom feeder PAC-12 team. Cheers, Noah!
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    Signed and official. Also noticed he’s wearing Perk’s #
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    Oh yeah that's right I was more focused on St Bonaventure losing than who the other team was
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    I think people may be overthinking White. The kid is going to be playing his senior year of college basketball 3 hours from his home town. I’d have to imagine that played a big factor.
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    Late to the party and I’m sure I’m echoing everyone else but this is monstrous. We needed height and got it. A big we can develop for hopefully four years. A skilled big who can play in and out. He can contribute immediately and grow over time through experience. Hopefully he adds 10-15 lean pounds over time. This is very exciting and big for the staff. I’m starting to believe in this staff. It shows we aren’t going anywhere and can stay atop the MAC. Go Bulls! Let’s add 3 more guys who can develop and/or contribute.
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    Maybe he wasn’t able to get things settled
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    Skogman did just start following the team on twitter...
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    I’m going to be optimistic and think maybe there’s a recruit we don’t know about or Skogman that are looking like they’re going to pick us and he didn’t want to split time in his final season
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    I think Akron just has a standing offer for everyone that plays within 40 miles of Cleveland.
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    Tyree -- I read a stat somewhere that he had a 20% off-target rate (which is some sort of stat people track) which was the highest in college football during the last 8 years or something. There was a broad difference of opinion on Tyree among those in the know and, apparently, it wasn't enough to get him drafted. Too much uncertainty to spend a draft pick on. I, like several others, was surprised someone didn't take a chance at the end of the draft. AJ -- When the receivers didn't really go in the draft, he was on the short end. He didn't score well in some areas (speed, jumping, 3-cone) and despite nice highlights and other productivity, he didn't get his number called. I am keen to see how it works out in Tampa Bay. I am cautiously optimistic (between Tyree and Hodge) that AJ can have an impact. Hodge -- I think the fact he didn't have a combine invite was a disadvantage...but he didn't really score well in important metrics (speed, strength, jumping) they use. He was certainly a tackling machine, though. Not sure what happens to Hodge at this point. Maybe he will get an invite at some point somewhere. I am as disappointed as you all are about the fact that none of these guys were drafted. But I wish them the best of luck in their careers after college, be it in football or other endeavors.
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    Still don’t get the Anthony Johnson thing. He has NFL hands, an NFL body and awareness of how to position his body. He doesn’t have super speed but is fast enough. He should’ve been drafted before any of them. Tyree, I get why he dropped based on the second half of the season. Too many passes skipped off the ground or sailed way over the heads of receivers. That idiot Steve Smith coming down from the TV booth and lecturing Tyree on how to better throw a slant probably didn’t help much either. May not have hurt but it made him a bit of a joke to the announcers
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    Sounds like the hey day of the Soviet Red Army hockey team, every body playing every position.
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    I like that he doesn't seem to be a showboat. He's just a good worker who plays the game hard. I think he would fit well in our system
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    As all good GMs and ADs should have. Especially knowing you have a hot commodity on your hands.
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    Actually feel happy for him that he gets to stay at a school close to him and play at a very high level still. Kid was nothing but class during the time he was committed here and through the whole process of changing coaches as well. Wish him nothing but the best.
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    I don't think that the takeaway is that he's lightly recruited therefore he is CJ. At least my point was that there is still talent out there and it can't be disregarded due to lack of offers. There's a lot of room between CJ (#1 player on a top 25 team) and a useful player on a MAC contender. The reality is that Gallion is the caliber of player that most mid-majors are after and there are plenty of solid players in the mid major ranks. Gallion picked up 3 of his 5 offers after a big showing at a showcase for the best players available so at least 3 teams feel they uncovered a diamond in the rough, and the Illinois St. offer shouldn't be disregarded as they've been a top 100 team more often than not for over a decade. While he doesn't have high major offers I'd be curious to know how many high majors were at this event looking for diamonds in the rough this late in the process. The staff landed two high major talent pedigrees and then their third priority was Gallion and as of now they deserve the benefit the doubt in my opinion. If our recruiting class on short notice is a Memphis transfer via JUCO, a skilled 3 star Center, a G with D1 shooting ability from day 1, and whatever happens with the last two scholarships that's pretty solid given the circumstances.
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    Signed. This one was obvious after his full on shoot that he posted to his snapchat. He didnt even take the Youngstown State visit.
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    Should be a good game for us early on...
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    A little over a week and 3 scholarships open.... we’re in the endgame now
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    Completely this. Good for him
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    Dang it, for a sec, I thought I was still in the Skogman thread. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.
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    🤔🤔🤔 perhaps he is realizing that at bigger schools he may be a role/bench player and that at UB he can dominate. And just keeping his options open.
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    I think there is a good shot all of our Big 3 get to play in the summer league. But I am not confident in any of the make the NBA.
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    I want more commits. Getting impatient again.
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    If he was sold on leaving UB, I'd rather have him enter the draft as a bull.
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    (Sarcasm font would help the world, typed words are tough...)
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