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  1. clodney

    #14 UB @ NIU (1/22 - 8pm ET)

    Honestly not sure if we bounce back or sink into irrelevant mediocrity. Such is the life of a UB fan.
  2. clodney

    #20 UB @ EMU (1/4 - 9:00pm ET)

    Ahhh yes, CBSSN - the network that refuses to stream so nobody under the age of 50 can watch. I can't wait to go to an empty New England bar at 9pm to ask if they'll turn on a MAC basketball game.
  3. clodney

    Reggie appeared offended by Oats "Super Bowl" comment

    Drunk or not, you are spot on.
  4. clodney

    Tonight in Detroit

    Anyone going out tonight in Detroit?
  5. clodney

    Sounds like a Morgue

    Oof. I’m completely out of touch with this holiday. I will I’ll say though, it’s very obvious that without the students we have no home atmosphere whatsoever. C’mon Buffalo. Make some noise.
  6. It doesn’t look like a bad crowd but it’s about as loud as a Prius under 5mph. What’s going on? Are the students m.i.a.?
  7. Remember you well, Bundt. Welcome back! The Buffalo News has largely ignored the fact that this is probably the best college sports team (and quite frankly, overall team) in decades in the city of Buffalo. We'll take all the support we can get and I'll make a note to listen in on your podcasts.
  8. clodney

    UB Basketball Excellence Fund

    Link appears to be broken, Jeseph. Now is is the time to pony up, folks.
  9. clodney

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Portland area but I love it up there by Lincolnville and Rockport. It's one of my favorite spots in Maine.
  10. clodney

    Unbelievably bad shooting

    Interesting response by Goodman. Either way, I stand by my shooting remark. As amazing a night this is to have a win over a top-15 team, I honestly think we could've won easily in regular time had we just figured out a way to hit a few wide open 3's. We were 3-22 from 3 at the time of that post. Who cares though! Amaazing win tonight. I love this team! I woke my 16 month old screaming at the television here in Maine! These guys are all creating history for all of us. Cheers, UBrothers!
  11. What the hell is going on with guys like Jeremy Harris this year? Hepefully it's temporary, but we can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn on WIDE OPEN shots against good teams. We don't miss those shots if we're playing Toledo....
  12. clodney

    Miami at Buffalo ESPN2

    We were told that the city of Buffalo has enough room to support UB and the Bills. There's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't expect a large crowd for a 7-1 football team competing for a Championship. Put your money where your mouth is Buffalo and fill the stadium. We need this game to stay atop the East.
  13. clodney

    MAC is up

    We've had 4 years of playoff football and 1 MAC team made the cut in that time. That means 25% of the time a MAC school has been the G5 representative. I don't think it's far fetched at all for our goal every year to be a NY6 bowl. Nobody cares about an 8-win MAC school, including your beloved Buffalonians. They only showed up for the Army game because for the first time ever something bigger was potentially on the line. I'm happy this team is winning. This is still looking like the best year ever for UB football, but the complete domination by Army was disheartening. We couldn't plug A-gaps the entire game on the FB dive. The announcer said at one point they had 6 yards a carry on first down. That's just pathetic given the experience of our defense. This team had the chance to finally get someone outside of WNY to pay attention to them and they fell flat on their faces. If they just found a way to make it competitive then maybe they would have a shot at clawing their way back into some national recognition. Instead, I doubt anyone talks about us the rest of the year. Let's hope it motivates them going forward. The MAC is lousy this year and the opportunity is still there to at least win this conference. See you all in Detroit.
  14. clodney

    ESPN3 vs ESPN+ and other TV games

    35 days apart. How convenient for ESPN with their 30 day free trial. Is anyone willing to do the research to determine which Streaming service (hulu tv, sling tv, DirectTV Now, etc...) carries the most UB games this season?