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  1. There are guys here who post on this board that also watch practice. I assume that guys like Skogman can practice with the team, but just can't play in games (as a redshirt). Thus, can someone provide insights as to how they see Skogman progressing in practice and potential usage/compliment to what our team will look like next year?
  2. I was supposed to be at this game, but something suddenly came up and I could not go and had to tape it. I added the extra 30 minutes just to be sure. That got me to the end of the first OT. It sucked not getting to watch that second OT and having to check the score to see if we won. At least we won, though. Segu is off, but Graves did Graves things in that second half and beyond. The team could have folded and there were a few times when it looked like it would get away, but we were able to stop the bleeding and then made it a dogfight. Jim with some Reggie-era end-of-game management there. Maybe design a play instead of iso Graves?? They prevented the drive and that was it. He need to use his time out there. It is going to cost us in an important time later on. I am glad I was around to see Jordan’s FT streak. The bottom line is that this team is often more talented than the other teams we play, but our execution and in-game decisions tend to level the playing field. That latter point helps explain some of our FG shooting challenges. At this point in the season, a win is a win. On to the next one.
  3. Note the following: I am posting less often than I have in the past. I just don't have the time to comment on all things. Every now and then I will comment. Oftentimes it is something that, I feel, requires challenging. In your first sentence, I hope you mean conference season (as opposed to entire season), since that is what I reported and that is what the pool utilized. It was done after the final OOC game. I am not really sure who you are speaking to in the second, third, fourth, etc. sentences. I think those are all knowns. The 13 win prediction was based on people already viewing the ups-and-downs of the OOC season. The fact that players would, hopefully, gel as the season progresses is baked into the prediction (and, of course, some of our opponents are, in theory, gelling as well as the season progresses). I don't believe I knocked the coaches -- I was pointing out the expectations of a subset of fans. Your comment about "if you don't think that this team is far better now...", is a good example of a logical fallacy. It could be multiple ones, but it is likely a straw man you have created. The first game of our three game winning streak contained a second-half of basketball that was so atrocious it took me back at least ten years. On the season, we are shooting 43.5% from the field (whole season) and 42.5% from the field (conference). In our last game, we shot 32.9% from the field. I would use this piece of data to counteract your statement that UB is playing "far better now than earlier in the season"...without actually being crazy. What they have done is stepped up on the defensive end, as someone else pointed out. Like I said in the first bullet, I don't really have time to point-by-point unpack your statements. If you respond to this, I am unlikely to respond...much because I don't have time, nor do I have the motivation to debate these silly comments you make. Do better.
  4. I was actually wondering about this point the other day, so I am glad you posted this. And you did it in a way that, I think, is informative (i.e. you asked and answered the right question). Perhaps the identity of this team right now is hard-nosed defense. I wouldn't have thought it starting the season (especially), but your data indicates that they have really buckled down in this area. Someone else posted about Mballa really upping his defensive game as well as the season progressed. Let's see how they do the rest of the way.
  5. The mean # of wins that this board (N = 24) predicted after the OOC, but before the conference games started, was 12.67. We are at 8 wins and would have to win all five remaining games to eclipse the average. So congrats to "Great coach Coach JW, JQ, AT" if they win the next five games, to meet the average expectations of 24 people. The reason why the average was 12.67 was because the talent level on this team, compared to most of the rest of the league, is high. Obviously not "last year" high, but still high.
  6. By contrast, after Akron folded up their baseball program, they have brought it back and will play this spring. They got a $2M donation to revamp the field and stadium. Only short about $58M! $60M is a lot of money and the donor can do what they want. However, I am hopeful that, at some level, someone convinced the donor to actually give $70 or $80M...and then spend $60M on baseball and the rest on something that may have more value for the students (scholarships, improved labs/classrooms, etc.)
  7. Umm...this is where UB ranked in the last three years of the RW era in turnovers. 2012-13 331st 2011-12 248th 2010-11 327th The first year, with Hurley, they were 75th in the nation. The next, 87th. It was clearly a point of emphasis for Hurley. When Nate got the job and pushed the tempo even more, the team had a lot of turnovers as well...but when you have so many possessions as they did, you tend to amass turnovers. However, each year under Nate they improved in their turnover ranking (his final year they were 194th). I never really looked at Nate's UB teams and thought there were a lot of bad turnovers, especially in the last two years. Many turnovers would be on those fast breaks trying to run out and it not working. Those happen. I see more of the turnovers this year based on bad decisions with the ball. That is the part, for me, that is always concerning.
