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  1. Yup. And I think we probably could have used him some this year lol.
  2. It was a slow start but Hamlet has blossomed on that squad.
  3. People will say that Jayvon was the player of the game, which is understandable, but my god Davonta had an amazing game, his best game of the season. That was such a back and fourth game such an important win. 4 more to go let’s finish the season strong.
  4. Oh to be young, and feel love’s keen sting.
  5. Rewatching, Josh Mballa really is a treat to watch. When he’s on, he is really on. He’s gonna be huge in the MAC the next 2 years.
  6. A home game late in the season when fighting for a good seed in the tourney? I’m scared.
  7. He’s on the bench every game this season as far as I can remember.
  8. Probably thinking of Tom Fox.
  9. doesn’t matter how we go it, let’s keep winning for a better seed. And maybe we make a run. Good win.
  10. So here’s an interesting stat. We are currently 2nd in the nation in rebounding. For a team that lacks depth at forward, we are getting it done on the boards.
  11. I’ve accepted the fact that this team just isn’t very good and isn’t clicking. We lost our best players and we currently have no leader. Patience is the name of the game. We have to trust that guys like Segu, Williams, Hardnett, and Nickelberry step up in a big way next year. Hopefully Skogman develops and we get productive minutes from him. And hopefully Gallion also develops into a productive guard. Lots of potential on the team but Johnson, Grant, Jordan, and often times Graves have just been so inconsistent. Im not giving up on Whitesell as he’s a guy whom the players enjoy playing for but I don’t think he has the team yet on what he wants to accomplish and play in the style of play he wants. I can’t help but to think about 2015 and where we were after Hurley left. You never know if UB makes a run and turns it around. We will see.
  12. Of all people, Gabe Grant with the game winner. Wow
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