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  1. I never said that I disagree with him. He just never has anything good say when things go well. He just waits for things to go in the crapper and then he provides the stink. If you're going to comment on this team, there was a whole lot more positive to this season than negative. Where was he then? Maybe a tidbit here and there, but nothing like this.
  2. This guy is like a turd that continues to stink the place up, even after it has been flushed. https://www.niagara-gazette.com/sports/sullivan-ub-once-again-dominated-by-a-true-power/article_11c3d25a-b4c6-515e-9efd-a7e933601911.html
  3. 4 of the last 5, I'd say the team has already arrived. Just need to continue building in the future.
  4. Today is the day that we prove that Hurley left us to step up in Salary, to a better conference, but not to a better program. GO BULLS!
  5. Counting a play-in game as a tourney win is akin to giving a participation trophy. Just plain wrong.
  6. Agree 100%. Isn't that why they call it a "play in"? If you win, you're in the Tourney.
  7. We had picked up a Cleveland Brewery Passport on Friday. Get stamps in the passport and earn prizes. We hit 4 breweries between the Women's and Men's games. We walked the entire time. Also, a huge thank you to UB Alumni Association. It was great to spend time with other UB Fans. Southern Tier was a better set up than Hairy Buffalo was in the past.
  8. Only saw the second half last night, but it was like watching a high school game. Extremely sloppy.
  9. That's awesome. I didn't see as much publicity on it this year as in the past couple of years.
  10. Problem is, 10 years ago I was only in my early 50's and I was already too old for that garbage. :-)
  11. So, which one of you is the guy with the blue wig that sat about 6 rows behind me at the finals? We talked for a bit at the team hotel after the game. I was the guy trying to get some of the lame fans in our section off of their butts.
  12. In some cases it does, in some cases it doesn't. I know a number of people that leave before a blowout is over, to avoid the mess on Augsberger.
  13. Any "neutrals" may start the game rooting against UB because we're favorites. If we play against ASU, their rooting interest will change as soon as they get a glimpse of Hurley's antics.
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