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  1. This game isn’t looking winnable. But neither was Evansville at Kentucky. Either way the only thing that has ever mattered is Cleveland. Win the MAC bid.
  2. The MAC isn't good this year. My projection from before the season remains the same.
  3. Looks like Jacksonville found another way to come up with the money to invest into their basketball program... https://judolphins.com/news/2019/12/3/jacksonville-university-discontinues-football.aspx
  4. What @cheese_66 said. To prevent teams rankings from jumping up and down 50 places based on one game (making the rankings meaningless), the pre-season ranking is factored in an every day the weight of the pre-season ranking is reduced and the actual results only ranking has more weight. Even if there were no games played for any team on a day the rankings would change a little for that day as the pre-season weight is reduced. In January the rankings are purely based on this season's results only. That is actually why our Bulls are so high... You might have noticed we didn't drop a lot when Dartmouth beat us.
  5. Ah, got ya. Thanks. That was probably his first year at Canisius, right? They must have been excited by those results right out of the gate.
  6. Is that Reggie’s first win against them?
  7. In another head scratcher Evansville losses to George Washington. They are the basement of the A10. How did Kentucky lose to Evansville?
  8. I meant the kids who were students at Jacksonville at the time that the team played in the Final Four. They would have been about 20 years old in 1970. And that was 50 years ago, so they would be about 70 today. And that is the age most people retire and people who have accumulated some wealth start focusing on their legacy giving.
  9. I thought that was Gone with Hodgson?
  10. We can get Harvard at Alumni. Oats refused to start a home/home last year on the road which a lot of teams interested in playing us in a home/home wanted. (Which makes sense since he wouldn't be here this year. That was a sign he had his foot out the door.) That's the whole reason we ended up with a in-season home/home with Southern Illinois. Because they had the same issue and both programs held out too long. Harvard plays almost all home/home deals. These are the programs they played on the road last year or this year without getting a paycheck for the game. - UMass - Siena - Vermont - Howard - Rhode Island - St. Mary's - Northeastern - Holy Cross - George Washington - San Francisco They look for good mid-majors, preferably in their region, and they play home/home deals with them. Buffalo absolutely can get a series with Harvard. But that would require UB being willing to go to Cambridge for a game. UB has refused to agree to these games year after year. You ever notice how few home/home games UB plays. It is basically the Big Four that they will agree to play in a home/home and that's because it is a cheap bus trip without needing to splurge for hotel rooms.
  11. Choose to ignore what? You want to get into a pissing match about fans? Seriously, their fans showed up so there is nothing to argue about. Let's focus on getting our house in order. This is exactly why I didn't like the Toronto game because, as I said before, "our fans are too new and young to travel." A game in Toronto might as well be in Boston, Nashville, or Chicago. It isn't a game in our back yard. With all that said, if we are beating the Bonnies then it all becomes moot. Let's just beat them. That will really help to get people in Buffalo to get move into UB.
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