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    I think any expectations that this team would be as good as last years was wishful thinking at best, so I don't think it's reasonable or useful to compare production loss from last years' team to this years team. We don't need to be last years team beating MAC opponents 15 points a night to win the MAC. The talent level on this roster is good enough to be the best in the MAC - I mean look around the league: would you really want to swap out our roster for any other roster? As for CJ and Perk being ready immediately, as freshmen when UB won the MAC with Nate Oats for the first time Perk contributed 7.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG on 19.1 MPG; CJ was 11.3 points and 4.1 rebounds in 25 minutes. Both excellent contributions but not dissimilar from Williams and Segu this year - sure they're doing it a year later than Perk and CJ but that's comparing 2 of the best players in UB history. Hell you could even argue Mballa as a sophomore is ahead of where Perk was as a sophomore. As a team in 15-16 we averaged 77.6 points, 39.1 rebounds, 12.7 assists, 6.9 steals, 3.6 blocks, and 13.7 turnovers on 43.8% shooting (33.7% from deep). This year we are at 77.9 points, 41.2 rebounds, 16.4 assists, 8.7 steals, 4.4 blocks, 14.1 turnovers on 44.3% shooting (33.4% from deep). Pretty on pace to match that years squad for better or worse. What I don't recall about that years squad was their defensive intensity, something this year seems to sorely be lacking. We have players contributing very similarly to how they contributed in 15-16. We stole a championship that year - it was Akron's to lose and it may be again this year. 15-16 wasn't about having enough bodies to make clutch shots down the stretch, it was about THE clutch shot that Hamilton made to win it all. To achieve what Oats did that year all we really have to do is get hot at the right time. We were sitting at 9-8 in MAC play and 2 games over .500 overall in March of that year and I don't think the MAC as a whole was any better that year than this. It just feels different because of some really dud games against teams we know we should be better than and the fact that we just don't know how this season will end yet.
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    Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
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    Can we just play Segu/Jordan/Graves/Williams/Mballa 40 mins per game?
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    These bullfan-on-bullfan attacks are useless. Sure...call him out for saying things like "He's terrible at basketball" if you want (it was over the top), but you are naive if you don't think he meant for you to infer that it was in relation to some standard. I know there are some fans that tend to exaggerate in their frustration. I view it as passionate. We need as many passionate people on the bandwagon as we can get. There are always room for passionate bulls fans.
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    I'll get it started: The Bulls will win by a higher differential than last year (39, 110 - 71) Segu will double - double again Mballa with 4 blocks
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    It takes a while for the next shipment of AOL CDs to make their way to Olean. 500 free hours!
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    Committed. Good scoop @trueblue32 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwh35s0BjT_
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    commitment incoming, not that it’s too much of a shock
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    Great point. Enough cannot be said about the job this coaching staff did to have non of our players transfer out during the coaching change. Shows how close to this group both Whitesell and JQ are. These kids believe in this staff and more importantly they believe in the system and culture that has been created here. They can feel the momentum building and want to continue to ride the wave that is UB basketball!
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    Yes. Our school colors happen to include blue, the community seems to rally around the blue collar ethos, and Whitesell seems to be all about it (maybe it was his idea?) I, for one, don't care what Hodgson does or says in Alabama.
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    That's because a team meeting wasn't called. The AD called a team meeting and that is when the team was informed. One or two athletes walking into the office and asking Oats why he and Hodgson were packing up all their things is not telling the players that you're leaving. It is getting caught trying to duck out of town.
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    I’ve convinced myself that Murray is the guy. I apologize to anyone who agrees with me because this probably means we won’t hire him.
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    This is really irrelevant to the title, but also nice reminder. Mark Few went to the sweet 16 four times in 15 years. Took him 15 years to get past that hump and made it to the elite 8 and then 2 years after that went to the title game and lost. I guess if we are patient enough, better things to come than the second round! (I'm really just trying to distill hope in everyone)
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    Looks like he enjoyed his visit. Hopefully Hawkins did too!
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    I had a dream last night that UB played Gonzaga in the final four. Unfortunately we lost 151 to 150 in OT. Afterward the announcers were calling it the greatest game in the history of NCAA basketball. By the way, Harris hit a clutch 3 to send the game to OT.
