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  1. Hook and lateral fake punts and field goals. Throw it to dom and he dunks on the goal post.
  2. Vantrease punted in high school so it's not like he grabbed a rando and told him to punt.
  3. Unfortunate, wish him a speedy recovery.
  4. If they really want they can charge by phone because we accept credit cards here in 2019.
  5. Good article on UB Bull (not Bison) alum and Penn State DC Brent Pry. http://www.statecollege.com/news/columns/penn-state-football-theres-no-buffaloing-franklinbison-alum-prys-his-guy,1480990/
  6. I hope so too. This year is the year that she becomes the winningest coach (provided that we can string together 13 wins). And after that only 51 more wins to be the winningest UB basketball coach for either sex.
  7. Anecdotal, but I went to a 3:30pm kick at penn state last year (Iowa) and there was not much traffic to SC. It was maybe 30 minutes to get to 99 leaving the game, though that game went down to the final play. I parked near some run down off campus student housing so YMMV with the official lots. There will probably be more traffic leaving the official lots.
  8. We could pull a Niagara and either not play them or demand to play them at home again.
  9. Only to beat you to it 😛 On the former coach note, I would believe it on the CCSU side more than the SJSU side. Coach Jack and Donyell seemed close. Coach Jack has proved that she can win her regardless of roster turnover. Quite honestly I think we’re on borrowed time with her staying here. Somebody somewhere is going to give her an amazing offer.
  10. It seems like almost every year we have a month hiatus for WBB home games. Unless there’s a men’s home game that day (or we win the MACE), might need to go down to Olean on Dec 7. Also love that we get CMU at home. Despite losing Sue G, they’ll be towards the top of the MAC again. Interestingly, the release says all times are in EST, though the exhibition should be EDT.
  11. Line opened at 21 points
  12. Well to be fair they should have moved our game there last year. KAC was sold out and it wasn't because Canisius was playing...
  13. I usually just bring my sudoku to the game so that I have some nice background noise while completing puzzles. Once in a while I’ll pick my head up and check the score but that’s also what a phone is for.
  14. rma

    RBG at UB

    I think you and I have different views on what “wonderful” is. I was moved in and off campus, but I still remember that as one of the largest shitshows in modern UB history.
  15. This is not a political post. Whatever we paid her to appear at UB paid for itself in media exposure. NBC News on their home page, Washington Post on their home page, Reuters on their home page Very good for the school, especially the law school which last I heard was struggling a bit.
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