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    Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
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    This will be a very hard adjustment for him. When ever he would drive right to the basket he will now have to drive left to the basket.
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    Buffalo: Fun game we had last year! Syracuse: Time to go back to losing, SUNYbros. We have an opening in the dome on X, Y, and Z. Buffalo: Loser travels, we're free in Alumni Arena around your schedule. Syracuse has left the chat
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    I’m currently an undergraduate student at UB and was able to attend 2-3 practices a week during the winter and into the spring sessions. From what I’ve seen, Gabe is definitely one of the most intriguing pieces on this team. He’s able to knock down the 3 consistently, use his frame to score around the basket, and is a much better defender than he gets credit for. There were times during the winter when he was the most competitive guy on the floor, which says a lot for a guy who knows he wasn’t seeing action in a game anytime soon. He may only be 6’6 but he plays much bigger and his physicallity is going to give MAC opponents problems.
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    https://buffalonews.com/2019/08/02/ub-mens-basketball-recruiting-jim-whitesell-david-nickelberry-savion-gallion-david-skogman-josh-mballa-laquill-hardnett/ Great article on Whitesell and the recruiting efforts pulled off.
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    As we all know we have some very solid recruits coming in this season. How will these recruits contribute this coming season? How will they contribute over the course of their careers here at UB? Here are my thoughts: This season I see contributions from most of this group. I see Gallion having the least playing time of the group this season. For the sake of argument I am assuming that Mballa is not granted his waiver to play this season. As I have said on this forum Mballa is a difference maker for this team. If he is granted his waiver to play this season we instantly become the favorite to win the MAC and return to the big dance! Hardnett will contribute immediately. I see him starting out of the gate and contributing on the glass, running the floor and finishing off screen and rolls on a regular basis. His athleticism and motor will be tough to handle for many of the teams in the MAC. We have a budding star on our hands in Hardnett. Skogman is an impressive pickup by this staff. He is long and can really stretch the floor with his shooting. Skogman, is a freshman so I suspect the coaching staff will ease him into it. Allowing him to get a handle on the game as the season gets underway. I suspect he will come off the bench and will contribute on a regular basis. His role will increase as the season goes along but keep in mind he is still a freshman. Nickelberry will be the biggest contributor for the upcoming season. I suspect he will start right away and will be a big part of this team. He will score and rebound and defend. His athleticism and length will be key attributes that will propel this team to a successful campaign. I think UB fans will quickly grow to like David and his passion for the game and willingness to compete on both ends of the floor. I suspect he will be one of the leaders of this team along with Graves and Jordan. As for the contributions of these recruits over their careers, I see all of them having a big impact on this program. Not only from a performance point of view on the court but also and maybe more importantly from a recruiting point of view. If Mballa and Hardnett have the success that I think they will over the time they spend here at UB, I think it will open the door for more transfers from P5 conferences to consider transferring to UB! This is a huge step for our program if we can start pulling transfers from P5 Schools. Gallion will need sometime to develop but I see a bright future for him here at UB. He may not contribute year 1 or 2 significantly but by the time he leaves UB I suspect he will be a big contributor. Hardnett and MBalla will be great players for this program. Their length and athleticism will be the mold of interior players that this coaching staff covets in the future. They will allow us to run the floor and to switch on defense without worrying about matchups. I suspect one day we will look back to when we got transfers from both Cincinatti and Texas Tech in the same season and think that was when we turned the corner as a program from a recuiting point of view. That is when we went from meddling mid major to desirable mid major in the eyes of recruits. Nickelberry will be a key contributor for both of his two years here. Like Mballa and Hardnett his length will be difficult for many of the guards in the MAC to handle. He is a mismatch on the wings for many of the guards in the conference. I think the biggest contributor over their career here at UB will be Skogman. In fact, I think one day we may look back and admit he is the best recruit we have ever landed here at UB! His length and the style of play he utilizes will be a major mismatch in this conference. His game is the perfect compliment to how this program wants to play. He may be the best shooting big man we have ever had here at UB. I see big things from this program this season and the years ahead. I cannot wait to get this season started and look forward to watching this team develop and to see if we can make it 5 in 6 years. I like our chances, not going to lie! Go Bulls! What does everyone else think?
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    I don't know the story here but Silverio averaged 7.8mpg last year and got a waiver, could this be a good sign for Mballa?
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    Great read. It sucks that we lost our entire incoming class, but Whitesell did a great job allowing us be competitive in the MAC again.
