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  1. Idk TT defense has been suffocating and their size is really hurting us. We need to rebound better but we are playing pretty terribly. We get back to our game and we can win this. Just gotta keep the score close
  2. All season long I was just worried about us making the tourney. Once we were in I was worried about us just getting out of round one so we proved we weren’t hyped. Everything now is icing on the cake. Make no mistake this would be an upset if we win. Let’s go show the world we belong
  3. Thanks. I’m hoping that means they knew there is still work to be done and they’re staying focused
  4. That’s pretty crazy. I like the men’s version where the top seed is usually close by to their home town but whatever. If UCONN underestimates us they’re gunna have a bad time. GO BULLS
  5. Wait a minute how is UConn a 2 seed and this is LITERALLY a home game?? That seems super unfair
  6. It’s not that I don’t think we can play with anyone in the nation but this is going to be a MUCH more difficult game than yesterday. TT is no joke although they are coming off a loss to WVU not so long ago. I think our experience and balanced scoring attack will be key. We saw today teams like Murray state get knocked because they only have that one player. We’ve seen throughout the season that anybody can step up. Even better, it felt like there was no one person that stepped up against ASU it was just a really complete team. Everyone got in on the action. Hoping we can take a deep breath and play our game and not get caught up in the hype of a sweet 16 berth looming. All that being said I’m still already nervous as #!?+ let’s go bulls we know you can do this
  7. Thanks for the link to the postgame presser but I haven’t seen any video of buffalo entering the locker room after the game. Has anyone seen this? Was there any kind of celebration?
  8. Yea I looked at a round trip flight just for S&G and it was just not fun
  9. We need to stay out of foul trouble. Non-MAC refs gives me hope..
  10. Well every game helps. Glad to be moving on to the semis
  11. I assumed the game was over since you posted. There’s still an outside chance but CMU should hang on
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