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  1. dutchcountry7

    If You Build it They Will Come

    This game is going to be a sell out. No way around it. The game is too big and the Bulls are too good not to sell out the small Alumni Arena. If this isn't sold out then people need to be fired. This is an easy game to get people to attend.
  2. dutchcountry7

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    We have to stop making excuses. Now is the time for sell outs. If Alumni can't get sold out with UB being ranked and playing a tough opponent then what are we even doing here? Might as well pack up and go home. Seriously, Alumni isn't big. This game is a sell out.
  3. dutchcountry7

    SIU @ #14 UB - (12/15 - 2:00pm ET)

    This game will sellout. It would be an embarrassment for the program if it didn’t.
  4. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    No doubt losing Xavier and Temple hurt, but they added Davidson and VCU. Those aren't as good but they aren't slouches. I would love to have Davidson or VCU come to Alumni! I suspect the A10 remains a multi-bid league. I don't follow women's basketball.
  5. Do you still feel this way? SIU is a HUGE home game. The Bulls could actually be in at-large contention this year.
  6. dutchcountry7

    SIU game will be bigger than people think

    That's not too crazy. They have four teams in the top-75. Usually top-50 teams are in. They have multiple teams flirting with it. those teams separate themselves from the pack, I wouldn't be surprised if they had two or three in again. But one of those teams is NOT Bonas. They are the typical A10 powers--Davidson, Dayton, Saint Louis, and VCU.
  7. dutchcountry7

    Ranking Prediction

    I am not sure the Bulls will move up much. The AP voters do like momentum so just staying undefeated has been enough to move up but they have historically not let teams from single bid conferences move up too much higher than we are right now without some big wins over ranked teams. We don't have a win over anyone currently ranked. The win over WVU got us into the rankings but WVU hasn't beat anyone in the NET top-100. USF looked good but their schedule has been really weak. Which makes me nervous that maybe the team is over ranked and that a string of a few losses will make the committee turn on the Bulls for an at-large slot. Need to win this week.
  8. dutchcountry7

    SIU game will be bigger than people think

    Isn't it amazing how the Bonas fans still think their team has the makings of an NIT or NCAA tournament team after starting the year 1-5 and currently sit 4-6. Reminds me of SEC football fans.
  9. dutchcountry7

    SIU game will be bigger than people think

    Yeah. After everyone is pumped up over that big win at Bonas. The team needs to remember that though it seemed like Bonas was a really good team and we all know it was really big to get a win over them, they are only rated #256 in the NCAA NET rankings. SIU, Cuse, and Marquette would all blow out Bonas too. These are big games that can't be taken lightly. We need a few more wins to secure that at-large slot. The at-large slot is critical.
  10. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    One year doesn't make a trend though. La Salle was in the Sweet 16 five years ago. They just had a coaching change and hired Nova's top assistant. Yeah, they aren't good, but I wouldn't say it is a trend. And yes, Saint Louis could lose to a bottom A10 team and still get an at-large. Let's not forget that Bonas lost to Niagara last year who was a sub-200 team and Bonas still got an at-large bid. Let's be honest here. People around the country are talking about Buffalo specifically because they are a MAC team. It is because people expect such little from a MAC team. If it was some A10 team, people wouldn't be talking the same way. The conferences are still significantly different. The MAC is a competitive league with good teams but it lacks the number of top-100 teams needed to really show how good teams are. Conference tournaments is much harder when there are many more top-100 teams. It is the reason Gonzaga didn't get respect for so long. The line was always "Big deal, the WCC only has a tough matchup in the finals, everyone else is expected to be a blowout." Look. I don't want to defend the A10 and Bonas but have watched a lot of college basketball. I would love to be playing A10 teams. Can you imagine UMass or St Joes coming to Alumni? That would be awesome. Records mean very little. Especially at this point in the season with very different non-conference schedules. You can't compare records. Do you really think 5-3 Akron is better than 5-4 Dayton? Or 9-1 Toledo is better than 6-2 Saint Louis? I would say 5-3 Ball State is significantly better than 7-2 Fordham, wouldn't you? These are their results. I have highlighted each of their best win and their worst loss. Akron: - W Youngstown ST - W Chicago ST - L Clemson - L Illinois ST - W Bona - W Alabama ST - W Detroit Mercy - L Purdue Fort Wayne Dayton: - W North FL - W Coppin ST - W Purdue Fort Wayne - W Butler - L Virginia - L Oklahoma - L Mississippi ST - W Detroit - L Auburn Toledo: - W Oakland - W Wilberforce - L Wright ST - W FL Gulf Coast - W Louisiana - W UC Irvine - W North Alabama - W Cleveland ST - W Detroit Mercy - W Marshall Saint Louis: - W SE Missouri ST - W Troy - W North Alabama - W Seton Hall - L Pitt - W Central Arkansas - W Butler - L Southern Illinois Ball State: - W Indiana ST - L Purdue - L Virginia Tech - L Alabama - W Appalachian ST - W Evansville - W Tiffin - W IUPUI - W Loyola Chi Fordham - W City College NY - L Houston Baptist - W FL International - W Youngstown ST - W Columbia - W Alabama A&M - W Manhattan - L Maine - W Rutgers
  11. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    I agree. I don’t like it but I have heard it at many college games. I am am not about to clutch my pearls and pretend I am shocked by it just to attack Bonas. Isn’t the win enough?
  12. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    Dude, I would like to think you’re right but what really matters is getting quad 1 and 2 games. Quadrant 1: Home 1-30; Neutral 1-50; Away 1-75 Quadrant 2: Home 31-75; Neutral 51-100; Away 76-135 top-75 teams: MAC -1 (Just UB so no one else to play) A10 -3 (Davidson, Dayton, Saint Louis) top-135 teams not in top-75: MAC - 3 (Toledo, Ball state, Akron) A10 - 4 (vcu, st Joseph, Rhode Island, UMass) The A10 will give more respect than the MAC. the reason the A10 is down in the rankings is because they have a few teams with really bad years—like 0-10 Lasalle—pulling the conference down. but the committee doesn’t care about conference rankings they care about quad 1 and 2 wins. right not UB has one quad 1 (wvu) and one quad 2 (San Francisco). But more chances to come with Marquette and cuse. Maybe even San Francisco will upset Gonzaga and move to quad 1 .
  13. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    Bonnies have a losing record yet their fans turn out and think they can win any game. I wish we had fans like that. We we all know Bonas is weak this year but everyone was saying how they were worried about the game. Really? A sub 300 team with a losing record scares a top-20 team? It’s clear that this is probably the biggest with for fans since the drubbing of Arizona. It helps kill that little brother role UB has been in.
  14. dutchcountry7

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    What do you think they should go about it? Seriously? If UB students did it what would they do? Its not like they would ban the students.
  15. dutchcountry7

    #17 UB in Olean, NY - (12/08 - 4:00pm ET)

    Win over a sub 300 team as expected. Not sure why anyone was worried.