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  1. You either really want to leave someplace or they really don’t want you anymore to transfer after a redshirt frosh year. My guess is usually the latter. Start the clock, sit, now sit again. 2 years removed from any competitive ball...
  2. Andrew Slater’s list, not Zed Key’s.... no need to lose faith yet.
  3. Neither Dontay or Jordan were recruited as defenders. They became them. They learned those skills and got that tenacity practicing on the hardwood at Alumni, knowing if they wanted to play here, you had to defend here. The culture is still here. I can see several players taking on the role.
  4. Looks a lot stronger. I see a future first teamer in that one.
  5. It’s spelled oot and aboot there. Learn the lingo.
  6. Why are people knocking his scholarship offers? 5 years ago UB would of been considered the bottom of that list.
  7. Are there any jobs left? Is she officially here another year?
  8. I was actually gonna say 1 in 20 but didn’t want to come off even more negative then necessary.
  9. Maybe one in ten players in this tournament get drafted. Just by playing in it is a admission of fringe prospects at best.
  10. We don’t need big men. Small ball! Out gun the opposition
  11. Ugh. Better basketball conference, sure. But worse school. Alabama is almost as close to a diploma mill as ASU. So, no, they are not doing any non NBA talent really any favors by recruiting them to a worse school. Maybe I’m old fashioned.
  12. Our previous HC was 2 years removed from teaching high school math and cross-pollinating with UMKC worries you? Give me people who work hard and inspire those around them to do the same. Don’t care what the source of your prior checks.
  13. Posts like this give me guilt. Someone passionate about UB took a measurable amount of time out of their day to write this. And it’s too long for me to read....
  14. Just stop. Power conference schools don’t play road games. Not happening. Ask about AAC, OVC, A10 and MVC. Home and homes that could actually happen. Keep the brand and get into good neutral court preseason tournies.
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