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  1. 121Merrimac

    Bucky Gleason article re Oats

    Does anyone in your place of employment make the same as someone with 20 more years of experience? Everything is relative. He is better off than he used to be. He is also still young, with plenty of time further improve his position. Personally I favor the career arc, over one huge step. In the long run, one huge raise followed by a flatline wouldn't feel gratifying to me.
  2. 121Merrimac

    Bucky Gleason article re Oats

    600 is already 8.5times the 70k the ole high school teacher made. How often does someone need a 4x raise to be happy?
  3. 121Merrimac

    Should MAC restructure?

    Divisions AND Quartets? = More Banners !
  4. 121Merrimac

    Game 1: vs St. Francis (PA)

    The RPI is dead, you meant NET. It's too bad the NCAA isn't going to release previous season's equivalent NET rankings. It would be nice to see how the two systems compare to one another.
  5. 121Merrimac

    Andy Katz First 2019 Bracket

    Me too. Plus... I can't believe that it's November already.
  6. 121Merrimac

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    @ Brazen, I had intermittent audio issues on a laptop. Never tried the phone. @ Mike, What was the score against Daemen two years ago?
  7. 121Merrimac

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    No worse than polls before the internet. When they only got box scores later in the week, after The Postman arrived.
  8. 121Merrimac

    Local Buffalo TV - Toledo Game

    But, a mix of the 2000 and 2010 census say that the ten counties within the Buffalo media market have closer to 2.5/household.
  9. 121Merrimac

    Magic of Danny White

    Regarding "weak brand"... Trying to remove any personal opinion of the Initiative, I'd say... His reign didn't last long enough for this con to be conclusive. It most likely would have gained strength with additional time.
  10. 121Merrimac

    Is there talk about Buffalo's season where you are?

    Plenty of people are talking about K. Mack, and I always mention that he was from UB. But no, no one seems to be talking about Buffalo's current streak on it's own. (also in Seattle)
  11. 121Merrimac

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    It's what reigning players of the week do.
  12. 121Merrimac

    Kevin Marks

    I'm guessing that was because the team already had Hawkins, Reed & Anderson, and we weren't worried about depth at RB at all.
  13. 121Merrimac

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    What is the chant at the end of the hailmary video? "we are, we will, we...", or something else entirely? Regardless, that's great spirit. The team needs that...
  14. 121Merrimac

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    The Game Notes have been published for Temple, and I only saw one change from Delaware State's Two Deep. Tyrone Hill won the OR battle with Joey Banks at strong safety.