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  1. Nope. Not a sick burn. I'm waiting for you to post anything negative about basketball that you've said. I'm sure you'll try to find something. I'm on local (hmm) air waves weekly talking positive about this program. Don't get it twisted. I come to these sites to try to talk about in-depth problems I see with this team/coaching because I expect to have a conversation from the perceived "best" and not have it hijacked by personal call outs. The one by @dutchcountry7 about Hodgson is just funny and wrong. I know I live rent free in your mind with the 2014 and 2015 takes, but I'm not responding to you and your personal attacks anymore. Good day.
  2. Full clown mode is having a discussion about the current head coach of the team after a bad opening home MAC loss? Yeah, makes sense. Completely on brand for UBPositiveOnlyRun.com
  3. That's fine. I agree with some of those points. My questions are this though: do you feel comfortable about this team in March?
  4. You sited a random post from 2015 again. One that really wasn't that bad. If it read "Nate Oats sucked, I can't believe we hired that guy, we should have hired Bryan Hodgson" then sure. It didn't.
  5. Did I say that he shouldn't have been hired? I said he hasn't been great thus far. Is that wrong? I said Grant wasn't good and he ended up getting his minutes almost removed. Was that wrong? We are allowed to discuss the current coach, of this current basketball team, through his first half of a season. We are using posts in from 2015 to try to prove a point, 5 years ago. Don't talk to me about "decade ago". Also, you have to let Bryan Hodgson go. I enjoy the work he did on the recruiting end, but I am not indebted to him. I was not interested in hiring him as the coach of this team. I wanted a P5 assistant outside of the program.
  6. Saying, long year ahead, I guess I haven't accepted that yet, isn't really that big of a comment. Also, pretty hypocritical to want to talk "basketball" when you and your site and your new cronies here, all blocked me on social media. So I did the same so you couldn't subtweet my stuff. Get out of here with just "basketball". You only pop on to threads either A) I'm in or B) I start Good try.
  7. You are completely off base, my guy. Go check my threads from the search on Coach B. We had one labeled "who is coach B employed by", one in which I sounded off on him for recruiting for Alabama. I'd appreciate you having facts (what you accused me of not having) before making random assumptions like that. "the work by the staff" is what we are discussing here, hence the point of this topic. Once again, it's not about your fake assumptions on "my boy".
  8. I just don't get the "rebuilding" argument. This coach, was hired, mostly because he was able to keep this team together and not lose any of the core that was built. The last I checked, Segu, Williams, Johnson, Graves, Jordan, and to a lesser degree Fagan, Brock, and Grant were all here working with Whitesell last season and growing with the team. This isn't a rebuild of failure which everyone was fired for underperforming. This was a promotion for a coach because of success. That's why he got this job. CONTINUITY and KNOWLEDGE of the team that's in place. He sure didn't get the job selling it as a rebuild to Alnutt. But now we want it both ways where it's now a "rebuild" when it isn't going to plan. This team is coming off back to back seasons winning a game in the tournament and posting their best seasons ever. Teams like EMU and Miami lose like 3 starters to transfers every year, while keeping their coaches. This is rebuilding. No one wants to stay or play for these teams.
  9. I have no idea what you are even talking about now. Who is my boy? I'd prefer we stick to the topic, Jim Whitesell coaching UB in year 1 so far. Not my boy (not sure if you are talking about coach B or Oats or someone else here) or Mosher vs Whitesell. It was one blurb at the beginning of this post.
  10. He has been let go and they will not be looking for a replacement in season
  11. A rebuilding team that took his team to the final four? Lol ok. We can call making the final four lucky in order to try to prove our points back, I guess. What season am I ignoring? I ignored zero seasons. I said since 2014 and nothing about that is incorrect. Also, yes UB's recruiting coach and coordinator found and offered their current recruits. That's his job, that's what he's supposed to do. You are also still trying your best to take one sentence about his .500 program from 20 years ago, in which I called him their Reggie, to invalidate the rest of the post, which was the most important part of this discussion. You know since this is a UB board and all.
  12. They beat Ball State by 12. They've lost once or twice since those and are in good shape, I mean they made the final four two years ago. It wasn't a comparison with the current UB team more than the current accomplishments of Loyola to when he had them. They are 89-50 under Porter since 2014.
  13. I think I agree with most of that if the previous coach was fired or unsuccessful. Whitesell was here working with these exact 9 players last year who are now getting minutes (minus Mballa). The coach brought in P5 level recruits (Graves/Jordan/Williams/Segu) and was promoted to P5 with his ability to use his MAC level players and recruit. Chemistry and roster was the reason the coach was selected.
  14. Why am I a hack? Also, Maybe I am Bryan's burner account.
  15. It should read CURRENT. I edited it. Though, I'm assuming you knew that but decided to knock it anyways. The rest of the post still holds true.
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