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  1. We were committed to paying over $800k a few weeks ago to Nate Oats and now we’re paying $300k to Whitesell? This is a colossal step back in the public perception over whether or not we’re committed to this program. Still, I don’t hate the hire and I hope he maintains the style we have grown to enjoy. Good luck, Coach.
  2. I’m sorry but how the hell was ButlerDad on an advisory committee for this university? He seems to only be here to bash any suggestion that UB, the largest and most comprehensive state university in arguably the most powerful state in the country, could possibly do better than playing in a conference with a bunch of 2nd tier Ohio schools and directional Michigan’s. I encourage everyone to always aim higher and ignore outside opinions like this. It may be far fetched and down the road but AAC is certainly not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. This is over. Awesome year and I couldn’t be more proud of our boys.
  4. This feels like Kentucky last year all over again. People are talking about flights to LA and saying they aren’t scared of a top-10 basketball team. I hope our team isn’t thinking the same way.
  5. Honestly not sure if we bounce back or sink into irrelevant mediocrity. Such is the life of a UB fan.
  6. Ahhh yes, CBSSN - the network that refuses to stream so nobody under the age of 50 can watch. I can't wait to go to an empty New England bar at 9pm to ask if they'll turn on a MAC basketball game.
  7. Anyone going out tonight in Detroit?
  8. Oof. I’m completely out of touch with this holiday. I will I’ll say though, it’s very obvious that without the students we have no home atmosphere whatsoever. C’mon Buffalo. Make some noise.
  9. It doesn’t look like a bad crowd but it’s about as loud as a Prius under 5mph. What’s going on? Are the students m.i.a.?
  10. Remember you well, Bundt. Welcome back! The Buffalo News has largely ignored the fact that this is probably the best college sports team (and quite frankly, overall team) in decades in the city of Buffalo. We'll take all the support we can get and I'll make a note to listen in on your podcasts.
  11. Link appears to be broken, Jeseph. Now is is the time to pony up, folks.
  12. Portland area but I love it up there by Lincolnville and Rockport. It's one of my favorite spots in Maine.
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