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  1. At his age, he could easily be back playing by MAC play.
  2. She's an awesome person. Congratulations on your retirement.
  3. I believe previous relationship opens some doors.
  4. One that might have to duck to get through a doorway would be a nice touch.
  5. Was it 2 seasons ago where CJ was on crutches during a women's game and then dropped 20+ in the second half of the double header that day?
  6. Brook, I thought of that commercial too.
  7. Thanks ubmae86. I wasn't sure if anyone would get the reference.
  8. Damn, I keep checking to see if John has signed yet. I'm starting to feel like Carly Simon.
  9. Looks like he has a good frame. Let's get him here, and get him in the weight room. The next Perk?
  10. Yeah, seriously. Everyone knows that Canada is part of New York State.
  11. Ouch! That hurt a little. You trying to say I'm old? I resemble that remark. 😄 While I'm pretty sure that I could still mow down some batters in a 60 and over league, I think the college game has passed me by. My "heater" is more of a "warmer" now.
  12. Cool. Looking forward to the house warming party. Will you be sending a boat to pick us up? Oh wait, I still have 2 years of NCAA eligibility left. That would likely be a violation.
  13. Normally, I'd never think of it, but the fact that he's been there already, means that there's familiarity.
  14. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/2019/05/15/memphis-athletics-director-candidates/3668804002/
  15. All of the highlight videos show it with an A instead of an E
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