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    There’s this other player at Odessa that seems pretty good, James Reese. I feel like he’d be a good fit here
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    Interest from Wisc. and Marquette - Haven't heard of official visits to either yet.
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    I'd love to see Agee back in the fold. I was really impressed with his reel when we first started to recruit him and was surprised when our recruitment seemed to go cold. As someone else said, land 2 of 3 between Nickleberry/Skogman/White and our post game should be pretty solid immediately. If Agee fills the final spot I'd be real happy. As for Nickleberry, hard not to see comparisons to Jeremy Harris in his game. He looks like a good stretch 4 replacement for Harris.
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    The difference was that White knew that Hurley was leaving. it was just a question of where he was going to go. Alnutt did not know Oats was leaving because neither nor anyone else saw Alabama coming in with stupid money.
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    What you have presented are basically the points I have been making, so I agree with you -- especially the poorly executed part and the internal v external part. Previously I made a comment about how White had many conversations with Oats prior to Hurley's leaving...and was very comfortable with making Oats the coach very quickly. I inferred from the current AD's comments about hiring Whitesell that he, perhaps, didn't have anywhere close to the level of conversations with Whitesell (or BH) though he had been on the job about a year AND knew Oats would be an attractive get. It reeked of being not as prepared as he needed to be for this situation. I got told I know nothing about how basketball hiring works and that I should cut the AD slack since he was a football guy!
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    Yeah, you'll hear them reference how they “played” on their visit. It’s essentially a legal tryout to see how they fit with the squad.
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