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  1. That will be tough to do. A lot of good teams.
  2. Still no update on Mballa, I am assuming he is playing because he has his number on the website, but I never saw any official statement.
  3. IMO the most important game on that schedule is UCONN, making noise in that tournament would be huge for us.
  4. It is encouraging that he tweeted about Coach Jenkins and then tweeted that. Hopefully he picks us, we are going to need guards next year.
  5. Saw on instagram that Nickelberry has started practicing with the team. Any news on how he has been doing?
  6. It is crazy that they were able to beat us by 32 when we really controlled the game. They are obviously the better team, but it was a very weird game. UB had more first downs, better 3rd down efficiency, more yards, and a TOP of 43 minutes vs 17 minutes for Penn State.
  7. It’s a good article, but such lazy reporting to not look up our mascot.
  8. Yeah I listened to their podcast and no joke one of them was convinced that Jackson was less risky than Kyler Murray. They are too biased.
  9. Hopefully the kids currently growing up in Buffalo have a different opinion.
  10. I’m not sure. Back when I went to UB it seemed that most of True Blue was actually not from the Buffalo area. My best guess is that most students who start following the teams due so as freshman when they are in the dorms and it is the fun thing to do. A lot of students from Buffalo commute to UB and don’t get as involved.
  11. Just watched some of his high school highlights. He looks like he can run too.
  12. 11 days until football is back!
  13. I'll probably check it out for the Giants/Knicks/Yankees/Rangers anyway. Thanks!
  14. Do they post a decent amount of UB related material?
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