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  1. mikescherrer8

    #25 UB @ Toledo (2/15 - 7:00pm ET)

    We can't afford to lose anymore games until the MAC Championship (if we get there), we must take it one game at a time. Stay hungry, stay humble, and stay healthy.
  2. mikescherrer8

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Let the spoiled attitudes commence.
  3. mikescherrer8

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    There are a couple of concerns that I had last night. Turnovers and assists. 18 turnovers to 6 assists. Not good. Granted, the pace that UB plays at, does cause turnovers. But, they have to reduce that figure by half. They have to be smart with ball movement. As far as assists go. UB is tied for 16th in the nation in assists with 16.6 per game. We had 6 assists last night. I do respect Akron's defense and their ability to slow the pace. But, that figure has also got to double, we have to move to ball better. I wanted to say how pleased I am at free throw shooting last night. 21-26 from the line, 80.8%. Granted nearly half of that came from Massinburg. But, UB has shown that they can get to the line and make the free throws like they should. Lastly, another shoutout to Dontay Caruthers who in the last 5 game has averaged 18.4 PPG, shooting 32-41 78% from the field. Added 15 points last night. As I've said previously, him stepping up has been huge for us.
  4. mikescherrer8

    Tajzmel Sherman (JUCO)

    I agree. Filling holes with experienced, talented JUCO players is beneficial, but,, we need more 4 year players to build a consistent roster every year.
  5. mikescherrer8

    CMU @ #23 UB (2/9 - 3:30pm ET)

    Rebounding is nice, but if he's going 2-9 every game from 3, it's wasted possessions if we don't get the rebound, may affect team morale, and may affect flow of the game. Also, it hurts Jeremy's confidence. There is more to his game than just chucking up 3 pointers. He has the ability to get inside and get layups and shoot mid range shots, and also forcing fouls to get to the free throw line.
  6. mikescherrer8

    Noah Williams

    The only schools that have offered him a scholarship are UB and Washington. Washington State, Boise State, Santa Clara, and Oregon State appear to be just schools that interest him.
  7. Does anyone happen to know if there's an existing list of the head coaches in the MAC and their salaries? Curious to see who's the highest paid.
  8. If basketball's % of total revenue|maximum revenue lines up with or is more than the % of football's total revenue|maximum revenue, I would think Nate should be getting way more and based on the team's performance, he does deserve another pay raise and an increase to existing incentives or more incentives. I think if UB does well in the tournament, we could be seeing an off-season pay raise for Nate.
  9. mikescherrer8

    Leipold Extended

    Having a couple above average sophomore running backs certainly is a start.
  10. mikescherrer8

    Dontay Caruthers

    He's looking how he looked prior to getting hurt again the Bonnies last season. We're going to need that production from him moving forward.
  11. mikescherrer8

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Bowling Green was a wake-up call for players like Jeremy Harris, Nick Perkins, and Davonta Jordan. It's time to step up. It's time to fulfill those minutes you're receiving nightly and to lead your team by example. They aren't remotely play to their potential and they know it. Now is the time to find it within you to play as your full potential. I think I can safely say that, we are not as deep of a team as we as a fan base thought. We have 7 guys who are giving us production. As much as I thought Jeenathan Williams and Rondo Segu would increasingly become more and more productive through conference play....that may not be the case. I'm not ruling them out yet, but, I think we're seeing as much as we're going to get from them this season. Guys like Tra'Von Fagan are not ready yet and he certainly has time to develop for next year. And Brock Bertram? Well, he may never be the paint player I thought he was going to be. The rest of the year, we need all 7 of our top guys to step up. I believe we are still in at-large talk. But, I don't think we can lose another game until the MAC championship game (if we make it there). It's going to be a tough, stressful road ahead, but, I think we are capable of getting the job done. I'm confident we can make it happen.
  12. mikescherrer8

    Dontay Caruthers

    The only nitpick I have to say about Dontay is, he has turned the ball over a lot the last 5 games. Turned it over 6 times against Bowling Green. That stat has to go way down. But he has been one of our best shooters and defenders. And as a senior, he is stepping up. Time for Perkins and Harris to step up too.
  13. mikescherrer8

    #18 UB @ Bowling Green (2/1 - 8:00pm ET)

    The curious case of Jeremy Harris continues this year. What has happened to him?
  14. mikescherrer8

    #18 UB @ Bowling Green (2/1 - 8:00pm ET)

    Keys to winning this game are: Not turning the ball over Forcing turnovers Strong on the boards, rebound the ball Make your free throws I think if UB buckles down and stays disciplined in at least 3 of these areas, then I expect them to win. The offense is going to be there, that isn't the issue, but, they have got to find a way to accomplish 3/4 of these keys. This is going to be one entertaining game.
  15. mikescherrer8

    Ball State @ #18 UB (1/29 - 7:00pm ET)

    The Bowling Green game is going to be fun. The two best teams in the East. Bulls must be sharp and limit turnovers.