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  1. BB23, any chance you were reading about the High School transfer and thought it was regarding his UB commit? I don't mean that to sound condescending. Sorry if it does.
  2. Thanks. Have to say that it troubles me that he left his team with games yet to play. But like someone else says, what's important is that he's in a UB Uni next fall.
  3. Have we seen anywhere if Paul VI was done for the year, or did he leave when they still had games left to play?
  4. Looks like a great get. Looking forward to watching him.
  5. Maybe it's the shrink. I know the trainer. Andy has been with them for quite some time.
  6. The one change that I want to see... at the end of close games, have Segu bringing the ball up. He's better at free throws than Jordan, and it would prevent the opposition from playing hack a shaq.
  7. Nope. Not Tom. He's been around for years.
  8. There's been another coach on the sidelines other than JW, AT, and JQ. A rather large gentleman. He doesn't show up on the website. Who is that?
  9. NOOOOO! I don't mind SRO if it isn't too many. Last year, we had people standing 6 deep in the end sections. Many couldn't even see the game. Couldn't walk through from one side to the other without getting your beer bumped. People with GA tickets pissing a moaning that "I paid for a seat. Why can't I sit". Don't get me wrong. It's great to sell out and have some SRO. Last year they were selling way too many tickets late in the season.
  10. Gaba started out strong with 2 very strong low post moves. Finished one with her left hand, and the second with the right. We went to her in the low post a few times after that, but she seemed to have a problem with holding on to the ball for much of the game.
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