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  1. ChubbyHubby

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    I feel better about the 2 airballs I chucked up from 3 this past Monday.
  2. ChubbyHubby

    Miami OH beats Ohio

    Where's the flippin "Rec" button? Oh wait, found it.
  3. ChubbyHubby

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    You went a little too far there, ed. The name calling is uncalled for.
  4. ChubbyHubby

    Kent @ Buffalo - 11/6 - Gamethread

    Yeah, but he can take comfort in knowing that he could lead the team to 2 scores when he took over for the starting QB. 🙂
  5. ChubbyHubby

    Kent @ Buffalo - 11/6 - Gamethread

    Kevin, We'll have beers at the North end. Past the fieldhouse, just toward the stadium from West Lake Village. There will be a bunch of us from UB Fan there.
  6. ChubbyHubby

    Miami at Buffalo ESPN2

    Lots of radio promotion for tonight's game. I hope the students show up, and stay for the entire game. They did a great job at the Men's Basketball game last Friday night.
  7. ChubbyHubby

    Game 1: vs St. Francis (PA)

    Segu is quick, but short. He needs to not get himself stuck with the ball in the middle of a bunch of guys that are 8-10" taller than him. With time, he's going to be fun to watch.
  8. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    skrabukes, it was good to finally meet you. Ha, ha. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    Enrique, where were you sitting?
  10. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    That will give them plenty of time to make it work better.
  11. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    Okay. I'll be good. 😉
  12. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    Come and introduce yourself. I'll be one of the "greenshirts". Not sure yet where I'll be stationed.
  13. ChubbyHubby

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    Who's going to the game tonight?
  14. ChubbyHubby

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    Who are you, and what have you done with the MH55 that we've grown so fond of abusing?
  15. ChubbyHubby

    Midnight, Ok, 7:30 Madness

    As of yesterday, he still showed on the roster.