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  1. The chargers left because there wasn’t a big market of support there. The same thing they’ve found in LA. California isn’t really great at supporting teams unless they are winning.
  2. Best thing that could happen to UB football is if the Bills left town. It is a hard sell to get people to show up for UB games when they have the Bills playing the same weekend. Even if the Bills are away people dedicate their Sundays to football. There are a lot of college basketball fans in the Buffalo area and they don't seem to care too much about our team. That is the head scratcher.
  3. How long do you think we have to be winning the MAC until people in the area will care?
  4. Yup. Right now that's true but are we close? The last Big Four was back before we were really known as a real basketball program. We have now arrived and people buy tickets and want to see the team play. The Buffalo news says that Bonas sold out of their ticket allotment for the last Big Four. Wouldn't we do that now? If we can pack Alumni then can't we get 6k to show up at KeyBank? If Bonas sells 3k and NU/CC sell 1k then that's 10k total tickets sold which would be more than the Toronto event with three games is expecting to sell. I have to think that it would be a big selling point for recruiting to show that we move games to the arena because demand is so high. https://buffalonews.com/2016/12/19/big-4-review-golden-griffins-serve-notice-maac-foes/
  5. Sounds like there won't be any games downtown anytime soon...
  6. Times have been released for the James Naismith Classic. Buffalo in the undercard. The arena is only going to open the lower level so seating will be reduced and might drive up demand. James Naismith Classic Please Note: Net Capacity: 10,686 As a security measure, NO RE-ENTRY IS PERMITTED after you have exited the Scotiabank Arena gates. Single ticket admission for all three games. Game times are subject to broadcast scheduling and are still to be determined. MATCHUPS: Buffalo Bulls v. Harvard Crimson 2:30 PM Tennessee Volunteers v. Washington Huskies 5:00 PM Rutgers Scarlet Knights v. St. Bonaventure Bonnies 7:30PM https://www1.ticketmaster.com/james-naismith-classic/event/100056A9A1C12568
  7. It isn't broken out when billed to students. The total fees are combined and listed as "Comprehensive fees" because parents and students would be upset if they knew how much was going to fund the athletes.
  8. According to the University Website, the Athletic fee is currently $22.15 per credit someone takes.
  9. "Our athletic department isn't subsidized; we just charge the engineering student from Nepal $1,000 a year tax on his education to fund our football program. Out football team needs the money to get what they need." This is outside of basic funding structures. Basic funding structures are ticket sales, sponsorship (advertising), and donations. It is a subsidy because the Athletic Department is unable to cover their costs without earmarks specifically for the athletic department. This is a major concern because the majority of students are paying for the athletic fee with student loans and then the majority of students are apathetic to the sports teams.
  10. Largest revenue -- only if you count the subsidy from student fees and other subsudies. This is the revenue if you look at what the athletic department actually generates. Ohio $13,477,620 Toledo $12,893,742 Western Michigan $11,628,975 Miami (Ohio) $11,286,775 Bowling Green $10,653,775 Akron $10,311,661 Northern Illinois $10,214,570 Buffalo $10,021,496 Central Michigan $9,610,901 Eastern Michigan $8,772,376 Kent State $8,481,558 Ball State $7,873,482
  11. Do graduate students pay athletic fees? I thought they didn't pay them. Without graduate students we aren't the largest...
  12. Yup. But we have had a lot of success in the last five years. That needs to start translating into real money coming in to the athletic department.
  13. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances I always thought EMU was ripped on for being bailed out by student fees. I am really surprised how little UB AD actually brings in on their own.
  14. https://kenpom.com/programs.php I am kind of surprised to see Kent State leading the MAC... but they are a top-100 team half the time. Only team in the conference with that claim.
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