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    I’m sorry but how the hell was ButlerDad on an advisory committee for this university? He seems to only be here to bash any suggestion that UB, the largest and most comprehensive state university in arguably the most powerful state in the country, could possibly do better than playing in a conference with a bunch of 2nd tier Ohio schools and directional Michigan’s. I encourage everyone to always aim higher and ignore outside opinions like this. It may be far fetched and down the road but AAC is certainly not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Thank you Nate. You didn’t know it then nor did we at the time, but if it wasn’t for you taking your talents to Toledo, UB basketball would not be what it has become. CJ Massinburg, Nate Oats and all UB players and fans appreciate your kind consideration.
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    Good things were happening with UB Basketball. Cierra Dillard named Honorable Mention All-American C.J. Massinburg also named Honorable Mention All-American Nick Perkins Selected to play in NABC All-Star game I realize these are all seniors that won't be here to help the teams next year, but every honor garnered by our players, makes UB more visable to those outside of our little community, and maybe even to prospective coaches.
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    Spoke with Segu. He is excited about the new coach and seems to be in good spirits. He has enough confidence that he'll work with any coach. For now, we save one of UB's top recruits ever.
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    Let’s celebrate and give thanks for two incredible teams and coaches which will go down in the record books of UB athletic history. Women after losing tons of talent and leadership win the MAC tournament over their nemesis and tremendous foe CMU to get to championship where they beat an excellent Ohio team. They overcame adversity with the suspension of Summer. They displayed grit against Rutgers and then fought UCONN for 40 minutes. As FLJ said for UCONN to get another NCAA title they had to go through BUFFALO! And she was not kidding. What a valiant effort! They put Buffalo women’s basketball on the map and earned the respect of everyone in women’s college basketball. Thank you Coach Jack! You are awesome! Thank you to the best individual basketball player to ever don a UB women’s basketball jersey. You gave thrills to many and made UB women’s basketball a must see for so many at UB and in the WNY community. We wish you well in your professional basketball journey and broadcasting career! The men! 32 f’ing wins! 32-4! 16-2 MAC regular season wins! Another MAC title! Another NCAA tournament appearance! Four in five years! UB men’s basketball like the the women’s team is known and respected nationally! Beating WVU! Beating SU in dome! Winning Belfast tourney! CJ dropping 43 in WVU! Nationally ranked first time ever! Ranked 19 consecutive weeks! Ranked as high as #14! Will likely be ranked at seasons end! Nate one of 11 nominees for NABC Coach of the Year! Character, class and integrity coursing through the program from coaches to players. Nate’s extension made possible by generous donors! Thank you all for being fantastic ambassadors for UB, Buffalo and WNY!
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    All, Posts about kids will be deleted.
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    This is a bad poll. Lots of binary choices that are NOT binary in reality. I will not vote in it unless you decide to re-write it in a non-biased way.
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    A UB home game is necessary travel!
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    If the UB men’s basketball team wins the MAC tournament again next year, I will get Jim Whitesell’s face tattoo’d on my chest to constantly remind me that I was wrong about this hire I fully believe in his coaching ability, I just have my doubts that we will be able to recruit as aggressively as we did with Hodgson
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    I chatted with Tripathi briefly on the court after the women won in Cleveland and this is basically the gist of what I said. I thanked him for supporting athletics and mentioned how it's so important that the public perception of the University be bolstered by successful big time athletics to more closely match the demonstrated academic success of the University. Basically, we're the #28 public institution in the nation, ahead of places like Minnesota, but no one know us. The athletics success has helped so much in swaying public perception across the country of the university and that will have a positive impact on recruiting faculty, recruiting students, and soliciting alumni donations. He agreed and said that the impact they've been able to measure has been massive.
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    I think we all need to stop posting in this thread unless it’s news. You aholes keep getting my hopes up for nothing.
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    Committed. Good scoop @trueblue32 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwh35s0BjT_
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    Our search wasn't the disaster that St. John's is in the midst of, but I would argue it was poorly executed. We hired an internal candidate after a significant delay. Our recruiting class bailed during this transition- aside from Andre Allen, the decisions were announced deliberately, well into the search. A more decisive move to ensure continuity (Whitesell or He Who Won't Be Named) may have prevented some of the defections. Our coaching hire was announced on the Saturday of the Final Four. The press conference was Monday. This prevented any appreciable networking/interviewing of assistant coaches at the prime event for such wheeling and dealing each year. As such, we are still down an assistant coach, and just hired our second. It also prevented us from regaining any recruiting momentum (hired during a dead period). Lastly, we wasted resources hiring a search firm only to select an internal candidate. This, alone, is damning. IMO, the decision (internal vs. external) needed to have been made months prior. Oats was walking- we all listened to "Gonzaga of the East" but he always added "leave for stupid money." Stupid money was surely coming this off-season. ADMA was not prepared. Love that Whitesell has the support of our returning players. I will accept the supposition that he is a superior basketball mind to Hodgson. Time will tell if he was the right selection. But the coaching search was poorly executed and cost us precious momentum, even if he ultimately proves to be the right man for the job.
