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    Committed. Good scoop @trueblue32 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwh35s0BjT_
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    Our search wasn't the disaster that St. John's is in the midst of, but I would argue it was poorly executed. We hired an internal candidate after a significant delay. Our recruiting class bailed during this transition- aside from Andre Allen, the decisions were announced deliberately, well into the search. A more decisive move to ensure continuity (Whitesell or He Who Won't Be Named) may have prevented some of the defections. Our coaching hire was announced on the Saturday of the Final Four. The press conference was Monday. This prevented any appreciable networking/interviewing of assistant coaches at the prime event for such wheeling and dealing each year. As such, we are still down an assistant coach, and just hired our second. It also prevented us from regaining any recruiting momentum (hired during a dead period). Lastly, we wasted resources hiring a search firm only to select an internal candidate. This, alone, is damning. IMO, the decision (internal vs. external) needed to have been made months prior. Oats was walking- we all listened to "Gonzaga of the East" but he always added "leave for stupid money." Stupid money was surely coming this off-season. ADMA was not prepared. Love that Whitesell has the support of our returning players. I will accept the supposition that he is a superior basketball mind to Hodgson. Time will tell if he was the right selection. But the coaching search was poorly executed and cost us precious momentum, even if he ultimately proves to be the right man for the job.
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    I'm confused. I thought the coaches were just sitting on their hands doing nothing for the last 10 days.
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    This might classify as that journalistic info that has pissed people off today lol
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    Another productive discussion about the thread topic at ubfan.com 🙂
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    I don't see how anything Kevin has said in this thread could come off as confusing in any way.
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    Reminds me of Jeremy Harris numbers. Bigger body too.
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    You and about 90% of the board, but, understandable.
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    Jim has been the guy who has worked with the Bigs, while Jamie worked with the guards. He clearly sees the hole and is trying to plug it with some big bodies. There's no reason why any of our recruiting should ever be to "aim low" at this point. They should shoot for the types of players that they are looking for in as high of quality as possible. This is a team that's been to the tourney 4 out of 5 years, so even with a new head coach, the goal should still be the same. Incoming players should see the opportunity to continue being tourney bound when they get considered for a spot here.
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    Agreed. Would love to land these two to shore up our front court for next year and the future. Combo forward (Agee or Rojas, for example). Athletic wing guard. PG or combo, preferably an incoming freshman to develop behind Jordan/Segu.
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    Apologies for the side topic, but I have never understood the reason for locking any thread. IMO, fan boards should be open to all opinions. For example, my recent continuation of the original ‘operation 6000’ thread posted years ago. Back to this thread... That’s the root of my recent discussion with Kevin. Readers don’t know where his option ends, and where the facts begin. Being a fan board, I take all comments as opinion. But, he defends them as fact. I don’t know if he is Kevin the poster, or Kevin the media.
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    Just your average day on UB fan 😌
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    I disagree. The search wasn't bad. No one in the college basketball world is talking about the search. People are talking about the others in a negative way. We were antsy and bought a line that the players were going to transfer out if we didn't have a knee jerk reaction to Oats leaving. We took the time to perform due diligence and we didn't lose the players. The players at UB are committed to UB. That is drastically different than Nevada or UMKC where they have one player on the roster after everyone is transferring out. If you want to convince yourself that it is bad because you didn't get your way, that's fine. I can't make you think otherwise. That's like when my son says "I don't like this and I don't want to eat it. It is the worst." But he tries it and likes it and is too proud to admit it...
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    In case you want some UB BB talk because you miss it: http://www.sportsradio1270.com/2019/04/16/interviews-the-jerry-sullivan-show_041619/
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    After paying attention to other coaching searches, I can say that the coaching search wasn't done poorly. UCLA and St. John's are two of the worst this season. This board made it out to be bad, but UB did a pretty good job with it and it probably took longer simply because they were ambitious but it didn't have the chaos of these other searches with the public offers and coaches turning down the jobs which is embarrassing for a program.