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    Great point. Enough cannot be said about the job this coaching staff did to have non of our players transfer out during the coaching change. Shows how close to this group both Whitesell and JQ are. These kids believe in this staff and more importantly they believe in the system and culture that has been created here. They can feel the momentum building and want to continue to ride the wave that is UB basketball!
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    Love getting in early on the 2021’s. This is why it’s so important to keep winning, if these kids watch us rack up 25 wins and a tournament appearance each year it’ll go a long way to considering joining the program
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    I'd rather have players that P5s would be interested in as transfers, but our players are satisfied staying with Buffalo and not looking to transfer.
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    Yeah I disagree with Maine on the starting line-up. Jordan, Graves and Johnson will be starting because they are the 3 best players on the team. Period. No brainer. Whitesell preached at his introduction press conference that we would play the same up tempo style that Oats had. So why would we all of a sudden go 3 forwards and only 2 guards? Johnson is taking Massinburgs spot and should be good for at least 12pts per game. Just watch. He can ball.
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    As expected. Huge for us. Now we just got to hear on Mballa.
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    Tyree has looked horrible in camp and the preseason. As I said when he declared, someone fed him bad info, and he should have stayed.
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    Taking a chance... 3 star recruit.
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    Yay we get to argue about committing vs signing again!
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    Fixes being made as mistakes are found.
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    Any chance of a home+home with Alabama?
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    Must we go through this with each new offer?
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    No way 5 years ago we would be in this position. No doubt this is a fun time to be a Bulls fan!
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    Agreed. Another huge aspect of Whitesell's efforts is that no one transfered when Oates left. There are literally 100's of d1 transfer every year and no one left the bulls!
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    I agree with many of the comments made thus far on this topic. Jeseph is right the major difference between this class and the Oats class is the number of recruits whom can play 3+ years. 4 of the 5 recruits secured by Whitesell and staff will hopefully be in a Buffalo uniform for 3 plus years. That's HUGE! Dooley is also right on when he says winning on the court is the best way to build a program. Winning is the key to a successful program. Winning results in people in the seats and buzz in the media, all good things for Buffalo. This season is all about keeping the momentum going that Oats and Hurley put together. I am confident this coaching staff and roster will allow us to continue to build this program to the powerhouse that we all wish it would be. Lets keep the momentum going, Go Bulls!
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    33 offers! Isn't it time he came out with his top 20.😁 http://verbalcommits.com/players/zed-key
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    To be fair his time with Houston was 2 years ago. That’s an eternity of development for kids their age.
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    Doesn’t matter the forward depth, nearly every team in the nation now runs the 2 forward, 3 guard lineup, as guards now are expected to contribute with rebounding the ball. Johnson, Graves, and Jordan should be starting.
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    Brock worked a lot on his shooting and actually can hit 3s pretty consistently now as well. Not sure if he’ll have the green light to shoot them like Perkins did but it’s still encouraging. Not even just Brock though. Segu is showing more confidence and actually showing off his shiftiness (hesi move he’s known for) and is making acrobatic contested layups. Davonta looks more explosive and his shooting has improved remarkably. Graves is very quiet personality-wise (think Kawhi Leonard) like usual, but looks ready to lead and his shot looks as spot on as I’ve ever seen it. Savion looks like he was severely underrated because he plays at a freshman Graves level. Grant is being completely overlooked by the media because he has Jeremy Harris scoring potential and shows it on a daily basis. Johnson reminds a lot of Wes Clark. Like a LOT. Hits shots with guys all over him like it’s nothing and is a very athletic rebounder. Williams has improved in every aspect honestly. His shot is falling, and his long arms make him a really difficult matchup to guard. Very athletic dunking on people. Skogman is very talented and has a very smooth 3 point touch but is just a step slow on some plays so he just needs to work on his lateral quickness and he could easily be a frequent double digit scorer. Hardnett is extremely athletic and a very good rim protector as well as showing good slashing sense. Could see a lot of pick and roll alley-oops to him. My biggest surprise along with Brock shining is Mballa. Online, Texas Tech fans said he was a project and needs work but that’s not the case because he looks very impressive. He’s strong, plays excellent perimeter defense (he’s been stealing the ball and poking the ball out even on Jordan and Johnson), and he can hit 3s. Long post I know but all of these players are showing a lot of promise, this is coming from someone who was expecting a severe drop off from last season. Haven’t even seen Nickelberry yet but he figures to also be one of our best players.
