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    I think any expectations that this team would be as good as last years was wishful thinking at best, so I don't think it's reasonable or useful to compare production loss from last years' team to this years team. We don't need to be last years team beating MAC opponents 15 points a night to win the MAC. The talent level on this roster is good enough to be the best in the MAC - I mean look around the league: would you really want to swap out our roster for any other roster? As for CJ and Perk being ready immediately, as freshmen when UB won the MAC with Nate Oats for the first time Perk contributed 7.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG on 19.1 MPG; CJ was 11.3 points and 4.1 rebounds in 25 minutes. Both excellent contributions but not dissimilar from Williams and Segu this year - sure they're doing it a year later than Perk and CJ but that's comparing 2 of the best players in UB history. Hell you could even argue Mballa as a sophomore is ahead of where Perk was as a sophomore. As a team in 15-16 we averaged 77.6 points, 39.1 rebounds, 12.7 assists, 6.9 steals, 3.6 blocks, and 13.7 turnovers on 43.8% shooting (33.7% from deep). This year we are at 77.9 points, 41.2 rebounds, 16.4 assists, 8.7 steals, 4.4 blocks, 14.1 turnovers on 44.3% shooting (33.4% from deep). Pretty on pace to match that years squad for better or worse. What I don't recall about that years squad was their defensive intensity, something this year seems to sorely be lacking. We have players contributing very similarly to how they contributed in 15-16. We stole a championship that year - it was Akron's to lose and it may be again this year. 15-16 wasn't about having enough bodies to make clutch shots down the stretch, it was about THE clutch shot that Hamilton made to win it all. To achieve what Oats did that year all we really have to do is get hot at the right time. We were sitting at 9-8 in MAC play and 2 games over .500 overall in March of that year and I don't think the MAC as a whole was any better that year than this. It just feels different because of some really dud games against teams we know we should be better than and the fact that we just don't know how this season will end yet.
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    Can we just play Segu/Jordan/Graves/Williams/Mballa 40 mins per game?
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    Antwain Johnson the last 2 games has been playing well and it’s exactly what we need.
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    So much to be frustrated about but Segu/Williams/Mballa is such a great young core.
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    Here is a Bonafan quote from after the game that just makes you feel sooooooooooooooooo good about this win! 😆 There is no point in the existence of UB. You would get the exact same education from listening to lectures on youtube. They print out 50,000 diplomas a year and frequently win their high school level league and still can't get anyone to care unless it's free t-shirt night It's a soulless commuter state school that no one on Earth cares about. The only people that wind up there are international applicants that don't realize they're not going to NYC who become shitty pediatricians and local pizza shop employees/bar backs who have to sign up for 6 credits a semester so they can continue to live rent free in the house their mom kept in the divorce. UB is inherently transactional and irrelevant even to its own alumni. An embarrassment to what higher education should be. Free Lester.
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    How absolutely fucked would we be if Mballa did not get a waiver to play this year? He is a core part of this team, especially on defense. Great win by "Geneseo's safety school" now let's take care of MAC play and Cleveland.
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    Impressive win today. This game worried me bc it was a road game against a team that can score. And boy did our defense show up. The defense won this game. Took charges, rebounded and the communication was great. I’ve said for weeks if we improve our defense even a little bit we can be very good. This was a prime example. With Kent St looming next Friday the WMU game Tuesday could be viewed as a trap game. Good teams show up and take care of business. The key will be mental on Tuesday. Go Bulls!
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    So despite what looks like a down year, looking at our per game stat averages, it’s very clear what our weakness this year is. At this point in the season, we rank 49th in the country in total points scored (1350). We are also 27th in the country in points per game (79.4). Field goal percentage could be greatly improved if we stop taking low percentage shots (kind of an obvious statement) but we are middle of the pack in that category, being 145th in the country (44.3%). Our 3 point percentage is down this year from last year, we are shooting 33.4% which is good for 174th in the country. Our rebounding is a clear strength, as we are 17th in the country with 41.2 rebounds per game. We are 24th in the country in assists per game (16.4). Our assist to turnover ratio (1.2) puts us at 33rd in the country. Lastly our blocked shots per game (4.4) puts us at 53rd in the country. Theres positives that can be taken away from that for sure. But among those good stats, there’s also very bad. We rank almost last in the country in free throw percentage (332nd), shooting 63.6%. We also are 222nd in the country in turnovers per game, committing 14.1 per game. Taking away from all this, I can easily say that our weaknesses are on the defensive side, since we are averaging almost 80 points per game and most of our games have been really close. In my opinion, if you’re scoring almost 80 points per game, you should win every time. Any game where the other team scores over 70 is a failed defensive effort. Which is exactly what defense is...EFFORT. We can score all the points in the world and play fast, but if we’re getting fast points, it means the other team is getting the ball back quickly too. All the points mean nothing if you can’t stop the other team from scoring more. Our shot selection really needs to improve as well. Many people on here have pointed it out, but this team plays more selfishly than last years team. Making that “one more” pass to go from a good shot, to finding a guy for a wide open even batter shot goes a long way. The turnovers come from driving the ball into the lane being surrounded by 3 players trying to somehow pass the ball out of that scenario. Summary of all this? We are good offensively but could be even better with shot selection improvement. Defensively? We are horrible and need somebody to step up and be that Caruthers to help Jordan. We are still a relatively young team too and it shows in our discipline -> turnovers
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    Haven’t looked through all the posts yet obviously Williams had a great game but we need to give credit to Johnson for stepping up bigtime tonight
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    It really is pretty crazy how much better they play when Segu comes in for Johnson.
