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  1. Yeah. You need to be a qualifier (not sure how you do that) to be able to leave and play immediately as a Sophmore (like Cadwell). He's top 10 in scoring and top 30 in rebounding in all of JUCO. If he was eligible for 2019, he'd be top 10 on every list. It gets pretty confusing I think.
  2. Verbal Commits call him a 2020 player, I'm not sure if he'd be granted a freshman JUCO qualifier (I think that's based on grades). They could be look at him for next year too
  3. no.... only in situations where the player has to sit a year first, like Gabe Grant and Antwain Johnson
  4. Sorry, I meant Marco Anthony. The staff is really taking its time with the final 2 spots, especially after Savion
  5. The staff has for sure made it known that they want bigs. When I asked about Marco, I was told "he's a good player, but we need bigs:.
  6. I was just told from the staff “he’s a 2 or 3, he’s very good”. so take that for what it’s worth
  7. He told us that he put about 100k into it with repairs and getting it back up to where to where it was, we were supposed to get an invite over this summer, but toss it in with Coach B's lip service. I'm sure Bama bad relocation and will pick up the selling fees. If it sells for 1.3 or close to it, Oats made 200K+ on that on the way out, a nice bonus again. Buffalo was sure good to him
  8. Can confirm that UB is working hard on Marco.
  9. He sure does. It's like an extra year of high-school. It's sticky though because you generally have 5 years to play 4. I think RS becomes weird as he reaches the end of his tenure. That's always been a fine line.
  10. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/essam-mostafa VC has botched this profile pretty bad. 4 star ESPN and not ranked elsewhere. He is still behind Skogman though. I know this thread is about Zed though.
  11. I think VC is crawling some bad data from ESPN who has him as a 3 star 70 ranked. He's behind Skogman .
  12. Signed. This one was obvious after his full on shoot that he posted to his snapchat. He didnt even take the Youngstown State visit.
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