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    It would be great if somehow we were able to schedule a tournament up there next year.....
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    Good morning everyone. I think a commit is on the way, Jenkins tweeted this out just now.
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    Yep, agreed, including the senior transfers from last year. The returning roster (including those guys) is very solid for the MAC. That group can reasonably contend on their own. With the addition of (seemingly) quality pieces as they've gotten, it should bode well moving forward. Same as last year? No. Top end of the MAC and able to contend beyond? Seems quite plausible and I look forward to it. We've got 3 quality seniors, one of whom has been here for all 4 years and is ready to dominate, especially on D. We've got a junior who is ready to become a star, if he isn't already. We've got our highly touted sophomores who have waited in the wings and grown over the last year. We've got a few big guys looking to make their mark. Is it basketball season yet?
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    Now let's just grab Kerry Blackshear and call it a day.
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    The newest rankings have Nickelberry as the #24 JUCO recruit in the country
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    I saw them at the Maid of the Mist, which is usually a closing technique. With Pitt pilling their offer, I firmly believe UB is going to sign John.
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    https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2019/06/10/pitt-ends-recruitment-of-2019-c-nigel-john/ Looks like Pitt pulled its offer. Gotta love our chances now!
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    One thing that can’t be overstated is retaining all of the players from last year. There were hundreds of players that entered the transfer portal this year (from teams that lost their coaches and teams that retained their coaches). I’m sure the coaching staff is using that as a major selling point. All of our players like UB enough and like/trust Whitesell to the point that they didn’t even want to hear from other schools.
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    Very nice, a far cry from years ago. What was the ranking of the projected class before the coaching change? In the end, rankings mean little, teams must work hard and come together. Regardless, this staff has done a good job since day 1, as expected.
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    Would be a huge land. Set us up really nicely and put us in position this coming year to compete to win Mac again. Also, would be clear our focus next year would be to replace Davonta Jordan, which is no easy task at all, as I think he’s one of the best all around pg’s UB has ever had (minus free throw shooting lol)
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    John will be on a visit to UB from Sunday - Tuesday.
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    NCAA is handing out hardship waivers like Akron hands out acceptance letters.
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    Looked like the rumors were true on Mballa!
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    Skogman and Nickelberry are our 4th and 5th highest rated recruits of all time per 247 behind Williams, Harris, and Segu. Our recruiting is fine. There's no imminent rush to sign anybody and I wouldn't be shocked to see us pocket one of the scholarships. Recruiting takes time and we're not going to get every single one of our targets. What they've done in the period of time they've had has been great and I don't think they're done yet. I'd rather they take their time finding impact recruits than sign the first dudes that wanna go to school for free for the sake of having 13 scholarships.
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    Damn, I keep checking to see if John has signed yet. I'm starting to feel like Carly Simon.
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    Neither Dontay or Jordan were recruited as defenders. They became them. They learned those skills and got that tenacity practicing on the hardwood at Alumni, knowing if they wanted to play here, you had to defend here. The culture is still here. I can see several players taking on the role.
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    I suspect we’ll hear news on this today 🤞🏻
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    Oh no I totally agree, finding a solid big that can also shoot 3s like Perk is really rare, I just think whenever we’re saying someone could be the next Perk, we’re bringing in both scoring abilities he had
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    Looks like we should be getting a commitment soon. Just an outstanding job by the coaching staff addressing our need for big men and getting two high quality recruits in skogman and John. Nickelberry, mballa and gallion round out what looks to be another fantastic class for us. Losing all our recruits and managing to pull these kids in is just an amazing job.
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    The problem with the major recruiting sites is that they never update anything (at least for mid majors). I think with accurate, updated composite rankings we’d be near or at the top of the MAC at least. Combined with our current roster there’s no reason we can’t keep the momentum going. If we become a mid major who’s “always” in the dance, I think we can feasibly out-recruit the rest of the conference consistently.
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    Just wanted to also add I love everything about this event. In Toronto in an NBA arena against a quality brand/opponent. Id absolutely rather be playing Harvard than Rutgers. Not even close. Definitely planning on being there.
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    If ub lands Nigel, that would take care of the 4/5 spot in the line up for the next few years. Looks like hed fit the mold of big we have been recuiting since Hurley except bigger
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    It would be nice. UB could save a lot of money on scholarships if this was true.
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    Akron players take note. A technical foul will be now assessed when “derogatory language about an opponent’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.”
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    What is even the sense of arguing over this. It’s a good game against a top team in a good showcase. May or may not end up on national tv. Either way it’s a short drive, and I can’t wait to see the other 2 games as well.
