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  1. https://247sports.com/player/jalen-thomas-46049647/ Would love to grab this guy, former UMASS commit.
  2. How do you know that the staff thinks they will be enough? Just because no one has signed yet doesn't mean we aren't currently recruiting bigs.
  3. Today is signing day, has anyone heard any news?
  4. Would love to have him, they say he is 6'6" in the tweet but he is listed at 6'4" on both the UVA website and ESPN, definitely looks 6'4" to me.
  5. Talk about horrible timing for UM, signing day is in 2 days and they don't have a coach.
  6. Would he have to sit out next year?
  7. Would be a great get. They should go after his teammate, Essam Mostafa, for this year.
  8. I'm not sure, I just remember that Higgs committed in like June last year. I could be wrong though because I just looked at the site below and it says this is the first year that they are speeding up the process. So possibly disregard what I said before. https://www.ncsasports.org/recruiting/managing-recruiting-process/national-signing-day
  9. Yes and no, recruits don't have to commit by that deadline, they can commit all the way up to when classes start I think.
  10. Could be multiple reasons. 1. He clicked better with their coach than he did with Whitesell. 2. Thinks he could get more PT early. 3. Closer to home. 4. I think his dad went there.
  11. He still isn't cleared medically so I don't know how much depth he will add. Hopefully he gets healthy.
  12. https://watchstadium.com/news/buffalo-coach-jim-whitesell-agrees-to-five-year-contract-salary-buyout-incentives-05-06-2019/ Not sure if the specific details of his contract were already posted, but here they are.
  13. Hodge must have had a horrible Pro Day. The fact that he hasn't signed as an UDFA is baffling.
  14. My point wasn’t that it was a concern, it is that I don’t think it is necessarily deterring guard prospects. We only have 4 true guards on the roster next year and 3 are upperclassmen. That means a lot of minutes will be opening up soon.
  15. I feel like I am the only one on this site who doesn't think our guard depth is that deep. Guards - Jordan, Johnson, Graves, Segu Wings/Forwards - Nickelberry, Williams, Grant, Fagan, Big Men - Skogman, Bertram 2 of our guards are going to be seniors and we play a lot of 3 guard sets. Even if you assume that Johnson and Segu are going to take CJ's and Caruthers minutes, then there is still about 9 mins per game for the role Segu played last year. With our 3 remaining scholarships I would try to get Andre Allen (or another Juco big), a freshman wing/ forward, and a freshman guard.
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