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  1. Why was this thread’s title changed by an admin to something completely different than the topic for which what I posted?
  2. This is no different than us. We performed the due diligence and interviewed highly qualified candidates and hired the best candidate available for us. We did it in a short period of time and did it without taking a beating in the public eye.
  3. How many top-20 coaching changes? Oh, you're comparing it to how smoothly the Presbyterian coaching change went. Well, you have me there. Maybe someday we will be like Presbyterian. But I dream...
  4. With the amount of drama in your posts, I have to assume that 92 was the year of your birth and not the year you graduated from UB... Seriously... you've got unrealistic expectations if you think the staff going to Alabama wouldn't have any impact. But it has had a minimal impact. It has been great so far.
  5. I disagree. The search wasn't bad. No one in the college basketball world is talking about the search. People are talking about the others in a negative way. We were antsy and bought a line that the players were going to transfer out if we didn't have a knee jerk reaction to Oats leaving. We took the time to perform due diligence and we didn't lose the players. The players at UB are committed to UB. That is drastically different than Nevada or UMKC where they have one player on the roster after everyone is transferring out. If you want to convince yourself that it is bad because you didn't get your way, that's fine. I can't make you think otherwise. That's like when my son says "I don't like this and I don't want to eat it. It is the worst." But he tries it and likes it and is too proud to admit it...
  6. After paying attention to other coaching searches, I can say that the coaching search wasn't done poorly. UCLA and St. John's are two of the worst this season. This board made it out to be bad, but UB did a pretty good job with it and it probably took longer simply because they were ambitious but it didn't have the chaos of these other searches with the public offers and coaches turning down the jobs which is embarrassing for a program.
  7. The Hall of Fame hosts a lot of events. They put on our tournament in Belfast this year, if you forgot.
  8. We got into it because we were a hot brand and they needed a team to fit a slot after Penn State pulled out. Kind of a perfect storm to get into a good event. It will be a challenge but will get neutral court games against top teams. Something we didn't get this year. Not sure we need to play all the road games against power conference teams next year like we did this year. Might allow for more home games this year.
  9. I think this is a bot. Just recently joined. They then lift posts from other basketball discussions and posts them onto basketball discussions to seem legit and have a history of posting before they post what they really want spammed. That way they aren't flagged right away and they can reach more people.
  10. I realize it is early but anyone know anything about the schedule? What we know: Charleston Classic Teams (8): Buffalo Bulls (MAC), UConn Huskies (American), Florida Gators (SEC), Miami Hurricanes (ACC), Missouri State Bears (MVC), Saint Joseph’s Hawks (A 10), Towson Tigers (CAA), Xavier Musketeers (Big East) What we should have: Home - St. Bona Home - Canisius
  11. Hodgson made $134k in 2018. Whitesell made $178k in 2018. They made more than their base pay from bonuses and other compensation. Edit: just saw someone else posted it.
  12. Thanks. I know the second half is accurate. But I did not hear the first half. I would be shocked if it were true--given what happened with him and how he was nowhere to be found.
  13. Just to clarify, you're just speculating, right?
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