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  1. Well, -150 football, track & softball players are already about to move out. It’s not another new groundbreaking, ribbon cutting ceremony, but I do think that the ‘football’ field house is a good start.
  2. 121Merrimac

    Ranking Prediction

    ... and, because of conference opponents, they have a better chance of improving between now and Selection Sunday than either Toledo or Ball State.
  3. 121Merrimac

    Will Regan's sister is fit.

    She come in at #15 on this list. Awesome! https://www.si.com/edge/2019/fittest-50-2019?utm_source=twitter.com&xid=socialflow_twitter_si&utm_campaign=sinow&utm_medium=social (plus, check out all the skiers on the list!)
  4. 121Merrimac

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    UB wins. KenPom drops us a spot. This is why I feel more reflective to the teams behind us, than to those in front of us.
  5. 121Merrimac

    KJ to the U

    You wouldn't even welcome him back, if he didn't enroll at Miami? I understand not recognizing his stats while at another school. But, I don't understand erasing the stats that he did give UB while in Buffalo.
  6. 121Merrimac

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    Agreed, it's a bit of a stretch. But, maybe not as far as many people believe, at a glance. Edit: football is king. more like, football is the crown prince.
  7. 121Merrimac

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Are you calling for the chicken, or the egg?
  8. 121Merrimac

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    What about for the overall 2020 season? With only 5 football games. Presuming basketball continues on it's current course. 5 x 18k versus 15 x 6k. Both equal 90k tickets.
  9. Revenue has not been capped. Demand has outgrown Supply, and the prices can be increased. While, not incurring new Rent fees.
  10. 121Merrimac

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Even with students, the atmosphere should be tame compared to WVU, SU & Marquette.
  11. 121Merrimac

    Big 4 Update: UB primed for a huge jump in the rankings!

    Don’t do that just for me. I thought things were fine as they were. And only offered a suggestion in case the overall group wanted a change.
  12. 121Merrimac

    Big 4 Update: UB primed for a huge jump in the rankings!

    IMO, ranking was only a portion of your post, so no more related to the other post than to one of its own. Perhaps the compromise would be a dedicated From the 300 Level post for all these updates?
  13. 121Merrimac

    Ranking Prediction

    Go SUx, Go Huge win @ Duke
  14. 121Merrimac

    KJ to the U

    The recent increase in transfers does not only apply to student athletes, but also to the plain old student. " Transfer student enrollment is projected to be the highest in three years at 1,735 students. " - From one of the bullet points at the bottom of the following article. http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2018/09/017.html Edit: I don't think it will slow down anytime soon.
  15. 121Merrimac

    Miami (OH) @ #19 UB (1/12 - 12pm ET)

    Love this defensive wingspan look...