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    Segu posted to his Instagram today a thank you to Hodgson. In it he says “rooting for y’all unless y’all play us”. I like the sound of that
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    This is nonsense. We aren’t Kennesaw State or Stetson. We’ve made the tournament 4 out of 5 years, have a great current roster, and are a launching pad for coaches into 7 figure salaries. I’m sorry if I’m being an ass but this “no one wanted the job” narrative is garbage
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    However it went down this statement is a week too late.
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    Ok buddy, maybe your world is all about dollars. I know that is the way that most people look at it. Maybe that is why she is leaving. Maybe she is upset that more wasn't done to promote her program. I don't know what it is, but additionally I can't say for certain that we have done enough to try to keep these coaches here either. We gave them a raise, yippee. They earned it. They won games. They put more asses in seats than in year's past also. No matter what raise UB offered them, a "big program" easily can afford more, and has snatched them away. Could there have been more done for them, beyond a raise here that isn't comparable to another place? Could 500-1000 more people at each of the women's games made her feel that it was worthwhile to be here, versus go for more money and have less support? As for the "MAC IS A STEPPING STONE", I hear you. If I could sign up for a new coach every 3 years who will have the success of the past 2, making the NCAA tourney 2/3 years, winning a game or two along the way, I'd sign up for it. Surely, I'd rather have someone long term who could continue that pattern, but okay, I'll buy in to the stepping stone for a moment. How many "good" coaches do you think we can hit on? Can we hit a home run each time like we did the past two? Everyone hires who they feel is the best. Some are great like Nate/FLJ. Some are mediocre, like Reggie. Some are less than that. If we don't hit a home run with the next men's and women's coach that walks in the door, every single bit of the momentum is lost and we are back to the "Reggie days" or the "Dozier days". Our women's program had several misses prior to FLJ. I don't wish to sit in the stands among a couple hundred people anymore. I enjoyed the 2k-3k people at many games this year. I support UB athletics (basketball especially as I greatly enjoy it and have for 20+ years) and get quite tired of the same rhetoric spewed by UB fans saying "we can't" and "we won't" because of one reason or the next. We no kidding we can't or won't if we don't even try. I don't consider giving raises with buyouts that equal 15% of the term of the contract "trying". I don't consider 0 promotions for students during the MAC season for women's basketball "trying". I don't work for UB. I am not a millionaire who can donate 7 figures annually. I'm a "regular person" with a "regular job" who loves his school and teams, and in turn, loves those who are a part of it. I'm happy to donate annually. If everyone who played sports at the school and/or graduated from the school donated even $100 annually, we wouldn't have to worry about low-balling a contract offer, because we'd have more than enough to pay anything. When they leave, a piece of me leaves too. It's why I got tired of hearing about "metrics" all season long. Why haven't I heard that word in the last week? Because it didn't matter. It never did. 31 wins in the regular season mattered, and we were still a 6 seed. Maybe that's why he left. How much better can a team do than 31 freaking wins, yet still get slighted with a 6 seed. Maybe getting only 2 MAC teams in, and getting set up against UCONN and ND in the 2nd round for those teams, not getting a 100% deserving Ohio team into the tournament, maybe that's why FLJ says that it can't be done here. Maybe it's all about the Benjamins. Regardless, I wish to support these teams. Ok, rant over. I'm just sad to see 2 people who have been here for 6 years and made many hours of my life better, leave. We're better off having had them here, but I will absolutely miss them and their families. I simply hope that we can hit those home runs and build/maintain recent success. If not, it will become a very dark set of days for UB athletics. I'm hopeful, always the optimist, but also the realist.
