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  1. When a recruit correctly spells the name of the school offering him.
  2. Pulling in bonafide 3 stars is becoming the norm. Feels real good.
  3. it's awful nearly every single game and that won't ever change.
  4. Not going to lie to you, but, I totally forgot about you, even when the Bonnie/UB game popped up. Agree to disagree, I guess.
  5. Yep. Myers has shown that he can throw the damn ball, and boy does he throw a pretty pass. I think the Bulls can definitely go 7-5 at least and make a bowl game.
  6. Bulls came to play for 30 minutes of football. Matt Myers has a good arm. Play-calling as per usual though and is stale and uninspiring. Patterson and Marks though showed great looks, as did McDuffie. WR's will get better and prob to Nunn. Defense in the first half was disciplined and motivated, especially the front 7. Excellent job by them containing the run. The secondary did play well, proud of them. Overall, Penn State did what all good teams in college football do, they adjusted, and made key plays and found ways to win. Nothing to be ashamed of by getting beat by the #15 team in the nation, obviously. The possession time though, in favor of UB, 42:32 to Penn State's 17:28, is extraordinary. That right there is a sign that UB can definitely make a huge run in the MAC if they continue to make strides and improve in key areas. Offensive MVP was Antonio Nunn who did what he did, while still being hurt. 5 catches for 113 yards. Defensive MVP, Joey Banks. Led in tackles, had a sack, and was in on that fumble that was recovered by Washington. P.S. hope the very best to Evan Finegan who underwent surgery for a broken leg. I wonder who is going to be our punter now?
  7. Can’t say I’m impressed by anything a I saw. Figured Myers would throw the ball more. Just a real snooze fest and Robert Morris had 15 more minutes of time of possession than we did. That’s really a head scratcher. I don’t know how people think this team can win 7-8 games if that’s what UB has to offer. Probably some of the most boring, dry play calling I’ve seen.
  8. https://bustingbrackets.com/2019/08/25/ncaa-basketball-recruiting-top-25-impact-junior-college-transfers-2019-20/9/ nice article here featuring David Nickelberry and some familiar faces on who UB had recruited, committed, and de-committed.
  9. You’re forgetting st bonaventure, dartmouth, and yes niagara is confirmed.
  10. Getting a little off topic for the season schedule.
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