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  1. https://watchstadium.com/news/not-so-secret-list/ Looks like Albany is coming to Alumni on October 19th for a scrimmage.
  2. This Bison team could be good again next year.
  3. He’s class of 2020 in high school. So he’s a senior currently.
  4. I think the bottom line is there will be a drop off. We can’t expect this team to lose only 4 games. But we can expect this team to be a top 4 MAC team heading into the MAC tournament. Where we control our own destiny. That said let’s win all the games. But last year was magical. To compare this season to it, is unfair. Go Bulls!
  5. Exactly. I’m sure we won’t be on anyone’s list to win the MAC. Lunardi had Ball St in the dance in an early bracket prediction. It’s all bulletin board stuff for what should be a top MAC contender once again.
  6. Agree with both you and Dutch. If this team leaves Charleston undefeated then yea at large would be in play. But that’s a big if. The beauty is that we control our own destiny with 3 days in March
  7. Three days in Cleveland. That’s what our schedule is a build up to.
  8. This tweet also list Jayvon as a preseason first team all conference. And Antwain Johnson as newcomer of the year.
  9. Agree. This season will have ups and downs. It will look different from seasons past but we will still be a solid team. Obviously the goal is to win every game but let’s face it we will lose more than 4 games. That said just build and be clicking come late February into March and win the MAC tourney.
  10. I agree with this bc then it sets us up to potentially play Xavier (I’m assuming they beat Towson). Would love a winning record in that tournament. Would love to win it all, having beaten UConn, xavier and Florida. But will settle for a 2-1 showing. Overall I have no major complaints about the schedule. Love the exposure we are getting. Love the neutral sites/tournament we are in. I assume we still are having scheduling issues bc no one wants to play us. So “settling” for road games against Vandy and DePaul aren’t the worse thing. Lots of winnable games. Can’t wait.
  11. Rick Stansbury gets after it in recruiting too. They are legit competition for Robinson.
  12. This could be huge. This is the buzz I’m looking for. Let’s get him.
  13. We need to get moving on recruiting or at least hear some buzz. Schools are getting pledges left and right. BG got two this week alone. Time we start hearing something.
  14. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that we agreed to a home and home with Army and/or William and Mary. And if we did we could have agreed to play the return date in a future season not next year. So the only road games at this point for next season would be at the big 4 opponents. The Army and WM games could just be buy games. No future commitments.
  15. Our schedule is pretty much set. We have an opening for two more non conference games which would take the total to 13 non conference games. Pure speculation on my behalf but there’s room for a game after the Dartmouth game and after the Vanderbilt game. I assume the two remaining games would be road games bc we have 6 non conference games at home so far. Again pure speculation.
  16. https://twitter.com/rachelmlenzi/status/1169391108293582850?s=20
  17. Agree. And I guess teams like Ball St and Toledo have guys from last year coming back. I’m ok with it. Let them sleep on us.
  18. Lunardi had Ball St repping the MAC in his latest bracketology. I love that we will be overlooked this season. And by overlooked I mean predicted to be top 4 in the MAC but not win it. Which is fine with me.
  19. Looks like we are out on him... https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/john-hugley-schedules-official-in-home-visits
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