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  1. Having first team Jayvon, newcomer of the year Antwain Johnson, and presumptive DPOY favorite Davonta Jordan and finishing behind Kent with 0 award winners would be actually difficult to do
  2. Zach Berry a writer for an Ole Miss blog also in with a UB crystal ball. He's 35/37 on his predictions.
  3. We've played a D2/D3 exhibition and a D2/D3 regular season game each of the last 4 years
  4. Without an internet connection in Olean the few dozen will probably have to buy at the door if there are any left
  5. No not a lot to be honest. If you only care about UB stuff its probably not worth it. I saw a Marquette fan asking an editor on Twitter why they got less articles and he said it basically comes down to pageviews and they're always monitoring it, maybe if this one gets enough views/people joining from it they reassess, but as of now there's not a ton of UB content.
  6. If you have access to your .edu email it's only $2.49 a month. They have some good content.
  7. Two other schedule things I took from the article: 1. They're still looking for one more game so we may not get the full schedule for a while. 2. Specifying Dartmouth is the home opener leads me to believe we're on the road for the season opener. The past few years we've pretty much only played high major and Big 4 games on the road in non-con, so I'd think we're either opening at Niagara or with a big game. Hopefully the latter since we haven't gotten Niagara at home since 2014.
  8. He's blown up since UB offered so I don't really expect much but we'll find out if we made the cut tonight
  9. It's gotta be in his head, you don't shoot better from 3 (roughly at the national average too) than from the FT line with a busted shot. I'd almost rather that isn't his main focus all summer. I find when I golf a lot and focus on my swing mechanics too much I play like trash but coming back after a long break I play well. I think he's got a decent shot but missing then over thinking and missing again is a harsh cycle.
  10. It's Britain's top league but I don't think British basketball is very high in the Euro food chain lol. David Kadiri averaged 16 and 10 in that league a couple years ago, so I think it could be a good situation for McRae to thrive in.
  11. Giving players minutes because they're tall and we want to be like the high majors is a recipe for disaster. The Arizona game showed us we need to play to our style and make other teams matchup with us. Who knows what the starting lineup looks like but I'd be shocked if our closing lineup doesn't include Jordan, Graves and Johnson. They'll probably be our top 3 barring a surprise from somebody and should be on the floor together in winning time.
  12. Lakers signed two summer league big men not named Nick Perkins
  13. We know he had an opportunity with at least the Mavs and I wonder what the decision making process was to go with the Nets. I feel CJ would have fit better with the Mavs NBA roster and gotten more opportunity in the summer league. Nets have probably 6 guys on their roster that will be regulars in the NBA and the Mavs have.. maybe 2?
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