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    We shot 46.2%. Looks as if I am the next best basketball analyst. Give me all your money. I will return a profit. Just Kidding. I have no idea what I am talking about.
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    John Groce is the biggest prick coach in the league. From Ohio to Akron same shit different day.
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    I think whether this team is great or not will be determined at seasons end. If we win the Mac regular season crown, Mac tourney and get back to the big dance and win a game or two then the season is a success and no one will remember if we were 16-2 or 15-3 in the regular season. Depending on how far we go in the post season no one will remember if we beat Akron by 1 or 13. The goals right now are to win by any means and continue to get better. Continue to correct our mistakes and trend upwards to then be at peak performance in March. I can’t emphasize enough that 2 wins this week on the road will be a huge statement. The bigger the margin of victory the more impressive sure. But I’m not gonna say we must win by a certain a number or else. Let’s just win.
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    Call me crazy but instead of artificial noise how about the band step up and play some stuff other than the fight song. The dazzlers can dazzle to the current hip hop instrumentals. Keep a college atmosphere a college atmosphere.
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    If we eek out 10 more wins, we'll be a bad MAC champ and 16 more wins, we'll be a bad national champion. I'll take it.
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    Well we went from beating teams by 30 to eeking out wins. All while shooting poorly and turning the ball over a lot. That's a bad 21-3.
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    I didn't know that there was such a thing as a "bad 21-3" when you've played against as many solid to strong opponents as we've had, most of which were on the road. In year's past, we were clamoring for 20 wins seasons once all of the games are played. Now we've got 10 or so games left and we're talking about "bad 21-3". That's silly.
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    A bad 21-3!!!!! In all the years of supporting UB basketball we should be jumping for joy at a 21-3 record. The excitement and the success this team has brought to our area is beyond anything we could have imagined. The number of fans supporting and talking proud is off the charts. Let’s enjoy the ride and not blow things out of perspective. Go Bulls!!!!!
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    Just remembered that was Akron's first home conference loss
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    Take your arguments elsewhere we have a game to watch. we have these late stretches where we slow down and go iso. Gotta keep to our game, slow isn’t the way we roll...
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    I don’t understand why we don’t have Perkins post up. He’s just hanging out on top of the 3pt line. GET HIM THE BALL INSIDE
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    We'll just have to fill the void. Frankly UBfan has been livelier than BullRun of late.
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    Tweet from Jackson Hoy, @JHoyNBA, who is based in Lawrence, Kansas and LA. He is an NBA draft guru. Here’s his tweet, “Is there a better defensive backcourt in the nation than Buffalo? Michigan would be up there for sure, but Jordan/Graves/Massinburg/Caruthers is a murderers row. Not sure Jordan Poole and Eli Brooks are on that level, as good as Simpson and Matthews are.” Nice praise! Now let’s get these guys and their teammates playing that level of defense starting tomorrow night.
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    Yup, it was fun being ranked all year. Extremely fun, but whether they are 23 or 26 this week, the 2 games in front of us and how we look are what matters.
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    We shouldn't overthink this (watch the whole thing...it could fit in a 2 minute break). It is the George Mason band.
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    Wasn't the beginning of the season when people were saying that we have to play better and they when we do we will be much better?
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    I can live with rap. I don't like it but I understand that the players are young and like it, as well as the students. Vulgarity should NEVER be played during the games.
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    I'm certain that he can do it. He has made some big 3s throughout the year, but the FTs have been a problem all season. Additionally, Kudos to Nate and staff for the benching of Perk. I'm not sure what happened, but obviously it warranted punishment. I'm sure that he looked down the bench at times during that first half when the team was struggling and wanted to put him in, but they stuck to their guns and held him out. The staff has been great all season long and I most assuredly am behind them and their process. Additionally, great win by the women today! Congrats to FLJ and staff. HUGE game next Saturday. I hope that people come out to watch that one...2 top 25 RPI teams!
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    We've had some big tests this season with varying results: USF (neutral) - W Syracuse (road) - W Marquette (road) - L BGSU (road) - L Toledo (road) - ??? I think we're due for a string of W's here to end out MAC play. This is our last chance at a Q1 win, an important game to maintain our chance at a regular season title (BG looking strong but Toledo has an easier schedule down the stretch). A win would be huge for "righting the ship", voter confidence, at-large standings, MACC (regular season/tournament) seeding. Toledo is a team of players that can stroke it when they're hot but get frustrated when they're not. We need to defend their scorers well and challenge Knapke inside with some double-team help when appropriate. Toledo's defense doesn't pose much of a threat so offensive efficiency should come down to focus and smart decisions. Let's let the defense power the offense like we've seen it do in our best performances, I want to see us hold this team under 75pts. FTs FTs FTs Most importantly, if we win on Friday, I book my lodging in Cleveland! GO BULLS
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    Poor court awareness. You should never be near the center court line or caught in one of the four corners in frontcourt while other team pressing.
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    Ok, now I can exhale. Thank you Dontay.
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    From as bad as they've played all year to maybe as good as they've played. What a rollercoaster of a game.
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    Stood in a food line at the student union today behind Segu and Bertram. Overheard them talking about one of our offers telling them they were going to verbally commit soon, have no clue as to who but it’s exciting nonetheless