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    HUGE GET. Great job by the coaches
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    lol lets not pretend that these are on the same level.
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    Zion seems to like it
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    Him being 4’7 might have played a small part into that
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    This is the kind of kid you always hope for in your program. Positive and upbeat in the face of a terrible situation, but comes back strong. Responds to all letters and keeps moving forward. UB should be very proud and I look forward to seeing him on the field soon.
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    50/50? LOL, I don’t think we’ve gotten anything other than Whitesell and Grant bashing since the start of last season from you, followed by crickets whenever they did something positive. I don’t understand it, but it’s absolutely your right as a fan and at times it’s been warranted. As for 20 wins being “the goal,” you’re just twisting the argument to make yours look better. I don’t think anyone here is going to happy to coast along winning 20 games and not making it to Cleveland. But the fact you continually ignore is that we lost 4 of 5 from the starting Lineup of our best team in program history and the two best players to come off the bench in program history. And still won 20 games in Whitesells first year with an incredibly young team. All while pulling in 2 of the best recruiting classes in program history despite turnover of 2 recruiters and the loss of an entire class when Oats left. You ignore all this because cuts the legs out from under your silly insistence that this was a terrible, unacceptable season and that we’re somehow “back to the Reggie days” which is laughable and insulting to the current team and coaches.
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    50-50 might be the funniest thing ever posted on this site.
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    Unless we get a statement from a former teammate, looks like it.
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    Check out the 24/7 link. In the twitter section. Maybe another commit in Florida?
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    Hey guys, I worked with Kevin Marks to make him this highlight tape. Check it out!
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    Looking back, this post is kinda funny. Might not have been the first thing and was not public, but you almost nailed it Nothing will beat Torian Graham. In HS he gets recruited by schools like Kentucky. Some of these links might be dead, but the timeline is still accurate May 17, 2011 Commits to NC StateAugust 8, 2011 Decommits from NC StateDecember 2011 Re-commits to NC State, then Re-Decommits the same dayJanuary 2012 Transfers high school from Arlington Country Day (FL) to Creedmoor (N.C.) Christian FaithOctober 10, 2012 Signs with ChipolaJanuary 20, 2014 Arrested after being pulled over and ate some weed to conceal it from officersApril 20, 2014 Signs with HoustonNovember 17, 2014 Leaves Houston after playing only a few minutes in an exhibition gameDecember 26, 2014 Commits to (and enrolls) at Buffalo June 2, 2015 Signs with ASU He finally played one (1) season of D1 ball at ASU for Hurley in 2016-17.
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    3 star Dual QB. Had offers from Maryland, Toledo, WMU, Akron and other FCS schools.
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    I have it on good record he's back However, as predicted, Fagan and/or Brock will be gone
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    Cierra Dillard was drafted!
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    wasn’t sure which topic to put this in but it seemed fitting for this one lol
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    Do we have a scholarship open? He would be a nice add. Also not a bad list of teams to be associated with
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    3-Star Recruit per ESPN and Rivals Rivals
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    He had 10 offers. Several MAC schools, with Cincy and Colorado State thrown in as well.
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    Nice to finally get something on the offensive side of the ball. Not that I was worried, just that balance is good.
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    Yeah, this is one of my biggest gripes with the posters who complain about Whitesell. He managed to keep our entire team intact, and keep recruiting momentum rolling.
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    Officially granted a 6th year to play in Buffalo
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    Both brothers also had offers from CMU, EMU, WMU, Kent and Toledo. Of course it’s nice to beat out big time programs, but beating other MAC programs never gets old.
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    3 star CB from Michigan commits to us over loads of big time schools. Beat out Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota, Pitt, Kentucky, Missouri as well as others. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Quillen-Howze-122053/RecruitInterests/
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    Another commitment today.... 3 star safety out of Georgia had offers from UCONN, Iowa State, Rutgers, UCF and some MAC schools as well
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    Found this fun app on barttorvik.com. You can pick a grad transfer and see how they would impact the team. A couple of other items - you will notice that Malik has not been added yet. IMHO - they have a little low even without Malik factored in. Regards, Steve
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    Also beat out some military and Ivy League schools
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    That's about as strange a list of four teams as you could come up with...
