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  1. Very solid night from Perk and great efficiency on the offensive end. The fouls in summer league are usually tightly called, especially on big men, as the officials are working things out as well. Perkins' NBA role would be one of bench scoring and effort and a player who will use his fouls in the minutes he sees. For what his role will be, I feel like he has made a good account of himself thus far. A guy like Cacock is always going to "look" better in the eyes of most due to his style and skill set. Cacock is a leaper, finisher, rim protector...Perk is none of those at the NBA level but can score in a much wider variety of ways...two totally different roles. I don't think anyone can predict what the Lakers will do or are really looking for from this summer league roster but Perkins at least has a shot at a 2-way contract, either with LAL or another team.
  2. I was including only section VI/MMA players. Section V, III, etc tend to have greater D1 depth on a yearly basis, even if it is just slightly more. Another section V player is slated as an incoming freshman next season. Hopefully that trend of drawing some of the top local talent can continue no matter whom is coaching the team...even if the local depth isn't present.
  3. Yes, I have watched all of these players and many others dozens of times. My point is that there is not the depth where you can count on one or a few locals to come to UB every year, or even every few years. DeBerry is obviously a once in a generation type player who will likely play at a national power. The others you mentioned that are un-committed, one is a senior, one a junior(or 8th grade depending on which one you were referring) and one a sophomore. There are maybe 1 or 2 others per class with possible D1 potential. Also, with the emergence of Daemen as a full-fledged D2 now, some locals who could have possibly provided depth to local D1's will now likely choose to still play on scholarship but get more time right away.
  4. I follow the local girls/womens basketball scene closely and there just is not the depth of D-1 in this area on a year-in, year-out basis to be able to provide a backbone of team depth or crowd support. Over the past decade, there have been about 2-3 D-1 players per graduating class in the WNY area, with the vast majority playing at low to mid-majors. Summer has arguably had the second most successful local D-1 career over the past 8-10 years, with Healy at Bonaventure being the first. As for coaches, there are some promising locals in the area but making the jump from D3, etc with only a few years experience to D1, especially a team that has had recent success, would seem quite the undertaking.
  5. 837k annual....225k of which will come from gifts. Haven't seen anything re: buyout yet.
  6. A win tomorrow would almost assuredly put UB in...if we lose, we want to root for Miami to beat Ohio and then CMU over Miami in the final.
  7. They may come close to matching their full game output from Saturday in the first half today.
  8. I did not see it...just following the stats. Did EMU try to foul or let it play out?
  9. EMU fouls CMU up 3 on two straight possessions to avoid a possible game tying three...both teams hit their free throws but with 5 seconds left EMU does not foul and CMU hits a game-tying three at the buzzer. Why did they not foul at the end???
  10. Tomorrow's game is definitely a must-win for an at-large. If they could beat CMU then that would basically guarantee them a berth. A loss to CMU and then CMU winning in the final as well would make things interesting. The one thing going in UB's favor right now is that most of the other teams on the bubble have already lost in their conference tournaments and none besides Arkansas made a really deep run. Butler losing early in the Big East 3 v 6 game and St Mary's falling just short of upsetting Gonzaga yesterday could prove to be big helpers for UB's cause. We should definitely be rooting for Gonzaga to beat BYU today in the WCC final to avoid BYU stealing a bid. Beyond that game, not much else will today will directly affect UB's chances as both SD St and SD in the Summit and Marquette and DePaul in the Big East finals should all be already in.
  11. I agree that freshmen should not get off without any criticism but here are the stat lines for Graves last season v Segu/Williams this year. Is it the case that Graves was indeed further along so he got more minutes or that he received more minutes and thus put up better numbers? Probably a bit of both but interesting comparison in my opinion. If either Segu or Williams played 7 more minutes per game, their numbers would likely look more like Graves'. Graves - 16.3 minutes per game; 5.1 ppg; 2.3 rpg; 1.0 apg Segu - 9.6 minutes per game; 2.4 ppg; 0.9 rpg; 1.1 apg Williams - 9.1 minutes per game; 3.4 ppg; 1.6 rpg; 0.2 apg That said, Graves has taken a huge step forward this season and I would expect both Segu and Williams to do the same next season.
  12. Ohio's non-conference slate was awful...their only notable opponent was Purdue who is currently 17-13 and 9th in the Big Ten. Their wins over UB and CMU are by far their best of the season.
  13. The attendance at the CMU game was strong, over 3k, but unfortunately that number is still an outlier. Here's hoping the fans will come out to the last two home games, and last two chances to see CD at Alumni. She is up there with the best athletes ever in UB history...other than Mack and Jonathan Jones I can not think of any better.
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