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  1. Gotcha. My first read left me wondering if they ran a tactically different system.
  2. I haven’t watched him at either school. But, I wonder if it isn’t the level of recent opponents defense that gives him the opportunity. ?!
  3. He also plays a mean air guitar while on the bench.
  4. Will Roberts, and his fouls trouble, survive another five minutes?
  5. Two handed dunk. What is; when doesn't Williams go left?
  6. "there's Danny Pippen". So? Do you really need to tell us that 17 times?
  7. Kent has two players with 4 fouls with 15 minutes remaining. As a team, UB may have more fouls, but only one player has 3.
  8. Huge battle to host a conference game. Close game through the first 25 minutes. Tessy goes over 900 career points.
  9. I’m glad that they have recent experience being down early, sticking with it, and getting the comeback win.
  10. The post I’m thinking of (pretty sure it’s not related to you) didn’t mention experience, and that made me laugh. agreed, it’s a great combo.
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