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  1. The Quick Lane Bowl will include two teams in the same geographical footprint which will help with travel and should make for a better fan experience at the bowl even though it isn't a warm weather location. (The Big Ten has wanted to play more MAC games since they get good ratings on the BTN which is mainly carried in the MAC/Big Ten footprint--though this game is on ESPN.) This is big because of the amount this game pays the winning conference. The Quick Lane bowl pays $1.2MM. For comparison, to other MAC Bowl games: - Boca Raton Bowl pays $1MM - Idaho Potato Bowl pays $950k - Frisco Bowl pays $750k - Bahama Bowl pays $225k - Camellia Bowl pays $225k
  2. These events are new. There didn't use to be all of these single showcase events but now there are a lot of them put on by many different entities. That is why so many teams are just now getting invited to them. All of the Hall of Fame events say that they are working on TV when they release them. Here are all of the events that this event organizer hosted last year that got TV coverage (notice our tournament that they put on in Belfast isn't listed since it didn't get TV): http://www.hoophall.com/news/basketball-hall-of-fame-announces-television-schedule-for-upcoming-college-basketball-events1 Since UB already offers video streaming of home games, it is really only national television that is better. The worst is if you end up with FloSports coving the event. It is an expensive subscription service with poor quality. If they don't put all three games on TV and only go with one or two games, who do you think is left out? Rutgers is a big market team that actually has fans watch even when they aren't good. And Washington/Tennessee will get TV. I see UB/Harvard being the game that is snubbed.
  3. What other "big" events are you talking about that gives students free tickets?
  4. Attendance is significant because that shows the reach in that community. If this is about reaching the Toronto Community then the attendance is important. Sure, the game against Harvard is a good game. But that should be a game that UB should be able to land. We knew Harvard was going to be good this year before last season started. Oats could have scheduled a home/home with them. The Charleston event is the only notable event. Everyone plays in events these days. If UB gets a nationally televised game then the event is a success. I agree with that point 100%. But I don't think it will happen. My big problem with UB is that they keep telling us that they are looking to build the program and they are always looking to games off campus. Has anyone got a copy of the contract for the Toronto game to know how much they are making for playing in the event?
  5. Well, in that case, I am sure the students will be flocking to Toronto!
  6. So when the attendance is weak (as expected) we will just blame a lack of marketing? Does that mean that the event didn't get the UB name and brand out because there was a lack of marketing and thus it wasn't a good event? So you concede that the UB fans won't travel and that this game results in UB fans missing out on a chance to see the team play? You don't think it will be worse than the Dartmouth game was? 3,573 watched the Dartmouth game. Here are the tickets for the event. Only the lower level will be opened for the event so they already aren't planning for the sale of more than about 10k tickets (which is reasonable since these events don't usually draw fans). Fans are not permitted to re-enter so fans are less likely to see more games. And tickets not behind the end line start at $115 a seat. So, yeah, I am pretty sure that this game will draw fewer fans than Dartmouth did at Alumni. Considering there are 3 games and a complete sellout would allocate each of the individual three games about 3,500 in attendance if no one watched more than one game. And these events rarely sell out. https://www1.ticketmaster.com/james-naismith-classic/event/100056A9A1C12568
  7. You're trying to rationalize the game to sell it as something that is great. Very few people are going to sit through three games. It is too much basketball for nearly all college basketball fans to watch in one sitting when they aren't at home. Seriously, how many people do you think will be at the UB/Harvard game? I would love to hear your prediction. How many UB fans do you think are going to travel for the game? How many local Canadians are going to stop in to casually watch UB play? UB needs to solidify their home fan base first. They have raised ticket prices at the same time as losing their head coach and haven't shown that they are offering the fans more in return. It is too easy to be a flash in the pan. The UB fanbase is too young to be expected to travel. And even if they do travel, it doesn't mean they will make an impression in Canada. If 3k fans travel (which would be amazing and impressive, it would still be a fraction that would watch at Alumni.) Below are links to another event that this same event organizer hosted last year in Atlantic City at the 10k seat Boardwalk Hall. These were the games in the event: PRINCETON V. IONA (11:30AM) PENN STATE V. NC STATE (2:00PM) TEMPLE V. DAVIDSON (4:30PM) VIRGINIA TECH V. WASHINGTON (7:00PM) Take a look at the attendance for the Penn State vs NC State game. Penn State has a ton of alumni who live in New Jersey. https://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/sports/local/college/penn-state-feels-at-home-in-atlantic-city-but-n/article_1ad11abf-611d-538f-975e-3a858e945d84.html Or take a look the attendance at the Temple vs DAVIDSON game. Temple played closer to home than UB will be playing and Temple outdraws UB. https://www.inquirer.com/college-sports/temple/temple-davidson-recap-score-quinton-rose-dunk-steal-college-basketball-20181215.html The Virginia Tech vs Washington flagship game didn't even bring in a crowd. https://hokiesports.com/galleries/?gallery=130 The Toronto arena is similar in size to the Big Four Classic but will have fewer fans watching the UB game than watched UB play in the Big Four classic.
