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  1. Mballa has been great. A beast on the boards. And he has much more room for growth in his overall game. For example his footwork in the post needs improvement. If he could develop a jumper, I’d say a post or mid range type jumper but that’s a lost art in today’s game. There were a few examples during the Kent state game where he had the ball just below the free throw line wide open and looked to pass bc he was uncomfy. It happened in the 2nd half. If over the next two years he can grow and develop that he will be unstoppable in the MAC. He’s a classic tweener for the next level and would really need to develop an outside shot to be a 3&D type player.
  2. As of right now Ohio is a 1 point favorite.
  3. Reese is Hamlet’s backcourt mate. Both start. But he has some games where he’s off. Hamlet has been rock solid.
  4. Defend and don’t have a mental let down after what was a big win Friday. Another good mental litmus test. This is a team we should beat but going on the road is always a battle. Let’s hope we continue to ascend and come out with the win. It just dawned on me that we have Akron at home on Saturday. So not only is this a let down potential but it’s also a trap game. Gotta come out mentally prepared.
  5. I’ve kept tabs on former commits and Hamlet has been the best of the bunch.
  6. Updated: The road (as of today) back to the big dance could go through Ball St, Akron and whoever comes out the opposite side of the bracket. I can see an all MAC East semifinals. I am not an NIU believer.
  7. Another mental challenge. Will we have a let down effect after a grueling victory. I watched Ohio tonight...they don’t know how to win just yet and ball pressure can disorientate them. A game we should win. But being on the road and the let down factor can make this interesting.
  8. I think what he and I are saying is that rather than going with 6 seconds left you go at 8-10 seconds. To allow yourself a tick or two to put home an o-board. And if we miss the ball is in play and it would take a miracle with a second or two to lose (a 3/4 court heave). He isn’t saying go with 15 seconds left. Just simple saying, as you said, time it so that you go with enough time to put home an o-board and leave less than 3 seconds left if the initial shot is made or have the o-board be the last shot. Best of all worlds.
  9. A lot if these ESPN+ “announcers” are homers. They either work for the university or are former players of the university. I think the BG analyst was a former player. That being the case can you really expect any different? And yea they sucked.
  10. I was watching. Posted about it in the other thread. We don’t have that kind of player. Graves doesn’t create separation like Turner does. As you saw they didn’t wait until 5 seconds to go when it’s due or die on the high screen and the defense can jump the screen and blow up the whole play.
  11. Well they blew it. Justin Turner with an ankle breaking iso step back in the final seconds.
  12. Teams that worry me: in no order EMU bc of their zone Kent St bc they play physical and that could wear you down in a tournament setting. If not against them then against the next team Akron and BG for obvious reasons. They are good. NIU bc we can’t seem to beat them.
  13. Agree. I hate waiting until 6 seconds left to make a move bc then all you have is iso ball. I also agree that we don’t wanna go too soon and give them the last shot. But with our rebounding abilities we should go at around 10 seconds and if we miss have a chance for the o-board. We failed when no timeout was called and failed when one was called. So obviously it’s something that needs more prep and practice. There were a few things at the end of regulation and OT that were mistakes that when can grow and learn from. Example: Jeenathan’s inbound mental lapse. It’s all about learning and gaining that experience to grow. As I’ve said in other post...we’ve won and lost games in all types of fashions. All of which make us battle tested and mentally ready. Last nights had a MAC tournament vibe to it. It was a big win.
  14. See it’s so subjective. I don’t wanna play Kent St again. Depending where everyone ends up we could potentially play them in the quarters.
  15. Obviously no I’m not implying or saying they don’t practice end of game situations. Obviously they do. Although you wouldn’t have been able to tell based on both possessions lol. That said, I 100% agree with you that we should’ve run a normal offensive set. As you said.
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