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  1. You can check out the team's summer update here. We have included all the news and lineup notes from inside the team https://www.trainwrecksports.com/single-post/2019/08/30/UB-Basketball-Continues-to-Impress
  2. I always win these do to my girth, so I don't enter them anymore
  3. Nickleberry's spot is rock solid in the lineup. Williams will have to push Hardnett to the bench, which I dont see. I think he's the team's 6 man this year.
  4. A few more weeks on that.
  5. I can confirm that Harnett has committed to UB. Their 4th best recruit of all time, tied with his running mate, Skogman
  6. Who said he can't hit that J?????? He knocks a few down
  7. I saw them at the Maid of the Mist, which is usually a closing technique. With Pitt pilling their offer, I firmly believe UB is going to sign John.
  8. My problem with that is that everyone has players not rated/counting, even though they should be. You can't assume UB is the only team who grabbed transfer/JUCO 3 stars.... every single competitive team did.
  9. John will be on a visit to UB from Sunday - Tuesday.
  10. We should talk about Nigel John in this thread. Anyways, a really good final player who'd be eligible immediately. He decommited from Washington State and has a TON of potential
  11. He's allowed to recruit via social media. There would be no violation. He's one of UB's allocated spots.
  12. Looked like the rumors were true on Mballa!
  13. Yeah, I'd assume we were in on John, but he was offered and is visiting PIT. I'd assume that'd be tough to beat.
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