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  1. I figured we would have a long chat in here instead of game chats. Let's pick up the conversation on better conferences/Donors/Oats as a coach here. I personally think he loves it here. He makes sure to say that. My biggest point is this: anyone can recruit with a big conference/name. His job becomes so much harder in the P5 not to mention one key factor - will Power 5 teams agree with the aggressive route of growing through JUCO? It's very faux pas and only fits a certain mold. I think Oats can build up the Gonzaga of the East and sell out 6-7k seats per game getting high major JUCO recruits and 1-2 high HS players each season. Athletic Article here - https://theathletic.com/762393/2019/01/16/nate-oats-future-is-tbd-but-the-buffalo-coachs-present-is-pretty-great/
  2. Kevin

    MAC Power Rankings: Week 2

    CBSSN could be 7-0 vs 7-0 too. Wiggins leads NCAA in rebounding and BG leads the nation. Interesting, need a high shooting percentage in that one.
  3. Week 2 power rankings. BG/NIU/CMU hold strong and Toledo surges with a few low wins. https://www.trainwrecksports.com/single-post/2019/01/16/MAC-Power-Rankings-Week-2
  4. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Woof. Metaphors. You get the point. This was a really poorly officiated game. Hawkins was at half court yelling at the officials, Oats had already gotten T'd up for similar. Flowers was taunting and pointing at Caruthers the whole way down the court at one point (Theo John was T'd up for less). They decided randomly when they were going to call soft contact or not. That travel on McRae was miserable (they then didn't call it on a WMU three that got Oats T'd up). They evened out the foul count and the game favored UB. Even WMU people at the game mentioned the very poor performance from this nickel-dimer crew.
  5. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Agreed. The refs showed that they can easily take over a game. that's what happens when you go 8-3 in fouls to start a game.
  6. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    88-79, fine down the stretch because we outworked them but man, that was a bad defensive game.
  7. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    UB just unable to play and defense. Tied 62-62 with 11:35.
  8. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    That's not a T for Flowers pointing at Dontay the whole way down the floor?
  9. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    No, it was the one Davis hit after a travel, but he was arguing that they called it on McRae.
  10. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Oats fell to the ground after a travel on that three
  11. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    UB hasn't scored in 4 minutes. Down 33-22
  12. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Brutal start. Down 26-22 with 7:42 left. UB has 7 fouls already
  13. Kevin

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    According to team sources, they could be cautious with Perkins based on warmups tonight.
  14. Kevin

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    We went 0-3 here, plus WVU's downfall. That would have been actually a killer loss, thank god we won in OT.
  15. Kevin

    MAC Power Rankings: Week 1

    My probable update going into game 4 and completing week 2: Tier 1: Buffalo Tier 2: Eastern Michigan Toledo Kent State Bowling Green Tier 3: Ball State Akron Central Michigan Northern Illinois Tier 4: Ohio Miami Western Michigan