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  1. Did someone hear the wind blowing? I guess you should make noise while you can.
  2. Maybe we should do it on a long field goal attempt too. Another QB is the holder.
  3. Looks like the Lions are going to give both Tyree and AJ a look.
  4. Their defender wiping out our #88 and taking 2 other defenders with them, didn't hurt Naaman's chances either. I still can't get enough of that play.
  5. Thank you. It really is possible to be a fan of both the Bulls and the Bills.
  6. And... we don't want the Bills to leave.
  7. I'm counting on big things from Matt Otwinowski this year.
  8. Sarcasm appreciated. Unfortunately, they are the ones that take the brunt of it.
  9. I have a problem with over packing AA. We had games last year where things got rather out of hand. The ticket office needs to let people that have GA seats know that they need to arrive early. They can't show up 5 minutes before tip off and complain that "they paid for a seat and there are non left, I want my money back". There were people standing 5 deep on the ends. Couldn't see the game. Couldn't walk to the john. It's great to fill the place. It's foolish to over fill it like we did a few times last year.
  10. Fixes being made as mistakes are found.
  11. They also have Adam Shorter and Marty Spieler listed as O-Line and Wide Receiver/Special Teams Coaches, respectively. They were part of Jeff Quinn's staff.
  12. At his age, he could easily be back playing by MAC play.
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