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  1. This should be a quote contest photo! I'll start... Psst... Ref... You sure about that call? I mean, you really sure?
  2. ubmae86

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    23 in net and kenpom, looking hopeful to keep the drive alive for staying in the rankings
  3. I was checking our games through February and it looks like whatever games ESPN doesn't have, CBS is picking up. I'm already seeing the Kent St and Bowling Green games getting grabbed by CBS.
  4. ubmae86

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Honestly, being ranked has been awesome, it's given us a lot of visibility and I think will definer help us in recruiting, but the ranking means nothing to me anymore. If our boys play big, that's all I care about. I want to see the team we started this season with. I want to see us taking down everybody by 10+ and leaving no doubt that we are as good as people think. We've fallen into a slump, which is fine, but to prove we are a late March team, we need to pull ourselves out of this. Ranking or not, we are a late March team. We just need to show it again.
  5. ubmae86

    Noah Williams

    The best part about this announcement is that a buddy of mine was sitting next to Hodgson on a flight back to Seattle from LA. Haha I was wondering what he was going to Seattle for and now I know 🤣
  6. Well, the top 25 was fun
  7. ubmae86

    New Features

    Is this a pay for use website? If so, do you collect donations so that admin isn't paying it all on his/her own?
  8. That sucks, but that's Western NY in a nutshell...
  9. The TV commercial they just had for UB ear pretty good. It's really great to see our University getting publicity for sports, but all the other things we do should get publicity too.
  10. I'm so stoked for him to come in. I think he will make a huge impact replacing Jeremy
  11. ubmae86

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    I looked at some of the other AP voters and I saw a few 16s, mostly 19s, a 22, and a 25. I think we land around 19
  12. Awesome article. Oats is such a good coach. All I can say is let us, meaning the fans, worry about the rankings and the stats, you guys, being the players, just get back to the kind of basketball that won at Syracuse by 12 or won the Goliath bracket. We know what this team can be, let's get back to it.
  13. ubmae86

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    With all the game results today, we moved back up to 19 in kenpom and 22 in the NET
  14. ubmae86

    Ticket situation

    Man, I need to come back for a game. I'd love to see a full alumni! I've never seen one before, haha
  15. ubmae86

    Raymond Hawkins

    There's some good schools on his list, but I think ours is top 3. Would love to see him come in especially since we are going to start looking thin under the basket next year.
  16. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    The bad defense narrative comes from us knowing how lock down they have been earlier in the year. Is not that the defense was terrible tonight, it's that it was terrible in comparison to what we've seen them do. Good win in the end. The last 5 minutes looked like the Bulls who know and loved from the beginning of the year. Hopefully we can carry that into the next game
  17. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    Apparently we have forgotten how to play offense. We are not getting those open looks we knew how to create and that's causing some terrible shots
  18. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    This is a good awful start. What happened to our suffocating d??? This team looks like it shouldn't even be on the court so far!
  19. ubmae86

    Final Four Team ???

    That's the funny thing about this year though. If they keep up their play, you literally can't call us a Cinderella because we'll be a high seed.
  20. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    I just want to make sure you know this is a validation of my score, not a dig at your prediction
  21. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    Dreams aren't build on meager predictions
  22. ubmae86

    #14 UB @ Kent (1/25 - 6:30pm ET)

    It will be awesome if the voters see this just like every other top 25 team, a bad loss, that is a statistical outlier. Odds are against us, but it would be very nice to see us keep solid. Hopefully this is a serious wake up call. STOP. TURNING. THE. BALL. OVER! For a team that has been awesome at keeping the ball, we have been real sloppy lately, getting that mojo that kills a mid major. I hope Nate is imprinting it into their heads that just because we are ranked doesn't change the fact that in conference play, anyone can lose to anyone. We know each other, so anyone is easier to beat. Let's have a statement bounce back game. If we can win this impressively, I think the voters will just see the last game as an outlier. 101-66 Buffalo LET'S DO THIS!! GO BULLS!
  23. ubmae86

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    With this loss, we'll be lucky to stay in the 25. Gotta love the bias of the voters