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  1. That is quite a list of schools that are interested in him. if we get them, that would be one hell of a pull considering the other schools
  2. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27263154/the-biggest-challenge-every-new-coach-college-basketball We get a mention about half way through. Interesting read on Nate too.
  3. Maybe I'll put a few bets in on some Vegas odds 😄
  4. So you're saying that's a chance!!
  5. How are his free throws? He needs to bring that number up D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E-L-Y The rest, I'm really excited to hear about. Hopefully we can (almost) run the table again this year! 🙂
  6. I guess better late than never. I would have liked to see Perk and Brock playing a little twin towers game last year, but if he's getting quicker and better at shooting this year, I'll take it.
  7. Now we wait until the season starts... AAAHHHHHH!!! CAN'T IT GET HER ALREADY!?
  8. I found this from 2018 https://www.downthedrive.com/2018/10/12/17966158/cincinnati-bearcats-basketball-preview-2018-19-meet-the-new-guy-laquill-hardnett Looks like he could be a solid Perk replacement
  9. I might have to try and hit up Vegas for a game next weekend to see Perk!
  10. Love the data and what it suggests. I think this will be a great "rebuilding" year for us, especially if Segu and Williams find their stride. As much as the data is fun to look at, it doesn't take in to account the big things, like how these guys progress in the off season, what they've done to improve their game, how their workouts and strength training have been, and the list could go on. Ultimately we'll see how everyone stands come September. Those are the stats I want to see.
  11. This is so ridiculous, I feel like this is a huge joke. Then again... Bowling Green...
  12. That's sad that its a lost reference... I guess I'm old, haha
  13. Damn, to snag a guy who was part of a national championship team is huge. That says a lot about what he saw in us when we played them. I especially like what I see in his videos. He looks like he's a trash ball kind of guy, which is always a good thing. Super excited to see this add!
  14. Is anyone else really antsy about how quiet it's been out of UB's athletics department for our roster? I mean, I know we have had a few good sign ons, but I so badly want to hear what we're doing with the last few roster spots! The silence is KILLING ME!!
  15. I'm split as well. I obviously have no vitriol against any of the kids who decommitted from us, but it's still a personal scar that makes me not want to see them do well. Also, after Nate left, I kind of definitely don't want him to do well. But at the same time, I do? Lots of mixed emotions. All the emotions.
  16. I like that he doesn't seem to be a showboat. He's just a good worker who plays the game hard. I think he would fit well in our system
  17. I might have to go to some Sparks games now!
  18. Hey, if they can get a bunch of guys that are 6'6+, can shoot the 3's and hit their foul shots, then they'll obviously be an inside pressure as well. I'll ride that team all the way to the final 4.
  19. I'm definitely excited about the possibility, but this far from a lock.
  20. Am I missing something? I don't see anything about him signing with UB
  21. I saw this on YouTube today and it gave me a good laugh. Figured you'd all like it March Madness in Six Minutes
  22. I'm cool with them saying this, but they've basically thrown us out the window for the way to early top 25 and I haven't heard a peep in how they see us shaking out next season. I'm not worried about all this, because I feel there's some benefit to being a power underdog, just think it's kind of funny.
  23. She just got picked 8th in the second round by Minnesota! I'm so happy for her. I look forward to getting her Jersey
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