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  1. This year’s class is much more European, while Cherie recruited Down Under. ... still international
  2. Hodgson might have recruited, but Whitesell has coached bigs...
  3. Any idea how many others have been waived from the league so far this season?
  4. Too bad that thread was locked. I guess we are not allowed to talk about it.
  5. As if we ever saw an old Reese.
  6. Dang it, for a sec, I thought I was still in the Skogman thread. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.
  7. The VC site had me thinking he was offered a long time ago.
  8. (Sarcasm font would help the world, typed words are tough...)
  9. My bad. Anyway , my comment was less about you, and more about the likers
  10. "just what this site needs. Politics" pretty sure this time it was intended as a joke. people gotta lighten up...
  11. Urgency, and the lack of time might have revised his preferred long term philosophy.
  12. Welcome. It’s all context. Read his posts over the past decade.
  13. Apologies for the side topic, but I have never understood the reason for locking any thread. IMO, fan boards should be open to all opinions. For example, my recent continuation of the original ‘operation 6000’ thread posted years ago. Back to this thread... That’s the root of my recent discussion with Kevin. Readers don’t know where his option ends, and where the facts begin. Being a fan board, I take all comments as opinion. But, he defends them as fact. I don’t know if he is Kevin the poster, or Kevin the media.
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