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  1. Biggest rivals? I think you are confusing them with Syracuse. A team who has had a notable accomplishment or two in the last 50 years.
  2. Not his best showing. He goes on at the 14 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY1dfik795U
  3. I can't speculate any better than anyone about Battle as a potential coach, but considering he was known as Mr. Textbook, I wouldn't expect the high tempo free flowing play that we've recently grown accustomed to. Anything is possible, and I loved him as a player but I'd be very skeptical.
  4. They were hot early but have cooled off. No reason we can’t win this but we need all hands on deck.
  5. Yeah, I’ll duck out early, I’m at Thirsty Buffalo right now, my regular watering hole and one of the GM’s is already planning for it
  6. I mean yes but last year and freshman... we can beat both teams, who knows which will be easier, it’s survive and advance and on any given day we can beat sbyone.
  7. But the thing there was everyone wanted us to slay a blue blood. We’re less established than either of our potential opponents but we are no longer the underdogs, so this will be interesting. Trying to be objective I’d still think neutrals would pull for us. We’re fun to watch and have a great team/staff.
  8. The potential storyline is great but location terrible. If we end up with St. John’s it evens out a bit but the question is now that we’re arent the underdog on paper going in, how much of the neutral crowd gets behind us?
  9. I'm afraid of the committee. I want to win out against quality teams. That first NIU game was a fluke and although I expect them to play ugly again I wouldn't expect them to even make it a game again.
  10. It obviously doesn't guarantee anything but it helps the cause. The only other real option is to go soccer style and base it entirely on conference play which makes the most sense in the fact that it rewards the best team over the course of a length of time but eliminates the system of truncating a season to 2-4 elimination games which will not go away in this country.
  11. In fairness in a single year that doesn't mean much. I mean St Bonaventure plays in a lower ranked conference than us this year but on most years they are slightly ahead of us as a conference). They often get 2-3 tourney teams while we just get one. If a school like that located in the Amish country can recruit talent like they do to compete (near the bottom for 50 years) of a conference like that then surely we could do equally or better.
  12. Gonzaga about to go down to St Mary’s in the type of game I could see Akron poaching. This conference really needs a double bye
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