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  1. squire17

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but at this time of year I always wonder when so many hapless teams from the P5 and BE start to get wins against their more formidable conference opponents. The financial incentive is there: the more teams that go to the tourney, the more moola we get to split. Buffalo annihilates Ohio? That’s because Buffalo was home and Ohio’s horrible. Indiana beats Minnesota at home? Minnesota doesn’t fall that much, if any at all. But hey, look at the Hoosiers! Making a run! It’s sickening.
  2. Oats is a good coach. Is he better than Hurley? Probably. I like Oats. I don’t like Hurley.
  3. Can’t get enough of this.
  4. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    It seems as though you are suggesting that my posts are usually ‘tipsy’ I will have to watch it, I suppose...or not.
  5. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    But how could you detect?
  6. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Well, I suppose that I may be...but I assure you that I am not Laura Savini...haha
  7. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Lonely days, lonely nights...where would I be without my nationally ranked Bulls?
  8. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Sorry...been watching the Bee Gees...
  9. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Well that was bad. Only won by 6. Can you imagine if they have to play a real team in March?
  10. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    That is the prerogative of the author...but I digress...
  11. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Perry Mason: ...and I would submit that the Bulls are indeed a Final Four contender. Hamilton Burger: Your Honor, I have no objection. Judge: Be it so recorded - The Buffalo Bulls are a Final Four contender. Court adjourned.
  12. squire17

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Agreed...one of the best ever! Except when the Bulls put up 110 against the hot defense. LOL