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  1. verandaman

    Starting QB for 2019

  2. verandaman

    KJ to the U

    You might have forgotten Oklahoma...you know the guys with back to back to back to back Big XII Championships; three CFP games in the last four years; back to back Heismans... QB U....
  3. verandaman

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Caliber of competition seems to have had an adverse affect on his play (perhaps Temple excluded...albeit, UB caught Temple at a good time). The last impression is all too vivid in my mind, whether it be in Athens, OH, Detroit, MI or Mobile, AL. The game at BGSU was fun, but a bit of a "quality" outlier.
  4. verandaman

    Starting QB for 2019

    It will be fun to get a look at them at the spring game...will Bycznski be on campus? It would be great to see a true open competition and see who rises to the occasion.
  5. verandaman

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Not sure what to expect from him if he gets a combine invitation...he won't get shorter or thinner, but not sure his wheels will impress. The world knows he can throw a long ball; it's just less clear which team will be there to receive it. He better hope that Johnson catches for him on his Pro Day...
  6. verandaman

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    If he goes pro, then lord bless 'im....he'll need it. What P5 team would want him? Seriously. He will want to play and all the marquee programs have better options than betting on a "project". I like Tyree, but sense he has been reading his own media/press clippings. His decision making has been dreadful over the last four games or more. He needs to stay put; work hard; and demonstrate better judgement. Win or lose, if he does those things he will get drafted in 2020 imo.
  7. verandaman

    Trip Booked

    Biting my tongue... Have fun!
  8. verandaman

    Mobile, AL info

    So "MobileBama08"....what time do you get off work from the Mobile Tourism Center? You are such a wealth of information...
  9. rma, you asked me about this on Friday night in Detroit. Kevin Kelly's site, fbschedules.com is my go to site....but Matt S always has some good info, including basketball. http://mattsarzsports.com/
  10. verandaman

    Bowl Games

    Mobile it is...
  11. Good to meet all of you guys at Detroit Brewing. Hokie, that trophy was excellent. Wrong team won the game, but if there was a small plus side to the entire adventure, it was meeting many more members of the board(s). Hope you all had/have a safe trip home.
  12. verandaman

    Bowl Games

    We can only hope so...
  13. Port Huron is less fuss...and the road down to Detroit isn't bad; we did it last weekend for shopping/game at BGSU. Ironically, Dar and I will do Ambassador Bridge this time (we have a hotel booked in Windsor for postgame). Easy and short run north on I-75 to Ford Field. Lots of construction around Detroit on I-75....shouldn't be an issue though.
  14. Kegs are cool...…...but some of us will be sipping "pops" at Detroit Brewing Co in any event. Party hearty....and Horns Up! Will buy you one when you show up at 1529 Broadway....
  15. Live by the V, die by the V...…………..of course that is what got us sent from Boston to Nova Scotia after the revolution......at least this time I picked the right side 🙂 I actually think I have as many or more American relatives than I do Canadian. Borders,... when it comes to friends, what borders???