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  1. PG) Davonta Jordan/Antwain Johnson/Ronaldo Segu SG) Jayvon Graves/Durey Cadwell/Noah Williams W) James Rojas/Gabe Grant F) Jeenathan Williams/Tra'von Fagan F) Andre Allen/Brock Bertram/Open (Hawkins?) Another really deep basketball team. Do we get transfers? Does the last spot go to Hawkins. For now, here is the roster that you will be seeing in October next year.
  2. This. The sooner this is recognized the better. Any frustration out of us is due to this underlying fact. It's great to be a top 25 program, but can we take that step to be top 16? I think this is what some of the fans want to see.
  3. Ah, this was a BB thing, I knew it had an underlying meaning. I knocked him for tattle telling on other members of this community for petty things when I’ve personally had conversations with compliance that it’s not a big deal I don’t want you to appreciate anything, I don’t care about you but at the same time, I don’t post that you should be banned for having a different opinion than me.
  4. lol, I can’t win. I get accused by the local media for being a Pom-Pom waver and by you as too negative. Have you read or listened to any of my stuff? If not, I’d appreciate you not commenting on my style of fanhood or trying to “kick out” one of the most active members of this board. That’s middle school of you to want someone to leave because they have a different opinion. I plan to stay credentialed for this team, I’m sorry if you don’t like my opinions, but many do. The team has told me to my face they like the coverage I give to the program. I’ve personally turned 100s on to this program over the last few years. Message boards are here for our live thoughts and don’t need your approval or audits before posting.
  5. LOL very important? I'll argue that all day, but no use (Perkins was also in). Roll Jeenathan, loved the minutes he gave.
  6. He listened, and a great foul too. Run Jeenthan all game for the experience.
  7. 13-3 in rebounds. We aren't going to win like that. It needs to change, now.
  8. Try Jeenathan or guard heavy at this point, but we can't put in McRae and his defensive liability. He didn't switch causing a three, missed his three, can't rebound, and bobbled a ball away.
  9. Please leave McRae out the entire game. I'd rather play all guards then put him in again.
  10. Yeah, really could take anyone, locals, underdog fans, or just people who like offense.
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