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  1. It’s the same thing with football this season. If we can be competitive again, it’s going to pay huge dividends for fan support. Especially with basketball being fairly consistent for a number of years now
  2. What a classy move. Kudos to them
  3. Could be...but I hope that was their actual effort. They always seem like a second half team but we really really took it to them in the 1st. A couple of early mistakes led to some demoralizing blows. Either way, I am way more excited for the rest of the season. This team was totally different than the effort at RMU. Hopefully we don't just play to the quality of the opponent. Let's take it to LU and get back to the winning ways and chipping our way to bowl eligibility.
  4. Penn state looks great this year. I’m concerned after our first game. Let’s try and make it competitive.
  5. Yea I also wonder if playing an FCS opponent made us a little flat especially on defense. I’m hoping with a formidable opponent the D really steps up the focus on every play. The couple of breakdowns could be slight lapses when in the back of your head you know it’s going to be an easy win. We shall see
  6. Not much talk on here post-game and I think that says it all. We clearly are going to be extremely run heavy and I think that just makes it less exciting of a game. If we can win with it then I couldn’t care less but we will see how the season progresses. Pros: 1) It’s a UB victory and we start off 1-0. There was never truly a scare in the game either. I was generally underwhelmed but it never really felt like UB would lose this one. It’s one game closer to bowl eligibility no matter what 2) running game looks strong and we have a great stable of backs. 3) no injuries from what I could tell. Most important here 4) kicking game was on point. Wish they would’ve let him try that long one (I think it would’ve been about 47) after he made the 40 yarder but whatever... Cons: 1) buffalo didn’t seem THAT much better than this team who is an fcs squad that’s gone something like 2-9 in the last 3 seasons. Felt like an inferior FBS team that we were able to handle and that’s scary 2) the run game was working out great to start. If we can continuously get to 3rd and manageable idc we can run it all day and then hope every once in a while we catch them off guard with a throw. However, teams will catch on. Just like RMU did. Everyone and their mothers knows we are going to be running a ridiculous amount. Once RMU started to get used to it, things kinda grinded to a halt. I got the feeling we are going to be playing a lot of defense if we play like this against any FBS team 3) the defense was pretty porous at times. They had good moments and came out really stuffing the run but couldn’t really stop any mid-deep throws. I honestly have no idea why RMU didn’t throw it more. They were having all kinds of success despite a drop or two and one early overthrow. It actually felt similar to last year. The defense seems to be able to push it to 3rd down all the time but always struggles to get off the field. 4) why did we not let Myers try and sling it around a little bit? He clearly had some major R-fr jitters and his short passes were all over the place. Why not let him keep trying them and get into a groove. This offense will not last against anybody FBS with how little we threw. I will say his long ball looked pretty decent just barely missing on one, throwing a nice ball on the PI and also to the wide open Lefebve but my god there needs to be way more balance. You are now bringing a redshirt freshman starter into prob a top 5 hardest places to play on prime time Next weekend and there is absolutely no way he feels comfortable throwing the ball after today. We all know PSU is watching our game tape from tonight and going to load up the box every down just daring us to throw the ball. Why wouldn’t you. I know we will he run heavy but even an FCS school figured out how to slow it down fairly quickly and then we were completely one dimensional. This is going to be a huge issue unless by some miracle we are just saving all of our throwing plays for PSU. Overall I know we won but by in large this was extremely underwhelming and makes me terrified for the rest of the season. I will be thrilled if I’m proved wrong but I really worry this is going to be a huge regression year...
