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  1. meh, I'm confident that they will have yet another year of... " they have a great program that'll be back"
  2. I understand.. I just think that if anyone should be disappointed, it could be Villanova, not UB. One team too a step back, and one did not.
  3. Here's the video, in case you'd rather watch the post game press report... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJdg-MZFLPg
  4. Sorry, I can't agree. Yes, the staff might have been out coached. But I don't see that as a disappointment. How many P5 teams did UB have to prepare for this year, what, 4 or 5? How many did Chris Beard have to prepare for - ~25? I can't expect one team to be equally prepared as another who has had 500% as much experience with high major competition. Buffalo was as prepared as the MAC will currently allow. Another thing I think about in this loss... How many other NCAA championship games ended with a 20+ defeat? Buffalo was certainly not alone. Sure, it stings, but the PAC-12 should feel much worse... Small consolation, but that does make me feel better.
  5. Hopefully Rondo will learn how to steal the ball, from taking a few of Ray's sandwiches! Two birds, amirite?
  6. It's even more elite than that. Gonzaga's women lost last year, and the Lady Vols lost this year.
  7. Apparently hiring from within (kinda) doesn't always work out.
  8. So do I. My belief though, has nothing to do with the 'west coast' tweet.
  9. No thread for the women's game? How does everyone plan to watch (and comment on) both games... simultaneously, or one live and the other on replay? I'm leaning toward watching the men live, and women directly after via the espn3 stream replay.
  10. Happy to hear about Jones. Sad to hear about Scott. Surprised by Lefebvre’s switch. Hopefully McDuffie adequately fills in the necessary RB depth.
  11. Sorry Coach, autocorrect messed with your name...
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