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  1. Lanier was in the MAAC quite a while ago. If you are worried about a”homer”, I am pretty sure that Hodgson lived in Olean for quite some time. I think Hodgson or Lanier are good choices for you, but this thread is fun. Let’s keep it going. Wolf Blitzer would pass the loyalty test, but it could be tough with the basketball knowledge. Press briefings could be in the “situation room”
  2. Thank you very much. If you do decide to hire Rob he won’t come cheap as he is currently making 425,000 at Tennessee.
  3. What the hell happened,? I leave you guys alone for a few months and all hell breaks loose. You would be wise to make Rob Lanier your coach. Big time assistant and local ties. He also does things the right way, which would be good. Carry on.
  4. Congratulations, your team kicked our ass. They are an excellent team, enjoy the season. See you next year.
  5. You just don't get it do you? Enjoy tomorrow it will be fun.
  6. I am just disappointed In you Jeseph. This is weak, I know what a message board is and I thought you did also. The rhetoric on message boards and factual inaccuracies are part of the fun. I don’t really expect to learn or change any minds that is what this is all about. Have fun cheering for your team tomorrow.
  7. Wow, this thread has taken an unpleasant turn. Who would think this would happen on a message board? You will be safe at Bonaventure if you are just cheering for your team. If you decide to get in the face of the student section and heckle them it becomes a numbers game. How many of you are there? how many of them are there? A large portion of the student body comes from the WNY area so they have learned how to act at Bills games etc. Concessions are not great. They probably will be run by a student group trying to make money. The ceiling is low and the doors will be closed. It will be loud.
  8. I’m sorry if I have offended. I just started following college basketball about four years ago. The rest of the Bona fans they are crazy. I will try to enlighten about having a big game like this.
  9. I guess the question I have is why does UB even schedule this game? You are doing us a favor by playing us and for that we are grateful. I hope when the tournament you guys are putting together with Big East and ACC teams ( discussed in another thread) gets going you won’t forget us.
  10. I think we will show up, but only as sacrificial lambs. Hard to compete with New York's Powerhouse.
  11. Great analysis on this thread. It will be a fun game. It is just an honor to be on the same court with the Bulls. I hope we are worthy.
  12. Hey, we are getting ready to close the doors, lowering the ceiling, and getting change for your cash on Saturday! If any of you want to follow me I’m leaving a little early as I’m stopping for a bite to eat and a few drinks before the game. I love the cracks on Olean as I never have heard those, oh wait, I hear them about Buffalo all the time. I guess it makes people feel superior to put down other places. I have heard criticisms of the Reilly Center before, but never the low ceiling and the closing of the doors, but it is a fun place to watch a game. i know I say things just to get things going a little bit, but this is a legitimate question. Isn’t football holding you guys back? I live in Buffalo and love college basketball. You guys have a great team, but when I look at your schedule there isn’t a team on there I want to see you play at Alumni Arena. How many directions are there in Michigan? I might go see you play Syracuse with a couple of UB friends. Dump football and get in the Atlantic 10. Real sports fans know the MAC. Degenerate gamblers are the only ones interested in the football. Do you guys make money on it? I won’t respond to my football question that is for you guys to figure out. See some of you Saturday.
  13. We will try to survive! You must not think UB has much of a chance at an at large if things don’t go the right way in the MAC tourney.
  14. That's the funny thing about NCAA basketball you will want to kill us on the 8th, but then will root like crazy for us the rest of the year. Our win over you guys definitely helped us get the at-large bid.
  15. Hi guys. Glad to see we are on your mind You might just get that 3rd ever win against us, but I would come ready to play. Glad there will be a good crowd for the game.
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