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  1. Michigan is the only team on that list that scares me. Can’t blame him if he went there. That’s a step up from Cincy. Although I think Howard is trying to fill a roster and once the next recruiting cycle ramps up he would look to have similar success as Penny has in terms of recruiting. Meaning if Hardnett goes to Michigan, in a year or two he would be passed by incoming highly touted recruits. While if he comes here he’d be a fixture his whole career.
  2. Both he and his high school teammate Anthony Higgs are in the protocol. Both of whom we recruited heavily.
  3. He’s on an unofficial visit to Va Tech today. Gonna be a long line for him.
  4. He was in Virginia along with tons of other coaches at a top 150 type event. I read a tweet that said Key was a late bloomer. I suspect tons of schools are gonna jump in on him now.
  5. RJ Barrett. Brandon Clarke. Lougie Dortz. All potential first rounders this year from Canada. There’s basketball being played at a high level in the north. We need to capitalize on it.
  6. Strongly agree. Just imagine John down low and Skogman being a stretch 4. Or Mballa running pick and roll with Segu. Endless possibilities. With our strong wing players on the perimeter and wider lanes now bc of the extented 3pt line. Exciting.
  7. We don’t need every big man to shoot 3s. His twitter profile says true big man. I would expect him to be a force down low. Which could work well freeing up guys on the perimeter. Seems to me to be a true 5.
  8. 6’8 with a 7’3 wingspan. Crazy athletic. Yes a project but we potentially have him for up to 4 years of development. The upside is there. At worst he becomes a more athletic version of Ikenna Smart. Let’s say he becomes a rim protector who averages 2 blocks a game and deters teams from driving to the basket...that’s game changing. I’m not expecting double doubles from him nightly. However I’m excited at the thought that he could be the athletic lengthy big we need who plays down low and does the gritty things like rebound, block shots and defend. Works well in pick and roll on offense. If Chris Beard saw something in him that’s good enough for me. And we know firsthand how grind you out that Tech team was.
  9. He committed to Tennessee Tech today. https://twitter.com/VerbalCommits/status/1137848732186226694?s=20
  10. That’s fine. We don’t need every big man to be a 3 point shooter. With an expanded lane now since the 3pt line has been moved we can use more pick and roll. And action towards the basket. Every team needs interior grunt workers.
  11. I love it. Sometimes on this forum names get carelessly thrown out there but I’m glad this one became fact.
  12. Game changer! This should no doubt keep things status quo here. Is he eligible right away?
  13. F yea!!! Some height and length. A guy who was around a national championship caliber team. I’ll take it.
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