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    Perhaps my favorite Nate Oats photo ever.
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    Those Perkins 3s were def not ugly-as-sin they looked real pretty to me lol. Besides that idk why there are so down on themselves. Acting like the season is over. You know how difficult it is to beat a team 3 times in a season? I think if we play them in Cleveland again we lose. That’s a good team It says way more about us winning than them losing
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    uhh...I have. The track makes me disconnected from the game. I do not enjoy watching games there. I'm glad you do. However, many people in the community do feel this way, as you admit, and that's a problem if we want people to actually come to games. Admittedly I am rarely in the stands for football games. However, when I do go up in the stands I have never had a problem with seeing the game and the track is a non-factor in watching the game. You want the front rows to be closer to the field? Why? Everyone who has written about getting the front rows closer to the field thinks you will see better. Unless the front row is elevate you cannot see anything from along the sides of the field. At Iowa if you are in the first few rows you cannot really see the game, even from the 50 yard line. Your view is blocked by players. At Met Life if you have the club seats behind the bench on field level if you want to see the game you have to go inside and watch it on television. Regardless of the stadium or arena, if your seats are low, your view sucks. As for the highlighted quote from Skrabukes above, thanks. If you think there is a problem do not just whine. Become part of the solution and not the problem, DONATE! Every contribution no matter how small will help. My first donation after graduating was $15.00. After graduating law school and getting a job a set aside a few dollars every week and still do that every week now. As I started earning more I set more money aside and the donations went up. If you think you cannot afford to do that look at do every day. For all the people who wanted beer sales at games, give up one beer a week and you will have nearly $300.00 after a year to donate. If you smoke cutting back one pack a week and setting that aside would lead to a donation of nearly $700.00 (this is based upon $13.00 a pack in New York City, which I believe is low) a year, and you would be healthier. https://ubfoundation.buffalo.edu/giving/index.php?&custom=0581