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    As Al Davis said. "Just win baby". Everything else will take care of itself.
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    Fantastic second half by the women today, against Toledo, in their Alzheimer's Awareness Game. They overcame a 10 point deficit, to earn a 10 point victory.
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    What I am looking for is 7 to 8 wins in his reloading year. We need to win consistently.
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    And I'd argue at this point in the season we're better off rooting for our wins to look better than try to figure out what teams could possibly be on the bubble. You can only start rooting against bubble teams in the conference tournament or maybe a week before.
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    Most of these dont make sense. It has to be factoring to eliminate all the possible teams instead of strengthing our wins
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    Ha! (I saw that too, but wasn't going to say anything) I was surprised that they don't think we should root for St. Bonaventure to win. Hopefully, if you switch to another team and then save, the automatic save name stays the same... and it isn't a reflection on UB.
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