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  1. I was a bit surprised that Jimmer’s homecoming wasn’t to UVM. Along those lines, Dior J has more options in NYC than Buffalo. P.S. what series? When is the return game?
  2. I’m not sure we got BYU. Wasn’t that more of a homecoming game for a semi local player? Maybe in a few years, UB will host whoever recruits Dior J.
  3. I think there are four (MAC home Tuesday games)... which is the same as last year. https://ubbulls.com/news/2019/9/4/mens-basketball-three-january-nationally-televised-games-highlight-mac-slate.aspx
  4. Correct, they only did what they needed to do. But, what game was PSU playing (possum) ?
  5. That’s why I started the Roster Changes thread, but no one had anything to add.
  6. Crazy how similar his stats are so far this year in MLB, compared to what they were last year while he was in triple A. Anytime anyone can have equal production while stepping up a level seems like a big improvement to me. Good for Tom.
  7. What, Nothing about Hemphill? Clickbait...
  8. Cricket is fun. An English colleague of mine has been talking about it since the world cup. He's not quite as excited about the Ashes so far. Another good use of + is with the early rounds of major tennis tournaments. I watched team McCoco win their US Open cup match earlier today.
  9. Ding ding ding. Closing bell on sudoku season.
  10. Isn’t it better to realize you have a gem, in the first 3 games, than the last 3?
  11. The student section probably wishes it wasn’t a holiday weekend.
  12. Fishing for a few good comments like last year, here is this year's installment. https://www.ubbullrun.com/2019/8/21/20827490/2019-football-roster-turnover
  13. Admin and PTR bring the results up to... 7 kept and 6 dropped. So far, only Robert Morris and Liberty show up as espn+ broadcasts on the ubbulls website. Regardless of the limited schedule, I just renewed (because of UB football on the 29th) and will watch Cicerone play soccer tomorrow.
  14. A distinction between GA and SRO seems like a great idea to me. The challenge, I think, would be with the unknown quantity of MoBull Pass tickets at any one event.
  15. Thanks for posting. I don’t think you were harsh Z, I just hope Cam will be okay.
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