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  1. Oats isn’t going anywhere unless it’s a big jump up.
  2. Should we shoot the “messenger”? I happen to miss both Sullivan and Gleason, even though I sometimes didn’t like the message. Both fine writers...replaced by ‘paint by numbers’ types.
  3. This was a magical season - one that will be hard, if not impossible to forget. Part of it was watching a senior laden team so selflessly commit itself to doing everything within its power to bring recognition to itself and the University. I’m going to miss the seniors, and wish all of them luck in their future endeavors. They have set the bar for all the future Bulls.
  4. Three point shooting was not a consistent strength of the Bulls despite a 32 - 3 record going into today’s game. Today, against a top defense, it utterly failed. In fact, all the wheels came off the bus. In a way it’s better than losing a close one where a single Bull blew an assignment, missed a gimme, or threw the ball away. They won as a team all year (or longer) long. They lost as a team today. What a great group of young men! Where do I sign to get more of this?? What a great team! What great coaching staff! Go Bulls!!
  5. TT is a much better team. Completely dominating the boards. We are turning the ball over, not making foul shots...still - a tremendous season. Just a crappy way to go out.
  6. Have to hold them and regroup at the half. We are going to win this game.
  7. TT ain’t going to shoot this all game and neither are the Bulls. We’ll get back in this. But we’ve got to get on the boards
  8. It’s got to get better. Ora’s the Beatles put it: Can’t get no worse.
  9. A small small upset. This is not David and the Goliath. If the Bulls take care of the ball, make their foul shots, and hold their own on the boards, they win this game. This is the main course. The icing on the cake is next week.
  10. Date Rk Opponent Result Location Record Conf Tue Nov 6 25 346 Incarnate Word W, 87-37 68 Home 1-0 Fri Nov 9 21 350 Mississippi Valley St. W, 84-52 63 Home 2-0 Tue Nov 13 22 233 Southeastern Louisiana W, 59-40 67 Home 3-0 Mon Nov 19 25 82 USC W, 78-63 71 Neutral 4-0 Tue Nov 20 20 43 Nebraska W, 70-52 66 Neutral 5-0 Sat Nov 24 14 192 Northern Colorado W, 93-62 69 Home 6-0 Sat Dec 1 10 62 Memphis W, 78-67 75 Neutral 7-0 Wed Dec 5 10 316 Arkansas Pine Bluff W, 65-47 67 Home 8-0 Wed Dec 12 12 341 Northwestern St. W, 79-44 70 Home 9-0 Sat Dec 15 12 152 Abilene Christian W, 82-48 65 Home 10-0 Thu Dec 20 9 3 Duke L, 69-58 82 Neutral 10-1 Fri Dec 28 10 173 UT Rio Grande Valley W, 71-46 66 Home 11-1 ‘This is who TT beat (and lost to Duke) out of conference. Wicked. Then it played and won the regular season title before losing to W Virginia in the B12 tourney. But TT regrouped and won its first March Madness game against N Kentucky. I hope that UB treats this as every other opponent and not some supernatural Godzilla. Buffalo can definitely win today. Go Bulls!
  11. Big 12 will have only 2 teams left by tomorrow as Kansas is getting clobbered by Auburn. UB already beat one Big 12 team. Maybe it’s an overrated conference. Go Bulls!
  12. I just looked at Magee’s stats from 3 against the five teams that beat Wofford this season: N Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi St, and Kentucky. Against those teams, all NCAA tournament teams, Magee was 12 of 60. Twenty percent doesn’t cut it. I feel bad for Wofford and am not blaming their loss today on Magee’s performance. However, there is a difference between the Southern Conference teams’ pedigree and that of many, if not most, teams fortunate enough to play in March Madness. Wofford came up just short against a factory. They are to be commended.
  13. Great game...re Harris - I’m still worried. I don’t remember any shots of his last year that hit the side of the backboard or didn’t hit anything at all. I hope on Sunday he’s shooting like he did later in the game today. Another concern: Assist/Turnover today wasn’t so hot. Partly due to the Bulls’ freewheeling lack of abandon once they built the 20+ point lead. OTOH the rebounding was HUGE!
  14. If they ever make a movie about this game its title will be “The Longest Game”.
  15. All we need is for our guys to get hurt playing this bullshit mind game. Pressing down by 20 with 3 min to go. What a jackass.
  16. I’ve never seen a team spend so much time tieing their shoes.
  17. Going to watch the men with volume up on TV. Have the women on the iPad with sound muted.
  18. I picked Louville in all my brackets...feeling foolish and foolhardy.
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