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  1. Wish the best to him off the court. On the court, I hope he turns the ball over and misses every shot.
  2. When the average non-spirit team student attendance for WBB is somewhere around 20, I think it's great. Add in that the Dazzlers have close to doubled in size and the band is considerably larger than it was in past years, more students than ever are watching this team. It isn't as much as it should be, but progress is progress.
  3. They had Cheeburger Cheeseburger gift cards for the first 50 students for yesterday's game.
  4. Trying to keep the streak alive there
  5. Anybody that plays basketball in the state of Florida knows Segu on instagram
  6. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/buffalo/sports/2020/02/06/ub-womens-hoops-coach-felisha-legette-jack-mic-d-up-watching-son-play
  7. Completely agree. He could also finally beat Miami at Miami.
  8. I said that about Oats at Bama too Yeah I’m real sure they wanted him to “resign” right before NSD and screw over this recruiting class
  9. Michigan State will likely be looking for somebody more experienced in D1, but they have opened up. Geography fits.
  10. This team is full of freshmen and has one of our best players out due to injury. I can't imagine what would be said if Fair wasn't on this team and we had a losing record.
  11. Wish the students outside of the band and first five rows of True Blue would stand up. DJ Yes is killing the vibes too. I'd argue it's better with the intern or whoever does the in-game music for the ladies.
  12. Didn’t realize it until I saw the Buffalo News article, Onwuka was a steal away from a triple double.
  13. Her free throws were huge in an otherwise less than outstanding performance. But she has gotten much better since the beginning of the season. Much more confidence. I hate to be the “next year” guy, but this year we have a WNIT team. Next year if we have Summer, Hall, Fair, Addy, etc we can make a dent in the NCAA again. If we had Summer this year we’d probably be pushing an at-large bid/MAC championship. Again. With all we lost. Maybe I missed it but I did not see Walters out there yesterday.
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