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    I'd love to see Agee back in the fold. I was really impressed with his reel when we first started to recruit him and was surprised when our recruitment seemed to go cold. As someone else said, land 2 of 3 between Nickleberry/Skogman/White and our post game should be pretty solid immediately. If Agee fills the final spot I'd be real happy. As for Nickleberry, hard not to see comparisons to Jeremy Harris in his game. He looks like a good stretch 4 replacement for Harris.
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    The difference was that White knew that Hurley was leaving. it was just a question of where he was going to go. Alnutt did not know Oats was leaving because neither nor anyone else saw Alabama coming in with stupid money.
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    What you have presented are basically the points I have been making, so I agree with you -- especially the poorly executed part and the internal v external part. Previously I made a comment about how White had many conversations with Oats prior to Hurley's leaving...and was very comfortable with making Oats the coach very quickly. I inferred from the current AD's comments about hiring Whitesell that he, perhaps, didn't have anywhere close to the level of conversations with Whitesell (or BH) though he had been on the job about a year AND knew Oats would be an attractive get. It reeked of being not as prepared as he needed to be for this situation. I got told I know nothing about how basketball hiring works and that I should cut the AD slack since he was a football guy!
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    Looking like UB filled the Center position in a big way, an ex-Oral Roberts 10PPG who transferred to Clemson. Looks like he'll be spending his final year starting at center for UB. https://247sports.com/Player/Javan-White-46055000/ http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/3913224/javan-white
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    Crazy story, maybe a fluke thing? especially for a healthy guy. I mean Poke for Akron had the same thing happen but not as bad as this. Man the way he hits the three and can play reminds me of the Hauser brothers
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    Interesting, so he can at least hit an outside shot if the chance comes to him. Kinda has an odd bit of Idbihi feel to his shot lol. Just from his quick highlight video he looks to move well. Like someone else said, kind of more polished version of Ikenna which would be perfectly fine.
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    Yeah, you'll hear them reference how they “played” on their visit. It’s essentially a legal tryout to see how they fit with the squad.
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    No idea, considering we aren't even sure if Nickelberry is on a real visit or not yet, if he is, I'd say he's likely.
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    I don’t understand why people on this board thought this was the case. Just because there isn’t news leaking doesn’t mean nothing is happening.
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    Found him thru some looking at the coaches' follower lists. Was looking for info and if you look at @guitry.tv on Instagram, his story has the team and recruits playing pickup. Nickelberry has a distinct build + hairstyle.
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    Hopefully we can get an athletic 4 like Agee to pair with these guys (if we get them or course)
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    Nice find, I'll take Skogman and White together!
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    Our bigs don’t have to hit 3s. Perkins was a bit of an anomaly, and while it was awesome that he could hit them sometimes it was frustrating not having a big under the basket
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    Why was this thread’s title changed by an admin to something completely different than the topic for which what I posted?
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    Him and Davonta can compete for worst free throw %
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    Just based off the trend of transfer players, they tend to commit pretty quick to whatever school they either visit or show interest in, we could very well land him. Who knows.
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    Same here. I don’t understand what the issue is
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    I actually looked at this yesterday, since 2008 only 4.3% of participants have been drafted. On average those players are mid second round picks (43.667). I also see very little correlation between production per minute in the tournament and odds of getting drafted. So I'd say this has a mostly negligible effect on anyone's draft stock.
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    Shoulda been locked like everything else you don’t want discussed.
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    If you are confused by anything topic related and it has to do with a "report" or "opinion", please feel free to PM me at any point. No reason to take over the JUCO thread by your confusion of my posts.
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    The content is welcomed, not annoying. The attitude that you are better than all other fan board posters is annoying. Like I said, reflect on the similarities to the football sidelines. I’m finished here.
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    None of UB's players have any draft stock. CJ is the closest, but still isn't really on the draft radar in general. As best he and maybe Perk and/or Harris will be signed to play for an NBA team in the G League. Most likely they all end up with good gigs overseas.
