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  1. Normally, I'd never think of it, but the fact that he's been there already, means that there's familiarity.
  2. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/2019/05/15/memphis-athletics-director-candidates/3668804002/
  3. All of the highlight videos show it with an A instead of an E
  4. November 16 is good. No interference with the football schedule.
  5. In the words of Clay Matthews III, "the body isn't even cold yet".
  6. I thought you were recruiting for your team, seeing as you only made about half of your games.
  7. Nothing on Hodge as of yet? Still early.
  8. I think TT should have fouled on the inbounds when they were up by 3 with only a few seconds left in regulation. It most likely would have given VA 2 points and TT the ball.
  9. Their, they're, there you have it.
  10. Sadly, that was Spoon's playbook when he was with us as well.
  11. You forgot the ending, where we throw the ball away and didn't get a shot off.
  12. I thought Hodgson was on the same plane as Oats when he and his family first went down to Bama.
  13. I agree. It took too long for him to heat up. Once he got going, he was fine. Too little, too late. CJ was part of one of the cooler dunks of the evening when he helped slingshot a 5'9" guy up for a dunk.
  14. Yes, that certainly would be Goodnews if we could get him.
  15. definitely older than the majority on here. I'd be good for a game of 1 on 1 with the majority too. (not saying I'd win)
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