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    Just got my favorite magazine, the Athlon College Football Preview. They have Buffalo beating Toledo in the MAC Championship game! In the unit rankings: 4th for QB. Nice, I'll take it. 1st for RB. Yes, indeed. 12th for WR/TE. Ouch. 1st for OL. Nice package for the running game. 1st for DL. Always nice to be strong up front. 1st for LB. DL's and LB's helping each other. 5th for DB. Okay. Now, I'm pumped.
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    It is a state wide freeze. https://www.budget.ny.gov/guide/bprm/b/b-1223.html
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    Didn't realize UB was in a hiring freeze. I'm sure that is why we haven't seen "ink".
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    A late addition for 2020, RB/CB Tahliq Battle from Christ the King HS in Queens. Big time recruits from there where we have several other offers. He has to develop at 5'7"180, only offers from us and Morgan St. A track kid so the staff must like his speed.
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    My favorite was; “was never a stepping stone”, followed by, “always wanted D1”.
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    And I write this knowing that I love UB football and one my earliest UB memories is sitting (by myself) on a hill watching UB beat Hofstra more than 30 years ago at that stadium on the North Campus (pre-World University Games stadium). But we (UB) are either going to be in the haves (P5) or have nots (FCS). UB is probably in a better place than any other MAC school to make P5 happen, though whether it is a sound financial decision is another story. However, that TV money (even for the AAC) is an order of magnitude larger than the MAC, so maybe the financial decision makes sense. However, FBS and the MAC (and lower G5 conferences) are just losing propositions, but the AD, donors, local boards, etc., want the FBS football, so it will happen...at least for 2020.
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    We’re still reaching out to people:
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    Love it. Makes me itch for November. Love to see Rondo working that pick and roll. We need more of that. Would love to see Mballa work more on low post moves/mid range pops. In the MAC he can dominate anywhere on the floor. Great to see Nickleberry playing after the whole concussion ordeal.
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    Cool video. Thanks for sharing here. Nice to see some of our guys again!
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    I think that's how it works these days. Just like any business, relationships matter. These coaches are looking for the next step in their career. In less than 10 years Oats went from a HS Math Teacher/Head Coach to a multi-million dollar contract at a major university. I believe a lot of mid-majors go this route and I don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as the coach actually does the job and continues to bring in new recruits. Larger schools like Duke, etc. just bring in former big name players that will awe kids and parents with their name to get them to their school. Same idea. Need to be attractive to the players. Plus with a lot of kids, relating to a 20 something assistant might be easier than a 50-60 something head coach. Just like everything, it's all about relationships. Plus we are getting quality recruits that are staying, speaks well of the coaching and culture. I see no problem with in as long as the rules are being followed. Better than paying a slimy AAU coach on the side to recommend a kid.
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    Good for him, one dumb mistake shouldn’t define a career.
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    I suspect they are talking about the HC Brendan Foley, not Morrow. I think the reply was implying Chipola should promote from within.
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    I know there is uncertainty around the upcoming season, but I need to continue to hope the season goes ahead. So I was poking around Barttorvik.com and here is currently the top 10 points per game scorers. The top 3 - I agree with there assessment of the top 3. Graves is projected to be #5. I am hopeful that his per game production actually increases - but I don't think he will break the top 3. Two on the list that seem a bit low to me are Jason Preston and Ben Vander Plas. Ohio looks to be a tough team this year.
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    All of which are immensely important.
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    And impressive recruits coming in.
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    I don’t think any of his detractors deny that. It’s far and away his best quality as a coach and 99% of why the hire made sense in the first place. I think those of us on the fence are wondering how long keeping and attracting talent is going to be enough to keep everybody happy?
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    Probably. Should have gone to 22 games.
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    Started all 12 games for UCLA in 2018 and made the 4th most tackles. Was the 18th ranked recruit in California (albeit 5 years ago). That's a great pedigree to get even for one year. Also consistently made the honor roll. Great add.
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    If UB Football's season were to be started without fans would you help populate the stadium?
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    As RMA wrote, Akron had a pretty serious enrollment decrease over the last several years. They have other problems as well (debt services on the stadium, other housing, etc.). UB doesn't have a new football stadium (!) and the enrollment has been steady (around 31,000). UB may have other financial problems, but I don't think it is nearly as bad as Akron (or many other MAC schools). The bottom line is that it will be bad for everyone, but there will be differing levels of bad.
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    Not so.......good news. Lol.
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