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  1. MKBullsfan

    Future of Alumni Arena

    Any update on the field house? Can we see some pictures of the progress?
  2. I personally think that Oats IS the better coach than Hurley. Let us pay the man and keep the good times rolling. Thoughts?
  3. MKBullsfan

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    Seems like when we are supposed to have a tough game the officiating is horrible and that was the case again tonight. It was just obvious and I don’t want to seem like I’m blaming the officials, to prove that we even won and I’m still bringing it up. That said, did anyone else notice that in the second half Nate relied on the veteran players more than Segu and Williams? Coincidence that we played better? I don’t think so. I hope we maximize the minutes left of the seniors. The freshman will have 3 more years of playing time. Let’s put teams away and play our best players at this time. Go Bulls.
  4. MKBullsfan

    Noah Williams

    Love these updates. Keep them coming. Hopefully we hear some good news soon with a new commit.
  5. MKBullsfan

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Reread what I wrote. I said if they have real foul trouble, then they can play the freshmen. My point is we don’t need to be giving charity mins in the first or second half for the new players. If Jordan has to sit, Carruthers/CJ/Graves can run the point. Harris/Graves/CJ don’t foul out so they can play and work through their shooting woes especially Harris recently who just needs to shoot through it. He just just needs to find a rhythm. Bottom line - the good veteran players need to play now to get ready for tournament time.
  6. MKBullsfan

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I think oats needs to quit messing around and stick to playing the upper classmen only. Segu and Williams will have 3 years to play more minutes. The games we lost in the MAC they both got more mins. This team is good because of the seniors and guys who played last year Jordan/Graves. They are the ones that won over Arizona and beat WV/Cuse. I honestly dont care about the freshmens development for next year. We should want to win THIS year when we have this historical senior laden team. That said stick to a 7 man rotation going forward only play the freshman at the end of the games or when really in foul trouble. Just my opinion.
  7. MKBullsfan

    Could this happen?

    If we were to ever join a P5 conference, the deal would have to order that we renovate that generic awful track/football Stadium of ours or knock it down to rebuild a new one with more seats closer to the field.
  8. MKBullsfan

    Ball State @ #18 UB (1/29 - 7:00pm ET)

    Unrelated topic but anyone watch the game on Espn3 and notice it’s hard to hear the crowd at all after a momentous dunk or run by UB? I know that it had to be loud in the arena after those dunks tonight but watching the broadcast it seems like they are playing in a library and all you hear is the announcers. Can’t they turn up the mic to get the crowd noise in? Anyone else notice this?
  9. MKBullsfan

    #14 UB @ NIU (1/22 - 8pm ET)

    If you don’t think the refs had any influence in that game then you are naive and/or just haven't played basketball to fully understand. For example, that 5 minute call on the inbound. When was the last time you saw a ref call that? And at that time of the game? Comon. That was bs. We do have a good team when we play the other team even if they throw a zone at us but when we play against the other team PLUS the refs dectating the tempo, we get no rythym and no chance to build momentum.
  10. MKBullsfan

    #14 UB @ NIU (1/22 - 8pm ET)

    I know we didn’t shoot well but the refs controlled the tempo of this game by calling all those fouls. I’m not saying they weren’t evenly distributed fouls for both teams but these whistle happy refs kill our style of play and allows NIU to get a shot at the upset. We need to get out of the MAC.
  11. MKBullsfan

    #14 UB @ NIU (1/22 - 8pm ET)

    Huge week. Need to take it game by game. Stay focused. Defense needs to stay at a high level and that will lead to offense. Hope they are locked in and ready to go. Only thing that worries me is if the refs somehow decide they want to keep it close and make too many calls. Go Bulls.
  12. MKBullsfan

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    Anyone got a transcript of that article about Oats in the Athletic? Not sure how I feel about the writer talking about big time programs wanting him as their next coach. I thought that was a bit classless. Who says we don’t keep him or he wants to stay? A ignorant dig at Buffalo and totally uncalled for in my opinion.
  13. I got an idea. This is long overdue. They should promote a Buffalo Braves night and it will be centered around finally putting up banners of players jerseys and divison championships. Keybank center has no banners from Buffalo’s pro basketball team. What a way to honor them, plus showcase Buffalo’s current best basketball team UB.
  14. MKBullsfan

    Toledo @ #19 UB (1/8 - 7pm ET)

    Anyone got a prediction as far as attendence for this one? Are the students back?
  15. MKBullsfan

    #20 UB @ EMU (1/4 - 9:00pm ET)

    I think the main difference between Cuse’s zone and EMU’s zone is the length plus overall athleticism of the Syracuse players. We should match up well or if not better with EMU height wise. Hope we can use this game to improve the offense against zones going forward. Go Bulls.