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  1. All positives now let’s ring some in
  2. I think the fact that he took an official visit speaks volumes that we are being considered by him. So he may have 21 offers but only strongly considering however many. Hopefully he chooses us.
  3. Andre Allen received an offer from Florida. Perhaps that’s where he will land. 🤔
  4. This might classify as that journalistic info that has pissed people off today lol
  5. 60 picks only 9 seniors drafted in that mock. As I said before the draft is most underclassmen and international players. There are other avenues to the NBA...CJ, Harris and Perkins May have to explore those.
  6. Has he told you what schools are being considered? If not do you get a sense it’s mid major or P5 level?
  7. Yep...first thing I noticed was that Rojas went up. But hey neither him or Allen are signed. Haven’t seen any offers being extended their way. Would they be welcomed back here if oh let’s say nothing better comes their way or if Bama strikes out on a 5 star recruit and falls back on them?
  8. I think you guys are getting caught up on this notion of dead period. During a dead period coaches can still be in contact with players via phone calls. They just can’t visit and be face to face. If you’re not actively recruiting 365 you’re getting left behind. Whitesell said the first 30 days would be crucial...again we are all getting impatient. I am too. I wanna see some commits and a coaching staff rounded out. Just like I wanted a new coach hired 3 days after Oats left. Guess they will keep testing our patience. Grr.
  9. Didn’t say you did. Whoever did should have his head examined. It’s just going to be tough for CJ. In the eyes of nba scouts he’s a finished product whereas with all the underclassmen declaring (yea I do know most of them will withdraw) their raw potential will overshadow CJ.
  10. I love CJ but honestly do you think he is a 1st rounder? Come on. The draft is mostly about projecting guys therefore younger guys and overseas guys get drafted. If CJ gets drafted it’s in the 2nd round. If he gets invited to the draft combine that will be a telling indicator.
  11. SJU is an embarrassment. There’s in fighting between the President and AD. Boosters such as Repole are going on the radio and blasting administration and openly calling for a new president. The school is being cheap despite having booster money. Wouldn’t shock me if the AD was gone because he is being handcuffed by the school President. Theres a difference between doing due diligence and striking out on your top 3 candidates and having other coaches pull their name before even being considered. To me SJU had it easy...swing big with Hurley fall back to Cluess. They mucked it up. Thank god our search wasn’t like this.
  12. http://verbalcommits.com/players/tajzmel-sherman Just an update...committed to WVU.
  13. Nate is a good coach. For us he was great. I can see Alabama doing big things next season. Definitely should be in the tournament. Anything less is a failure.
  14. Ohio just lost two players who are top quality transfers themselves. So the way I see it is this just replaces them. Either way quality gets for Boals. Already hitting the ground running. Could be a team to fear in the coming years. Their outlook has been accelerated no doubt. But then again if Boals wins right away he’ll be gone. #midmajorlife
  15. The best thing is, is that there’s a lot of unsigned talent out there. Whether it be the transfer, JUCO or high school markets. During the season was the marathon of recruiting. Now it’s the sprint. I like that Whitesell and Q are on the trail. Hopefully they bring in some tall bodies. Hope you are right about Adams-Woods. By all the ranking sites he is right there with Noah Williams. So that would be an on par addition.
  16. For the record, I’m on record as saying next season if we had Oats and this recruiting class we’d be lucky if we received votes in the pre-season top 25. I’m on record as saying next season there would be a drop off compared to this season but that drop off would be we’d still be right there to win the MAC and make the big dance. And yes the whole Gonzaga of the East talk I bought into with the understanding that it wasn’t going to happen overnight and in 4 years. Gonzaga is at the point where they are in recruiting battles with Duke and Kentucky for players. We weren’t there yet. Alabama right now as crappy as they have been is in recruiting battles with top schools. See Trendon Watford. That’s the whole point we are making...to compete in the SEC you have to raise the talent level of your team.
  17. I saw this earlier too. Completely baffled as to how this came about. Was he being recruited by Beals while he was at Stony? Bc if not that means they jumped in on him and sealed the deal in less than a month.
  18. I was. A dynasty here at Buffalo. He built a MAC dynasty. He was looking to grow it more nationally. At Alabama he’s going to have to do better. With great paycheck comes great expectations.
  19. I beg to differ. Naturally being in a P5 conference and paying coaches they way they do the standard is naturally high. Ask any P5 school and they will laugh at you or get mad at you if you tell them that any MAC school is on their level. We were/are building to get to that level but it would have and still will take more time. Alabama despite not good success is on that level inherently. Or at least they think they are and try to act like they are. Those guys would’ve helped us greatly. But I feel like they will be just another player on Alabama’s roster. Especially when Alabama is recruiting guys like Watford. Who if he signs would trump a guy like Allen or Rojas. As I have said Nate is gonna have to deal with running things his way and dealing with how boosters want to run him. And that includes what type of player gets recruited and gets playing time.
  20. The standard for us is considerable lower than that of any SEC program. This was our best recruiting class ever. By comparison 3 JUCOs, a 3 star guard and 3 star center would be considered at best an average recruiting class for SEC schools. Sure Alabama didn’t make the tourney last year but they have underclassmen flirting with the draft. Kira Lewis who is returning to the team was flirting with transferring to Duke. So yea I think Durey Cadwell can be great in the SEC (heavy sarcasm).
  21. He’s the 3rd rated JUCO and he is choosing to stay. Yea I know it’s Hoiberg and a P5 school but just interesting that he is choosing to stay and start whereas the JUCOs we had are choosing to leave a starting opportunity behind for who knows what and where.
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