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    And hiring someone with head coaching experience is more valuable than someone who has never lead a program. And yes, I would say being a head coach of a national level high school program, qualifies someone as having head coach experience. Nate had the experience. Hodgson doesn't. He is a huge gamble. That's what Hodgson did when he got on the private Jet with Nate. He wasn't focused on the Buffalo job or the Buffalo team. He was looking at the assistant coaching job. He wasn't pathologic in his desire to lead Buffalo. A coach that walks away from Fort Wayne to compete for National Titles at Michigan State is someone who wants to one day win their own National Championships. Otherwise, we would only be talking about coaches like John Beilein--who has neve been an assistant coach. If being a head coach is so great, Hodgson would have put his name in for Niagara or somewhere else that was still a reach for him. That's what someone with a pathological focus on a title would do. He has not shown he wants to be at Buffalo. He would have never went to Alabama if he did. He deserted the team when they were in crisis. He leaked to the media that he wants the job and that the team will be decimated if they don't hire him. He has shown a lack of character. He hasn't been working for UB--who is paying him--since Nate left. You call it a power play but I see it as much more. It is unscrupulous. And I believe that his recruiting and coaching is likely the same. I don't want someone like that in the program. I want people with class who can win the right way. Fife would be a great hire. So would Lanier. And many others. I am over Hodgson.
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    Because it's UB's lot in life, to be a stepping stone program. And as long as we're all being honest about it that's fine. But Oats was really spinning yarns about staying until that "dream job" opened up. And I assumed "dream job" meant a blue blood program or UW or Marquette, someplace near his home. And even then, I understand. You don't sneeze at $2.4MM/yr and the chance to run a P5 program. But is ghosting the school, fans and players the way to go about it? Like ButlerAlumDad said, you can leave with class or you can leave like you are escaping a hostage situation. I thought better of him.
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    Man, 22 year old me would have laughed at you if you would have told me that UB won the MAC 4 out of 5 years. I was just happy they made the NIT’s. Amazing job Bulls!!!
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    It makes sense that we should have our own separate bars and I'm sure Southern Tier will be a fine venue but I loved that layout at Hairy Buffalo with the private room upstairs, the proximity (yeah I know, Southern Tier is only like 200 feet down the road) and the fact that it has Buffalo in the name. As Michael Bolton from Office space put it, why should we have to change when they're the ones who suck.
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    I'm just going to tell myself that Perkins took the night off last night so he could put up 20 and 15 against BGSU
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    I guess the Tennessee fans probably figure their team sucks too, since they got taken to OT vs. 150+ ranked Vandy the other day, a "mediocre competition" team that beat them at their place earlier in the year. When Nevada lost to a 150+ team, did they just get considered to suck too? C'mon, these games aren't going to be all one sided. The other team is trying to win too, and these teams are neot nearly as bad as some of you think they are. We're not playing Canisius/Niagara/Marist, the MAC is a very solid league. Is it Big East or ACC? No, but it's not one where you can just expect to go out and rout teams every game. This team is good. Can they be better at times, of course, so can Duke, Virginia and everyone else. We have our flaws, but over 40 minutes, I'll gladly take this team versus any other in our league and they can go toe-to-toe with the non-"mediocre competition" in the NCAA.
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    UB > Kansas and Duke. Confirmed.
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    I find myself getting impatient each day, waiting for our next game. Can't wait for March, but have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Here's hoping we drop another C-note on them. 106 - 68
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    I'm confused. I thought the coaches were just sitting on their hands doing nothing for the last 10 days.
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    She just got picked 8th in the second round by Minnesota! I'm so happy for her. I look forward to getting her Jersey
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    Hey, I can't help it if he wants to search his name and pop in and say hi, I'd be welcome to that. He has 5x the class Fife does.
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    Jim Whitesell in my opinion is a great choice, especially if he can get a top recruiter to be on his staff With that said why did it take so long? It comes across like you settled for someone you didn't really want to hire in the first place
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    That's because a team meeting wasn't called. The AD called a team meeting and that is when the team was informed. One or two athletes walking into the office and asking Oats why he and Hodgson were packing up all their things is not telling the players that you're leaving. It is getting caught trying to duck out of town.
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    I’ve convinced myself that Murray is the guy. I apologize to anyone who agrees with me because this probably means we won’t hire him.
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    Hodgson is also in Tuscaloosa dangling a Hawkins commitment (to us or Alabama) in our AD's face so I'm not sure how good of a culture fit this is moving forward. We need a sustained, positive culture for this program. Maybe I'm wrong but as much as I initially wanted continuity and to play "save the recruits" at all costs, it just doesn't feel right anymore.
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    No. Wrong. Without the extension his buyout is WAY less. I’m sorry but I’d rather the team have an extra 300k to work with than protect some fans hurt feelings.
