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  1. Shows how well we attacked the JUCO ranks. We were becoming a haven for JUCOs. I like mixing them in but I prefer a majority of the roster to eventually be HS kids. Let’s say give or take 70-30 split or so. Obviously right now it’s a different story bc we have 4 scholarships to fill this late in the game.
  2. Good luck getting 5 star recruits with NBA lottery dreams to dive on the floor and take charges like Dontay and Jordan did. I mean seriously tho this numbnut couldn’t think of something that went well with Roll Tide. Very original there Hodgson. And most of you guys still wanna keep that mantra? Not me.
  3. Solid signing. A big step for us going forward. Shows we are still marketable and a place to come play. Wildest dream...land both big men and MAW in addition to Nickleberry. But let’s keep getting players.
  4. All positives now let’s ring some in
  5. I think the fact that he took an official visit speaks volumes that we are being considered by him. So he may have 21 offers but only strongly considering however many. Hopefully he chooses us.
  6. Andre Allen received an offer from Florida. Perhaps that’s where he will land. 🤔
  7. This might classify as that journalistic info that has pissed people off today lol
  8. 60 picks only 9 seniors drafted in that mock. As I said before the draft is most underclassmen and international players. There are other avenues to the NBA...CJ, Harris and Perkins May have to explore those.
  9. Has he told you what schools are being considered? If not do you get a sense it’s mid major or P5 level?
  10. Yep...first thing I noticed was that Rojas went up. But hey neither him or Allen are signed. Haven’t seen any offers being extended their way. Would they be welcomed back here if oh let’s say nothing better comes their way or if Bama strikes out on a 5 star recruit and falls back on them?
  11. I think you guys are getting caught up on this notion of dead period. During a dead period coaches can still be in contact with players via phone calls. They just can’t visit and be face to face. If you’re not actively recruiting 365 you’re getting left behind. Whitesell said the first 30 days would be crucial...again we are all getting impatient. I am too. I wanna see some commits and a coaching staff rounded out. Just like I wanted a new coach hired 3 days after Oats left. Guess they will keep testing our patience. Grr.
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