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  1. What’s the deadline to officially sign and commit to play for next season? All these players in the transfer portal should have a deadline to make their minds up.
  2. Ask him if he can get St. Johns to play UB in the Garden (since he used to coach at St. Johns) and for us to get a return game at alumni. We should play them and Cuse every year. Just ask about scheduling at a high level overall in non-conference.
  3. Can’t wait to hear from Whitsell on his plans and status of recruits/current players. Gotta give us something tomorrow to make us feel good about next season.
  4. Anyone know when the press conference will be this week to officially announce Whitesell as the coach?
  5. Hope Whitesell hires a young dynamic recruiter with some coaching experience that is also a Buffalo native (not Hodgson) and he grooms him to take over the head coaching spot in 5 years.
  6. Who knows, maybe Alnut spoke with the existing players and found out some could leave if Whitesell doesn’t stay. Just a possibility. Also, any chance that some of the decommitted players re-committ after the Whitesell move?
  7. Did Hurley address the players when he left? Anyone remember? Maybe Oats had beef with the underclassmen or was just classless/didn’t have the balls to let them know. Definitely not normal for a coach to just ghost his former school and players.
  8. Never understood the fascination with Reggie or Battle for that matter coaching wise. Reggie can’t manage a game. Calls time outs at the most strange times and his rotation/ substitutions are questionable. He always reminded me of a ref who blew the whistle too much and made the game about him. The players should dictate the outcome not the side show refs or coaches for that matter.
  9. Just give the job to Whitesell and call it a day.
  10. What’s your point? So UB fires him? He’ll be really hurting when he goes to Alabama. There’s no shady-ness. UB needs to step up and doing something. They need to make a decision and I have no idea why it’s taking this long. I hope this AD even prepared ahead of time for the possibility of Oats leaving and he did.
  11. Hodgson is not losing either way is my point.
  12. It’s called negotiating. Hodgson has leverage because he has nothing to lose. Oats has a job for him at Alabama. All of you people on here who are hurt by his actions don’t understand negotiation. Hodgson will be fine either way, UB on the other hand can lose if they don’t hire him.
  13. I’m not thrilled about Rob Lanier. Didn’t he fail at Siena? That’s basically like failing at Canisius or Niagara. He’s also job hopped around and interviews often. What if he starts looking again after only a year? Also, I could care less if he’s from Buffalo. I rather hire someone with deep aau or juco recruiting ties and Hodgson is that guy. Hodgson is still hungry while I think Rob has been collecting good salaries as Associate coach around many schools. Get someone younger, hungry and that will focus on building off this last 5 years.
  14. How quickly he went from “Blue Collar” to Churn and Burn baby!!
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