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    Williams is actually shooting above 30% as well, which is pretty shocking after he shot 10% last year. Who would have thought that he would be better from downtown than both Johnson and Grant.
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    My only problem with him is that he just seems to have a problem with anyone that disagrees with him in any way.
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    I hope we win again soon lol
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    Actually all he did was start a thread to discuss how the coach is doing. He made pretty good points about Whitesell too and I don’t agree with Kevin on much, but they were very fair arguments. I can see how maybe he’ll keep an argument going longer than it should, but to his credit he never got defensive or pissy, or looked up posts from half a decade ago, the way you have on this thread. If anyone’s credibility took a hit here, it’s yours.
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    As long as it isn't the Cayman "Fyre Fest" Classic...
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    You are correct in that Coach LL cancelled practice only for the first full day down there. It was sitting in the high 80s, and the practice field is garbage. If you want to use the term "blew off", apply it to Coach Healy and "Club Lotte". Cancelled all of their practices, didn't hold a walk through the day before the game. While our players had curfews that saw them in their rooms progressively earlier each night, Charlotte had no curfew. The night before the game, we were walking through the casino at the resort at about 12:30 a.m.. A number of the 49ers were in there. Coach Healy needs to grow up and realize that he's their coach, and quit trying to be one of the boys.
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    And his condescending tone is growing tiresome.
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    It’s in the other thread, but those wanting to make some noise since students/band are gone on break, feel free to join us in the true blue section.
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    Grant had a really nice game. 5/5 shooting. Sounds like someone who isn’t terrible at basketball. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    MAC has geography for fans. Have to get a lot more prestige for us to give that up. CUSA does not provide that.
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    Agree with most of your points here. Jordan is definitely the leader and the best player on the team. Also, agree that people ripping on Johnson and Grant, but not talking about how bad Graves has been lately, which concerns me a hell of a lot more. Whitesell does deserve some blame for the lack if intensity and defensive play in bunch of these games, and not being able to make adjustments. Too much talent on this team to lose to Army and Dartmouth, period. I’m ok with the other losses. Yes, 9-4 would not be bad I agree there, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, that St. bonnies game is far from a sure bet the way we been playing.
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    I think you can re-watch it immediately after if I’m not mistaken? I just checked and the game is available to re-watch.
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    Fair looking angry but focused. Extra pass to Christie was assist of the game.
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    A win is a win, especially on the road. For years, all teams in the league struggled to win games on the road. The goal always was to win your home games and pick up a few on the road, which would lead to a 11-13 win league season, which puts them in the top 4. I'd gladly take that formula this year and it should be something that we're all hoping for.
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    A road win in the MAC. I'll take it.
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    I hope this is quoted and mocked later in the year but this team is just so inconsistent within a 40 minute game let alone their game to game inconsistency that I don't see any way they could win 3 (and much more likely 4) games in a row to win the MAC this year.
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    15-0 run when our best unit is on the court.
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    Liepold did all of this despite still having that same OC!! I kid (somewhat...), but we all know LL's faults. Everyone has strengths and faults. You have to know how to play to your strengths and avoid your faults. I suspect that he doesn't want to go the "jump to low-level P5 program" at the first opportunity. If he keeps winning consistently at UB, a good fit will find him. I wonder if TG ever wishes he stayed at UB for longer.
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    Sure he got paid, and while money is a major factor I like to believe coaches want to coach and coaches want to win. I’d also argue that he could’ve waited a couple more years and landed a much more secure job than Kansas. If Leipold wanted he might be able to jump to a Boston college type gig.... or he can keep building UB into a perennial winner and get into a much better program. Everyone thought we would take a huge step back this year between graduations and transfers. Instead we had arguably our best season in history thanks to the foundation he’s built. A couple more years and he’ll have his pick of good schools
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    I came across the following website that provides stats for various leagues. Massinburg and Perkins have been productive on their respective teams, although Massinburg has not played last few games. I could not find reason. For those who are interested, here are links for gams logs for five seniors from last year's team: CJ Massinburg - Long Island Nets - G League. Has averaged 22 minutes per game scoring 10.2 points per game. Nick Perkins - Nigata Albirex - Japanese B League. Starter for all games. Has average 36 minutes per game scoring 20.8 points per game and 9.7 rebounds Jeremy Harris - Atomeromu SE - Hungarian NBIA. Starter for 9 games and averaged 6.9 points per game. Dontay Caruthers - Science City Jena - German Pro A - He has played average of 15 minutes in two games (12/28 and 1/4) with 1.5 points per game. Also played two games for Agua Caliente in the NBA G league. Montell McRae - UBSC Raiffeisen Graz - Austrian Bundesliga - He averaged 20 minutes in two games scoring 5.5 points per game.
