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  1. I don't understand why these pre-season predictions sleep on Johnson. He could be our leading scorer and end up either 1st or 2nd team all mac at the end. Also, isn't he a R-Senior not a R-Junior as they listed in the line up?
  2. Once he starts playing for UB, the rest of the MAC will have no chance...
  3. Imagine if Tyree stayed at UB and then maybe KJ Osborn and Tyler Mabry stayed too. We could've had one of the best teams in our history. That with our returning offensive line plus our stud RBs. What could have been...
  4. Only one change I would make on the first team and that would be Moss or Watt for Harris. Harris was not MAC player of the year caliber like both Moss and Watt. Great off the bench and instant offense type player in this scenario.
  5. Zach Filzen was highly underrated
  6. Perkins situation was unique. The reason he didnt start was because he was prone to get in foul trouble early. If he wasn’t known to get into foul trouble, he would have started because he was one of our 3 best players.
  7. Yeah I disagree with Maine on the starting line-up. Jordan, Graves and Johnson will be starting because they are the 3 best players on the team. Period. No brainer. Whitesell preached at his introduction press conference that we would play the same up tempo style that Oats had. So why would we all of a sudden go 3 forwards and only 2 guards? Johnson is taking Massinburgs spot and should be good for at least 12pts per game. Just watch. He can ball.
  8. I thought their high tuition costs would pay for it and anything basketball makes would go back into basketball or Boehiem’s salary.
  9. Can anyone confirm if Nickelberry is on campus this summer training with the team? Seems to me based off social media, he’s the only one not at summer workouts. If he isn’t, why?
  10. Boehiem padding his career win total by scheduling cupcakes and all at home. That’s how Suny Cuse gets to almost 20 wins each year and sneaks into the tournament.
  11. Here’s what I realistically think the starting 5 will look like... 1) Davonta Jordan 2) Antwain Johnson 3) Jayvon Graves 4) David Nickleberry 5) LaQuill Hardnett Bench - 6th man would be Jeenathan Williams then Segu then Skogman/Brock. Thoughts? I’ll hang up and listen.
  12. I hear ya. Can we get a solid 3 or 4 star center or PF as the last recruit so we can stop checking this every day. There’s gotta be some gem out there or even JUCO player ready to commit.
  13. What’s the deadline to officially sign and commit to play for next season? All these players in the transfer portal should have a deadline to make their minds up.
  14. Ask him if he can get St. Johns to play UB in the Garden (since he used to coach at St. Johns) and for us to get a return game at alumni. We should play them and Cuse every year. Just ask about scheduling at a high level overall in non-conference.
  15. Can’t wait to hear from Whitsell on his plans and status of recruits/current players. Gotta give us something tomorrow to make us feel good about next season.
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