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  1. verandaman

    Miami OH beats Ohio

    Agree! UB will win the MAC East; I think they will match up well against NIU...(think WMU is toast). Bowl game could be a lot of fun...would love the Frisco Bowl against Houston!
  2. verandaman

    Checking in on Drew Anderson

    Yabba dabba, way to go Drew. Good on you!
  3. verandaman

    Homecoming Game - Akron

    From one who was there to witness Brooklyn do a presentation...(why did you take you jacket off; the slimming effect?), the crowd was about 18K+...fun game.
  4. verandaman

    Did I miss these scheduling changes?

    Apparently I wasn't the only one... https://fbschedules.com/buffalo-host-saint-francis-u-2020-wagner-2021/ So I am presuming that UB sold out a home game versus ODU in 2020, and will play at ODU a second time in 2023, to avoid paying ODU a penalty fee; then UB will have two payday games in 2020? I know about economics...but it still sucks...an 0 and 2 with a C-USA team! Will be hard not to have a three road game OOC in 2022 or 2023. Bah! Humbug!
  5. verandaman

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    Losing doesn't normally get you votes under any circumstances. To me the bigger question is, why is North Texas getting more love than UB? Yes, they beat a bad Arkansas team...and UB beat a bad Rutgers team...the MAC needs more respect; and it will come with more UB wins!
  6. I have been working my friends for some time; a number of them have come to one or more UB games. I actually have a friend who will be with me at the Miami (OH) game and he is quite pumped to see (an undefeated???) UB and some of our highly rated players (TJ, AJ, KH...etc.). A few other friends who are NFL guys are starting to ask me about AJ and Tyree... So, "yup", even in Canada amongst football guys!
  7. verandaman

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    I agree that this IS the biggest game at UB in some time (forever?). Army will come out and do what Army does...if they run the option against UB the way they did against OU, watch out. Khalil and company will need to be on their toes. I like UB in a reasonably (?) tight game/low scoring... Fill the box and make them beat you...cover the edges!
  8. verandaman

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. Good catch from the Sentinel DC7! Tom-A-toe...Tom-a-Toe...same thing sorta; right? Right?
  9. verandaman

    Big Ten every year

    Good info DC7...thanks. I like the way you are on this.
  10. verandaman

    Checking in on Drew Anderson

    I'll be rooting for him also...good guy. Uphill battle from where he is.
  11. verandaman

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    He's busy...Victoria Secrets opened a new store in his neighborhood. Some things just supersede football for some people.
  12. I see Wagner is now listed for 2021 @ UB; St. Francis for 2020 @ UB (which had been scheduled to host ODU that date); and now ODU in 2021 instead. Maybe these were announced while I was on one of my road trips with Dar. This now has UB with three OOC home games in 2021 (Wagner, Coastal Carolina and ODU), which will offset a bit of the frustration of only one (St. Francis) OOC home game/five home games in total in 2020. https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/buffalo/ Apologies if this was noted/discussed elsewhere.