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  1. Mballa will have 3 fouls within the first 10 minutes. DePaul is big. They look crappy against TT, but they’ve beat some good teams.
  2. Hard to believe DePaul is still in this.They look as bad as the Bulls did yesterday.
  3. First team to 50 might win this. Talk about ugly...
  4. Both teams look flat. Might be because their defenses are good.
  5. DocCas86, I have a BA in Mathematics. It would appear from your graphs that this season’s team is shooting better than the team from 2015-2016. Could you put it in table form?
  6. That is unfortunate, but probably is going to happen more often as schools realize the financial drain of football programs and the stress that it places on other sports because of Title IX.
  7. This team has an identity. Not a good one: Shoot it from beyond the arc. What could go wrong? Aside from the Harvard and W&M game, plenty.
  8. If you examine Buffalo’s effective FG% and compare its current number (47%) with previous seasons - albeit, just 8 games so far versus complete seasons - the team hasn’t shot so poorly since 2012. And this is arguably the easiest OOC schedule since 2014. Think about some of the possible reasons: Watt, McCrea, Regan (Soph and Jr), Moss, and Perkins. Those guys were horses. They generally shot in close. I think that Mballa will develop into a player before he’s done, but this team is dominated by guards, and they moved the 3 point line out this year. I played last night’s game on my iPad earlier today. It was 10 - 1 Bulls. We had the ball. Sprint down, Graves to Grant - chucks up a 3 from 5 feet beyond the arc. That is a recipe for mediocrity. Now, as far as lockdown defense - an SEC bottom feeder just blitzed you for 90 (84 with 5 minutes left in the game). The DePaul game could be ugly.
  9. Why are there so many saying that this team is loaded? This team sucks. Come on: They are going to get toasted in the MAC.
  10. It’s going to be a long year. Let’s start with Jordan: Great ability to dish, but also a turnover machine and can’t make foul shots. Mballa: Poor foul shooter, not very quick off the dribble. And these are two of the better players. They like to chuck it up from 3, but they are not that good. They will be in a lot of games, but will lose many: poor from the foul line, poor interior presence, poor 3 point shooting - which they rely on. This team will be a .500 team in MAC play.
  11. I remember it. They had Artis Gilmore. If St Bona had Bob Lanier, it may have been a UCLA/St Bona championship game. Alas, the Bonnies fell, without their best player - Lanier, to Jacksonville. I was a Sophomore at Canisius College, but was rooting for St Bonaventure the whole year. I’ll be 70 in March, if I make it that long.
  12. I’ve looked at upcoming events in the NCAAM basketball under ESPN+ and it lists the UB vs Vandy game as N SEC+ ‘Guess I’ll find out at 8 tonight. Go Bulls!
  13. Man, I sure feel bad for the Crimson Tide. Football loses and is out. Basketball team is in for a real slog. They’ll be .500 at best this season. But Mr Oats is set for life. So every cloud has a silver lining.
  14. That was entertaining. Loved two bounce passes that Nickelberry dished for layups. Good to see Johnson and Grant shoot well. Knight was great on offense...not much of a defender. Would someone else please select different music and play it a little softer? I can’t take it! Agree with earlier post: Hardnett had some good defensive stops against Knight.
  15. Kenpom has Toledo ranked at 72, Akron 102, BG 105, Ball St 106, Bulls 107, and Kent 112. Also projects a 10-8 MAC record. Seems about right.
  16. I’m watching it on ESPN+ via Apple TV, but my younger son says that it’s on cable too.
  17. I just checked. Actually Canisius has 8 wins and 10 losses against Bona since the 2002-2003 season, inclusive. Oddly, it appears that they did not play in the 2001-2002 season. I remember listening to the Bona-Kentucky game, which went to OT, in the 2000 NCAA tournament. The welding scandal happened a couple of years later. Schmidt has done a commendable job in righting the ship.
  18. Yup. First year at Canisius...Any win against a cross-town rival is sweet, but imagine how Reggie must have felt.
  19. No. Reggie’s team beat the Bonnies and the Bulls 3 years ago.
  20. That’s only the 7th time the Griffs have beat St Bona since 2004. Glad for Reggie.
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