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  1. Saw this is the Buffalo News. https://buffalonews.com/2019/03/11/buffalo-bills-university-at-buffalo-frank-gore-frank-gore-jr/
  2. Nate Oats is 4th at 7% of the vote. Huggins leads with 20%. Bobby Hurley is 2nd with 12%
  3. Rothstein has UB at 13 in his vote this week
  4. UB is 16th in this weeks AP Poll
  5. With the new redshirt rule allowing athletes to play in 4 games without costing a year of eligibility be prepared to see these grad transfers often. The pessimist will be woe is me, the optimist will be we have a chance to grab some talent. Just another aspect of recruiting for schools and programs.
  6. A Yahoo article ranks this the 17 best match up to the 39. https://sports.yahoo.com/ranking-2018-bowl-games-1-39-alabama-oklahoma-no-1-232758819.html
  7. Lots to think about with this game. It was a fun season and I think the school did earn many new fans but the 3 big games with most opportunity to really grow a fan base, the D was a no show and other than the 1st half tonight the O was disappointing in those same 3 games. I really think Tyree's play dropped off the second half of the year compared to first half of season. He was really rattled by pressure tonite and ran into 3 of the 4 sacks. I will be curious if he declares for draft before their bowl game and decides to sit it out if he is going pro. Lastly....can UB please find a reliable kicker?
  8. Wouldn't you think Channel 4/CW23 would get rights to this game?
  9. I think 9 wins I should a real possibility. The Army game is the one I think could go either way though
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