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  1. Is it normal for the Bulls to stay on the road for these many days in prep for the game? Does it help? At any rate, every game we are getting a team's best...with a big push for fans to attend (except Akron...) The guys must be used to it by now. We have to figure out how to be sharper on passes and make the extra (safe) pass instead of all of the turnovers. If we lose because guys missed open shots...you live with it. If we lose because guys hit crazy, well-guarded shots on the other end...you live with it. At the end of the day, you can only play your best, but the other team has something to do with it. In this game, I want UB to commit 100% on defense and rebounding...and limit turnovers. Who cares about the offense -- it will take care of itself if you do the other thing. If UB wins, I believe it will come in under the total number. They have to make Toledo earn every basket. It is nice to be known for a high powered offense, but the reality is that it is a transition offense. However, UB has some very strong defenders and that is where they can shine tonight. Play the whole clock. Go Bulls!
  2. UB92

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    When you think about it, the G5 teams are now (via the transfer portal) the minor leagues for the P5. I am sure there are many, many guys that the P5 want to offer coming out of HS, but for one reason or another cannot at the time (e.g. no scholarships left, some part of their game/tape gives them pause, maybe a concerning off-the-field issue, etc.) So they play in the MAC or the Sun Belt...and start...and perform well. P5 has people graduating at that position and now you have three years of a guy that has shown (albeit at the G5 level) that he can likely compete in P5. If they ever waive the "wait out a year" penalty...watch out. Half a team will be in the transfer portal. We are slowly watching G5 go away. They may have to make a decision to go P5 (not likely, even if given the opportunity) or go FCS. The popularity of that transfer portal, I think, is a watershed moment in the history of G5. Imagine you are Charlie Jones or Tyler Mabry in the transfer portal. How are you going to come back to the locker room? Everyone (the coaches, the assistants, the staff, the players, etc.)...thinks that you are exploring other options because you "don't like it here" (however you want to define "like"). Who wants to "go to war" (or whatever cliches people use about sporting events) with a guy when they are not 100% committed (actions, not words). Certainly people look a little sideways at the grad transfer stuff, but whatever...they guy was there long enough to get a degree and it was a smaller number. The more I think about the transfer portal, the worse I feel. The urgency, if UB wants to have a nationally recognized football and basketball sports program, is at hand to try and move to a P5 conference. But that's for another thread.
  3. UB92

    Mabry enters transfer portal too

    Truthfully, what the heck is going on? I can see (obviously) KJ and Tyree, but Jones and Mabry? And, I believe, we lost both line coaches. Perhaps this transfer portal is the new normal...
  4. Back from the game. A few observations. 1. Not a lot of energy in the crowd. Most of it was manufactured noise. 2. Jump rope as a halftime show? Those kids didn't really take it to the next level as promised. 3. If you are going to give away free tuition, at least make sure the person can reach the backboard from midcourt. I don't even know if it made the 3 point line. 4. Akron's size (bulk and height) made McRae and Perk less effective inside. 5. The turnovers are mostly a result of forcing and bad decisions. They have to really value the ball more. It is near RW levels. 6. Bravo foul shooting. Hit some front parts of 1 and 1. Perk and CJ were particularly strong. It may very well have been a different outcome if they miss some 1 and 1 shots. 7. The flexibility of Caruthers was on full display tonight. He hit some highly contorted shots. And he got some important boards. 8. Williams...happy birthday. I hit a 3 in front of the Akron bench and then earn a T. Your present was the ire of Oats. He was hot. I hope some of his teammates get on him for that. This isn't HS anymore. 9. Segu keeps getting important minutes. Needs some more bulk on him. It is physical driving the lane. Full marks to Graves for getting beat up while going inside. Graves is going to shine next year. 10. A table full of NBA scouts were at the game. 11. Refs were a bit overwhelmed at parts tonight. Called some things that were not fouls and missed a few more obvious ones. Oats rode the refs tonight. He looked Hurley-esque at some points...but without the Hurley baggage. On to Toledo. Go Bulls!
  5. C'mon. The Bonnies game was a "shut up" game to their arrogant fans, clearly. Even Oats got in on it after the game with his tweet. Who knows the level of intensity UB will bring, but Akron will bring the intensity. UB has to match it right from the gate. They can't be down 27 -12 going 1 - 9 from 3 and Perk is on the bench with 3 fouls while Harris has 5 turnovers. The guys have to play with the intensity and poise that ranked teams need to play with on the road. I drove to the campus earlier and picked up my tickets. The UB fans at the game...please, please, please...be as loud as possible all game. The Akron fans tend to be older and they have trouble drawing students. So...50 loud UB fans can make an impact. Go Bulls.
  6. I worry about this game. Is UB a great team or a good team that had a nice run at the beginning of the season. If UB is a great team, they win by 13. I fear that, maybe, UB is only a good team. At various points in the season I have thought they were a great team, but I am now beginning to doubt myself. They lost that game @ NIU where they had to hit a 3-late just to tie. Then they survived against KSU, especially clamping down in the last 4 minutes. It could have gone either way. After a predictable beat down of BSU at home, they went on the road again and were outplayed severely in the second half...especially on the turnovers. Then they started out very slow at home vs. CMU, but outclassed them in the second half. Now they take a trip to Akron. The Zips have won all of their home conference games this season and all of their home games, total, save for a one-point loss to Marshall. The Zips want to keep us in the 50s, so expect fouls, hard rebounding and tough defense. As I mentioned in another thread, we really embarrassed them last year at home. Playing strong against the ranked Bulls team would really give them an idea of how far they have come since the Dambrot exodus. So...are we a great team...who shrugs off all I have written above, scores a lot in transition, hits threes and plays tight D on our way to a 13 point win? Or are we a good team (now) with players who are hurting/slumping and have a big struggle tonight on the road? I've seen plenty of UB games where we get run out of the gym at Akron when they start hitting threes in transition. I want to believe we are a great team. Go Bulls!.
  7. UB92

