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    A UB home game is necessary travel!
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    I guess the Tennessee fans probably figure their team sucks too, since they got taken to OT vs. 150+ ranked Vandy the other day, a "mediocre competition" team that beat them at their place earlier in the year. When Nevada lost to a 150+ team, did they just get considered to suck too? C'mon, these games aren't going to be all one sided. The other team is trying to win too, and these teams are neot nearly as bad as some of you think they are. We're not playing Canisius/Niagara/Marist, the MAC is a very solid league. Is it Big East or ACC? No, but it's not one where you can just expect to go out and rout teams every game. This team is good. Can they be better at times, of course, so can Duke, Virginia and everyone else. We have our flaws, but over 40 minutes, I'll gladly take this team versus any other in our league and they can go toe-to-toe with the non-"mediocre competition" in the NCAA.
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    UB > Kansas and Duke. Confirmed.
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    My thoughts on the game. I took a lot of flack from some people for questioning the defensive effort, focus and tenacity vs NIU and Kent. Please, objectively look at those games and compare them to last night and tell me they were on the same level. They just weren't. Vs. NIU and Kent they were slow, and fairly weak on the ball. Last night was a return to that UB punch them in the mouth mentality and play that Oats preaches. Their defense was on another level. I was reading the BSU board and their fans were complaining how on offense they would have to work and work and work against UB for 28 seconds just to then have to put up a CONTESTED shot, because UB's D was just to good. That simply was NOT happening the NIU and Kent game. That tenacity returned on D last night. When you're playing such tight, high energy, tough defense, a team with the talent of UB can have a bad shooting night and still blow teams out. As an example, Harris was OFF last night off offense. He was throwing up bricks. However, he had 8...EIGHT rebounds in the first half alone. UB dominated the glass, especially the offensive glass. If UB can continue to keep the heat turned up on defense as they did last night, they will be able to weather bad shooting nights and if they combine that with a good shooting night, they'll run teams out of the goddamn gym.
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    Can we also recognize that we’ve won 10 of 12 against Kent?
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    Man, you guys are tough...knocking everything that we do. Based on the comments, you'd think we were down 30, as opposed to a 1 possession game on the road against a darn good team.
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    Based on what he said I assume he just "kept us at 9" and considered NIU a slip that doesn't change his opinion of the team.
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    Both of these are huge problems, and I can't even figure out which one is worse. I'd prefer that we just had the normal soundboard music (Kernkraft 400, Hands Up in the Air, hell even Eye of the Tiger would be better) than the chill music. It just destroys any sort of energy we had going into the time out. This is not a club, this is not a frat party, this is not a rave.
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    If you don't have them now, get them ASAP.
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    Alright, I, like most everyone on this board, had a wide range of emotions on Tuesday night. I was livid for a while, then a little sad, back to angry and then apathetic. I was pissed at the players, the refs, Oats and then said "who cares, we're UB, we were never going to be 'Gonzaga of the East'". But over 48 hours later and after a dose of reality, here it where stand. AP / Coaches Poll: We'll fall a bit, but likely stay in the low 20's Bilas Index (FWIW): Jay, who knows his stuff, has us as the NINTH best team in America. This is considering the NIU loss. Bilas has some nice things to say about us and certainly has not dismissed UB because of a bad loss. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/25825177/jay-bilas-ranks-68-top-teams-college-basketball-february-nears NET Rankings: The new metric that the selection committee has adopted dropped us from 10th to 23rd after the loss. Again, a fall, but not catastrophic. Now, I know this isn't how it works, but if you seeded teams straight from this analytic metric, we're looking at a 5-seed come selection Sunday. Had you told me that in October, I would have signed on the dotted line. - https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/basketball-men/d1/ncaa-mens-basketball-net-rankings Joe Lunardi Bracketology (Again, FWIW): Has us free-falling from a 4 to a 6 seed (tongue-in-cheek). More evidence that the national media believes in UB. - http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology In summary, the sky isn't falling. We're in just fine shape. Nate Oats is the right guy to lead this team. The players are talented, hard working guys. The ship will get righted starting tonight in Kent and start picking up steam headed into Dancing Season. So as Aaron Rodgers so famously said a few years ago, R-E-L-A-X, relax... Go Bulls!
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    It's hard to win, no matter who you are. If you're a 90% favorite to win every game, you will lose 1 out of every 10 games, which equates to 2 league losses, in theory. Bad shooting days, running into a hot shooter, it will happen in games during the season. Regardless, this wasn't one of our better games. Our shooting, bad turnovers, unimpressive defense at times were the cause of this loss. Hopefully this is simply part of that 10% and we don't see more than 1 more of these throughout the rest of the season. I have plenty of faith in this team and staff for a nice rebounding effort on Friday, although it surely is never easy at Kent.
