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  1. Lol. Is that Hodgson’s fat ass in there? Hey whatever works. Just love how this is being done near a pool in the backyard of probably a mansion. Love the message that sends. To be fair on day 2 looks like they took the boot camp to a lake and got muddy. Oats even went through the drills. No hate. Just illustrates the differences between Whitesell and Oats. Will there come a time when Whitesell is considered “out of touch”. Which is why retaining coach Q and bringing in coach Jenkins was important. Youthful counterbalance to Whitesell’s maturity. Kinda like he was for Oats.
  2. He isn’t Oats. And that’s not a bad thing. Oats was very blunt and direct. Bordered on arrogant. Not crazy like Hurley. And that was fine. Two prime examples...against Arizona at half he said we should be up double digits. Low and behold we blew them out. He then said we can take advantage of a youthful Kentucky team. I don’t think that sat well with coach Calipari and we know what happened. Coach Whitesell has a different personality. A more mature one some might say. Bottom line is can he coach and can his message reach our players? He may not excite some but it takes nothing away from the job and the staff have done. Let the coaches coach and players excite. Go Bulls!
  3. Keep the home game. Jam pack AA and make it the tough environment we know and love. Make our money. Keep winning. Build our following. And one day we can get 15k into Downtown for a sanctioned “home” game against a quality opponent. Dream big right.
  4. I’ve seen them listed as the preseason favorites in the conference.
  5. Can you or anyone post the copy of that article? This is awesome to get coverage from the athletic. But unfortunately they have a paywall.
  6. Not starting an argument....Kent St, as much as we make fun, has been the preeminent MAC program. They had a stretch of 10 consecutive 20 win seasons. The elite 8 run. Model of MAC consistency. But then UB arrived on the scene.
  7. Not as bad as being called out for misspelling a recruits name by accident. Lol
  8. Correct. Forgive me...committed. Recruits can commit or decommit at any point. Can’t officially sign until signing period begins. But they can commit.
  9. Agreed. But I’ve seen some smaller schools signing kids. Just don’t get any publicity. But if I do recall and maybe others can chime in...Jeenathan and Rondo were signed early
  10. Recruits for next season are already signing. Recruiting has become a 24/7/365 job.
  11. Oh burn! Shots fired! That’s a direct shot at me.
  12. Taking a chance... 3 star recruit.
  13. I prefer our players to play at UB for 4 years. And we develop a great mix of upperclassmen and lower class men. That way when a senior graduates we have a junior ready to step in and start for 2 years. And behind that junior we have a shiny freshman to develop and so on and so on. Sustained success. Last thing I want is a player like Skogman or whoever to come to UB play 2 seasons and after a break out sophomore season he leaves us for a bigger program.
  14. Well the A10 is viewed as a better conference...so I think he had hoped for a better landing spot. Over thought his value as many transfers do then settled for Bona. Which is a better spot than Miami but prolly not what he was hoping for.
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