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    I'll stick to what I said on Bull Run... ( https://www.ubbullrun.com/2020/1/5/21050436/niu-loss-three-quick-thoughts ) Many of the same voices starting to pile on Whitesell now were crapping on Oats in the first half of his first season at UB. But a lot of people want so badly to be right about calling out the mistakes of others that the rush to judgement. UB could make 20 wins this season, honestly given the transition of staff and players that would be an accomplishment. If the Bulls find their footing they have shown they can be an amazing team.
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    Overall, I think it is too soon to get overly concerned despite disappointing performance in opening game. Reasons for optimism - Offensively the points per possession (which factor in eFG%, offensive rebounds (a strength) and turnovers) has been trending up over the course of the year. This is resulting from improved shooting as of late, and efforts on the offensive boards. I was also encouraged by the reduction of turnovers. Reason for concern is a creep in Points per Possession for their opponents as well: So I will look for them to tighten up the defense in coming games as the biggest priority.
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    Really man, I think it’s sort of evident but if you insist: Free throw shooting- we are one of the worst in D1. Don’t know our exact % but believe it is low 60s from what I heard on tv. That is a fundamental basketball skill shooting free throws. Turnovers- granted this game it wasn’t the issue at all, but for most part it’s been a problem for us. Help side defense- Non-existent for the most part, you watch the games I think you’ve seen all the easy layups. Taking charges- this is a huge element of the college game and we were really good at this the last couple years, but I’ve been watching all these games and this team really not getting many of them. Davonta been trying but has not been getting as many as in the past. There are others but these are some of the big ones. Also, I never said no one is dogging it, that’s your words so change mine as you may. I said lack of effort, meaning they are not going as hard as they possibly can. That goes to diving on floors and just playing lockdown defense, they extra hustle plays. Not gonna pinpoint any player, at times it’s been everyone but I think you would agree there has been times when we been sluggish it’s pretty apparent I think anyone would agree.
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    Brutal. wait till January and this is the performance Whitesell gives us . 5-3 at home soon? That’s trash.
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    Didn't look into the meet based sports (i.e. swimming/diving and track), but they had a losing record in literally every sport listed with a record on their athletics site besides MBB and many were closer to winless than .500. They even list their rugby team which isn't NCAA sanctioned and they having a losing record in that as well.
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    Oats was building something special. There was real momentum. His leaving was a set back. Hopefully this team will get better and play exciting basketball the rest of the season perhaps winning the MAC tourney. That more than anything by continuing the programs success will do more than anything to bring more fans and loyal fans. Before with Reggie team was usually a non contender with a couple of exceptions over his tenure. Combine that with playing MAC teams there was little opportunity to grow the program and build a winning culture and tradition. After Reggie we’ve seen consistently and unprecedented success. That’s what it takes.
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    What was amazing is that he actually forced the shot up. No awareness of the game situation! What UB needed there was to burn clock not take a contested shot with few seconds off the shot clock.
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    I'll take it! We didn't start or finish this game well at all but did enough good things overall to get the W. Great to see Graves looking like his old self and Mballa was huge in the paint, especially taking Osunnyi out. It may have been ugly, but a clean sweep of WNY teams is always a beautiful thing!
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    Literally made an account just to troll. Pathetic.
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    Agree with the comments above by ubbulls08 and TML1000. She is just in her first year but the first time we seen her we all said we had not seen a player with the overall athletic ability she has except for a few UB players. The players and coaches have to know who are the best players on the team and play the game to those strengths. The only player on the team that should possibly take more shots is Onwuka. There players all over the country that are the best players on a team and they are not asked to take less shots. Dillard was a great player but she did not stop taking shots even if she had a tough game. She helped her team in other ways just like Fair does and will in the future with her passing, rebounding and overall play. I only hope more fans will come out to see this team and how Coach Jack makes decisions in games especially without Summer. It is exciting to see the improvement of many of these players and how the MAC season will play out. Go Bulls!!!!
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    If it's displayed in Live Stats I'd assume it's the +/- of the lineup on the floor at that time.
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    The real question from the game is... WTF?
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    I have a tiny violin we can play for him.
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    Thanks for auditing my posts and determining how many comments are allowed. He's not playing up to what we hoped? How about not playing anywhere near a level where he should be receiving a minute of D1 time. I'll stop commenting on it when he sits on the bench With Hardnett playing good and Brock/Fagan coming back, I'd expect Grant to be very limited going forward.
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    How far north did you have to drive before you had an LTE signal?
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    The PC version of the old moniker.
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    ......... ...Cool, thanks guys!
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