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    I mean isn't an agent's job to make his client as much money as possible, in turn making himself as much money as possible? It would be irresponsible for him not to do that. Him doing research and not just signing on the dotted line of the largest contract seems pretty reasonable. Oats made it clear the Gonzaga vision was always contingent on support from the University and 800k and no dedicated practice facility isn't that. If you convinced yourself that he was gonna stay here for pennies then that's on you. I'm probably as romantic about the program as anybody but I don't know how Oats could have been any more straight forward than he was.
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    I strongly agree with this statement. For the first time Nate’s game plan and in game adjustments, or lack there of, came up small. My biggest criticism was the constant attempts to drive to the rim into 3 lengthy defenders and force up shots or turn the ball over. It was clear TT was collapsing the defense yet we made no adjustment to penetrate and kick out to shooters on the perimeter or rotate the ball to an open shooter. We kept trying to force an up tempo style, which yes is our style, but we’ve proven we can also win games that are slower paced. We had success in the 1st posting Perkins up (they had no answer for him down low) yet we completely abandoned that and went back to iso ball with little ball movement. 11 assist 16 turnovers. Credit TT but top to bottom we were outclassed for 2 hours. Not indicative of who we were all season.
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    The title of this should be changed to "POLL: Do you Share An Opinion Reflecting My Own Or Not?"
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    I had a dream last night that UB played Gonzaga in the final four. Unfortunately we lost 151 to 150 in OT. Afterward the announcers were calling it the greatest game in the history of NCAA basketball. By the way, Harris hit a clutch 3 to send the game to OT.
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    I don’t know if anyone else has thought about it like this but hope we can all just take a moment, take a deep breath and enjoy living in the present. This team is special. Might be the best in UB history who knows. Cherish every minute and enjoy the ride. Lets keep the good times going.
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    We shot 46.2%. Looks as if I am the next best basketball analyst. Give me all your money. I will return a profit. Just Kidding. I have no idea what I am talking about.
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    John Groce is the biggest prick coach in the league. From Ohio to Akron same shit different day.
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    Man, you guys are tough...knocking everything that we do. Based on the comments, you'd think we were down 30, as opposed to a 1 possession game on the road against a darn good team.
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    In calendar year 2018 the Bulls were 31-5. Miami gave the Bulls one of those losses (84-81). Time for payback.
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    I’d like Oats to challenge Williams to record an assist before he attempts a shot each game. Think it could do wonders getting him to fit in more with the culture/style of the team.
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    Toledo's strength of schedule may be starting to show up a bit but man, this is a weird feeling for me as a sports fan. I really think the sky is the limit with this team. I've never supported a team in any sport that has done so much in such little time. These are special times. I keep waiting for that big disappointment and aside from a freakish night for Howard, we keep delivering. Keep it up Bulls, glad that Harris has found himself too.
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    A couple of things from a Marquette fan: 1. When Markus Howard gets rolling, just get out of the way. You cannot stop him. Buffalo is not the first team he did this to. Tonight he could have hit shots lying on his back in the parking lot. (See picture below of his four-point play.) 2. Scheduling was not in your favor. You played three quality teams in a week with the last two on the road. Marquette had a ten-day break for finals, followed by a tune-up against a bunny. This might be a different game under different circumstances. At least don't fret the margin. 3. Your team is damn good. Really, they might be the best we have played so far. And we probably are the best you have played so far. A couple shots not going in for Marquette in the first half and this might well be a different game. At least not a blow-out. It is tough to win on the road anywhere. But most Marquette fans were impressed. Your guys are quick, can shoot, and know what to do with the ball. They are not five guys playing one-on-one. I do not know what the competition looks like in the MAC this year, but usually there are some good, underrated teams in your league, and it is really hard to run the table in any conference. But i sure like your chances. Since we played tonight, we are unlikely to meet in the post-season. I for one do not feel bad about that. Good luck the rest of the way out, and enjoy this team. It is worth enjoying.
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    Trip down memory lane. Evans is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16151.0.html We feel betrayed. Navigato is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16134.0.html We start to worry. O'Field is gone -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16148.0.html We lose our minds CJ is signed -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16173.0.html An afterthought. We think he's a scrub. Moss is expelled -> http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php/topic,16245.0.html All hope is lost. We must drop D1 sports. Season starts and CJ's 4 year career begins. Rest is history.
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    Yo, I live in Seattle. There is literally 15 pot dispensaries within a 20 mile radius of me. How are you getting better weed than me?
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