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    Buffalo: Fun game we had last year! Syracuse: Time to go back to losing, SUNYbros. We have an opening in the dome on X, Y, and Z. Buffalo: Loser travels, we're free in Alumni Arena around your schedule. Syracuse has left the chat
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    Tyree has looked horrible in camp and the preseason. As I said when he declared, someone fed him bad info, and he should have stayed.
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    I suspect there's some funky numbers in northwest Ohio. I find it odd that Toledo outdraws CMU and BG is around CMU's attendance. Especially given BG's fall over the past few years. That being said, it's terrible that UB WBB does not draw a larger crowd. The crowd (butts in seats) has grown exponentially over the past 5 or so years. But we are spoiled with Coach Jack, and quite frankly on borrowed time. She was reportedly offered the Penn State job, and there's no doubt in my mind that if she wanted to she could get paid more. I had zero interest in women's basketball (or men's basketball to be honest) before UB, and I now find myself driving to Storrs and Albany to watch NCAA tournament games. Go watch this team, you will not be disappointed.
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    I'd rather go off on a usher. After all they're the ones that set the ticket sale capacity, control the refund policy, and all of that stuff. I think it's also locals not knowing/expecting what's coming. GA tickets are becoming common in MLB stadiums and some other pro sports, in addition to their popularity in college sports. Maybe sell a fixed number of GA tickets and then specifically sell standing room only tickets. GA tells me "if you want a good seat, come early", SRO tells me "I might be watching the back of somebody's head for half the game if I arrive late".
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    Times have been released for the James Naismith Classic. Buffalo in the undercard. The arena is only going to open the lower level so seating will be reduced and might drive up demand. James Naismith Classic Please Note: Net Capacity: 10,686 As a security measure, NO RE-ENTRY IS PERMITTED after you have exited the Scotiabank Arena gates. Single ticket admission for all three games. Game times are subject to broadcast scheduling and are still to be determined. MATCHUPS: Buffalo Bulls v. Harvard Crimson 2:30 PM Tennessee Volunteers v. Washington Huskies 5:00 PM Rutgers Scarlet Knights v. St. Bonaventure Bonnies 7:30PM https://www1.ticketmaster.com/james-naismith-classic/event/100056A9A1C12568
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    The students today do not come close to what my friends did in the 70s. They would bring a keg into Rotary Field. If anything was left we would finish off in Goodyear and then head out for the night for some more.
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    Yes, 2248 to 2107. Just barely beat Kent St too, as they had 2242. Only Toledo’s 3728 was higher than UB.
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    I’m hoping for the best too but I think we return less starters on defense than we do on offense this year which could be rough. I think if we have a successful year it’s going to be driven by our experience and talent at o-line and the RBs just going off
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    Zach Filzen was highly underrated
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    Schedule is shaping up nicely. I still don't see Syracuse! Love that they are scared to play us.
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    If you download the app you get free articles.
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    Segu has turned in to quite the recruiter for Buffalo. He seems to have lots of connections on the AAU circuit and has lobbied hard for them to join him at UB. That shows me how badly he wants to win and how much he believes in this program and this coaching staff. I also see a big jump in production from Segu this year. He appears to have put on some weight and I expect big things from him on the court this year.
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    A winning culture and program needs to be consistent and over a long period of time. Lets keep to momentum going that Hurley and Oats built, if so we can turn this program into the powerhouse we all want it to be, but it needs to happen consistently and over a longer window.
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    No doubt, this coaching staff has done a phenomenal job replacing the recruits we lost. Honestly, I am more excited to watch this team play for Whitesell than I was for the class Oats had coming in, especially if Mballa is granted his waiver! This class is long and athletic. Its going to be another great season for us Bulls fans. I applaud this coaching staff!
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    #1 RB in Pennsylvania. That is accurate! We saw him play in the PIAA playoffs at Liberty HS in Allentown and the St. Joes Prep team is operated like a college program. Not only do they play in the tough Philly Catholic League but also schedule one or two national opponents per season. They play in the 6A largest school classification and won 4 of the last 6 state championships. Burrell is the real deal. This is a great pickup for the Bulls.
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    8 MWC, 7 MAC , 7 AAC, 7 CUSA, 4 Sun Belt, Palm is quite positive toward the non-power conferences. I would take Shreveport/BC/nice payout, over other projections that have us going to Boise or another Alabama bowl, against less exciting opponents.
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    if this list was ranking teams of the last 6 years, then yeah UB would be ahead, but, Kent State long term has been way more successful than UB. Anyone with a quarter of a brain would know it.
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    That would cause problems with paying the debt service on the Murchie Fieldhouse. Approval from Albany was based upon using the football paydays,at the going rate, to pay off the loans used to build it.
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