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  1. trueblue32

    Fan/Booster Compliance

    At least nobody on the board is this guy, hah
  2. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    To me this, in a weird way, is a positive thing. We're a top 25 team without him playing well. If he was shooting at last year's clip he's making almost an extra 3 per game. Tack 3 PPG on to our average (plus whatever it does for the rest of the offense with the floor spacing) and we're that much scarier. He's too good to continue at this rate all year.
  3. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    Are you still allowed or did the coaches yank knock off Barstools credentials after the Perkins suspension tweet
  4. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    I don't follow you, you've been the laughing stock of group chats since you tried telling True Blue members (from anywhere and everywhere) that they had to be Bills fans lmao
  5. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    He does it's just when he's on Twitter and saying stuff to their face. See the game where he was complaining about Jordan's effort on here and then tweeted this: https://twitter.com/kevinmassare/status/1088974525763592192?s=21
  6. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    Oof most of our away games have been packed but not even a top 25 team can make people care about Akron basketball hahaha
  7. trueblue32

    #25 UB @ Akron (2/12 - 7:00pm ET)

    I feel like this one could be a blowout. Akron really struggles offensively, they shoot the 9th highest percentage of 3s and make them at the 299th rate. They could get run out of the gym early. They have one true PG listed at a generous 5'8", he's gonna get man handled by our guards. Also they really only play 7 so they'll probably get gassed and/or into foul trouble. Not much about Akron scares me.
  8. trueblue32

    CMU @ #23 UB (2/9 - 3:30pm ET)

    Distinct lack of bench Jeremy Harris posts today
  9. trueblue32

    Dontay Caruthers

    I'm not sure what pro basketball prospects Caruthers has but I'd love to see him pull a Quinten Rollins. Rollins led the MAC in steals his senior year at Miami (OH) then played football as a CB for one year, won MAC defensive POY and was a 2nd round pick in the NFL draft.
  10. trueblue32

    At-large birth on the line

    Joe Lunardi has us as the top 7 seed still lmao
  11. trueblue32

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    #23 NC State just lost and scored 24 points. Other games to keep an eye on today: -#20 Iowa St. hosting unranked Texas -#22 Mississippi St. at unranked Ole Miss -#19 LSU hosting unranked Arkansas
  12. Hard disagree to be honest. Our fast style of play is going to lead to seem easy buckets here and there but overall I think our defense is fine. With the MAC as competitive as it is the margin is razor thin and with a team this good we're going to run into hot teams in front of record crowds. Someday people will understand shots going in on a given day isn't necessarily an indictment on the defense. https://theathletic.com/720048/2018/12/18/kenpom-shooting-and-defending-the-3-is-random-business-i-e-relax-its-early/
  13. Assuming he meant NET? But in KenPom the 7th ranked conference has gotten *at least* (in most cases more) 2 bids every year in the last decade. Granted the MAC is currently 9th in KP.
  14. Realistically show me a harder working backcourt in the country than Jordan, Caruthers and Massinburg and we can have this conversation.
  15. 1.) Save me the bullshit about effort, you weren't watching the same game if you're questioning that. 2.) Harris is struggling but he's still our 3rd best player, benching him isn't the answer. Especially if you're one of the cynical people here that think we have to win the tourney. If that's our only chance than our biggest concern should be getting Harris hot for the tourney (we're still an at Large team tho)