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  1. They have Ball St. as 4th in the MAC at #131.
  2. Out of Javon’s shadow, fans may finally spell his name correctly.
  3. My blue tinted glasses love that players on the other MAC teams are just sitting on the beach getting fat.
  4. I sure hope you can recruit an underclassman to ubfan before you leave town. The site (we fans) could use more first person reporting like this.
  5. Thank you. I didn’t go through all the links, but that’s something like what I was after years ago when I wrote this... http://www.ubfan.com/board/index.php?topic=15030.0
  6. Spain, huh? Not saying that's wrong, I just always thought of France and Germany at the top of Europe. I'd just love to see the actual hierarchy of all European basketball leagues...
  7. Probably shouldn’t look at how many fouls he gives either.
  8. Glad his game was not interrupted by the earthquake.
  9. Things heard last night... “The Murph with a home run!” ”He’s a weight room warrior” ”Forget pound for pound, he is the strongest guy on the team”
  10. Bumped, because his team is playing today.
  11. Well, BGSU has to try something new if they want to win their first MAC championship...
  12. This might be the first time that I think Hustlebelt has better articles than BullRun on the same topic. Both CJ, and Perk.
  13. Will UB retain the psychologist they have used the past couple years, after the coaching change? I sure hope so. With athletic parity in our (most any, really) conference, mental toughness becomes more important. I believe that Buffalo was/is early in understanding the importance of this. It can cleanse the mud from a rock to show the gem that was always there.
  14. Great day for Bulls in the pros... Both Murphy and Cicerone won games today.
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