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    Thank you Nate. You didn’t know it then nor did we at the time, but if it wasn’t for you taking your talents to Toledo, UB basketball would not be what it has become. CJ Massinburg, Nate Oats and all UB players and fans appreciate your kind consideration.
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    Let’s celebrate and give thanks for two incredible teams and coaches which will go down in the record books of UB athletic history. Women after losing tons of talent and leadership win the MAC tournament over their nemesis and tremendous foe CMU to get to championship where they beat an excellent Ohio team. They overcame adversity with the suspension of Summer. They displayed grit against Rutgers and then fought UCONN for 40 minutes. As FLJ said for UCONN to get another NCAA title they had to go through BUFFALO! And she was not kidding. What a valiant effort! They put Buffalo women’s basketball on the map and earned the respect of everyone in women’s college basketball. Thank you Coach Jack! You are awesome! Thank you to the best individual basketball player to ever don a UB women’s basketball jersey. You gave thrills to many and made UB women’s basketball a must see for so many at UB and in the WNY community. We wish you well in your professional basketball journey and broadcasting career! The men! 32 f’ing wins! 32-4! 16-2 MAC regular season wins! Another MAC title! Another NCAA tournament appearance! Four in five years! UB men’s basketball like the the women’s team is known and respected nationally! Beating WVU! Beating SU in dome! Winning Belfast tourney! CJ dropping 43 in WVU! Nationally ranked first time ever! Ranked 19 consecutive weeks! Ranked as high as #14! Will likely be ranked at seasons end! Nate one of 11 nominees for NABC Coach of the Year! Character, class and integrity coursing through the program from coaches to players. Nate’s extension made possible by generous donors! Thank you all for being fantastic ambassadors for UB, Buffalo and WNY!
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    This is a bad poll. Lots of binary choices that are NOT binary in reality. I will not vote in it unless you decide to re-write it in a non-biased way.
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    I chatted with Tripathi briefly on the court after the women won in Cleveland and this is basically the gist of what I said. I thanked him for supporting athletics and mentioned how it's so important that the public perception of the University be bolstered by successful big time athletics to more closely match the demonstrated academic success of the University. Basically, we're the #28 public institution in the nation, ahead of places like Minnesota, but no one know us. The athletics success has helped so much in swaying public perception across the country of the university and that will have a positive impact on recruiting faculty, recruiting students, and soliciting alumni donations. He agreed and said that the impact they've been able to measure has been massive.
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    I think we all need to stop posting in this thread unless it’s news. You aholes keep getting my hopes up for nothing.
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    Man, 22 year old me would have laughed at you if you would have told me that UB won the MAC 4 out of 5 years. I was just happy they made the NIT’s. Amazing job Bulls!!!
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    This is really irrelevant to the title, but also nice reminder. Mark Few went to the sweet 16 four times in 15 years. Took him 15 years to get past that hump and made it to the elite 8 and then 2 years after that went to the title game and lost. I guess if we are patient enough, better things to come than the second round! (I'm really just trying to distill hope in everyone)
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    I strongly agree with this statement. For the first time Nate’s game plan and in game adjustments, or lack there of, came up small. My biggest criticism was the constant attempts to drive to the rim into 3 lengthy defenders and force up shots or turn the ball over. It was clear TT was collapsing the defense yet we made no adjustment to penetrate and kick out to shooters on the perimeter or rotate the ball to an open shooter. We kept trying to force an up tempo style, which yes is our style, but we’ve proven we can also win games that are slower paced. We had success in the 1st posting Perkins up (they had no answer for him down low) yet we completely abandoned that and went back to iso ball with little ball movement. 11 assist 16 turnovers. Credit TT but top to bottom we were outclassed for 2 hours. Not indicative of who we were all season.
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    Relax people. If you are over emotional, take a nap and come back tomorrow. Nobody should be banned. Everyone and their mother knows how unbelievable this team was. We could only Hagen dreamed of being this good a few years ago. We must hold our head up high and get ready to support our future team who will continue to march us to new levels. Great season! Join me in being proud for this tough team.
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    Ohio Bobcat here hoping both you teams keep winning and, while I know the women's game doesn't draw as much attention, I would particularly love it if you found a way to take down UConn.
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    Today is the day that we prove that Hurley left us to step up in Salary, to a better conference, but not to a better program. GO BULLS!
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    The title of this should be changed to "POLL: Do you Share An Opinion Reflecting My Own Or Not?"
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    UB ARE MAC CHAMPIONS. IT'S A DYNASTY. 4 Championships in 5 years!
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    Looks like he enjoyed his visit. Hopefully Hawkins did too!
