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  1. So, the updated version now shows 16 OOC games scheduled for 2020-2024 (with the addition of UMass in that window). UB now has 11 road OOC games and now two seasons when they have but one OOC home game. To put it in perspective, the marquee home games for 2020-2024 will be: 2020 - St. Francis 2021 - Coastal Carolina 2022 - unknown, yet likely an FCS team; UB has three road games at FBS stadiums scheduled now 2023 - Liberty 2024 - UMass (Bonus info 🙂 )…. 2025 - ??? 2026 - UMass 2027 - ??? 2028 - UMass Please save me any economics lessons. Anyone inspired by the scheduling job being done by UB? For comparisons sake, NIU has marquee home games: vs BYU, Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Tulsa and UMass over the same (2020-2024) period. Just saying..... I renewed my seasons and made another donation to The UB Foundation.....and I will continue to do so, God willing. But my word.....
  2. https://fbschedules.com/college-football-bowl-schedule/ Hope the Bulls get one of the Bahamas Bowl, or the Cheribundi Boca Raton Bowl....but any bowl would be good!
  3. How are things in "your" Amherst? Trust the tequila is still flowing 🙂 Always fun playing UMass. My only regret has nothing to do with UMass. Rather, it's that UB has destined itself to another 5 home games season (2022)….if you act small, you are small. No doubt I will get a lecture on economics...……..
  4. Not sure if the MAC has such a rule, but ACC does not...………..North Carolina and Wake Forest are playing an OOC game this year.
  5. From Murray State to the State of Murray...hard spot behind the #1 pick, but I hope he makes it. While Kyler has been very resilient to this point, every backup is only one injury away....
  6. Not sure what guys in rounds 4-7 get. What I do know is that if you are chosen at 103 vs not chosen, it says that someone values you more....so I am guessing that I could buy your bridge. Tyree will only see the field if some guys get hurt...….he will get slivers from his clipboard before he gets meaningful reps (short of injury time). He made a horrible decision. I'll look forward to seeing him in Canada for a cup-of-coffee. Look at who teams valued ahead of him...……….hm.m.m.m.
  7. Only 11 more chances...then Arizona will pick Mr. I....don't think after Kyler, they will go to a QB... Not sure whether guys get drafted or not...UDFA might be better.
  8. 28 more picks...then he can join Chad Kelly....Mr Irrelevant!
  9. Tyree should become the poster boy for UB's "stay in school" campaign moving forward...
  10. The muscles down low must be getting tighter...
  11. Well, Carolina got their man (Will Grier)...question now will be who is looking for a project?
  12. Great point about the bb embarrassment....but, they might want to try to cling to some vestige of pride....before a football throttling 🙂 So my guess is that they continue to dodge UB. Something about better safe than sorry... Some people go through life worrying about not losing; leaders go looking for victory!
  13. Good point...so you need to look for a P5 school that is down....how about Kansas, Oregon State, or Oklahoma (that was a joke, but I would help fill the stadium if UB ever hosted OU at RWS, or New Era, or whatever it is called). Outside the P5, UConn, Cincinnati (they are not down, but might be looking for a home and home) and Syr...oh no, they won't play UB, or Wake Forest might be a good fit. Within the G5, how about Georgia State, Georgia Southern, Try (boo-hiss), Marshall or Navy? Let's get some games booked.....
  14. It just struck me that over the next five years (2020 - 2024) UB has 14 games scheduled OOC....10 of them are road games, including next year where UB plays 3 of 4 OOC games on the road. Time for the AD to get us a home and home or two, and start to lock in some more game for UB Stadium. With only six more OOC games to be scheduled to fill that slate, I'm hoping that at least 5 of them will be @ UB...…. I hate 5 home game seasons....even if seasons tickets cost less. We sold our soul for cash in 2020....let's hope this is not a trend. Does ADMA know what he is doing with football scheduling? I don't recall anything since his appointment.
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