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    I like this. Cheap travel for fans and the team, and a school that we could build a regional rivalry with. I also grew up an hour away so Mom gets a visit. Now more home games please
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nwahomepage.com/amp/pig-trail-nation/hog-recruiting/hoop-hogs-notebook-kyree-walker-and-jaire-grayer-visit-updates-new-transfer-visitor-more/2002329527 Arkansas would be tough competition, although they already seem over the scholarship limits. But he seems as though he would be a great get.
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    Bummer if staff wanted him. Seems similar to Gallion, though, and I always assumed we would only take one of them. I was surprised we were among his finalists after we took Gallion’s commit. That said, I think we need a big who can contribute immediately and BPA available with our last two scholarships. BPA preferably a proven transfer.
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    I was just told from the staff “he’s a 2 or 3, he’s very good”. so take that for what it’s worth
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    How are things in "your" Amherst? Trust the tequila is still flowing 🙂 Always fun playing UMass. My only regret has nothing to do with UMass. Rather, it's that UB has destined itself to another 5 home games season (2022)….if you act small, you are small. No doubt I will get a lecture on economics...……..
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