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    Its definitely true. Happened to the football team too. People with the high expectations, actually start having less fun following the program! I noticed it more this year than ever. Even with the drop off in play at times I never lost sight of how truly amazing this season has been. Like being ranked still hasn't really sunk in. Maybe its following the team for 2 decades you appreciate this stuff more, or at least you should. Even really really good mid major teams never get ranked. Never thought it would happen to us. Not even just being ranked. I would have taken #25 for one week then not ranked again. I would have never forgotten that. But to be all the way to 14, and ranked all year has just been unforgettable. Also beating SYR on the road? Year was great before Xmas break. Excited to see how we finish the year now.
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    I had a dream last night that UB played Gonzaga in the final four. Unfortunately we lost 151 to 150 in OT. Afterward the announcers were calling it the greatest game in the history of NCAA basketball. By the way, Harris hit a clutch 3 to send the game to OT.
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    "Nit-picking" is fine, if you choose to do so, but it's unnecessary. "Passion" is fabulous, but the constant harping is annoying. This is a fun team, filled with great guys and coaches. They're 27-3. I just don't see how people sitting behind a keyboard can knock guys because they aren't living up to the standards that they've set for them on the basketball floor. An 18-19 year old kid (or even the 20-22 year old on the team), who is giving his all, learning and getting better, constantly getting criticized by people who don't see the day-to-day practices/drills and don't know what is being asked of them, is ridiculous at every level. Nothing is gained by talking negatively about any of the players if they have a bad possession/game/more, nor can those who are criticizing provide any gains towards those players, so just enough already with it. Enjoy the team that we have this season. There is 1 home game left, (hopefully) 3 games in Cleveland, and an NCAA tournament to be played. Enjoy what we've got, enjoy the ride, support the team, don't knock it.
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    I echo all that was said above. As an alum I’m so proud of both programs and grateful for this run. Who knows what the future holds but at least I can say that in my lifetime Buffalo basketball dominated the MAC and won some tournament games. Let’s keep building. The best is yet to come.
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    TT's length killed us, they are scary good on the defensive end. Thank you to all the seniors who have worked your tails off throughout your careers. I will be hoping some of you can make the NBA and will continue to cheer you on at the next level. You have mad Buffalo a nationally recognizable name and changed the culture of the program. You will forever be legends of Buffalo basketball.
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    I mean he shot 50% from the floor. 3-7 from 3. Posted a double double. I’ll sign up for a repeat of that Sunday.
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    60% of which was us checking the news reports everyday for new articles, haha
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    Last year, Buffalo was one of 20 schools who sent both their Men's and Women's teams to the NCAA tournament. This year, Buffalo is one of 23 schools who are about to send both their Men's and Women's teams to the NCAA tournament. Together, Buffalo is one of only 6 schools to send both their Men's and Women's teams to the NCAA tournament both years. The others are; Arizona State, Florida State, Gonzaga, Syracuse and Tennessee. Well done UB!
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    In Cleveland I said to Mark Alnutt, "Mark, we're going to be playing for the American championship in a few years, right?" His response was, "Oh yea, that would be nice!". You heard it here first. Confirmed. We're moving to the AAC. 😄 😄😉
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    With UB in the bracket, I can't fill out a bracket. My heart says national championship.
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    Let's play Syracuse at home every game but play it at Key Bank (with no rental fees) and make tickets $10. Problem solved!
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    Maybe that's the silver lining. Let the team continue their underdog mentality. Go out and prove to everyone why they could have been a 4.
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    Bro, you should be practicing your golf putting instead of being at the watering hole, just in case you get a chance to win a trip for putting next March!
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    Please watch this video. https://www.wgrz.com/mobile/video/sports/head-coach-nate-oats-on-signing-a-contract-extension/71-b4e72afe-b2cc-46f5-8176-2abc701c48bb Then if you feel as strongly as I do donate to the excellence fund. Whether it is $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000 every dollar and donor is critically important. It is just one more way we can show our suppprt for what Nate has done, is doing and will do for UB basketball. The wider and deeper the support of the program the more that can be done/accomplished which makes that much more likely that we can keep Nate here long term. Go Bulls!
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    I really wish we would have just won by one, that's so much better 😉
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    My advice to all: Just BULLIEVE! UB is winning tomorrow. There is nothing stopping them now. We have a great team. They are in it for each other. They could care less who the star is on any particular night. We’ve seen throughout the year that it might be anyone of seven guys who turns out to be the difference maker. There is absolutely no other MAC team that can come close. So BULLIEVE just as your coaches and players do. Go Bulls!
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    Why did you have to go and post something forcing me to see an Ohio player as a human being? I’m not happy. Very good read.
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    Let's not turn every recruiting thread into an argument about arbitrary details/word choice. We know how this process works.
