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  1. Someone commented on the reddit post that Hardnett followed a UB coach (presumably Jenkins) on Instagram last night
  2. I also wondered this but having already signed to Washington State you would think they'd have that kind of stuff lined up/know what they're doing. Who knows, hopefully he ends up coming to UB though.
  3. I agree although I do recall an article in the Spectrum Jordan's freshman year where he was quoted saying that the coaches said he's Lamonte Bearden if he tried on defense hahah Edit: found the quote "Jordan shares certain traits with Bearden. Both are athletic, quick and have great ability to finish at the rim. But the coaching staff and Jordan feel there is one significant difference between the two. “I play defense,” Jordan said jokingly."
  4. I understand your point but we should temper expectations on John. Big men are typically slower to develop and from his highlights it doesn't look like he's had much exposure to D1 level competition. I'm excited at the prospect of him being at UB for 4 years but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a season similar to Jeenathan (who I'm high on for this season, but was shaky as a freshman)
  5. No customary "It's a great day to be a Bull" tweet yet 😢
  6. omg the play at 1:17 in the first video
  7. Yeah maybe in the future. In the meantime you can get an idea based on a combination of 247 - high schoolers https://www.jucorecruiting.com/junior-college-basketball-player-rankings-top-100 - JUCO and Kenpom or transfer ranking lists (i.e. Jeff Goodman) - transfers
  8. You're right, that's why I put the "FWIW" at the beginning of my original post. It was more of a ballpark thing, shows that our recruiting is still doing quite well.
  9. I've never seen transfers get updated ratings, some of the top JUCOs get re-rated in Harris' case. A lot of JUCOs get pages for their JUCO career but it just shows them as unrated/unranked in Cadwell's case. My calculation just used everyone's high school profile.
  10. I think he already went on a Pitt visit, he also visited Oklahoma State
  11. FWIW, using the 247 class calculator, if UB lands John we would have the #42 recruiting class in the country between Clemson and Nebraska. I used Nickelberry and Mballa's pages coming out of high school, and Gallion doesn't have a 247 page so we might be slightly higher.
  12. Hopefully Segu is ready by then. He's shown flashes. I think Nickelberry will be capable of playing a Blake Hamilton-esque point forward role, but with more talent around him he'll have less weight on his shoulders. I also have a good feeling about Gallion, although he might be more of a combo guard. I think it says a lot that the staff has landed 3 3-stars (maybe 4 with John) and scooped up Gallion in the middle of them. I think they feel that they found a diamond in the rough with him.
  13. I posted a paraphrase from a third party website because I figured people in a college basketball recruiting forum had a basic understanding of college recruiting lol. Here's the official NCAA rulebook. Tweeting someone is absolutely not private between sender and recipient.
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