    2019 pre-season starts March 3rd

    The point about the blue paint...I can't agree enough. Blue and white should be all over campus.
  8. UB92

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    Yes...I mean, as we have seen (and already know about the MAC), winning on the road is hard and...there are good teams in this league that can beat you on any given night. I watched that Akron beat down last year. The game started with an 11 - 0 UB run. Akron made it 11 - 2 and that was the closest they got the entire game. Pretty much it was close to 30 minutes of garbage time. It was early in the conference season, so Akron certainly had a lot of growing to do (and they have). But I doubt they have forgotten that game from last year -- it was embarrassing to watch if you were a Zips fan. Akron plays tough at home and we are going to have to grind this one out. I don't believe we will make it into the 70s in this game, so this will revert to being a typical UB/Akron game on the road (last year was an aberration). When the games are tough, grind-it-out affairs, foul shooting becomes so important. Our guys are going to be in for a battle on Tuesday.
  9. UB92

    Alumni Arena Jams

    We shouldn't overthink this (watch the whole thing...it could fit in a 2 minute break). It is the George Mason band.
  10. UB92

    Ranking Status/Predictions

    That is a glass-is-half-empty perspective! I think this ride has been educational for all of us fans to understand the inner workings of the poll and how those who vote view losses. The bottom line is that the Arizona game, the early season success this year and the high-profile pieces (in ESPN and elsewhere) have given UB's season some "mass". Thus many voters have to overcome that inertia to move UB far after losses. Of course, each loss moves us in the wrong direction. While we have the Chips at home on Saturday, we do have two tough road games in Akron and Toledo after that. Once again, everyone wants to knock off the ranked team in their building. One at a time, though. Chips at home this weekend. Go Bulls.
  11. Yeah...that's funny and coach-speak. He is trying to pump up his players. This is going to be a game won/lost on the boards, in my opinion. If UB can keep it close on the boards (within a few), we'll have a good shot of winning this game. If we are off by 10...then we really need to be shooting lights out and have a strong turnover ratio. I'd like to see UB have a strong shooting night. Otherwise, you have to rely upon strong defense, getting turnovers and rebounds...on the road. Should be an interesting game. I hope Oats has his guys play with a chip on their shoulder. Heck...that quote up there (in bold) is grade-A locker room material for UB.
  12. UB92

    What’s wrong with BSU?

    I agree with you to a point. Sure...I have my NYBI hat since, like you, I think the NY state branding is such a big prize (and available for the taking). But for a variety of reasons, it didn't work out. Now...one can either shrug and say (as you did) that "this damn Buffalo inferiority complex is getting in the way". Or think of how to solve the problem. White either underestimated or didn't factor in the negativity towards NYBI at home. Okay...it is what it is. How does one try to capture a larger market (NY state, etc.) from a branding perspective while acknowledging the longstanding affection the community has with the name of Buffalo (or UB)? I mean, you either complain loudly or try to figure out a solution. At the end of the day, we are going to have to realize that we are going to be called UB or Buffalo. How we fashion a larger name around it to include NY is fine. Heck, we already have/had it: SUNY-Buffalo. The rest is marketing. I always envisioned a lightly defined NY State map with Buffalo as a big star in WNY and the words "Buffalo -- The Center of College Sports in New York". Instead of "New York's Public Powerhouse". Or something where the NY State part is subtle...instead of the boldness of NEW YORK on the jersey or field, which was a fail.
  13. UB92

    What’s wrong with BSU?

    We think alike. You win the day for me. I wonder...is there is a way for the powers that be to include Toronto in their view of Buffalo's athletic impact? I mean, it's about 2 hours away and (IIRC) has about 10x the population of Buffalo. UB profiles, academically, as a B1G school. Of that, there is no doubt. But the comparisons start to go downhill from there. Investment in athletics, facilities, fan base, what is considered market impact, etc. I think that smarter people than I am can really pitch UB in the right way that speaks to what others have called this "sleeping giant" from an athletics standpoint. Beating Ball State is fine. However, I would have liked UB to beat Indiana last night at home.
  14. UB92

    Could this happen?

    MAC requires full members to field conference teams in football, MBB, WBB and womens volleyball. So this is a non-starter if we want to field a MAC football team. Good thoughts, though. Football and the basketball teams will be packaged together. However this season ends up for MBB and WBB, the momentum is strong for athletics for UB. Khalil Mack, football success this year, Tyree Jackson, national MBB ranking. The time to have those backroom conversations is now. I hope they are happening. Buffalo can be a college sports town, too. I think that will only happen with recognizable opponents and not directional michigan schools. AAC may be a step, but I have a B1G goal in mind. I want to be around when it happens. Go Bulls.
  15. I think the mindset of the team will likely be "relief". They survived (no other word for it) in Kent on Friday. It could have gone the other way, but some strong play towards the end won it for the team. Now...they've haven't played in three days and don't have to travel. Good news as well -- the loss to NIU, which could have knocked them out of the polls, cost them only four spots. At large is still in play. And now the students are there and the place will be loud. Other than Graves' injury, there is a lot to like about UB's chances tonight for a strong performance. I could be wrong (because you never know), but I would think it is likely that UB puts in a performance tonight reminiscent of earlier in the year. Go Bulls.