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    In calendar year 2018 the Bulls were 31-5. Miami gave the Bulls one of those losses (84-81). Time for payback.
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    I’d like Oats to challenge Williams to record an assist before he attempts a shot each game. Think it could do wonders getting him to fit in more with the culture/style of the team.
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    Jeseph is 11 hours away and did two away games this year! haha.
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    Toledo's strength of schedule may be starting to show up a bit but man, this is a weird feeling for me as a sports fan. I really think the sky is the limit with this team. I've never supported a team in any sport that has done so much in such little time. These are special times. I keep waiting for that big disappointment and aside from a freakish night for Howard, we keep delivering. Keep it up Bulls, glad that Harris has found himself too.
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    If he lands at Auburn, I cry foul, big time. Ex-UBAD AG was at the game yesterday, greeting UB players before the game. That would be absolutely a bad look if it happened.
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    A couple of things from a Marquette fan: 1. When Markus Howard gets rolling, just get out of the way. You cannot stop him. Buffalo is not the first team he did this to. Tonight he could have hit shots lying on his back in the parking lot. (See picture below of his four-point play.) 2. Scheduling was not in your favor. You played three quality teams in a week with the last two on the road. Marquette had a ten-day break for finals, followed by a tune-up against a bunny. This might be a different game under different circumstances. At least don't fret the margin. 3. Your team is damn good. Really, they might be the best we have played so far. And we probably are the best you have played so far. A couple shots not going in for Marquette in the first half and this might well be a different game. At least not a blow-out. It is tough to win on the road anywhere. But most Marquette fans were impressed. Your guys are quick, can shoot, and know what to do with the ball. They are not five guys playing one-on-one. I do not know what the competition looks like in the MAC this year, but usually there are some good, underrated teams in your league, and it is really hard to run the table in any conference. But i sure like your chances. Since we played tonight, we are unlikely to meet in the post-season. I for one do not feel bad about that. Good luck the rest of the way out, and enjoy this team. It is worth enjoying.
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    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is fixed now.
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    Trip down memory lane. Evans is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16151.0.html We feel betrayed. Navigato is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16134.0.html We start to worry. O'Field is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16148.0.html We lose our minds CJ is signed -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16173.0.html An afterthought. We think he's a scrub. Moss is expelled -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16245.0.html All hope is lost. We must drop D1 sports. Season starts and CJ's 4 year career begins. Rest is history.
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    Yo, I live in Seattle. There is literally 15 pot dispensaries within a 20 mile radius of me. How are you getting better weed than me?
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    Meh. Most of the negatives for UB are borne out of the University historically not investing money in athletics (formerly due to SUNY rules, more recently due to administration). Statistically as an institution of higher education, UB is a Big Ten or American Conference school. Not a MAC school. With the exception of UB, Miami, and Ohio, the MAC consists of academically middling regional 2nd and 3rd tier publics. UB's peer institutions are schools like Michigan, Rutgers, UCONN, Wisconsin, WVU, Pitt etc. I'm not pulling this out of thin air. https://www.chronicle.com/interactives/peers-network Keep in mind that data is from 2012 and UB has grown in size and improved measurable in academics since then. Athletically, UB is a MAC school. As an institution, it is not. If there is ever an investment in athletics, the school could and should be in a larger conference simply due to the university profile. In the latest WSJ/Higher Ed Times rankings of national public universities UB was #28. 25-30 went like: 25 - Penn State 26 - Virginia Tech 27 - Minnesota 28 - Buffalo 29 - Illinois - Chicago 30 - NC State The only MAC school in the top 100 was Miami at #78
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    I am trying to see how this will be for a match-up. I am having a hard time finding a spot where the Bulls might not be favored. Taking a look, Sibande (Guard) and Brown (Forward) are their two biggest scorers. I don't see them doing well against Jordan (hope he is healthy) and McRea/Perkins. They won't keep up with our transition offense. This might be a massacre. P.S. My thread was turned into the official Miami (Oh) thread. Momma, I made it.
