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  1. Not Dar and I....we fly to Atlanta on Thursday; then drive to Chattanooga to see the Mocs take on ETSU that night; head to Atlanta on Friday for a day at the College Football Hall of Fame and Coca Cola Museums; then watch Georgia State play Army on Saturday.....when we saw Georgia State last, they played in the Georgia Dome. So this will be new seeing them at Turner Field/Georgia State Stadium. Home on Sunday. We'll be back to UB on the 26th for Central Michigan...
  2. I doubt MH55 is silent. It's more likely that he is chatting up Temple's next "victim"...
  3. GT is not very good....ugly loss to FCS - The Citadel. The Ramblin' Wreck ain't ramblin' much this year. UB a 5 point dog to Miami (OH) is interesting. Take off three for the home team, and I guess the money guys think it is going to be close with wagering on both sides. I'm surprised after UB showing out against Temple that it is a spread of 3 or less...……. Matters not. Just another UB victory straight up as a dog.....#UBhornsUp
  4. I spoke with a close relative of Zach Lefebvre this morning at our hotel in PA.....he told me that Zach was injured early second half; went to the trainers room; sprained knee (no ACL/MCL) but out for two to four weeks.....so we are down another receiver for Liberty, Temple and maybe Ohio....
  5. This was my Half Time Summary 🙂 Full game expectations were more modest.
  6. UB shocks the FBS....although, headlines say " Penn State Stumbles"...should say, " The skunk lost his hole"....UB by 3!
  7. Cam also was cut by the Bills. Bears cut Chuck Harris; Giants cut O'Hagan; Tampa cut Anthony Johnson.
  8. @UB September 2022....only home OOC game that year.
  9. Perhaps a tad early but "Winner, winner chicken dinner"
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/bowls/predictions Jerry Palm has UB bowling; always great to see/read. Interesting matchup if it came to pass.
  11. We should figure out at the Robert Morris game how to connect at Penn State...……...there will be our usual gang tailgating pre-game.
  12. $40 a ticket through UB ticket office. NLU....Dar and I will be there.
  13. Trying to figure out/guess the rest of your road trip rankings.....I am assuming PSU will be #1.....it is for Dar and I; we have already bought our tickets through UB for the game! Ready for #4 in the next day or so.....may have something to say about each and all 🙂 eh!
  14. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/college-footballs-top-60-running-backs-2019?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pick6nl20190702&spMailingID=21733249&spUserID=NTgwODMwMjM5ODk1S0&spJobID=1540112608&spReportId=MTU0MDExMjYwOAS2 Go to #47
  15. I'm with you on the MAC record.....5-3 would be good all things considered. Aside from Robert Morris, I'm not sure I like our OOC chances.....maybe Liberty, but it's a road game; Temple and Penn State (I hate to say it) look much stronger on paper. 6-6 would be a good transition year.
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