  7. Last day without UB football this season!!!
  8. I agree. Additionally if all goes well we might be able to see a good amount or both Myers and vantrease to see how each manages the game. Just saw on espn we are something like 44 point favorites
  9. The bills browns and lions all draw large crowds in the beginning of seasons when there is still hope. Have you ever been to a bills game in December when playoffs have been out of the picture for weeks? It’s empty. That goes for all teams once hope is lost. People stop coming to the games
  10. Wow I dig it. I feel like a lot of times coaches just go for the experience and are scared to put the young players in if it’s somewhat close. This must mean that Myers impressed LL enough to give him the nod and honestly that’s really exciting. Let’s see what he’s got and start getting him game experience NOW. GO BULLS
  11. I think that’s pretty much everywhere
  12. I don’t think it’s necessarily converting we need to do. I don’t think bills and bulls fans need to be mutually exclusive. Last season opened up the eyes of a lot of people in the community which is fantastic. We need consistent success and more and more people will start supporting the college sports. Overall our success is recent. The first steps are done. Now we need to keep the ball rolling.
  13. The AAC decided to stay at 11 teams for this year. They prob didn’t have much of a choice as there wouldn’t have been enough time to make big changes this close to the season. UBAD was quoted somewhere saying he was happy with being in the MAC but it kinda sounded like just a general answer as to not stir up the pot right now. AAC commissioner said something along the lines of them not looking for anyone right now but if schools want to pitch to them they’ll listen. It all just sounds like formalities while I bet there’s a lot of talk going on behind the scenes. If I was an AD at a school hoping to get in to the AAC you know I’d be working like hell to try and sell the program. While travel would definitely be tough it’s just a major step up (while not too big to hope for like Big10. Nobody will ever move from the MAC to a P5 school). It’s the logical next step if you really want to be a reputable program and really build a brand. It makes this year especially important for football and both MBB and WBB. If we can have more success with other Olympic sports that also helps. But our biggest downfall is the success is recent and nowhere near consistent. I don’t think we need a 10 win season again in football but just having a winning record would be huge. Give us the opportunity to have a bowl game victory on our resume. We need consistency. As for basketball I think both men and women need to be competitive. This athletic year is almost upon us. LETS GO BULLS
  14. I have to assume more MAC games will be put on espn+. I think they move things around once they see how teams are doing and adjust tv channels and broadcasts accordingly. We got a lot of tv time last year because of the success
  15. For me my head says 5-7 and heart says 7-5. I’m really excited about our running game and from what I’ve heard, the defense should be solid. Would love for us to keep the momentum rolling. One thing I’ve heard nothing about is the kicking. Anyone have any clue who our kicker is and how they seem??
  16. Definitely haven’t seen any practices but I’m assuming vantrease. I remember him coming in after injuries hurt us a couple years back. Seemed decent and has had time to develop. That being said I’m interested in Myers and am all about the young new qb and getting them experience ASAP.
  17. That part about our backs catching passes also really stood out to me. Could be a critical part in our offense to help out a new starting qb. Like what I hear
  18. I love that it feels like we got the last laugh there by beating them in the dome last year but I still wish we could come to some kind of agreement to play every year. Would be a cool NY battle
  19. I’m hoping for the best too but I think we return less starters on defense than we do on offense this year which could be rough. I think if we have a successful year it’s going to be driven by our experience and talent at o-line and the RBs just going off
  20. Been pretty quiet around here pre-football season and I’ve been starved for some UB talk. Loved the show! Not to spam on the general thread but your account isn’t accepting private messages. Was wondering what it would take for me to possibly join you guys sometime. I’d love to be a part of it but not sure if you’re looking for another person. Let me know!
  21. I’m all for it. In the grand scheme of things it probably won’t make a huge difference money-wise but I’m a firm believer that every dollar helps. Plus it keeps us up to date with what other colleges are doing and I think it helps the gameday experience. The biggest worry I have is that people get home from the games responsibly
  22. Never mind I see there is a full discussion about this all on a b-ball thread
  23. Not really sure what to make of this. Like seeing our revenue on top of the MAC but still so far from other schools. I’m not sure I understand the allocated section either since that’s 75% of our revenue. Is that money from bowl games or playing at bigger schools?
  24. I saw a quick video of it on youtube but there wasn't much to it
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