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  1. MKBullsfan

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    We need to sell out Alumni. Get that place rocking. No let down. Keep it rolling.
  2. MKBullsfan

    Ranking Prediction

    It’s all about the conference. You bring in big name schools like Cuse, Villinova or Uconn to alumni people will come. But until they upgrade in conference, people will dismiss the level of play even though UB is legit good.
  3. Solid win. Where do you think our ranking is next week? I say 14th in the country sounds about right.
  4. These announcers are such homers. “That shot would have brought down the house” (you are down 20 stop it) or “Stockard is the best shooter off the dribblenin the country” (What about Harris?) Take it easy Olean.
  5. Yeah I saw that too about us being a dirty program and laughed. Such bs. They need to make something up to make themselves feel better that we are able to recruit better players. Hope we run them out of their gym.
  6. Saw their fan forum. You’d think we were playing Duke. Calm down Olean.
  7. I’m hoping we beat them soundly and shut them up about which team is the best in Western NY. Can’t even remember last time they were even ranked. Go Bulls!
  8. Good game for Segu and Nate Williams to get minutes and experience. I’d sit Massinburg and Perkins. Bona game will be huge and need them fresh.
  9. Congrats to the football program. We’ve come a long way since the BN and other haters thought we should drop football or from D-1. Feels nice to go to a bowl, right? National tv, recognition and attract recruiting. That seems worth it to me.
  10. MKBullsfan

    UB @ Temple - Sept. 8 - 3:30pm (ESPN3)

    Anyone know if Temple had to pay us as visitors for this game? If they did, that would make this W even sweeter.