  8. I didn't hop on to discuss this game since I am taking a less-invested approach and I wanted to wait a bit to think some more. I didn't watch the game from the start as I was doing other things, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Bulls up 35 - 19 at half. Actually...I turned it on for UB's last possession in the first half, which was a wasted Williams jumper from the corner with almost no time left. Not the best use of the clock, but the team was up 16 at the half and held a team to less than 20 points in a half. I was happy! Then I watched the second half in its entirety. It reminded a lot of some games from 10+ years ago where guys were hustling, but were just making poor decisions all over the court. It was all panicked effort without much plan other than the moment. We did not look like a team that has made it to the tourney in 4 of the last 5 years...it was a blast from the past (and not in a good way). If anyone who isn't that old wonders how UB gave up a 19 point lead so quickly to Ohio during the MACC in 2005, it kind of was like those first 10 minutes or so of the second half vs. CMU. At any rate, I saw a lot of guys that couldn't believe the lead was evaporating so quickly. In fact, at about 10 minutes to go (once the lead got to single digits), the team seemed like they were trying to "survive". No one knew what to do. No one took charge of the situation in an effective way (including those on and off the court). I was actually happy CMU pulled ahead with about 6 or so to go. There was a bit of shock once UB was down, but CMU missed shots as well at that time (I guess the inevitable let-up). The extra time allowed UB to gather themselves and pull ahead (especially the Johnson 3)...and they got the victory. Some general thoughts: I know it probably isn't the ideal time to do this, but Segu HAS TO START. I am sorry, but Jordan can come off the bench and give the team spark with his defense and his drives. But Segu needs to run the point and it needs to be NOW. At this point, we know the team isn't a strong 3-point shooting squad. I felt bad for Jordan when he missed that wide open 3 in the second half. He couldn't even believe it...but he missed five others as well that game and didn't get one to fall. It was another poor night (4 - 23) behind the arc. I am not really sure what to suggest. You could drive more and pick up fouls, but the team is a poor FT shooting squad also. Graves really has to get his head in the game at some points. I love when he drives and he is a very talented performer on that end. But he is so much more turnover prone this year than last year. So is Jordan and so is Williams. It has really been a big problem for this team (the sloppy play of these three guys). Segu, on the other hand, has improved his turnover rates (per possession and per time). This is going to be a dogfight every game. Clearly we aren't really good enough (even with a big halftime lead at home) to cruise to a comfortable win. And when I say "good enough", I am not talking only about talent, but all of the other aspects that impact the outcome (e.g. hustle, leadership, coaching, experience, playcalling, luck, etc., etc.) #FreeSegu
  9. I am not picking on you SGBull, but I had to laugh when I read the phrase I put in bold. I had a bout of deja vu. I am not really sure when this board or its ESPN predecessor started, but I have been there from the beginning. Ten or 15 years ago, when posters on this board would project how UB would do the following year, there was seemingly always the comment that "guys are getting minutes and they'd be a year older". I know it stands to reason that having experience and another year under their belt will be beneficial, but somehow (collectively) it never seemed to have the impact that the poster anticipated. I feel bad that we are back there, to be honest, in "hoping" guys will step up with experience for us to take a step. It was over so quickly...but I did enjoy the ride.
  10. Part of it is how the game feels as you watch it. Here are some in-conference stats compared to last year. This year: 75.7 pts/g (3rd in league) Last year: 85.5 pts/g (1st in league) This year: 11th in the league in turnovers Last year: 6th in the league in turnovers This year: 11th in the league in 3P % Last year: 4th in the league in 3P % They don't score as much, they turn the ball over more and the don't shoot as well...as last year in conference.
  11. I found it interesting that the SEC Network reported this. I wonder how the process goes. Perhaps someone in his circle reaches out and then some school(s) mention to him (through back channels) that there would be interest if he were to enter the portal. So then he enters the portal to flesh out his opportunities. If I recall correctly, he can remove himself from the portal and return to UB. If he goes somewhere, I hope he starts at a P5 team. It would be crappy to leave UB and then end up as a back up at Missouri...
  12. I kind of bailed after the Kent State game, so I appreciate those who are still dedicated and post on a Tuesday night road game..and have lived/died with these close games. The thing is...I don't really like this team. I don't like ... how we are now back to turning it over so often (this is a call-back to the RW era) that it often seems guys are playing for themselves out there guys chuck up ill-advised 3s at an alarming rate that we aren't running the same incredibly up-tempo offense we ran for the last several years that guys...AFTER A LOSS...post about their stats with various emojis on social media that no player has really stepped up to be a leader how the coach admitted that his team didn't take other teams (e.g. Army) seriously which is why they lost I know last year's team was legendary, but the turnaround has been so drastic. The team this year just isn't fun to watch at most times. And I am not very optimistic for the future with this coach and the players on this team. I am sad about this because I BLEED BLUE.
  13. My words taste good, actually. Thanks, Bulls! Wasn’t how I thought it would go in any aspect, but foul shooting and rebounding won the game. And that last shot, of course.
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