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    I feel terrible but I was telling recruits how great Alabama is. Should I report myself to the NCAA to remove my guilt.
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    I trust verbal commits more with their info. He’s listed as a 2 star there. Often players will say they were offered a scholarship when a team merely shows interest in them but have not actually offered a scholarship. Verbal Commits lists the schools that have actually offered, not just shown interest Regardless, still a good signing for Ohio. Continued radio silence from UB, it’s getting concerning considering it would seem we haven’t even offered any scholarships. Concerning to say the least
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    Ohio just lost two players who are top quality transfers themselves. So the way I see it is this just replaces them. Either way quality gets for Boals. Already hitting the ground running. Could be a team to fear in the coming years. Their outlook has been accelerated no doubt. But then again if Boals wins right away he’ll be gone. #midmajorlife
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    Totally agree.
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    For the record, I’m on record as saying next season if we had Oats and this recruiting class we’d be lucky if we received votes in the pre-season top 25. I’m on record as saying next season there would be a drop off compared to this season but that drop off would be we’d still be right there to win the MAC and make the big dance. And yes the whole Gonzaga of the East talk I bought into with the understanding that it wasn’t going to happen overnight and in 4 years. Gonzaga is at the point where they are in recruiting battles with Duke and Kentucky for players. We weren’t there yet. Alabama right now as crappy as they have been is in recruiting battles with top schools. See Trendon Watford. That’s the whole point we are making...to compete in the SEC you have to raise the talent level of your team.
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    So a month ago we're talking about being legit contenders, and the best recruits we've ever had. Now these guys, who were going to help solidify our status as perennial contenders (and maybe bring us to the next level!) are sitting the bench at a school that didn't make the tournament. Yea, probably some sour grapes there from us.
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    Wouldn’t have it any other way. Personally I hope we play Xavier, Florida, UCONN and Miami. I know in that tournament we can only at best get 3 of those 4 but I believe we can schedule the odd team out as part of non conference schedule.
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    To be fair TT has made almost every player look bad. The best player against TT was Perkins in the tournament. That is something. I still don’t think Perkins has quite enough to play In the NBA but he might be really really good in Europe. Also great job by Perkins and CJ participating in the Final Four event. That’s good publicity for them and the school.
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    1. Considering what others have written, it seems clear that "those players" means "those players that I spoke with" (and not necessarily a team meeting with all the players). 2. It is a week late. This is 100% a CYA thing. Whether he had to be convinced to do this -- who knows. 3. How else is Alnutt supposed to respond to a tweet like that? He has to be appreciative in public, of course. It is part of the job. I hope this ends the discussion about Oats and we can move on. For me, I liked the guy. I thought he was a breath of fresh air. A straight shooter. He seemed humble...even a bit of an "aw shucks" sort of guy at times. But this past week has shown me he was more of a wolf in sheep's clothing. I guess part of it had to be an act, so the fact I didn't really catch it was me being naive. Even if Oats left and did it the right way, I probably would still follow him on Twitter and root for him to be successful. But regardless of how many retweet his week-late message or say "thanks, coach" in a tweet, he's really just burned his bridge (and BH poured some more gas on it). So...good riddance. And, of course, an "unfollow" on Twitter. Go Bulls...next coach in.
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    Because it's UB's lot in life, to be a stepping stone program. And as long as we're all being honest about it that's fine. But Oats was really spinning yarns about staying until that "dream job" opened up. And I assumed "dream job" meant a blue blood program or UW or Marquette, someplace near his home. And even then, I understand. You don't sneeze at $2.4MM/yr and the chance to run a P5 program. But is ghosting the school, fans and players the way to go about it? Like ButlerAlumDad said, you can leave with class or you can leave like you are escaping a hostage situation. I thought better of him.
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    Lol. I want whatever gets us in the tourney every year. Especially after our 5 seniors are gone. Next year we will take a step back, how big a step depends on the talent we have coming in and how they all gel with each other.
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