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    Brock worked a lot on his shooting and actually can hit 3s pretty consistently now as well. Not sure if he’ll have the green light to shoot them like Perkins did but it’s still encouraging. Not even just Brock though. Segu is showing more confidence and actually showing off his shiftiness (hesi move he’s known for) and is making acrobatic contested layups. Davonta looks more explosive and his shooting has improved remarkably. Graves is very quiet personality-wise (think Kawhi Leonard) like usual, but looks ready to lead and his shot looks as spot on as I’ve ever seen it. Savion looks like he was severely underrated because he plays at a freshman Graves level. Grant is being completely overlooked by the media because he has Jeremy Harris scoring potential and shows it on a daily basis. Johnson reminds a lot of Wes Clark. Like a LOT. Hits shots with guys all over him like it’s nothing and is a very athletic rebounder. Williams has improved in every aspect honestly. His shot is falling, and his long arms make him a really difficult matchup to guard. Very athletic dunking on people. Skogman is very talented and has a very smooth 3 point touch but is just a step slow on some plays so he just needs to work on his lateral quickness and he could easily be a frequent double digit scorer. Hardnett is extremely athletic and a very good rim protector as well as showing good slashing sense. Could see a lot of pick and roll alley-oops to him. My biggest surprise along with Brock shining is Mballa. Online, Texas Tech fans said he was a project and needs work but that’s not the case because he looks very impressive. He’s strong, plays excellent perimeter defense (he’s been stealing the ball and poking the ball out even on Jordan and Johnson), and he can hit 3s. Long post I know but all of these players are showing a lot of promise, this is coming from someone who was expecting a severe drop off from last season. Haven’t even seen Nickelberry yet but he figures to also be one of our best players.
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    Hey fellas, how about make a new sub thread where you guys can complain about stupid shit elsewhere. This a thread for news about next years schedule. Enough already. Please.
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    Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
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    This will be a very hard adjustment for him. When ever he would drive right to the basket he will now have to drive left to the basket.
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    David Nickelberry 6’7 3 Star Josh Mballa 6’8 3 Star David Skogman 6’10 3 Star LaQuil Hardnett 6’8 3 Star Savion Gallion 6’4 2 Star Wow what a recruiting class the staff has put together. I’m a Whitesell believer now. With the players returning and this recruiting class, the future still looks bright. I had my doubts about whitesell, but it looks like he put together a great staff that’s helping him get it done on the recruiting trail. I’m anxious to see what Whitesell, Jenkins, and the crew can do with the 2020 class...
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    some pleasant news for y’all.
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    Thanks for doing this, impressive list. Almost every player went to a quality program, which means we are finding good talent and offering solid CBB talent. Can’t win them all, but I don’t know that we lost a lot between our original commits and our current recruits. Plus we now have 5 quality young men that WANT to play at BUFFALO and are confident in the coaching staff. I’m happy and looking forward to the season. Go Bulls!🤘🏻
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    One that might have to duck to get through a doorway would be a nice touch.
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    As expected. Huge for us. Now we just got to hear on Mballa.
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    I can hear the road PA announcers if he fouls out. Elvis has left the building!
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    I’ve been on vacation with very limited internet...I open and read all this wonderful news. Can’t wait for the season to begin. What a job coach Whitesell and the staff has done. I’ve already forgotten about Oats and the hiring process. Let’s play some basketball. Great incoming class. When you look at it we recruited what 10 players to UB this season. And we’ve gotten a jump on future seasons. UB might be a household name at this point. Let’s keep winning!
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    Why the hell is there an argument about attendance at a one day showcase in Toronto? It's not about how many Torontonians show up to watch. It's a game against a good team that may be ranked. And we're arguing about how many people will show up there? Who gives a flying fuck? Let the organizers at the HOF worry about marketing it. Next are we going to complain that if Kent State doesn't sell out their shitty little barn when UB comes to town that it's a great disrespect to the UB brand? Get real. And they call my generation entitled...
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    As requested, all info is per 247's website. Buffalo 2019 Recruiting Class Results.xlsx
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    this kid is first class
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    The Lakers traded 3 of their 6 players today. If Perkins can produce in summer league I think he has a real shot to make the roster.
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    Well, BGSU has to try something new if they want to win their first MAC championship...
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    Doesn’t matter the forward depth, nearly every team in the nation now runs the 2 forward, 3 guard lineup, as guards now are expected to contribute with rebounding the ball. Johnson, Graves, and Jordan should be starting.
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    I disagree completely. Best site out there. Barttovik is just using an algorithm, and putting out projections based on very limited data in a lot of circumstances for some 300+ d1 programs and some thousands of d1 players for offseason fodder. But is probably one of the best sites for comparing said 300+ programs once the actual games and actual data is around to compare. Wanna win some money come March, visit this site.
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    Shame to have to play your Super Bowl on the road 😉
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    I sure hope you can recruit an underclassman to ubfan before you leave town. The site (we fans) could use more first person reporting like this.
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    I’m just saying, based off of what I’ve seen at their summer practices, Brock has really developed. He’s gotten quicker and will most definitely contribute this year. The scoring talent on this team hasn’t dropped off much at all, Antwain Johnson is a walking bucket. Davonta has developed a really nice ability to create space at the 3 point line. All around I don’t see as big of a drop off as everyone is predicting.
