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  1. SGBull

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    I think if Oats stays here after this year, then he will be here for a while. He has a large number of seniors who are graduating so it will be hard to repeat this success in the future. He will most likely get some big offers, so this would be the most opportune time for him to leave. If he stays I think he is truly committed to building UB into a consistent contender. If he values job security he should stay at UB. He makes plenty of money and barring a scandal, it would require many years of losing seasons to get fired.
  2. https://theathletic.com/762393/2019/01/16/nate-oats-future-is-tbd-but-the-buffalo-coachs-present-is-pretty-great/?campaign_type=branded-content&campaign_id=BrianHamilton&source=fbadsbc&fbclid=IwAR0MQ-Uk304Fz2KKItJkRTpl1rwjxOqgWQmrIUPsw3Fx7vcNEX9SafzEEFQ Anyone have a subscription to the athletic?
  3. The largest student section in the country is 7,800 at Indiana, absolutely no shot we get 10k students. Let's just focus on filling up our student section and having them all make some noise.
  4. SGBull

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    While this wasn't a fun game to watch, I think it will be good for our team. Call me crazy but I don't want to blow every team out by 30 points. It is good to have the team experience close games throughout the year. We will learn more from games like this than blowouts, also will help us keep us on our toes. That being said, I still would like to win big for a majority of the games.
  5. 10k students is a stretch in my opinion. Usually there isn't even over 1000 there.
  6. SGBull

    MAC Chain of Command

    I think it is fair based on the factors given. But if all the current head coaches headed to different teams this season, I bet Ub would be a top 3 choice for all of the prospective new hires.
  7. SGBull

    UB Decorations

    Anyone know of any cool UB Bulls decorations? I am looking to get some new stuff for my cubicle at work, could be a desktop decoration or something that can be thumbtacked to the wall.
  8. SGBull

    Tujautae Williams

    Could be a great get for Oats. I was hoping we could follow up last year's highly touted recruiting class with another few 3 or 4 star recruits. I trust Oats to develop whoever plays here, but I thought with our continued success and raised profile we would be in serious contention for some better known players.
  9. SGBull

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    While I think he could benefit from staying for another year, I can't blame him for making the move. If he has a chance to go in the 2nd-3rd round he has to take it. There is a very strong QB class coming out next year and there is always the potential for injury if he stays another year, both of which add to the risk of staying. He is also the type of prospect that will shoot up draft boards because of his measurables.
  10. SGBull

    #20 UB @ EMU (1/4 - 9:00pm ET)

    I wish Oats would put in some of the younger guys at this point, I think they need to start getting more experience.
  11. SGBull

    #20 UB @ EMU (1/4 - 9:00pm ET)

    McRae is playing awesome. The announcers are very complimentary of UB, almost too nice...
  12. SGBull

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    I hope to see him do well and end up in the NFL. Who is the next man up for us?
  13. SGBull

    Surprised there's no Bowl chat.

    I think basketball has taken most of the attention from the fans. Also, I think losing the conference championship took a lot of wind out of the sails. Obviously still an awesome season though and I know I will be watching this weekend.
  14. The crazy thing is that we didn’t even play well for the first 3/4 of the game, but we still won by double digits. Imagine if we were hot the whole game?
  15. https://13wham.com/sports/local-sports/former-section-v-stars-feel-at-home-with-14-buffalo Found this to be pretty interesting. Focuses on Dontay and Jeenathan, but previews Cuse a little bit. https://www.nunesmagician.com/2018/12/18/18145531/bullish-on-ub-nate-oats-sustained-buffalo-basketball-success-bobby-hurley-syracuse-basketball Just found this on the Syracuse blog page.