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  1. Oh lord it’s going to be such a shit show for them in the SEC. Lol.....
  2. Holy shit, great pickup, we needed it.
  3. Reminds me of Jeremy Harris numbers. Bigger body too.
  4. You and about 90% of the board, but, understandable.
  5. Just based off the trend of transfer players, they tend to commit pretty quick to whatever school they either visit or show interest in, we could very well land him. Who knows.
  6. So that’s why you’re not a college basketball coach, got it.
  7. I guess this would fill the Noah Williams void, would be a nice get.
  8. Would be beautiful if he could somehow manage to snag Andre and James too.
  9. Can this clusterfuck of a thread be locked? Lol. Some of you on here are idiots.
  10. Him and Andre Allen, so, we have 0 forward depth currently.
  11. Who is ranked #8 among the top 100 JUCO players and a position we desperately needed filled. But, sure.
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