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  1. I have to assume more MAC games will be put on espn+. I think they move things around once they see how teams are doing and adjust tv channels and broadcasts accordingly. We got a lot of tv time last year because of the success
  2. For me my head says 5-7 and heart says 7-5. I’m really excited about our running game and from what I’ve heard, the defense should be solid. Would love for us to keep the momentum rolling. One thing I’ve heard nothing about is the kicking. Anyone have any clue who our kicker is and how they seem??
  3. Definitely haven’t seen any practices but I’m assuming vantrease. I remember him coming in after injuries hurt us a couple years back. Seemed decent and has had time to develop. That being said I’m interested in Myers and am all about the young new qb and getting them experience ASAP.
  4. That part about our backs catching passes also really stood out to me. Could be a critical part in our offense to help out a new starting qb. Like what I hear
  5. I love that it feels like we got the last laugh there by beating them in the dome last year but I still wish we could come to some kind of agreement to play every year. Would be a cool NY battle
  6. I’m hoping for the best too but I think we return less starters on defense than we do on offense this year which could be rough. I think if we have a successful year it’s going to be driven by our experience and talent at o-line and the RBs just going off
  7. Been pretty quiet around here pre-football season and I’ve been starved for some UB talk. Loved the show! Not to spam on the general thread but your account isn’t accepting private messages. Was wondering what it would take for me to possibly join you guys sometime. I’d love to be a part of it but not sure if you’re looking for another person. Let me know!
  8. I’m all for it. In the grand scheme of things it probably won’t make a huge difference money-wise but I’m a firm believer that every dollar helps. Plus it keeps us up to date with what other colleges are doing and I think it helps the gameday experience. The biggest worry I have is that people get home from the games responsibly
  9. Never mind I see there is a full discussion about this all on a b-ball thread
  10. Not really sure what to make of this. Like seeing our revenue on top of the MAC but still so far from other schools. I’m not sure I understand the allocated section either since that’s 75% of our revenue. Is that money from bowl games or playing at bigger schools?
  11. I saw a quick video of it on youtube but there wasn't much to it
  12. Pretty awesome. Great matchup with UCONN
  13. I kept it because I forgot I had it... ugh I hate that they got me
  14. I’d be more than happy with that MAC record but if we can be 5-3 in MAC we can get more than 1 OOC win. Still 6-6 or 7-5 in a rebuilding year would be a ok by me
  15. I’m fully on the boat for wanting us to move to the AAC I just don’t think it will happen. We have more issues than just facilities. Barring something special both football and basketball are going to take a major step backwards next year. Football has a history of being awful let’s be honest. We’ve had about 3 random good years. While attendance spiked this year I’m sure and I have no doubt playing better teams in the AAC would draw more fans we also have a pretty poor history with attendance too. Still have my fingers crossed hard.
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