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  1. We'll be able to move the SAs doing sprints in the AA/CFA basement halls to the triple gym!
  2. We still need to give him a raise. $600k is only $50k more than Saul Phillips. I think the key to keeping him is ~$900k-$1m a year, and some form of progress on a rec facility so that the triple gym is SAs only. It really doesn't make much sense to have the student recreation facility on the far side of campus. In the UB2020 plan it was the plan to build it where the Commons currently is. But if there's nothing besides a decade old plan, it isn't getting built in the near future. Oats is a math guy. Yes, there will be some good offers coming around, but it's a higher risk/reward situation. Hence why he turned down an offer last year. Stan Heath (Kent State), is sitting on a ton of money, but he's progressively fallen down to worse and worse jobs. Stick around, he'll have a steady income like Mark Few or Gregg Marshall (though he makes bank). Leave, you could build something somewhere else and make a shit ton of money, or fall flat and be back in the MAC East a few years later for a different team. If he goes, he'll go after this season. Similar to FLJ after last season.
  3. rma

    Ranking Prediction

    MAC's average a few days ago was 131.5. Only two non-power conferences are above us: American and Pac 12
  4. But for a school this size it's crazy that the number of 7 figure donations to the athletics program can be counted on a hand or two. We have a huge alumni network. This is not to understate the contributions the existing donors have made. I don't think that's accurate. Seems like what is wanted is a dedicated facility that can be used at all times by the players. I don't think that's too unreasonable.
  5. The funny thing is CDS has improved across the board except concession stands. I was a freshman when Richmond dining hall closed (or when I stopped going there) and was one of the first people to go to the new Red Jacket dining hall (C3). Night and day difference. Putnam's has had at least 2 renovations since my freshman year (8 years ago), and it seems like the selection got better each time. The food trucks actually have pretty good food, I would say somewhat comparable to a real food truck. The stadium food has remained the same for at least 8 years. I might have been a student the last time I had it - it's just so bad. I'll walk to the Commons for something better.
  6. This is Graves' team next year. Can't wait to see how he is leading it
  7. They do. Though I can say I've had AA concessions maybe once or twice ever, it isn't too bad of a wait. The beer line needs to be more efficient. I think the apparel problem is one that has stretched over many administrations. Seems like we don't have the licensing deals to get our stuff on shelves. We can't just send Nate to Wegmans with a bunch of tee shirts.
  8. Any idea what they would cap it at? I imagine that it will come down to where to physically put people, since we fit 7200 when Obama came to town and there were no complaints from the fire marshall (it was super stuffy/hot though). I am beyond amazed at how little of this is out there. Wegmans only put UB stuff out front at the Alberta Dr store after we won the game vs Arizona. Was at Cracker Barrel last week - bunch of Cuse stuff. Same at Dick's, though I did see a few UB things there last trip I made. Though I don't give them credit since I saw some Miami Redhawks shirts too. What the hell..... Continuing my bitchfest. If we have capacity crowds, we need to move the DJ over to where it isn't taking up a ton of space (or just 86 it, nothing personal, just not a fan of DJs at live sporting events 99% of the time). Something needs to be done about purchased seats that aren't used either. Seems like a ton of 100's level seats are empty, despite 6100+ tickets being sold last game.
  9. rma

    Starting QB for 2019

    Just barely got away from us. Next Bull In I guess.... One of us here is happy though 😉
  10. rma

    KJ to the U

    Jeff Thomas pulls a Manny Diaz and returns to Miami. With the talent coming in, I wonder how much playing time KJ will get.
  11. That’s true but that involves having a near capacity crowd at every basketball game and not having Danny White 22k math.
  12. I agree. And WVU was pretty quiet, and SU there weren’t any students.
  13. rma

    Starting QB for 2019

    Wimbush to UCF. Still no details on a Buffalo OV date from Hurts? Kid is gonna miss out 😕