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  1. We aren't sure if he would be a grad transfer like Turner or not though
  2. Agreed. So my worry is/was that Graves will do the same after returning from the NBA draft process.
  3. He’s done this with a few teams, VCU and RI as well. but I love guys who increase FG% like he has. I’d love this addition
  4. I like looking local. He didn't "light up JuCo" by any stretch, but I hope he grew a lot off the court. Goodnews wasn't ranked, and Malik was in the honorable mention. We are normally used top 40 Juco players but we will have to see what happens.
  5. Hopefully this isnt a bigger sign of more stuff to happen. Good luck to Graves! Hopefully he comes back if the NBA doesn't work out.
  6. I'd assume those are all very good signs.
  7. Digging really deep into the JuCo ranks
  8. As I've been explained recruiting, the closer to the offer we are, the more likely we are to have a verbal commit. As we get further away, it's less likely the player commits to your school. Let's hope we hear something soon.
  9. Safe to say, that this is good news
  10. Wouldn't expect much from him. He wasn't very good at SU. I wouldn't imagine using a spot on him at this point.
  11. That's weird. Why? I'd rather not lose at home to one of the worst ranked teams in the country. They were also 6-5 at home during MAC play. That's the main home number I care about. Also, we have discussed ad nauseam (below) what the fair exceptions were and this got derailed because apparently this said recruit was busy looking at the criticism of sleepy Jim in the other thread.
  12. Correct. If they would have won 2 of the 7 home losses(Akron + NIU/BG/KENT) they would have been the 1 seed, NIT bid, and no Miami. winning 2 of 7 and going 12-5 at home is NOT much to ask for. They went two years without losing. In fact 12-5 is an average MAC home record. In fact UB was better on road/neutral floor than they were in their own college gym. Astonishing.
  13. We won 20 games (and couldn't make the top 8), calm down. Recruits check the message board and decommit when reading the Whitesell thread
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