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  1. I like this. Cheap travel for fans and the team, and a school that we could build a regional rivalry with. I also grew up an hour away so Mom gets a visit. Now more home games please
  2. I misread the release and thought it said two CAA tournament wins (as in winning the tournament twice). Turns out it was two wins in the tournament over five years. Regardless, I have a ton of faith in FLJ and the current staff.
  3. You can't tell me that somebody's going to hire him. He's hired a softball coach (and a basketball coach) and sent out a few extensions. Surely there's no way that a Power 6 (lol) school is going to hire him based on that. That would be unprecedented.
  4. Isn’t that the case for everybody though? Guys that we’re recruiting now we didn’t recruit when we had Oats because we thought that we could get somebody better.
  5. We were tracking flights for the coaching search, though I don't think any candidates that we know of publicly were on flights we tracked. That must count for something
  6. Roster size is so small and their careers are so long (this isn't football where you'll play for only a few years) that a lot of the draft picks don't end up making the team.
  7. Minnesota has waived Dillard
  8. Pitt doesn't have a lot of room in their schedule though. They have Backyard Brawl coming back and I imagine there's interest in continuing the PSU-Pitt rivalry. I'm indifferent on playing them. It would be nice to do a home and home but I'd prefer Syracuse or even a G5.
  9. Oh yeah that's right I was more focused on St Bonaventure losing than who the other team was
  10. TJ has since committed to Central Florida - The College of Central Florida, not The University of Central FLORIDA
  11. I think they won the A-10 this year
  12. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2019/01/akron-basketball-player-arrested-suspended-after-incident-with-a-teammate.html
  13. I appreciate the tax advice (really, not in the condescending way I normally am), but as a 20-something without a mortgage I am nowhere near the standard deduction level in itemized deductions. Good to know for the future if the tax code does not change though.
  14. If you're going to donate $100 or more, you might as well upgrade your seats which require a donation. I donated (and keep my cheap seats) because there was a 2x match for young alumni, I previously donated to the MBB program, and any UB program that beats Ohio in the MAC Championship deserves some $$$.
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