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    These are good conversations and there are always going to be varied opinions but we have to end with we just have to agree to disagree. I think it is time to say goodbye to anyone that has to start using the “f” word to try and make his point. Will continue to support our team at the mid major level with passion. Go Bulls!!!!
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    I can feel comfortable in wishing him well if he's heading the the NFL draft. I hope that it works out well for him. I'm surprised by the choice for sure, but he's a UB Bull only, so I am 100% wishing him nothing but the best.
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    Ahhh yes, CBSSN - the network that refuses to stream so nobody under the age of 50 can watch. I can't wait to go to an empty New England bar at 9pm to ask if they'll turn on a MAC basketball game.
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    Big 4 Hoops Blogger --> keep writing. The more press we receive, the better. I read the article on BN. I don't know if I would have characterized it as offended. Perhaps bothered by the question. Oats' has a point in that it was a big game for the Griffs (i.e. to play a ranked team at home...and a local one at that) . However, Oats isn't as diplomatic as maybe he should be in how he communicates his points (see the comment about Coach Cal). I also can't believe this topic is on its third page...and we don't play again for a few more days.
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    Actually it's a lot of fun and should be played up more. I saw Canisius had a sign for this specific rivalry and called it the Battle for Main St. The schools could do even more to hype it up. For example, have the UB team take the subway from the South Campus to the game (similar to how the Mets went to one of their subway series at the Yankees). The city could hold a train just for UB and deck it out in colors, etc...The next year when Canisius come to UB, do the same and then take the bus from the South Campus to Alumni Arena.
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    I realized today, what bothers me most about Tyree and now KJ putting on for possible transfers is the message it sends to the rest of the team. You're the all-MAC returning senior QB, and receiver. You're the leaders of this team from now on, the ones setting the example. Well it's one heck of an example, one heck of a vote of confidence in your coaches and teammates. It's not a message that says "we fell short this year but we're committed to finishing the job next year" - quite the opposite. This doesn't look like "building a winning culture". I know fully well it may be in their personal interest to look into this - fine, but don't tell me there's honor in that.
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    Who on this board and in the UB fan universe would not have been dancing in the streets if I told you before the season that our record at this point would be 11-1, with a Syracuse win, a win at West Virginia, multiple weeks being ranked in the top 25 and tons of positive national exposure to once was at best a middling basketball program? Be happy! Celebrate this team and it’s coaches. Let’s get out and support the program both by attending games and providing financial support. The best is yet to come. Go Bulls!!!!
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    I take this as a sign of "respect" from the betting community. That's a smaller line than Syracuse got and it's against a better team. I think people realized we're not some flash in the pan team on a hot streak.
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    There it is baby. What a win. Dream season continues! Never thought wed do that in the dome, love the score line too. We didn't even play our best game, which is even better. So happy right now. Probably also keeps up ranked regardless of Friday as a side note. so far this season has given so many historical moments that I seriously dont even care what happens the rest of the way (ok thats not totally true of course)
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    This is what it says it will give: Yamaha sound bar with built-in subwoofer; Timely Watch Co. watch; Maui Jim sunglasses; Wilson game ball However, I have been to Dollar General many, many times. My guess is that they get they get the following: Three pack of holiday wrapping paper (35 square feet each). $3. Three 12-packs of Coke products (on sale for $10.00). A package of Rubbermaid "TakeAlongs", 3 pack. A 12-pack of bungee cords (assorted sizes)
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    This has been a very productive exchange
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    Good to meet all of you guys at Detroit Brewing. Hokie, that trophy was excellent. Wrong team won the game, but if there was a small plus side to the entire adventure, it was meeting many more members of the board(s). Hope you all had/have a safe trip home.
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    One of the best parts about being Top 25 is definitely the exposure. Now we are on all the “Scores” sections on websites without having to filter for MAC, any article summarizing the previous night’s games will mention us, and halftime shows on national broadcasts will mention us much more often. That’s a lot of free advertising for future recruiting and possibly will increase the local/national fanbase.