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  1. Looks like Utah St. is visiting him rather than him going out there which may be a good sign. I also read that he's only been offered a preferred walk-on spot at Wisconsin.
  2. Reminiscent of how we ended up with Justin Moss, and that turned out well for us (on the court lol).
  3. And they all fill a position of need. I'm used to landing guard after guard. This would be a solid frontcourt.
  4. Could be, I find it weird he hasn't signed as far as I can tell and the coaches recently followed him. I would think he'd view a chance at Buffalo as an upgrade over Idaho. We shall see.
  5. Found him thru some looking at the coaches' follower lists. Was looking for info and if you look at @guitry.tv on Instagram, his story has the team and recruits playing pickup. Nickelberry has a distinct build + hairstyle.
  6. 6'7" wing looks like he's also on a visit to Buffalo today. 31 in the JUCO rankings, averaged 3 PPG and 2 rpg as a 3 star freshman at Memphis before going JUCO. https://youtu.be/pibaaGahvLQ
  7. Yeah that being said I don't have any data on how many make G-League or summer league teams, and I think Massinburg, Perk, and Harris are all definitely good enough to do that if they choose (although Europe makes better money). They could make their way into the NBA that way, similarly to Jaylen Adams from Bona this year. I'll also still hold out some hope on C.J. getting drafted since there's some buzz there but I remember being disappointed after thinking the same thing about McCrea.
  8. I actually looked at this yesterday, since 2008 only 4.3% of participants have been drafted. On average those players are mid second round picks (43.667). I also see very little correlation between production per minute in the tournament and odds of getting drafted. So I'd say this has a mostly negligible effect on anyone's draft stock.
  9. I find they're better for offers but I don't really look at their rankings, they're hardly ever updated. Compare the position rankings listed on their site vs when you go to the ESPN link. On a quick glance Jeenathan's, Rondo's, and Hawkins' are all off. Their rivals and scout recruiting links don't even link to valid URLs.
  10. Jeff Goodman has Alabama as his preseason #11
  11. One thing to keep in mind is that just because they received high major offers at some point doesn't meet they really have the opportunity there. All of the high major offers were from 2017 or earlier except for Boston College. Schools get in early on kids they see potential in but a lot can change in 2+ years.
  12. Why do we have to lock every thread? We can't discuss players that were once recruited by us? I feel like Shannon Evans is brought up in every thread. Content of the forum should be decided by the community as a whole rather than the mods. If everyone agrees there's no reason to discuss Andre Allen then there will be no posts here.
  13. Very unethical of him to give high school kids more (and better) options. The ethical thing to do would be to force them to go to our school.
  14. I believe I read somewhere that he got promoted to Director of Basketball Operations replacing Bauman
  15. Dixon would be the only one presumably immediately eligible as a RS Senior grad transfer. Nothing too exciting but I'll take an experienced 6'10" big for some frontcourt depth. McKissic is also interesting as a sit 1 play 2. He made the WAC all defensive team, and seems solid. Bishop and Whitfield seem decent but idk if they're worth a scholarship for 2 years to play 1, maybe if we can't fill out a class. Probably no future stars in the group but the top few players from Kenpom #238 could definitely be role players in the MAC.
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