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    I get nervous every time I see an update in here lol
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    We have all given Grant a lot of grief this year, but he came up huge at the end of the game.
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    People point out positives and negatives throughout the ebbs and flows of games (and seasons). It's a forum, people are going to disagree... and that's fine. There's no reason for it to always turn into a "who is the right kind of fan" discussion here...
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    You mean the chance to win 12 free medium pizzas isn't enough of a draw to come to the game?
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    After being at the game and coming home to read what was written, you'd think we lost by 20. Some of you have such little faith in the players, coaches and team as a whole. Some of you critique the hell out of the coaching decisions and condemn the players relentlessly so frequently. From being at the game, I saw a lot of effort from every player at all times. Were there defensive breakdowns over 40 minutes? Absolutely. Were there bad shots taken? Yes, but fewer than some of the earlier games this season. Did UB take care of the ball? Most definitely. Did UB turn the other team over often, transitioning into instant offense? Yep. Did the officials over-officiate, causing chaos to the normal rotation in the first half? Yes, it was foul city out there, and inconsistently done. You'd have no idea this team has won 4 straight league games, with the last two in double figures and now face a Kent State team that has lost 3 straight, including a loss to NIU at home, one of which UB was flamed for big time on this board. It's hard to win games in this league. I know that some people have come to expect to win every night after last year's performance, but come on, winning isn't easy and these teams are relatively close in talent, at least to the point where any team can win on a given night, even if some teams are invariably more likely to win versus others. Overall, this team's energy has been much more positive, both on the floor and on the bench. The hanging heads are not shown outwardly. The support for each other appears better. The ball movement and extra pass that we've come to know and love was seen this evening, and I can't say that I've seen it much prior to tonight this season. The defense to offense that we've been able to enjoy in the past few years was also seen tonight. Hopefully this team has turned a corner and can continue to build upon these last 4 wins. All I know is that this team does have talent and is absolutely capable of winning the MAC. Are they a lock to do so? Nope, but they definitely have the roster to do it, and at a much better rate than the other MAC teams.
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    Win 4 in a row by beating Kent St. at Kent St. and this season gets interesting again in a hurry. Go to their house and get shoved around again and many will lose interest again in a hurry. What'll it be? Kent has been suspect against strong defense scoring 54 twice (NIU/BSU) and getting drubbed 70-49 by a EMU team that's quickly getting hot with their zone defense. They also put up 87 at home against Ohio. Defend, defend, defend, rebound. If we bring physicality to those 4 components we can right this ship.
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    I find myself constantly keeping these two things in mind: 1. This is not the same team as the past two years. Not in a bad way, but a real way. I hope we see some teams that exceed that - but we'll probably always remember those as some of the best UB teams ever. 2. 4 MAC titles and 4 NCAA trips in 5 years has bought a lot of patience and benefit-of-the-doubt for me. That goes for the coaches, recruits, decisions, etc. The program has shown it knows what it's doing. Walking out of there on Friday, my friend said "they look like they're a year away." Next year you're looking at a core of Graves, juniors Williams, Mballa, and Segu, soph Hardnett, and a 4-star guard Robinson. With the experience they're building this year, the future is bright.
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    And from earlier in the day (NSFW language)
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    Agree totally. And limit turnovers and stay out of foul trouble. And make foul shots.
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    The only I’ll say to this is that a good team can win in many different ways. Ball St is a solid defensive team. Earlier in the season we don’t win a game like this. But tonight we did bc we hit free throws, didn’t turn the ball over, rebounded and played stellar defense. Offense can come and go but the hustle and focus should remain high. And tonight it was. And that won us the game. Our will and determination. And to me this was a big sign of maturation. And to your point hopefully we continue to ascend.
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    Come hoping to see insights on our newest target, end up with seven posts playing Guess Who about a "large" man on UB's bench. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Great first half. Shooting is probably a little fluky, 7-9 on 3's, but it's nice to have. The defense is what I feel better about. Marreon Jackson hasn't made a field goal and has 4 turnovers to 0 assists. Toledo has 11 turnovers in one half. That's the kind of stuff that UB can control every game
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    Now that's Buffalo Basketball. Toledo has 15 free throws to UB's 1. UB has 14 fouls to UB's 5. But who's up by 24 at half? Buffalo. F-U refs and your BS.
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    Anybody that plays basketball in the state of Florida knows Segu on instagram
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    Not sure how good the crowd is tonight from watching on my computer, but I can definitely hear the shrieking girl!