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    Barring a complete collapse we are playing for a high seed. With every win I get more amazed.
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    WVU Coliseum is not an easy place for a road team to win
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    Not pleasing everyone is one thing - playing some sort of slow jam R&B at every break is another. He's got an amazing talent for sucking all of the air out of the building after a UB run as the crowd gets on their feet and goes nuts by playing some slow low energy song. Crowd sits down. Arena gets quiet. He watches the video board and repeats the same three catch phrases. Rinse and repeat. It's the most effective application of a momentum breaking timeout I've seen in college basketball. Hoping this gets better when the students and pep band return, but that DJ table needs to be disassembled yesterday and control of break music turned back over to UB production.
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    Guys, As many of you already know, I've had opportunity to cover UB basketball closely this season. Last week, I did a story on Jeremy Harris and tonight, I posted a story on how Jayvon Graves is the key piece for the Bulls moving forward. He's already averaging nearly 10 points per game as a sophomore and should only get better with time. He'll be heavily relied on as one of their key players the next two years. With that said, I dropped by practice to speak with Nate Oats and Jayvon Graves about their expectations moving forward, Here's the link if you'd rather read than watch the above video: Jayvon Graves critical to Buffalo's future success
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    This is Graves' team next year. Can't wait to see how he is leading it
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    Ball State is like the 5th or 6th best program in terms of name recognition and historical performance in the state of Indiana. With programs like Purdue, Indiana, Indiana State, Notre Dame, Butler...who the hell is going to support and pay attention to Ball State? At least in Ohio you have only 1 or 2 big programs, and the rest are all about the same mid-major MAC level. In Indiana they're stuck at the bottom of the barrel with Valpo and IUPUI. Announcers said like night that pretty much the entire team other than like 2 guys are from Indiana. So they're fighting for the scraps in the state. Add to that, while they are a large institution, they're not a particularly good one. Ball State is so academically poor that in the 2019 WSJ rankings they don't even get an actual ranking number. They just get thrown into the pot of 501-600. In contrast, UB is #120 in the nation. In terms of best public universities, UB is #28. For contrast, #25 is Penn State, #26 is Virginia Tech, and #27 is Minnesota. Ball State isn't in the top 100. The only similarity between UB and Ball State is that they are both public and both in the MAC. It ends there. Buffalo is a Big Ten school playing in the MAC. Ball State is a bad MAC school playing in the MAC.
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    https://www.collegepolltracker.com/basketball/team/buffalo-bulls/2018 No "not ranked" ballots!
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    Also not sure where this bad/lazy defense narrative comes from. Held them 7% below their average points per possession on the year in spite of playing them on the road and having them hit several undefendable circus shots early on. Also held their best player 4 points below his average on an extra shot.
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    I would agree with that. Its always going to be blue tinted glasses on the UB board but this team is so deep in the sense that the entire starting 5 plus a few off the bench can bring it the entire game every night. When they are on they are so good. If these guys are motivated and playing to ability there is no reason they can't be at least Sweet 16. And no reason they can't pull a Butler or VCU and get a tad further. Cbball is such a mental grind sometimes. So many conference games in a short period. Its a battle regardless of your con. Thats why the NIU game is certainly blip if it in fact jolts the Bulls a bit and gets them motivated again. By that I mean throttle a few teams in a row like we should be. Any just in case some one doesnt want to click the link... I totally agree with Bilas here. 9. Buffalo Bulls This team is legit. With top scorer and shooter CJ Massinburg, lefty wing Jeremy Harris and super-sub Nick Perkins, the Bulls can beat anyone. Until they tripped at Northern Illinois on Tuesday, the only loss for Buffalo was at Marquette, when Markus Howard turned into a video game. The Bulls might not lose again until the postseason. If there is a non-Power 5 team (other than Gonzaga) that can reach the Final Four, look no further than Buffalo.
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    #10 and 13 both go down tonight. Teams are going to lose throughout the season. We just need to focus on our games. To be honest, as fun as it is to watch the other games (top 25 games more than I probably ever have in the past), in the end, it only matter if UB takes care of their own business. This is a tough couple of weeks, many road games, and no game is ever easy in league play. NIU is a veteran squad, with a star player. It's not going to be easy, especially on that God-awful court! I'm excited for the game. Let's get to 8pm already. Go Bulls!
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    Do the votes have to occur every 8 hours? I just voted. Tried to vote again. No go. If anyone deserves this, it’s got to be Oats. Thank God for the medical practitioners that provide the care for the patients and their families stricken by this scourge.
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    I think we can say we are where Gonzaga was in the 90's. But we don't know if we will convert that success into sustained and profitable success the way Gonzaga has.
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    The love UB is receiving...priceless. Just keep winning.
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    Saw this article and thought it was interesting. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2815904-could-buffalo-become-the-next-gonzaga-of-mens-college-basketball