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  1. Starting to see some Bulls gear at Wegmans on N.F. Blvd, Amherst. Not a lot, but baby steps. Also saw some at Market In The Square in NT (formerly Budweys).
  2. There's only 1 bad thing about this. UB sold extra General Admission tickets for the past few games while the students were out. When the students come back, we're likely to be turning away the general public because of saving room for the students. It would be nice if we had the room for everyone, but i fear that won't be the case. It's a good problem to have, but once you turn people away, you may not get them back. Get your tickets early. This is a fun ride to be on.
  3. ChubbyHubby

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    The problem with this is, we aren't very good at free throws (69.8%)
  4. DVR it while you're watching. You can replay it all you want, and skip the commercials.
  5. ChubbyHubby

    KJ to the U

    The big difference between Osborn, compared to White and Rushing. Osborn was a starter that was already getting plenty of playing time and, barring injury, was likely going to be UB's #1 receiver next year. White and Rushing were getting very limited playing time at their previous schools and the transfer likely got them more playing time this past season than they would have received at their previous schools.
  6. ChubbyHubby

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Hopefully he does a better job this time in Mobile. Last trip there wasn't so hot.
  7. ChubbyHubby

    Starting QB for 2019

    Alabama QB Jalen Hurts has put his name in the transfer portal.
  8. ChubbyHubby

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    Just looked at the poster schedule that was distributed before the season. It did have the 1/12 game at 2 p.m. It must have changed before printing up the tickets.
  9. ChubbyHubby

    Toledo @ #19 UB (1/8 - 7pm ET)

    I like this idea. Not sure if my boss will allow it during the game, but I like it just the same.
  10. ChubbyHubby

    Ranking Prediction

    Not looking for anyone to be removed from the site, but F-bombs are just not appropriate in any situation, let alone something like this.
  11. ChubbyHubby

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Do we even know if he gets invited to the combine? Hopefully he does. I think he'd do well there.
  12. ChubbyHubby

    Lewis Caralla (S&C) to Georgia Tech

    This is one of the unfortunate side effects of winning.
  13. Sure hoping TJ stays here in Buffalo, but have confidence that this staff will have someone ready to go if he decides to leave.
  14. ChubbyHubby

    Buffalo Fans in Mobile!

    P.s., Your name and number have been forwarded to the D.G. Bowl committee.
  15. ChubbyHubby

    Buffalo Fans in Mobile!

    Thanks MobileBama08. As discussed, your rundown of Mobile "things to do and places to eat, drink, and me merry" has been extremely valuable. It was forwarded to the families of players as well as families of staff. Many thanks.