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    I kind of bailed after the Kent State game, so I appreciate those who are still dedicated and post on a Tuesday night road game..and have lived/died with these close games. The thing is...I don't really like this team. I don't like ... how we are now back to turning it over so often (this is a call-back to the RW era) that it often seems guys are playing for themselves out there guys chuck up ill-advised 3s at an alarming rate that we aren't running the same incredibly up-tempo offense we ran for the last several years that guys...AFTER A LOSS...post about their stats with various emojis on social media that no player has really stepped up to be a leader how the coach admitted that his team didn't take other teams (e.g. Army) seriously which is why they lost I know last year's team was legendary, but the turnaround has been so drastic. The team this year just isn't fun to watch at most times. And I am not very optimistic for the future with this coach and the players on this team. I am sad about this because I BLEED BLUE.
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    I don’t understand why we haven’t changed our approach yet. Clearly what we’ve been doing for the first 25% of the game hasn’t worked, try something new, ADJUST
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    Must win. This is one of the worst offensive teams in the country. Zone D is really good, and they are great at getting hands in passing lanes (#1 in the country in steals per game), but if we want to be a contender, you can’t drop this game. I have been sticking up for this squad, because I think improvement has been there defensively and individually with some young guys. Losing this game would make me doubt this team big time, and erase some of my optimism for the MAC tournament. Let’s get the job done, and look decisive doing it!
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    Did we though? We blew a lead at home and lost.. What about this team makes people feel like consistencies are being ironed out and that we have a chance in Cleveland? We’re a middle of the road MAC team that plays well every few games but lacks leadership and “it factor”. I just don’t see this turning out as another trip to the Tourney. Do we even win a home playoff game?
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    He had 24 points and shot over 50%... if it wasn’t for him we’d probably be blown out. I’m all for being critical on the team, but all you do is whine and complain
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    Definitely remiss In not mentioning Brock. Best minutes of his career so far!
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    Please extend John Groce’s contract.
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    Antwain Johnson has been very good today
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    SGBull - and yet there's probably a section of Virginia fans who are concerned about the direction of the program and want to burn everything down if they're down double-digits in the first half. If anyone thought they were going to be a top-25 team again this year, get real. No matter who the coach was. As SGBull said, it's not a sign that the program is in distress. They changed over what, 3/4 of the team? Hit on some transfers so far (Mballa, Hardnett, and Johnson is coming around), missed on some others, but that's not much different than previous years (I mean, a top, top level transfer like Harris or Clark won't pop up here every year, and Clark only came because of the coaching connection). They're competitive, they're working hard out there, they have some good wins so far, they're not great but it's been fun to watch. Are people willing to give Whitesell any share of the credit for the past 5 years? I don't know who exactly coaches what in practice but I'm really pleased by the development of the young guys right now. For these reasons and what I wrote a couple posts ago, that's why I didn't flip out at the end Friday and cry on my way home. We're living in some of the best of years for UB sports - please fully enjoy them. I sit behind a guy at the games who is quick to boo and gripe his displeasure when any little thing goes wrong but never NEVER cheers or even claps his hands, just sits there with his arms crossed. A guy I sat next to in the first game said, not even a game into the season "this guy should be fired" (thankfully he hasn't been back). 4 titles in 5 years.
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    https://buffalonews.com/2020/01/22/ub-buffalo-mens-basketball-josh-mballa-offensive-rebounds-france-texas-tech-news-2020/ What a bright spot he has been for this team - the ceiling is high with this one! 🤘🏻
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    Skogman would probably not redshirt if we didnt have Mballa. Mballa has been great and pairing him with hardnett/Skogman at the 4/5 with williams at the 3 should be a good frontcourt for years! Add Segu and Gaves at the guard positions, and we should be even better next year.
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    We are seeing Hardnett starting to get comfortable. 12 minutes, 8 points and 6 rebounds. Talk about production and making the most out of what’s given to him. He’s being more physical bringing in the rebound too. And to think he’s only a freshman still. I was a fan of the Hardnett/Mballa combo and that’s something we may see a lot of in the future.
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    This is the Johnson that I was so positive about based off of the summer practices. Just like last year, when a player is having a down game (Williams) someone else steps up in a big way (Johnson)
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    It's eerie how K and Country are the only two posters to begin sentences with "I mean". It's funny that one started just after the other left.
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    Exactly. That Ohio game could have gone either way, and KenPom calls is "lucky" UB was able to pull it out. Also, The really bad performances at home is what gets me. I can handle a neutral loss to Uconn, Road to Vandy, and even road to Ball State. The Army, NIU, Dartmouth should be 3-0 every single day of the week. The team should be 15-3, at that isn't even being "fan boy" because Vandy/BSU aren't great teams either, but those are fine due to circumstances.