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    My thoughts on the game. I took a lot of flack from some people for questioning the defensive effort, focus and tenacity vs NIU and Kent. Please, objectively look at those games and compare them to last night and tell me they were on the same level. They just weren't. Vs. NIU and Kent they were slow, and fairly weak on the ball. Last night was a return to that UB punch them in the mouth mentality and play that Oats preaches. Their defense was on another level. I was reading the BSU board and their fans were complaining how on offense they would have to work and work and work against UB for 28 seconds just to then have to put up a CONTESTED shot, because UB's D was just to good. That simply was NOT happening the NIU and Kent game. That tenacity returned on D last night. When you're playing such tight, high energy, tough defense, a team with the talent of UB can have a bad shooting night and still blow teams out. As an example, Harris was OFF last night off offense. He was throwing up bricks. However, he had 8...EIGHT rebounds in the first half alone. UB dominated the glass, especially the offensive glass. If UB can continue to keep the heat turned up on defense as they did last night, they will be able to weather bad shooting nights and if they combine that with a good shooting night, they'll run teams out of the goddamn gym.
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    In calendar year 2018 the Bulls were 31-5. Miami gave the Bulls one of those losses (84-81). Time for payback.
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    If he lands at Auburn, I cry foul, big time. Ex-UBAD AG was at the game yesterday, greeting UB players before the game. That would be absolutely a bad look if it happened.
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    Antwain Johnson the last 2 games has been playing well and it’s exactly what we need.
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    Here is a Bonafan quote from after the game that just makes you feel sooooooooooooooooo good about this win! 😆 There is no point in the existence of UB. You would get the exact same education from listening to lectures on youtube. They print out 50,000 diplomas a year and frequently win their high school level league and still can't get anyone to care unless it's free t-shirt night It's a soulless commuter state school that no one on Earth cares about. The only people that wind up there are international applicants that don't realize they're not going to NYC who become shitty pediatricians and local pizza shop employees/bar backs who have to sign up for 6 credits a semester so they can continue to live rent free in the house their mom kept in the divorce. UB is inherently transactional and irrelevant even to its own alumni. An embarrassment to what higher education should be. Free Lester.
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    Now that we have first commitment, I thought I would start a general thread about 2020 recruiting. I was curious on people's opinions regarding how we utilize the two remaining scholarships. I had hoped that either Kedrian Johnson (commit to West Virginia) or Vincent Cole (commit to St. John's), both JUCO SG who had good stats in the freshman campaign might be options. By my account (and verbalcommits.com), here are the current open offers.
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    Call me boring but I love our blue and white jerseys. Those are our school colors. The blacks are awesome as an alternate road jersey. But nothing like seeing us demolish Arizona in our blues.
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    I’ve been on vacation with very limited internet...I open and read all this wonderful news. Can’t wait for the season to begin. What a job coach Whitesell and the staff has done. I’ve already forgotten about Oats and the hiring process. Let’s play some basketball. Great incoming class. When you look at it we recruited what 10 players to UB this season. And we’ve gotten a jump on future seasons. UB might be a household name at this point. Let’s keep winning!
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    One thing that can’t be overstated is retaining all of the players from last year. There were hundreds of players that entered the transfer portal this year (from teams that lost their coaches and teams that retained their coaches). I’m sure the coaching staff is using that as a major selling point. All of our players like UB enough and like/trust Whitesell to the point that they didn’t even want to hear from other schools.
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    According to a team source, Mika is heavily considering UB and the sit down went very good today.
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    Well that bozo also called us overrated and said ASU would win so 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Just give the job to Whitesell and call it a day.
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    Perkins just got a spot on the NABC game! That's the top talent in the country playing in a game! I hope this increases his draft credit. I'd love to see him, Jeremy, and CJ get drafted!!
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    60% of which was us checking the news reports everyday for new articles, haha
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    Let's play Syracuse at home every game but play it at Key Bank (with no rental fees) and make tickets $10. Problem solved!
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    This whole year has been fun to watch. Almost all year in top 25, MAC Championship, UB on the map who would have thought this. Go Bulls
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    Let's not turn every recruiting thread into an argument about arbitrary details/word choice. We know how this process works.
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    So what? That’s their problem to deal with. Why should we constraint ourself to please them? Unless there’s some hard rule to me it’s foolish to not pay our coach bc it will “piss off other ADs.” Results speak and right now Oats is delivering results.