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    Since when is not getting Joe Jones, a kid who several local high schools turned down due to academics when he was younger, make it worth reconsidering Whitesell vs Lanier? Who's to say that we even wanted him? There's thousands of quality players across the country, they'll find the ones that they want, who want to be here with us. Our coaches are doing just fine. The fact that they kept the current roster intact while adding 3 new guys (so far) makes me feel just fine with it.
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    Bona and Niagara announced single signings yesterday, and this week was the deadline for players to stick with or back out of the draft. So there should be much more activity upcoming.
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    We're full at guard and wing in terms of the 19-20 rotation. To me, we just need a real big. There are starters minutes available for a big. We risk wasting a great core of talent if we don't bring in at least a veteran depth big.
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    Cool. Looking forward to the house warming party. Will you be sending a boat to pick us up? Oh wait, I still have 2 years of NCAA eligibility left. That would likely be a violation. Not a violation. While you may have only played for two years, you are clearly beyond five years since you started college.
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    https://247sports.com/player/jalen-thomas-46049647/ Would love to grab this guy, former UMASS commit.
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    Do we lock the thread now haha. Good for him. He gets to be a contributor on an SEC team (not sarcasm). I’m still jaded I’ll admit. Interesting to see how much of contributor he becomes? If next season some hotshot 4/5 star “has” to play ahead of him bc that’s what booster want. I know Nate will have success. I hope he fails yet I hope he does good. Just a bag of mixed emotions. Why’d it have to be Alabama though. I hate everything about that state and school.
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    Thought the same thing, never was a fan of the trash talking players. The ones that kill other teams quietly Definitely got Perk vibes from it. He looks like he’d be an awesome addition to the team
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    WE DID GREAT We keep our entire team intact We got two bigs and both can be dudes. We got a good guard. UB did great ---we will have a great season go BULLS
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    I think you'd be surprised. The #12 JUCO player just Decommited from Texas Tech today for example. I don't think we're necessarily in play for him but there's talent still out there and I'm sure there will continue to be ripple effect until a while after the draft pool is finalized. It's late in the recruiting cycle for players just as it is for teams. I don't think talent pool is the issue, the bigger issue to me it seems is that our ability to land high level recruits has been predicated on coaches building relationships with players early and staying in contact. We don't really have time on our side but Skogman and Nickelberry were solid pulls on short notice. Regardless of what the rest of the class turns out like I'm optimistic for future classes.
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    I like this. Cheap travel for fans and the team, and a school that we could build a regional rivalry with. I also grew up an hour away so Mom gets a visit. Now more home games please
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    Thanks ubmae86. I wasn't sure if anyone would get the reference.
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    Great addition. Love the caliber of player we are getting
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    This Calls for a celebration and some respect! Cheers UB Bulls Nation! https://www.pastrybycamille.com
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    Sit one, play three.
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    I believe he has 2 years left.
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    was committed to North Dakota but just backed out due to coaching change. Had an offer from UB in his recruiting process. 3 star player. Again recently followed by coach Jenkins lol.
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    It is clear that they value the paycheck and the hope of an upset in some far off land more than they value building a football culture and building a fan base at home. It is shame... But maybe they have given up trying to compete with the Bills for fans?
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    Makes you wonder had we hired Lanier huh. He’s done a solid job recruiting since taking over there. Gotta admit since we rounded out our staff, especially with the hire of the JUCO coach, I’m a little disappointed there’s no activity. I’m not just talking about with the two scholarships we have left. I’m talking about jumping on kids in next years class and beyond. But I’m overall happy.
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    At this point I'm pleased with how the staff bounced back with the three man class. I imagine it may be quiet for a bit early this summer. I would love the staff to grab a Canadian or Euro big that has fallen through the cracks. Or a 27 year old 6'6 PF from the Delavan-Moselle community center. Any big. Not sure what the buzz is around the French kid from Texas Tech. Haven't seen anything actually substantiated on that
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    Cool. Looking forward to the house warming party. Will you be sending a boat to pick us up? Oh wait, I still have 2 years of NCAA eligibility left. That would likely be a violation.
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    I like that he doesn't seem to be a showboat. He's just a good worker who plays the game hard. I think he would fit well in our system
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    How do you know that the staff thinks they will be enough? Just because no one has signed yet doesn't mean we aren't currently recruiting bigs.
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    How are things in "your" Amherst? Trust the tequila is still flowing 🙂 Always fun playing UMass. My only regret has nothing to do with UMass. Rather, it's that UB has destined itself to another 5 home games season (2022)….if you act small, you are small. No doubt I will get a lecture on economics...……..
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