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  1. squire17

    SIU game will be bigger than people think

    Agreed. Let SIU bring their best shot. It’s scary, but I don’t think we’ve even remotely seen what the Bulls are capable of yet.
  2. squire17

    Who's going to Canisius?

    If anyone plans on actually sitting in a GA spot, I’d advise him to get there early. Otherwise, you’ll be standing for the whole game.
  3. squire17

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    In Philadelphia, Villanova, St Joseph’s, Penn, Lasalle, and Temple all play each other every year. Drexel might play some of the other 5 but they aren’t considered to be in the group - Drexel is not considered a rival. You always want to protect your ‘turf’. I’d say Olean, even though it’s 90 miles away, is part of the ‘Buffalo’ turf. In that sense, Buffalo, Canisius, Niagara, and St Bonaventure are rivals. It seems like a rivalry game to me...but I’m from Buffalo. Maybe if you’re a Bulls fan from Syracuse you consider them a rival - but UB rarely plays Syracuse. Rivalries are great for sport. You hate losing to a rival. It eats at you more than losing to, say, the San Francisco team would have. I can’t wait to beat the Bonnies!
  4. squire17

    Nice article on Bryan from OGH

    Great story about another great coach! Come on Bulls...get it done today!
  5. UB is 1 - 7 against St Bona in the past 10 years.
  6. Actually, my first visit to the old aud was in 1960. The 1960-1961 season was the year that the Stith Brothers, Whitey Martin (Timon), and Orrin Jirelle, and Fred Crawford were a force.
  7. I remember going to my first college double-header in 1961 at the old aud. Bonaventure was always the first game - unless they were playing the Griffs. They used to be called the “Brown Indians” (politically incorrect now) and were ranked 2nd nationally at one point. The Little Three games were SRO affairs, except Niagara was not a participant for a number of years because of a financial dispute with Canisius on the revenue split (I believe). In 1969-1970 they had Bob Lanier from Bennett High in Buffalo, and that team probably would have won it all were it not for a late game freak injury to Lanier in the Easter Regional final blowout win against Villanova. The Bonnies took Kentucky to 2 or 3 overtimes before losing in a first round NCAA March Madness game in 2000. The school has a lot of history involving its mens basketball team. Schmidt must be doing something right - he’s in his 12th year there and pulls in almost $1 mill a year. This game will be a battle.
  8. I’m most worried about three things: 1. UB’s team three point shooting 2. UB’s rebounding and 3. UB Turnovers. Last year at Alumni Arena the Bulls were poor in all three categories. If memory serves, Bona’s Adams was just returning from the injured list. He and Mobley are gone, but the Bonnie’s currently have three guys who are shooting well from deep: Kaputo, Poyser, and Lofton. They’ve got some big bodies down low. The Reilly Center is one of the toughest places to play in the country. The Bulls guards will be fine, but it will take solid play from Perkins, Harris, and McRae in order to finally win one in Olean.
  9. squire17

    Ranking Prediction

    The Bulls haven’t even really put a whole game together yet - all their guns. When they start doing that, look out.
  10. squire17

    Ranking Prediction

    Whoops...sentiments re Syracuse still hold. But Bona will be a tough one regardless. Has UB ever won there? They’ll have to bring their A game.
  11. squire17

    Ranking Prediction

    What scares me about Syracuse is their zone and our poor 3 point shooting of late. Unless we can improve our 3 point shooting, this game will be almost impossible to win at their house.
  12. After missing about 5 home games in the last 7 years, I hate that I haven’t been to a single game yet. Worse -I’m going to miss the Southern Illinois game too - won’t even be able watch it on TV. Hopefully once MAC season starts I won’t miss any.
  13. The Championship Trophy looks stunning! I’ll bet it’s Waterford Crystal. Great to get another W! McCrae’s 3s were crucial - and he is shooting the ball so much better this year. Go Bulls!!
  14. squire17

    Ranking Prediction

    If the Bulls are still a top 25 team in March, I wonder if that will translate to a 5 or 6 seed? Probably not, unfortunately.
  15. squire17

    Marist @ #22 UB (11/24 - 2 ET)

    Good to get a victory, but still haven’t seen the best this team has to offer. Not by a long shot. Hope they can put it all together against the Cuse and Marquette.