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  1. Well I think he’s recruiting well because of the program Oats turned the team in to. A lot of kids see top 15 team from last year and want to continue that success. Not knocking the currently coaches ability to recruit, but, a lot of it has to do with last season which is going to carry over.
  2. In his highlights that I’ve noticed, he seems to be a much better dunker and potentially better finisher at that age than Perkins was. So that’s one thing he has going.
  3. Nigel John. Thin at forward still just based on huge uncertainty. Having him would be great. And then if we got him we’d have to look for guards for the following year.
  4. We have a lot of great returning players followed by a few good recruits and players are still in the process of committing to schools and our coaches are in the process of recruiting 2 more scholarships. Patience.
  5. Still plenty of time to fill 2 scholarships. And as we near August, there will be more talk of the 19-20 roster, as well as schedule. Just gotta wait it out
  6. Hard to imagine him doing well with Kentucky, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn at the helm. And not to mention Florida, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss coming off decent seasons. And not to mention Bama and its fans are heavily invested into football and not basketball. It will certainly be interesting.
  7. Playing a smaller lineup really only gets you so far outside the MAC though. It would be nice to have some competent, athletic bigs to compliment fast, athletic guards.
  8. Exactly, thank you. We still need to fill 2 scholarships. And they will probably be filled within the next month.
  9. He’s probably going to graduate and return to Minnesota after next season.
  10. One of our best recruits who has done absolutely nothing. We have seen all that we have seen with him. We are still incredibly thin at forward.
  11. If Rojas by some miracle ever decided to come back, I would take him in seconds.
  12. Considering how thin we are at guard after those 3, he is probably not redshirting.
  13. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/savion-gallion Per verbal commits, 4 other D1 offers. James Madison, Youngstown State, Illinois State, Delaware State.
  14. Good stuff, 3 down, 2 more to go. Hoping we go the forward route with the last 2. We need height bad.
  15. I think you need to relax.
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