  8. Yes, it was part of the school pushing forward on a facility that they didn't have the funding to build. It also required them to eliminate some sports to come up with the money. It was the only way they could get approval from the state to start the project. The facility has not been funded yet and they are hopeful that it won't put them in further financial distress. I wasn't speaking about UB. I was talking about other "decent" teams and how Army is revered which allows them to get better games. https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2009/08/buckeyes_urging_fans_to_cheer.html The things mentioned in the article above are common for Army (and the other service academies). I see it all the time where student sections and fans are directed to cheer them on. I have heard many college football coaches comment on how hard it is to play the service academies, in part because there is so much respect for them and everyone talks them up that the players playing against them start to think they are special and maybe greater than they are.
  9. Well, that proves it. We should schedule MIT in Toronto. That will be a huge win for UB and will draw all of the Canadians out! https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=CA&q=MIT,%2Fm%2F02cttt,%2Fm%2F03ksy Or maybe look basketball searches and not ones for a research institution... How about we compare the other three teams in the two games and how UB compares in Canada... https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=CA&q=%2Fm%2F0288nr7,%2Fm%2F05h09hj,%2Fm%2F05gjcbh,%2Fm%2F04q6rqw Harvard basketball doesn't draw interest.
  10. Yeah, as you noted, that is an anomaly due to the prestige of Army. Even when Army plays on the road, the visiting schools tell their fans to not boo Army and to cheer for them. Very unique.
  11. It is clear that they value the paycheck and the hope of an upset in some far off land more than they value building a football culture and building a fan base at home. It is shame... But maybe they have given up trying to compete with the Bills for fans?
  12. Oh, I totally get that. Harvard is going to be good. But they are not a big brand name team. I would rather play Harvard at Harvard with a future game at Alumni than go to Toronto to play them.
  13. Thought this event was going to be a big boost to the program with us playing a game against a power conference team in Toronto to help open that pipeline up. But now I see we are relegated to a game against another mid-major all while St. Bona gets a big game. I thought the success the last few years would mean something and we would finally get a marquee neutral court game but nope. Harvard is the type of team we should be scheduling a home/home with. Is it that St. Bona is in the A10 so they get better games or do the event organizers think St Bona is better known in Toronto because one of their recent NBA guys is from there? I would have to think more people know about UB in Toronto than know about St. Bona. There are a lot of Canadians at UB.
  14. Doesn't help when you have a UB assistant coach telling the recruits that the program has invested in courting all year that the program can't be successful with Whitesell and that they shouldn't consider playing for UB if that assistant coach isn't hired. The new staff is behind in the recruiting due to the sabotage. They are working hard and are doing well.
  15. So his guaranteed compensation is actually $400k but only $300k is counted as salary for benefits purposes. Interesting to compare the contract to the contract Georgia State gave Lanier. https://watchstadium.com/news/georgia-state-coach-rob-lanier-signs-five-year-contract-salary-buyout-incentives-04-17-2019/
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