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    I suspect there's some funky numbers in northwest Ohio. I find it odd that Toledo outdraws CMU and BG is around CMU's attendance. Especially given BG's fall over the past few years. That being said, it's terrible that UB WBB does not draw a larger crowd. The crowd (butts in seats) has grown exponentially over the past 5 or so years. But we are spoiled with Coach Jack, and quite frankly on borrowed time. She was reportedly offered the Penn State job, and there's no doubt in my mind that if she wanted to she could get paid more. I had zero interest in women's basketball (or men's basketball to be honest) before UB, and I now find myself driving to Storrs and Albany to watch NCAA tournament games. Go watch this team, you will not be disappointed.
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    Yes, 2248 to 2107. Just barely beat Kent St too, as they had 2242. Only Toledo’s 3728 was higher than UB.
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    I’m hoping for the best too but I think we return less starters on defense than we do on offense this year which could be rough. I think if we have a successful year it’s going to be driven by our experience and talent at o-line and the RBs just going off
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    Schedule is shaping up nicely. I still don't see Syracuse! Love that they are scared to play us.
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    Segu has turned in to quite the recruiter for Buffalo. He seems to have lots of connections on the AAU circuit and has lobbied hard for them to join him at UB. That shows me how badly he wants to win and how much he believes in this program and this coaching staff. I also see a big jump in production from Segu this year. He appears to have put on some weight and I expect big things from him on the court this year.
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    3 Star RB with offers from Temple, Toledo & Rutgers. Looks like he has great vision and ability to shake off tacklers. 247 Hudl
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    8 MWC, 7 MAC , 7 AAC, 7 CUSA, 4 Sun Belt, Palm is quite positive toward the non-power conferences. I would take Shreveport/BC/nice payout, over other projections that have us going to Boise or another Alabama bowl, against less exciting opponents.
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    $40 a ticket through UB ticket office. NLU....Dar and I will be there.
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    Let's poll freshman on campus and see what percentage says at vs of.
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    Is there a deadline we would hear by on Mballa? Would be nice to hear either way.
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    My only disagreement is that having former P5 recruits transferring in is actually a sign of a growing or good program. I’d rather have players transferring out to P5s as UB starts getting frosh to pick us over some P5s and playing time is hard to come by.
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    https://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo/news/2019/07/25/say-hello-to125-powerful-women-in-western-new-york.html Paywalled, but you should still be able to see the slideshow. #70 is Felisha Legette-Jack
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    Completely agree he just doesn’t have the foot speed to keep up at this level. You can get stronger and even improve your skill set, but can’t create that. Hes just too slow and you even saw that when he played in past getting beat to the bucket on defense. He’ll get PT but don’t see him playing a big part either.
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    The Oats class was undoubtedly our best class ever and when all is said and done, stacked with P5ers - that being said. Whitesell and Co. have put together quite an impressive group that should have us all excited. If it weren't for seeing some of the previous names (and where they ended up) I think we'd still be calling this one of our best recruiting classes ever. A key difference is how many of this year's class will be eligible to play for 3+ years at UB.
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    Couldn’t agree more with you, it’s a no brainer in my eyes too as they are the 3 best players. We play in the Mac, Graves will likely guard the 3 position and he’s 6’3” and more than enough athletic and strong to hold his own. People making it like he’s gonna be guarding 6’8 guys. At best he’ll be guarding guys that are 2 or 3 inches taller and I think that won’t be an issue at all. We’ve always played this way also this whole stretch of winning so don’t see why we all of a sudden change it. Gonna we weird watching this team without massinburg and perk, and dontay caruthers coming off the bench was such a luxury, dude was a beast.
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    Collegesportsmadness has us at #109 (3rd in the MAC) in their top 144 countdown. But good words on us surprising the MAC if our team gells. No lineup guesses and written up before Hardnett's waiver news, and incorrect on Pat Moore being a JUCO.
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    #5 Oxford Ohio https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/7/22/20703672/ub-road-trips-2019-miami-at-oxford
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    How does this European League compare to others?
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    I disagree completely. Best site out there. Barttovik is just using an algorithm, and putting out projections based on very limited data in a lot of circumstances for some 300+ d1 programs and some thousands of d1 players for offseason fodder. But is probably one of the best sites for comparing said 300+ programs once the actual games and actual data is around to compare. Wanna win some money come March, visit this site.
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