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  1. This sounds like something that a Buffalo Sabres GM would say. The reality is that games have evolved. You don’t have to lick your finger and put it to the wind to make decisions anymore. Coaches tend to go for the more risk averse option. The qualifier there being on sports radio. In reality, the decision to run a certain play (or to run a play at all) and the execution of certain plays are two completely separate clauses. Many times there are bad decisions run with good results, that does not make the decision to run that play any better in hindsight.
  2. So since I have a data analytics background, I should only criticize coaches for the act of not going for it on 4th & 1, but not criticize their play call? I’m fine with that assessment if they stop punting or kicking on 4th & 1.
  3. Justin Turner goes in the portal. Back to the cellar, Falcons.
  4. Will still maintain eligibility.
  5. We saw Brock get a decent amount of minutes this year despite not being a ton improved since last year.
  6. Anybody know if we have any players (men or women) that are playing overseas currently? Specifically Italy?
  7. Of the players that we saw this year I'm most worried about Gallion. It's clear that he has a level of talent that will help us win, I just hope he isn't impatient and wants to get a ton of minutes right away.
  8. Unless there's no Brock and no Fagan, I don't know if he gets a ton of minutes if he comes here.
  9. On paper, we're loaded. Just need to perform. When Hurley left, we weren't loaded and brought in a low ranked recruit. Went to the tournament more years than not and that recruit almost broke the scoring record.
  10. They could give him an associate HC job. Would technically be a promotion.
  11. Probably don't want it to crash and burn, but that's good to know if it's true.
  12. Despite the rough stretches this season, I think we'll be contending with Ohio for the East next year. The combination of Fair and Hemphill will make our offense more resembling the Dillard/Hemphill offense that we saw last year. I can realistically see OU, CMU, and UB in the tournament in 2021.
  13. I'm going to be unbearable in Cleveland if one or both teams win next year. If you see a giant banner hanging from the second level of Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse with BACK TO BACK TO BACK or BACK TO BACK while Whitesell or FLJ cut down nets you know who is responsible.
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