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    Kinda like the way he was at UB if he wasn't the one that hired you. Or, if you didn't have deep pockets.
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    So what? That’s their problem to deal with. Why should we constraint ourself to please them? Unless there’s some hard rule to me it’s foolish to not pay our coach bc it will “piss off other ADs.” Results speak and right now Oats is delivering results.
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    Now you know why I love Nate. We think alike when it comes to basketball. We see the same things. His approach to the game is what I was taught when I was going to overnight basketball camps at Canisius back in the early 70s as the way the game is meant to be played. It’s all about the team. Nate cleared out the me first knuckleheads that Hurley had on the team. That’s why the present version of UB basketball is such a treat to behold. GO BULLS!!! Kick butt in Cleveland!!
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    Wow that senior ceremony on espn3 was awesome. We are big time.
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    I have not seen anyone trashing any of the players. Commentary on any player is fine and dandy so long as it doesn’t go into character assanination. As UB fans we stand by each and every player on the roster, want nothing but the best for them and most Importantly want them to enjoy their time at UB while being a good citizen and being the very best they can be athletically. With that said there is nothing wrong pointing out what you see as a shortcoming. For instance as someone pointed out above McRae played poorly in the early going last night giving up easy points in the paint. Is that ragging on a player unfairly or is it just a reasonable observation? I suggest it is the latter. Same for the comments about Dontay. For all we know he may have been extremely ill. But one cannot reasonably suggest he played well last night. And the same goes for the two freshman. I see nothing overboard in the comments about their play. I think it’s pretty clear that Rondo is further ahead his development. It’s also fair to say that his slightness of build could be problematic as he further develops his game. Williams has a longer way to go. His shooting needs some vast improvement as does his defense. He has loads of potential. I hope that he becomes great as someone wrote he would be next year. Having played, coached and officiated basketball for more years than I care to admit, I try and comment from those perspectives during a game. If someone thinks I’ve gone overboard by all means call me out. If I have I’ll be the first to acknowledge and will edit out any inappropriate remarks. From those who believe everyone is great and plays great each and every moment of every game and we should be nothing but positive and rosy in every comment I would say I respectfully disagree. Let's also keep in mind that you can post a critical/constructive criticism type comment while also lauding players. They are not mutually exclusive. Lastly we are all thrilled with the hard work, sacrifice, dedication and effort exhibited by everyone associated with the program and as evidenced by the amount of commentary on this board, new people posting and the depth of the commentary, UB basketball is in the best shape it has ever been on the court, in the athletic department and with the fan base. But we should realize as good as it currently is, Nate has bigger and better plans for the program. So enjoy the ride, continue your passion, share your passion and support the program in every way you can from attending games, promoting the team and university to donating so we can help Nate to sustain his incredible success and build on it. GO BULLS!!!!
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    All I have to say about this is the following: - Weak take saying that "if I don't like it, I should coach". Laughable, actually, if that is your advice to anyone who is critical. - This is a Fan Board. There is going to be criticism. There are rules on what you can and cannot criticize on the board. That's why there are mods. If you don't like reading criticism of a players performance (e.g. Smith should have boxed out Jones better), "that's tough luck".
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    That’s the Harris we’ve been wanting and missing. Assassin style tonight.
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    My guess? Supporting out our recruit James Rojas in post-season action just outside of Wichita. Rojas and Hutchinson played Coffeyville Community (#3 ranked JUCO team) and won behind a line from Rojas of 30 pts/8 boards/3 assists/1 block/2 steals. He hit threes, was good from the line, and led his team to a big upset. Congrats James, and can't wait to see you in blue next year!
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    Parking at UB games is free for all. I don't understand why I hear many people complain about parking and traffic. I assuredly have no problem with the parking or the traffic, especially considering the price. UB bball has been the best deal in town, especially the last few years. Free tix and parking for students. 160 bucks for mens and womens season tix (and no charge for parking), thats like 6 bucks a game, for a ranked team and a sweet 16 team. Even those, myself included, who pay the additional donation to sit in the center, are getting a crazy good deal. I guarantee that no other school in the country is that affordable for that type of quality product. Everyone should be happy about everything and thankful, in my opinion.
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    I want nothing more then to embarrass them at every opportunity. I and every mighty maniac hate OU. I’m subconsciously rude to people that even wear forest green. It’s bad.
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    meanwhile, Nevada plays it's first Q1 game tomorrow...
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    Good for her. You're there to cheer on your team, not for a quiet night out. Scream, shout, stomp... My wife gets the stink eye from some around us at the football games because she has a rather large cowbell. How do we counter that? The couple next to us doesn't seem to mind it, so we bought them one too. If you want quiet, go to the opera.
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