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  1. Currently at $615k (overall) at UB. Ash was paid $2.2M at Rutgers and was second to last in salary in that league. I would highly, highly doubt that LL would pass up such a big increase in salary and a big increase in opportunity to coach in a P5. Of course, it is Rutgers so winning 6 games would be a big accomplishment. $2.2M is life changing money.
  2. I think Segu is helping with the recruiting! That's great. I also think those pictures of a filled arena are helping. Brand awareness...brand awareness.
  3. It is likely a good bet that Rotary field is muddy right now. When wasn't it muddy? But this is part of history, so thanks for sharing. If I recall correctly, you have done this most (every?) year.
  4. I may make that trip. Depends on what is going on that weekend. I have it on authority, however, that good seats are still available. 😀
  5. My son and I went through all of the scenarios on that 4th and before they made the decision. It was very clear that the best option, overwhelmingly, was to go for it. It was disappointing, but not surprising that they went for the FG since the decision-making of this staff, for all these years, has been head-scratching at times. And, of course, we had a decided disadvantage if this went into OT.
  6. Unless I missed something, your first article links to the second. Here is the link to the first. https://www.wivb.com/sports/ub-mens-basketball-opens-up-season-with-first-practice/
  7. By the way, I really like the fact that a player can RS if he plays in, at most, four games. For a transitional year like this, I wonder if the UB coaching staff may use that to get a look at some of the other QBs on the roster. The reality is that this should have been Vantrease's job to lose...and he lost it. Worse was the fact that they didn't see enough in Johnson's development to keep him at QB. Maybe the coaching staff hoped Myers would hit the ground running. And he does throw a nice pass when he has time in the pocket, but (so far) the games has been too fast for him. But, of course, he is a Freshman. If Myers, for example, is not on the depth chart this week (he sat out practice on Monday), who would be #2? Bycznski? At any rate, we will see what happens this week. I do hope that UB doesn't fall too far behind against Ohio because then it will be really, really rough for our QBs to develop if they are under pressure the entire game (throwing to a developing receiving corp). Need to run the ball, get the lead and try to force some turnovers. Go Bulls.
  8. With UB’s running attack, they need a game manager at QB. They can’t afford QB fumbles and pick6 throws since their offensive isn’t explosive. Since Myers seems rattled and really isn’t quick/shifty enough to escape the pocket or run, I am wondering if Lance gives Vantrease a shot next week. I know the receivers are a weakness and dropped some throws, but that will happen regardless of who the QB is. With the season still in doubt, maybe Vantrease gets an opportunity to manage a game. Also...we need our punter to not to be our QB2 or QB1. A walk on? One of the two PK? Someone other than our QB. It really can put us in a very bad situation. That we still have Vantrease as the punter AND a viable option in a game like today is inexcusable.
  9. This is great. Thanks for doing this. To provide perspective, can you add in (to the right of the rank) the Top 3 other teams who have made offers to those players? I know "Top 3" is not specific, but something that would give us an idea of the other team(s) in on this player (so much so that they have made an offer). Thanks.
  10. This is a great way to start off the class. The list of schools who made offers is really competitive. UB has taken the next step. Never rebuild, only reload! Go Bulls!
  11. I guess we are doing this... The team has recruited better BECAUSE THEY MADE IT TO THE TOURNAMENT a few times. They have been successful on the court and that leads to success in recruiting. Thus, the expectations (i.e. the floor) of what is expected in a recruiting class is higher. So...I now expect strong recruiting classes where we compete with P5 programs for recruits, not who can we get from Canada because we lost out on a recruit to a mid-major. I don't expect mediocre recruiting classes. The poster of the original comment was saying things like "a few years ago, you would have been happy with this class". And he is right and I said that it is one way to look at it. But the past is not now. We weren't ever ranked before, let alone ranked (basically) all year. Floor is higher. Times change. And you know what, we did see the recruiting class Oats brought in that left. I can't not know that now. It is known what the class was (regardless of how they ultimately perform). That's like going to a store because they had a sale on an item you wanted and it was 50% off. You get there and the salesperson says "oh...this one is excluded...it is 30% off". And your friend says "hey...that's still a good deal". It may still be a good deal, but I thought I was getting it for 50% off. Man...the crap that we talk about (and others comment about) in the off-season prior to the games starting. Is there any info on scrimmages coming up in October?
  12. ???? The filet was how they have performed the last few years. At any rate, the point is the floor is higher. I hope the recruits on the team perform better than the ones that left
  13. I hope you are right. I really do. And UB hardly misses a beat from last year. That is the outcome I am rooting for.
  14. Regarding what is in bold...that is one way to look at it. But if you feed me filet mignon instead of minute steak for a few years, my "floor" becomes filet mignon. Don't give me a lesser cut and say "a few years ago, you would have loved this cut". The bar has changed and for the better. There are higher expectations now.
  15. Certainly the team will not be ranked pre-season. But...should the team leave Charleston undefeated...they will be ranked since people (i.e. voters) now know who they are. They are starting from a higher point.
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