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  1. Johnson and Mballa had subpar games too, at least on offense. Why Whitesell had Grant in at the end instead is a head scratcher. Why Williams wasn’t in also interesting. Jordan, Graves, Grant, Segu, and Hardnett...is that who were in for the last 7 or so minutes? Grant grabbed an offensive rebound that I recall. Segu hit a 3 after missing one in the same set. Jordan hit a 3 from the corner to tie it at 64. Johnson’s game just seemed to disappear in this game. Mballa had a poor game statistically and made bad decisions several times. Grant hit one 3 and then reverted to Grant. Graves just didn’t get it done at all.
  2. I thought that Jordan had a pretty good game. Kenpom gives him the highest offensive rating amongst the Bulls with significant minutes in this game. He had 6 assists vs 2 TOS, 5 rebounds, 1 steal, and shot 3 of 6 from two and 2 of 5 from three. He is a poor free throw shooter. Once again the Bulls had an uninspiring first half. If anything that and 2 banked three pointers led to their demise. Is Graves still sick? He had another subpar game. I’ll say this: the Bulls never quit, and, except for a few times where Mballa tried to go coast to coast (and promptly turned it over), they were unselfish - sometimes too unselfish. It seemed as though there were 4 or 5 times when a Bull was under the basket with only one defender but instead of going for the shot, the ball was passed out for someone else to shoot. Unfortunately the Bulls are not a particularly good 3 point shooting team. On to Akron. It should be another close game.
  3. Nice win. Good job on the glass and great defense to close it out. One more thing: MAN, WAS I FLAT OUT WRONG ABOUT ANTWAIN JOHNSON!
  4. Nwora had a nice piece written about him in the Buffalo News on Sunday. It mentioned that he currently is viewed as a late first rounder in the NBA draft. His game looks too slow to me - another Eric Eberz or Adam Morrison. Time will tell.
  5. Off topic - watching Duke vs Louville. Nwora a no show, after a no show vs Kentucky. Over-rated.
  6. The latest edition has the B10 getting 11 teams in. Nebraska and Northwestern are out. And so is Minnesota...except Lunardi has them included in his “Last 4 in” category. Must be nice...Just noticed that Virginia, VCU, and Xavier are listed in the “First 4 out” category - and yet he’s got them as 11 and 12 seeds. Bottom line: Just win, baby.
  7. Bulls bossing the boards and taking care of the ball. Nice balance...very encouraging. Go Bulls!
  8. Great games by Johnson and Williams. Ohio had no answer for Williams in the second half. It seemed like he scored at least 10 straight points for the Bulls. Last game’s stars, Graves and Segu, were sub par today. Good team win.
  9. Looking for the Bulls to warm up a bit in the second half. If I were Bols. I would play a ton of zone i and make the Bulls beat me with outside shots. Go Bulls.
  10. I’ve got no dog in this fight. But the screen name “Bull-in-Exile” is suggestive of a persona reluctant of any association with the trappings of the mundane. We have two diametrically opposing forces that are a souce of tension: Should I stay or should I go, if you will. The only possible antidote would be a flawless Bulls’ season from here on out. Go Bulls!
  11. No kid is worthless. I want to see Nickleberry because he’s got another year here. It’s hard to believe that the roster that so recently was touted as the most athletically gifted MAC team, is now viewed as a squad of duds.
  12. So far this season Johnson has had an eFG% greater than 50% in 3 games: Harvard, William & Mary, and Army. His eFG% this year is 36.8%....He shot 37.9% from 3 two seasons ago! At some point it makes sense to give Segu more minutes - he has an eFG% of 50%. To me it’s a no brainer. If Will Regan can come off the bench for the good of the team, so can Antwain Johnson.
  13. Jeremy Harris was a great athlete for UB. He shot over 40% from 3 in his first season as a Bull. Inexplicably, he shot slightly better than 25% from 3 in his final season. He regressed. And yet he did enough other things well in his second year that almost compensated for the drop off in 3 point accuracy. The transfers and JUCOs that currently play for UB have not brought much in the way of positive development. With the exception of Mballa, it appears that the new members are a bust.
  14. Much has been written here that lambastes the Bulls’ defense, their lack of hustle, selfishness, lack of urgency, and even teammates foray into post game tweets that presumably showcase individual feats of accomplishment (even after team losses!). At the same time, the number of posts insisting that this team is among the most athletically talented in the MAC has virtually disappeared. I want to return to an observation that I made in November. This is a guard laden team. It has virtually no depth in quality bigs. And so far, as a team, two areas of inadequacy stand out: poor three point shooting and abysmal foul shooting. I don’t know how you turn that around in the short term. You can improve your team’s chances of winning by getting better defensive efforts, but if you continue to shoot the ball as poorly as the Bulls have (at least in all their losses), your prospects for a successful season are slim.
  15. Going to zone would help in one sense - it would limit the drives to the hoop with impunity. However, it would also diminish the number of defensive rebounds that the Bulls gathered.
  16. The Bulls earn a victory of sorts, if they can hold their opponent to less than 90 points.
  17. There is a lot of time left...we have to go to our strength - chuck it from 3, baby.
  18. Not worried. Just have to tighten it up a bit on D.
  19. The buck stops with Alnutt. He’s got ultimate say on hiring any and all head coaches. He must have been cognizant of salary limitations when contemplating Oats’ replacement. Waiting as long as he did before naming Whitesell gives the impression that the AD was flat footed.
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