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    Two things we have to guard against...1) a letdown after 3 straight wins and 2) overlooking the opponent with Kent State looming on Friday. We’ve seen clunkers at home against lesser opponents, this will be as much a mental test as anything. Good barometer of how far we’ve come in that regard.
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    Do you ever have anything positive to say? The game is 40 minutes. Ball State played some super defense early, then seemed to run out of gas (and got a few in foul trouble), combined with some changes on defense by UB slowing down #11 (while allowing #5 to have a few openings in the 2nd). The team is now 8-5, currently in 4th with a really big game on Friday after two double digit wins in a row. Give credit where credit is due. Yep, it was ugly early, but the team kept their composure and took care of business and really played a great final 25-28 minutes.
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    Someone recently tried to say the team wasn’t young. Lol
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    Surprising, I thought you were Scherrer.
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    Trying to keep the streak alive there
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    First half ub makes it to the championship in Cleveland, 2nd half ub doesnt even get to Cleveland Solid win, like the last time lets up this is the start of a run
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    We've had struggles finding passing lanes against "traditional" man defenses. This is the time for JW to show that he can prepare his team offensively. If we drop this game the season is in real jeopardy (I know, I know, you all want to give us slack for rebuilding but I'm sorry, it's the MAC and we're trying to be a legit program).
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    Post-mortem for me 12 hours later - Game came down to having a couple extra turnovers and going 6/13 at the line. Simple as that. I didn't think they played terrible, but BG is a pretty good team and you need to be able to execute late to beat teams like that. Missed 3 crucial FTs down the stretch and it could prove to be the difference. I must have been watching a different game than you guys, because I thought Graves played very well. He went shot-for-shot with the best player in the conference (much like he did against Kyle Lofton in the Bona game), and I think you could say he outplayed him. Mballa continues to be a monster, and I thought Williams played pretty well. Three home conference losses by a combined 6 points. That's the difference between 5-4 and 8-1 and controlling your own destiny in the second half of the conference schedule.
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    I tell you, you people are a lot more fun when the team wins!😉
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    We need UB Mad Libs. For somebody that did not watch the game. Today at Akron, _____ was pulled from the starting lineup in favor of _______. The Bulls shot 29% in the first half for 33 points and was (up/down) _ points at the half. Brock Bertram had __ minutes and Josh Mballa finished the game with _ personal fouls. After _____ led almost the entire game, ______ made the game winning 3 pointer to seal the win.
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    Haha take that Jeseph, eat your words!
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    Great winning shot. It was there. Grant took it. And SWISH! Eff Akron!
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    Figures for Gabe Grant to hit a winning 3. Why not.
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    Wow. These refs are brutal.
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    Have they fired their ST coordinator yet?
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    I have liked what I have seen from the coaching staff and the team over the last handful of games. Things seem to be coming together. I am trying to stay away from reacting after each game. We will know a lot more about this team after the next three games versus the top 3 teams in the conference. This team will be a tough out if they continue to defend as they have recently. I am a bit concerned with our shooting percentages bt am hopeful they can turn around. Limiting the turnovers as we have the last few games has really helped in this area. I am a huge fan of the lineup with both Mballa and Hardnett on the floor with Williams. There is no team in the conference that can deal with that athleticism and length. At this point Hardnett deserves more minutes and I will stick to my position that Grant does not deserve minutes off the bench. I will give him that his defensive effort has been much improved but his shot selection and ability to move the ball have been horrible. I look at the bench and I see all of the guys cheering on their teammates and I see Grant sulking. He has not been the senior leader that this team needs and his selfish play does not warrant minutes. I need to apologize for my early season reactions to Johnson. I was the one screaming he needed to be benched. I admit I was wrong. Unlike Grant, he has proven he is willing to commit to the defensive effort required to play for Buffalo. He has reduced the number of poor shots he is taking and he has adjusted his shooting form to up his shooting percentages. He has shown he can be tough and physical and is willing to put it all on the line for his team. This team needs him to play this way and if he continues to do so, this team will be a much stronger unit. I feel really good about where this team is at currently. If we continue in this direction we are going to have a fun season. As I said above we will know a lot more about this team after the next 3 games. We face the best of the best and I for one cannot wait to see how we fair against them. Go Bulls!
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    Six turnovers for the whole game! Nicely done! Also 75% FT shooting. Both are big improvement over earlier in year. Still need together the D, although 19 turnovers is a positive. Also Hardnett had a nice night 8 points on 4-4 shooting and 6 rebounds. The Bulls need to be ready, Kent St should be motivated.
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