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    well this is good at least. Will be tough to draw him away from these big schools I feel like.
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    That would be not smart on his behalf. Bc then he’d have to sit out a year. And sitting out at his age is detrimental to his growth and nba proscpects.
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    Could help the other way too with a p5 player not getting any minutes they expected/were promised to transfer to a mid major to start
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    Nice to know we’re still making a list like this
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    I feel like if they were going to we would have heard by now. Not that it means a lot but I do like what they’ve been saying on social media lately. Segu and Williams called next year a revenge tour, Mballa and Nickelberry working out together in Florida, Graves looking to get feedback from NBA scouts. It looks like they’re taking things more seriously than before at least.
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    Box out?!? Yassin was fouled, watch 33 barrel down the lane and push him off of his line - still bothers me - I remember how silent and down I felt at Blondies that day...
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    For years I have read here what people think different coaches should be doing in connection with different personnel in a variety of different sports. I think John Feinstein summarizes my thoughts on these posts. For those of you who do not remember Terry Holland he was head basketball coach at Virginia.
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    I wish people in general would stop looking at rankings and how many stars a player has. That’s so irrelevant by the time practice begins and when games come around. We see it every year, 3, 4, 5 star guys who have trouble adjusting to D-1 basketball. It’s often times those 2 star players who rise up in mid major basketball and perform the best.
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    Well good for him then. Seems like a hell of a player and he deserves a chance to at least play in the tournament once. I want to root for him, just not in the MAC lol
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    The BG forums called this early in the year and as @Kevin mentioned in another thread they essentially treated Turner as a senior on Senior Night in the Stroh Center
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    He can definitely start for a lot of those teams. And if they are really interested that tells me that these teams don’t just plan to bury him on the bench.
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    Let’s go get him lol
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    I'm not a BG fan, but I remember a few years back when a Ball State player killed himself during the season. Not saying this was an issue for Frye, as I have no idea. Just saying that a guy taking time off for his mental health (if that's what happened) is fine with me. This kid should not be stigmatized or made fun of. That's warped, in my opinion. I raised a son with a mood disorder, and I can tell you that it's pretty serious business. If you think being depressed is just someone being a baby, you are dangerously wrong. Sorry for crashing your board with my sermons. I sometimes come on other MAC boards to see what's up, and I was really upset by some of the comments that I saw here. I don't know if a sports message board is a place where it's possible to get people thinking about their attitudes, but I had to try. Peace, and I will leave you Bulls to yourselves.
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    No one has any idea what is going on in Frye's life. You don't have enough information to call him a prima donna. And anyone who heckles him is a complete jerk, in my opinion. If his short leave of absence has anything to do with a mental health or emotional issue, then that's really a great response to try to demean him. I'm really blown away by the cruelty, immaturity, and lack of class shown by a few people on this board. Sorry if your dreams of your team winning the conference tournament just took a blow, but this is a human being we're talking about. I'm happy for you if you had everything figured out at age 22. Not everyone does.
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