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  1. Unless he interviewed in Tulsa, I find it hard to believe that he went out to UNLV, got offered the job, and declined it within 12ish hours. I interpreted it as UNLV said to his agent UNLV is offering $1.6m, and either NO or his agent said no
  2. Pat Chambers isn't getting fired for some odd reason
  3. Sweet, Arizona will have to vacate their win against us in the NCAA tournament! Wait a second
  4. I have to laugh at the whole politics part of it and the whole "try to extort a huge company for millions of dollars" part of it. But let me get my hands on that report. Whether we're involved or not.
  5. In case you want to agree with another (traditionally) TBN clown. Very well said.
  6. If somebody doubled my salary (after an already 30%ish raise) and moved me out to a state without income tax for the same job, I'd be there next day. Good thing I am not in charge of this program.
  7. I was ready to leave Santora's before the men's game was over. Many people did. The women kept chipping away at the lead. By the time the men's game was over, the ladies had turned their game into something very close. CD went down and the team kept on going. CD then went back in and gave it all she had. This is the closest game UConn had at home to an unranked team since 2012. The fight in these ladies is unreal. I cannot wait to see what CD does in the WNBA and what this team does next.
  8. I heard a Shredd and Ragan clip where they were giving UB basketball players nicknames. They gave one to Harris and another to a current bench player that hasn't played a minute yet. Even though they have no idea what they're talking about it's nice to hear stuff like this on the radio.
  9. The first and second rounds are played at the highest seed in the group. Last year we played an away game at FSU and blew them out.
  10. CMU ladies lost to MSU today. To advance to the S16 they would have had to defeat ND which is about the same draw we got.
  11. CMU plays today. They have an equally difficult path to the Sweet 16. Rooting for them to take down MSU and ND
  12. Just got back from the game. Wow! Summer Hemphill was on fire. She played smart when she was on the court with 3 fouls. Autumn Jones was also key to the win. CD was too but at this point it’s expected for her to ball out.
  13. Thanks. I ended up calling the ticket office and just buying Friday’s game. $22 (like the $10 MAC games) is a steal to watch this team in the tournament.
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