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  1. Any updates on a depth chart or a projected depth chart? Almost a week away from the opening game and I haven’t seen much yet.
  2. Been saying it since before last season even began, and I’ll say it again, UB has only maintained consistent success for only the past 6 years. That’s nothing. It’ll take time and constant winning for folks around here to really take notice. Especially to fills seats at KBC. KBC games in theory are actually quite exciting and can generate WNY coming together to support local college basketball (sigh, even the Bonnie’s). But, all 4 schools are not consistent enough yearly to make it a true event and a fun spectacle. Big 4 basketball is fun when all 4 play each other at their own respected courts. I even prefer to go to Olean and watch UB play just because of a better crowd atmosphere.
  3. There’s not really a way to “convert” people, either they are interested in college athletics or they’re not. And it just sounds like he’s not too interested. Or he watches from afar. If he’s stayed up on top of how well the staff has maintained the roster and has recruited a great batch of players, and has a relatively fun schedule, he’d have some better insight to share other than “well to me, he doesn’t have the image or persona.” This irks me a tad because I’ve heard it already from a bunch of people who really don’t quite get it. But I’m always in for a good ol’ “I told you so” come March. *sorry for the rant*
  4. So your neighbor is a long time Bills season ticket holder, but he’s not sure about Whitesell’s persona and how that may or may not have an effect on the season. That, about sums up WNY’s knowledge and interest in college basketball. College sports for that matter. You could have just said well, with all due respect, Bulls basketball has done more in the last 6 years than the Bills have done in 25 years. But, people wanna waste their money on what they please.
  5. Yeah that’s probably not going to ever happen to the point where enough butts get into seats at KeyBank Center. If all 4 teams were nationally recognized every single year, different story.
  6. Cuse has already released their non conference schedule, and welp, UB isn’t on it.
  7. if this list was ranking teams of the last 6 years, then yeah UB would be ahead, but, Kent State long term has been way more successful than UB. Anyone with a quarter of a brain would know it.
  8. Looking into it, it appears to be similar situations. I don’t see why Mballa shouldn’t be granted one then.
  9. Not only there but on the Bonnie’s forum were those accusations. They sure have some loser fans. But the hopefully we get that matchup, at Alumni too!
  10. I sure hope we get a game versus the Bonnies. The matchup is always going to be cutthroat and exciting.
  11. This is one fun non-conference schedule so far i must say.
  12. No, the ‘at’ makes perfect sense in the SUNY system. It’s also not difficult to copy and paste lol.
  13. University of Buffalo sure is a lucky school.
  14. To answer the question to the title of the post, I think David Nickelberry will be our most productive player from this class. His stats are quite similar to Jeremy Harris’ JUCO stats. And the only difference with Nickelberry is he’s a more physical player. I expect him to be providing close to the same stats as Harris. I’m unsure who else contributes the most after him. Possibly Hardnett with his athleticism, length, and quickness. Time will tell on that.
  15. Saw this and it was a great read. I am curious to see what his role is going to be this season. I don’t know if he’ll get any minutes or what, but, I am definitely rooting for him.
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