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    This is a work in progress - but here is a start. 2020 UB Recruits.xlsx
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    I don't think it can be understated that by starting Perk has to battle the top big man on every opposing team, which at times have included current NBA players. While Cacok has looked good, he is able to do it against back ups in each of the first five games.
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    "Click don't tweet", keep showing mad love within rules 🙂
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    I don't think I ever called for hiring Hodgson directly, but I did criticize the process the AD utilized. And I was skeptical about what Whitesell could do in such a short time. But...as I had hoped...the brand and excitement and recent success has been successfully leveraged...and now we have a solid recruiting class. Kudos to Whitesell and his staff. I wish them good luck this summer and fall. Go Bulls!
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    also, I just love the way the tweet looks, so, imma share with y’all.
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    I can confirm that Harnett has committed to UB. Their 4th best recruit of all time, tied with his running mate, Skogman
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    Official. What a great class considering all the circumstances since our old coach left
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    He made a post on Instagram with him in a UB Jersey...looks pretty official now
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    Not sure if he means the weather, but I know for a fact he’s out of town currently. Maybe news is coming.
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    2020 Juco guard. Transferred from St. Peter’s after redshirting freshman year. Averaged 26 ppg at temple Junior college. Getting high major interest apparently now.
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    Tennis is technically an outdoor sport for the MAC. The conference championships are to be outside, unless weather prevent them from being played outside.
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    The whole idea is just ridiculous. The "offer" surely isn't binding and who knows how this kid will turn out once he gets to the end of high school. Maybe he'll grow, maybe not. Maybe he'll be a good kid, maybe not. It's just lip service and for headlines, just like every other kid who posts "X offered me today" and the "transfer portal".
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    Start thinking outside the box! I guarantee that if Steve Sample and Bill Greiner were around they would looking very hard at this opportunity in the AAC. Quit thinking about an eastern conference that is old school mentality. If I were the AD I would be contacting all donors and prospective ones to find out if they were willing to step up and help. Get an application in immediately to show we are ready and serious and willing to jump at it. Lets Go Buffalo. BTW where are the Pegulas. UB might share a new stadium one day! Can Danny White help? There is lots to do so lets find out NOW!
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    How does this European League compare to others?
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    Giving players minutes because they're tall and we want to be like the high majors is a recipe for disaster. The Arizona game showed us we need to play to our style and make other teams matchup with us. Who knows what the starting lineup looks like but I'd be shocked if our closing lineup doesn't include Jordan, Graves and Johnson. They'll probably be our top 3 barring a surprise from somebody and should be on the floor together in winning time.
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    I know this list is of current home winning streaks, but in the history of the school, BYU has never lost a single Sunday game. It is literally impossible to win there on a Sunday. Don’t even bother trying to schedule that matchup. Hard to beat that. As a handicapper, I give KU and Duke the biggest home court advantage. Cuse I give a nod to if a team hasn’t played there, tough shooting court being inside a football stadium, similar to our recent advantage of having the most experience shooting in Cleveland. Reason I didn’t bet our beloved Bulls first trip to SU and bet them big last year. love that a national tweeter audience gets to look at a list w/ UB at the top!
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    Boehiem padding his career win total by scheduling cupcakes and all at home. That’s how Suny Cuse gets to almost 20 wins each year and sneaks into the tournament.
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    So which guy has the better “source”?
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    Normally I’d point out that there is already a thread on this topic but that one was derailed into a dick measuring contest so carryon.
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    Alas, with the Hardnett commit, we can go crazy and predict starters and bench playing time for next season.
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    When you goto the Lakers website the first picture that pops up is of Perk! Watching the 7pm game on NBA tv right now, hopefully Perkins plays during the 9pm game, Im guessing he will
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    Looks like Perkins will have a chance to make his debut at 9pm (ET) tonight - game on NBA TV
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    I misread then, I apologize. I’m used to people not liking me on here because I was aggressive with them lol
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    I believe previous relationship opens some doors.
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    Love the data and what it suggests. I think this will be a great "rebuilding" year for us, especially if Segu and Williams find their stride. As much as the data is fun to look at, it doesn't take in to account the big things, like how these guys progress in the off season, what they've done to improve their game, how their workouts and strength training have been, and the list could go on. Ultimately we'll see how everyone stands come September. Those are the stats I want to see.
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    I used data from barttorvik.com to compile the attached two graphs. The first graph shows high correlation between the difference (DELTA) between Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (ADJOE) and Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (ADJDE) based on sample from the MAC for past three seasons. The second chart shows the DELTA for 2018-19 and projected 2019-20 as well as Minutes Retained in 2019-20 from previous season. So what do I take away from these charts from Bulls perspective: The site projects Ball St to get 13 wins. The site projects Bulls getting 11 MAC wins in 2019-20. This projects UB results will be similar to Nate Oats first year (i.e. 10/11 wins in MAC). Remember that UB won the MAC tournament that year Some caveats at this point: almost two-thirds of the Bull's minutes will come from a different source than last year; and the site does not have the roster completely accurate at this point. Also, I have not looked at the reasonableness of changes in DELTA, as I need to start doing my day job, maybe later. My take-away is that the Bulls should be competitive in 2019-20 and have a shot at going back to NCAA tournament. In light of losing all the talent and the coach, I would look at this as a positive.
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