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    Survive and advance season... Duke by 1 at home against a team 7 games under .500 (yea no zion, but we have a banged up CJ and had no Jordan for a lot of the game) Kentucky by 4 over Ole Miss Purdue lost to Minnesota Kansas lost by 13 to Oklahoma LSU is struggling at Florida right now Marquette is in a free fall finally we're in just win baby season. If we win 8 more by a total of 8 points we'll all be happy.
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    If you don't have them now, get them ASAP.
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    For the first time in a while, I find myself looking for something posted about UB everyday, haha. This team has me so hyped this year. I love to see our exposure nationally, as well as our stock rising overall. Go Bulls!!
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    These are good conversations and there are always going to be varied opinions but we have to end with we just have to agree to disagree. I think it is time to say goodbye to anyone that has to start using the “f” word to try and make his point. Will continue to support our team at the mid major level with passion. Go Bulls!!!!
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    To be fair, Ohio is the worst and we're awesome. If you're gonna be vulgar at least be accurate
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    Hey guys. Congrats on the win. Not many teams can come into the Reilly Center and leave with a convincing win. You guys made Bona work for every bucket. The refs were whistle happy early which prevented any flow and zapped the energy out of the building. I have a lot of respect for your program. That drubbing of Arizona last year was unbelievable. Clearly, Oats has kept the momentum going. Your success is great for the community. Basketball is an afterthought in this area. That needs to change. Keep climbing the rankings and opening eyes. Syracuse and Marquette are beatable. Good luck the rest of the way. See you next year!
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    It’s in the other thread, but those wanting to make some noise since students/band are gone on break, feel free to join us in the true blue section.
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    The real question from the game is... WTF?
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    I don't think it can be understated that by starting Perk has to battle the top big man on every opposing team, which at times have included current NBA players. While Cacok has looked good, he is able to do it against back ups in each of the first five games.
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    Oh no I totally agree, finding a solid big that can also shoot 3s like Perk is really rare, I just think whenever we’re saying someone could be the next Perk, we’re bringing in both scoring abilities he had
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    The idea that our ex coach had to get on a plane right away without speaking to his players is asinine. Makes it much easier to get over him leaving IMO. I don’t want a snake oil salesman as my coach
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    ASU fan here, just decided to check out your board. Much like ours, lots of confidence on their own team winning on Friday. One thing I will say, this game should be easy to call within the first 3-5 minutes of the game. We are either engaged or not, and there is ZERO in-between. Predicting ASU games is impossible and nobody should be betting on this game unless its an emotional hedge. What to watch for from us: 1. If we are heaving 3's in the first 3-5 minutes, that is a good sign for Buffalo 2. If we have less than 2 assists in the first 5 minutes that is a really good sign for Buffalo (even if we are ahead). It means the team has abandoned everything its learned in practice and its time for hero ball which Remy, Dort, Cherry, Edwards LOVE to do. Its their favorite thing, and CBH does his best to reign it in, but its tough. 3. If Buffalo has at least 2 completely open 3 pt looks in the first 3-5 minutes (regardless of success), that is a great sign for you. Our 3pt D is awful, and we allow some a lot of uncontested 3's. 4. FT Shooting: some games weve gone 25-33, like last night, others we have gone 15-31. We are yet to put back-to back strong FT games together, which bodes well for UB. if you guys press Remy/Dort we are in trouble, as we really can only rely on Remy as our sole ball handler and overall best player and he is at about 60%.
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    If only the women could shoot the FTs for the men, the men’s team would be unstoppable.
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    Very good commentary on all points. With all the success we have had these last few years I think there has been more positive accolades given to the entire team and deserveably so. All of us as individuals look at things in a different perspective and that is not to say our opinions are right or wrong. If you are a passionate fan and have been a suppporter of UB athletics sometimes we might take it personally. I look at this like we are all in this together and are on the same team. Let’s continue the passion and support of our teams. Go Bulls!!!!
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    Another fantastic national article with much of it about Nate and team. Included with the likes of Gonzaga, Duke, Virginia and Nevada. https://apnews.com/132961652b2e4b48b3936e880923234f?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=AP_Sports&utm_source=Twitter Get out and vote!! Voted twice today and will vote again now that I’m home.
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    I have traveled both routes on numerous occasions. Everything being equal it is probably 6 to one half dozen the other. The Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron can get terribly backed up with traffic. If you have nexus then not much of a problem. If you don't you can be caught there up to 30-45 minutes. I haven't traveled the Ambassador Bridge or tunnel nearly as much, but I don't ever recall a problem getting across into the US. As they say your experience may vary. Good luck.
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