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  1. $84.50 per seat! Times 2 equals $169...I think that’s more than half the cost of our center court season tix last year. Instead of driving the 2+ hours each way and contending with the bridge, it might make more sense to fly (assuming a BUF/TOR direct flight). Then again...
  2. Can some ambitious Bulls fan provide us with a list of 1. Decommits 2. Incoming freshmen from High School 3. Incoming collegiate transfers eligible to play right away 4. Those transfers who will have to sit a year and 5. Players who we considered but never signed with UB
  3. Congrats to CJ and Nick.
  4. St Louis won the A10 tournament, not the regular season.
  5. Don’t forget Bearden. Although he did have a run in the NIT.😂
  6. Why are these numbers so discouraging? It’s a start...
  7. Glad to have Coach stay and I hope that she stays here until she decides to hang them up!
  8. Calipari, Pearl, F. Martin, Barnes, Williams, C Martin, White, Oats, Stackhouse, Musselman, Crean, Howland, Wade, Davis. That’s a murderer’s row of coaching talent in the SEC. To stand out will be extremely difficult. Remember how well the blue collar kids did against the blue blood 1 and done kids two years ago? It’s going to be something like that twice a week. Still not blaming Oats for taking the $12 million (minimum), but it will be interesting to follow how well he does in the lion’s den.
  9. Who was the president at St John’s? Levesque? He was the president at Niagara when Joe Mihalich was the coach at Niagara. They both left Niagara after 2013. Is Levesque Steinbrenneresque?
  10. You feel pangs of guilt because you refuse to read a post from someone you classify as passionate about UB. But you condition your guilt by claiming the post was too long to read. You have to let go of these feelings - they are not beneficial. In fact they could be construed as being detrimental. Repeat after me: Guilt is an obsolete construct. My secretary will send you my bill.
  11. He’s a pretty big guy...probably counted per diem meal money in his total.
  12. I would agree that it’s a grind. However, I wonder how often the head recruiter (not sure if that’s what title Hodgson had) for a DI MBB team has a higher salary than the Associate HC. I would contend rarely.
  13. Very Interesting. I wonder how often that happens and what the dynamics were that caused that.
  14. Hodgson was making more than the Associate HC, Whitesell? Seems odd. I think I read somewhere that Whitesell made around $135k not counting bonuses last year.
  15. It will be tomorrow. Or perhaps, in keeping with the modus operandi, ten days from tomorrow. Either way it will be all the news that’s fit to print.
  16. I run DI coach searches...no fancy showrooms...no high rent districts. I have very low overhead and I pass the savings on to my ticket holders! I contract with other athletic directors ...in many cases the same people that are hiring the coaches for our competitors. These folks hire our coaches that are, size for size, spec for spec, exactly what our competitors offer. The difference is that I can hire them for 1/3 to 1/2 of their "supposed" cost by simply waiting ten days. I hire coaches for less...a lot less. Mark Alnutt
  17. Derrick Smits - good stats... Joey Brunk - he’d work too. Malone Friday - pretty low conference. Aliyah Demir - Meh. Pat Andree - like his stats...not the conference he got them in. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, but hope UB grabs somebody who can play defense, rebound, and score.
  18. Oats first year had Perkins as a freshman. Admittedly, he had limited minutes. Kidiri and Smart were on the team but pretty much sat. At this point the cupboard is bare regarding effective big men for next year. Just looked at stats for A Johnson and G Grant - Johnson looks pretty solid, but Grant, at least from what he did at Houston, doesn’t impress. Realistically, what is the probability of Buffalo picking up a solid big this late for next year? Slim.
  19. $300k? That’s low balling the guy that you chose. Something about this process is screaming: Mark Alnutt is not up to this job.
  20. To say that ‘no one wanted the job’ can’t be true. We don’t know the particulars such as salary - which probably varied from candidate to candidate. As an example let’s say that Assistant Coach Bigtime was earning $450 at a P5. He probably wants a significant raise in pay to be HC, but perhaps ADMA doesn’t want to go that route. I think Whitesell is going to work out just fine.
  21. I’m on board. Just wish it had been decided earlier.
  22. Ed, were you on the debate team in high school? Hah? Ed, come on.
  23. Business First is an on-line/paper news establishment. It may have many hubs. In Buffalo NY, it daily dispenses info regarding just about anything that purportedly can be measured statistically. I don’t know if you’re from WNY, Ed. But if you are, you ought to at least take a look at their yearly school comparison issue. The info is available for subscribers either online or in magazine format. Now as to why you should care: I think that the more information that is available to examine, the better decisions that we can make. But you may think otherwise, and I respect your decision to make your own choices.
  24. Whoa! Chucking the nucleus... To say nothing of slighting the A10. Let’s check this out in 10 months.
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