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  1. Pitt is an ACC team (albeit one with 3 conference wins last year...but whatever). The fact they had a strong interest in this is guy means they have something other than this 55 second video of him playing against...what...a middle school YMCA team during the summer? And, of course, he was already committed to WSU at some point. If the Bulls are able to land him, that would be another big body and project...but (again) a project with a high upside. Those are good to have! Let's get him signed!! Go Bulls.
  2. Seems to have good hands inside. I don't think he'll be taking a lot of 3-point shots (yet). A Tech site said he was a project and was lost on the court (when he did see the court). But, of course, the BIG12's loss is the MAC's gain. https://wreckemred.com/2019/05/15/texas-tech-basketball-forward-josh-mballa-to-transfer/ Perhaps sitting out 1 and playing 3 will help his development long term. Either way, it is a nice get at this point in the recruiting and he has real upside...which is good. Ok, Bulls...let's get one more.
  3. I am amazed you find this absurd. I am not in collegiate athletics, but in other businesses this does happen. When you have the opportunity, as a leader, to impact the diverse makeup of a particular profession/organization (to include many other voices), you can take it...assuming (as was mentioned) all things are about the same (after all, the hire and their performance is a reflection of the person who hired them). Bringing different perspectives and voices to the table (in all professions) are useful and move that profession forward to encompass a wide range of views.
  4. I would be interested in reading your long form take. Please do share. I feel I am one of the very few who post here that doesn't see everything through blue-colored glasses. Several posters on here are saying things like "It's great we kept the team together", "Whitesell is doing a good job", "We have a chance to win the MAC next year". Etc. Did you forget that earlier this year there was talk (by the coach, even) as being the "Gonzaga of the East". That's what I want. I want that sort of bold mindset...to think big. Instead, we are likely losing recruiting battles to Georgia State and the comments are: Trust the process There are still a lot of good players left Is he really a three star player? Are coaches are doing just fine Patience Etc., etc. We are not like other teams in the MAC...we never were. UB was ALWAYS the sleeping giant and it finally woke up a few years ago. Need to keep that giant awake and fed. I don't want to go back to mediocrity. I want to continue the dominance. Otherwise, as UB85 writes, the 5-year run at UB won't come around again.
  5. The radio silence doesn't necessarily bother me. The part that bothers me is the fact that we have been seemingly involved with several players recently...to schools that have not been as successful recently as UB...and have lost out on those players. We've been to the NCAA tournament now several times and have wins in the last two...and were ranked almost all season. I would have assumed that would count for something more than it is, apparently.
  6. Maybe I am jaded, but I would rather have another good guard and play a smaller lineup then have a big who isn't quick and/or strong enough to do the things we would need him to do around the rim. He was injured most of last year, but has good height (6' 5") and averaged 7.3 RPG as a junior. Was a 4-year starter. Jaire...come to Buffalo!
  7. That's okay. We lost out to Illinois State...you know...they are from the MVC...so it is okay because the MVC recently finished ahead of the MAC in conference rankings. We are probably going to find a diamond-in-the-rough during the summer.
  8. Maybe you are right. If I recall, the # of players in the transfer portal this year dwarfs previous years and, thus, maybe there is more quality players available at this point. Time will tell.
  9. Only half in jest...the "trust the process" guy resigned after a 10 win season, so "trusting the process" to me means that we may have a competitive team in 5 years! This is more of whether a guy can keep the momentum going on something that has been successful. We will have a better idea after today of whether he was able to complete his class with players befitting a team that was ranked, basically, the entire season or are we futzing around against MVC, CAA, etc. teams for recruits. It has been a mixed bag so far...but we are not done. However, I would strongly suspect that anyone signed after today will have low probability of being star performer ( and please...save me the "we got CJ that way" stories, since that was a low probability success...kind of like NO winning the draft lottery).
  10. As long as he can make extra points almost a foregone conclusion, everything else is gravy. I'd have to suspect that the kicking competition will be won sometime in August.
  11. I hated the title of this thread! I saw the title and went "yeah". Then I read the latest post. 😞 If James Rojas still in play for the Bulls?
  12. Is this a sort of audition for basketball, worldwide? In other words, I assume there will be scouts from leagues in many different countries. If so, good for him and good luck.
  13. I know you say this in jest, but I suspect something like this would be on a checklist of "true fan bases". All of these small efforts make the bandwagon a little larger...
  14. I agree. I need to know...if he will become the next Bull in. 🙂
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