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  1. This is kind of how I see the lineup too. The only thing I'm not sure about is that Hawkins actually starts if he comes here. All his recruiting info puts him on the level that Jeenathan and Segu were coming in. If that is the case I could see Rojas starting over him because I'm assuming he is more seasoned.
  2. Has anyone heard about how Johnson and Grant were performing in practice this year? I remember hearing really good things about Wes Clark when he was a practice-only player. But haven't heard much about these two.
  3. TT's length killed us, they are scary good on the defensive end. Thank you to all the seniors who have worked your tails off throughout your careers. I will be hoping some of you can make the NBA and will continue to cheer you on at the next level. You have mad Buffalo a nationally recognizable name and changed the culture of the program. You will forever be legends of Buffalo basketball.
  4. I definitely like being the underdog more, but if we want the program to keep moving forward then we will have to accept being the favorite.
  5. Don't forget about Wofford. The Pact stays strong!
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2016/03/14/billions-of-dollars-lost-due-to-march-madness.html Who knows how accurate this is, still pretty crazy.
  7. We are definitely up there. The other big ones include Richard Pitino vs Louisville and Ja Morant vs Markus Howard.
  8. Exactly. Pretty much any program that will be willing to come to play at Alumni is not going to have true drawing power.
  9. I haven't listened to this one yet, but they have weekly podcasts during football season that cover the team and they are pretty good. They can be a bit biased though, on one of them they were saying that Tyree Jackson is a better prospect than Kyler Murray.
  10. It is from the college basketball subreddit, just random posters who decided to make a pact to root for each others teams. It has grown on the college basketball reddit to a point for even non Buffalo and Wofford fans support the pact. Basically comes down to the fact that a lot of people think both teams are really good, but don't always get the respect they deserve by the media/selection committee.
  11. He retweeted someone saying that he already made his decision, so I don't think the outcome of the game will have any influence on it.
  12. I have a strong gut feeling that he is going to pick us.
  13. I agree with him. I think you are overvaluing the name brand of MAC schools. Let’s use Siena as an example. Do you really think that they would have a larger crowd if they had Bowling Green visit compared to Dartmouth? I grew up near Albany and i can tell you for a fact that no one there cares any more about MAC schools than they do about any other small or mid major basketball teams.
  14. Yeah I had to put UB winning it all, there is no money involved in this, right?
  15. That is true, Nate has specifically said that good teams don’t want to come play us.
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