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  1. trueblue32

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    They're allowed to swear as long as they repent for it at mandatory Sunday morning mass.
  2. trueblue32

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    Chanting "Fuck UB" multiple times before tip #JustNonRivalryThings
  3. trueblue32

    Are UB and St. Bonaventure rivals?!?

    Yes we're rivals. Bona fans like to act like we're not because "history" is the one thing they can hold over our head. It eats them alive that we have the more recent tourney win (nobody counts your de facto home play in game against a UCLA team that got in based on name). We have as many tourney appearances in 4 years as they have in 40. We land better recruiting classes (thus accusations that we're dirty), I mean they start a kid from Amherst that we weren't even bothered to offer. Imagine chanting "we want UB" and then turning around and acting like you don't care about this game because we're not rivals. I've never participated in a "we want Dartmouth" chant.
  4. Last time we played in the Reilly Center the security held True Blue in the arena until all the Bona fans had cleared for whatever that's worth. Probably not a serious safety concern but you never know with people from Olean, they need something to spice up their lives.
  5. The answer to that would be 1/19/1971. They've been unranked for more than twice as long as we've been a D1 program.
  6. trueblue32

    Daemon Exhibition Stream?

    Caruthers has significantly improved his athleticism, and can dunk with ease now. He looks primed to pick up a lot of the production lost from Clark. Segu looked like the best newcomer by far. Williams was surprisingly unimpactful being used as a spot up shooter that wasn't making shots. Fagan got the least mins of a scholarship player and looked lost when he was out there. Not gonna look into 1 game too much but i was hoping to see more from them in an exhibition.
  7. trueblue32

    JUCO Recruits on Campus

    I don't hate that it's an all JUCO class, the mid-majors that have sustained success have formed pipelines of talent from unusual talent pools, i.e. Saint Mary's with Australia, Gonzaga with international kids in general, Nevada now with transfers. If ours ends up being the JUCO talent pool because of Hodgson's connections I think that only increases our staying power if we continue to build a strong reputation with JUCO kids. I don't think it's high school kids not wanting to come here as much as it's not where we're mainly recruiting. It also might just be a strategy for this year because JUCO kids will come in more ready to play from the jump than true freshmen which is important given all the minutes we'll be losing after this year.
  8. trueblue32

    JUCO Recruits on Campus

    I feel like the Arizona game may have been a turning point where we're now committing to a 4 out-1 in approach. Talented big men are harder to find than talented guards at our level and it seems like our best shot at competing with top teams is taking their big men out of the game. Jeremy Harris dominated the #1 pick because he couldn't handle him on the perimeter. Next year we could go with a Kentucky-esque platoon system, something like: Jordan | Segu Johnson | Cadwell Graves | Grant Williams | Miller-Moore Allen | Fagan A lot of length, athleticism and talent in that lineup. On another note: In the past Hodgson has tweeted these before an announcement, it's probably about Cadwell who's from Texas, but we also still have an offer out to another JUCO G from Texas, Tajzmel Sherman with offers from SMU and ECU among others.
  9. trueblue32

    JUCO Recruits on Campus

    Cadwell just committed. I believe he's doing his freshman year at Juco then will be eligible right away for his last 3. Listed as a wing most places (6'5") but the highlights I saw of him looked like he was the primary ball handler for his high school team. Also looked like the best pure shooter we've had in recent classes which will be important with Massinburg and Harris graduating.
  10. trueblue32

    Emmanuel Andrew

    He committed to New Mexico tonight, too bad he would've been fun to watch.
  11. trueblue32

    Pre-Season Power Rankings

    To me, more interesting than our ranking is seeing Southern Illinois ranked #5. I had seen them projected near the top of the MVC but didn't expect to see them this high. If they can perform to this level that'd be huge for us with them on our schedule twice this year.
  12. trueblue32

    Army @ UB - Sept. 29 - 12:00pm (CBSS)

    The spread has moved to Buffalo -9, 3 points is a pretty big swing. Smart money is on UB.
  13. trueblue32

    Emmanuel Andrew

    Wow this would be a big get, doesn't have a huge list of offers (yet) but he has high major interest and I've seen him listed a few places as one of the biggest surprises of the summer, and the sleeper of the summer circuit as well. Important to note, the guy that predicted him to UB, Andrew Slater, was the #1 ranked expert last year at over 80% correct. FWIW, 24/7 actually has him rated slightly higher than Jeenathan Williams. They would be fun to watch together on the wings for 3 years. Also: it looks like he went by the name Emmanuel Kuac in Canada before coming to the US for people looking for additional info on him.
  14. trueblue32

    Hey Admin, what's up with your obsession?

    I didn't realize Bucky Gleason had burner accounts on here lol. I'm shocked to see such resentment for Danny White when he was clearly good for our program. The NYBI campaign failed because of y'all not because of White. People love to complain about White and Greene yet they both got better jobs elsewhere so clearly people in industry thought highly of their efforts here, and I'll rate their opinions as more valuable than yours lol.