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  1. If the team scores 90+ in their first few games and win, it won't be about "persona". When you win, people adjust their thoughts to fit who you are. If the team scores 55 points and has 24 turnovers...well, that's another story.
  2. At some point when we get close to the start of the season (next week?), I will do a poll. By the way, how does our non-conference schedule measure up to the rest of the MAC? See for yourself: one person's perspective. https://www.hustlebelt.com/mac-football/2019/8/15/20755414/mac-football-ranking-the-non-conference-schedules
  3. Reading what Coach Leipold has said in the paper and inferring from that, I think it is Vantrease and it isn't close. I think the other two guys will swap out the backup role. I could see Myers having some packages because of his ability to run. I think Johnson still has work to do in order to catch up relative to where he started. Depending on how the season goes, we may even see Bycznski or Chase...since they won't burn a redshirt playing in only a few games.
  4. I know there is a recency bias, but your list (and my thoughts about it) really underscore for me how much better UB was this year than the rest of the MAC (and better than the best MAC teams in a long while). The quality and depth were incredible. While we won't be as good as last year, we can be good enough to get a top-4 seed in Cleveland and get back to the NCAA tournament. Javon McCrea was a heck of a player. Is his number retired?
  5. In an ideal world, you'd like this. However, humans look at the grass in the neighbor's yard...especially if that neighbor is a P5. It is human nature. The best we can do is keep winning and making the tournament (and winning games). All of the rest will follow. There was a good article in TBN about how the new recruits made their choice of UB so late in the process. Winning and brand recognition was a big factor. Gotta keep winning.
  6. I assume he'll get some minutes, especially early as the coaches try to figure out the best combinations. To go back in time, here is what Oats said about Grant when he signed (as a bonus, you get the Johnson take as well). http://www.ubbulls.com/sports/mbkb/2018-19/releases/20180705mj3f8n
  7. The Bulls were historically good for the MAC last year. Even if they come down a bit, they are still in strong contention for a top-4 seed in the MAC Conference Championship.. Maybe they don't win games by 20 points this year...maybe by 10 instead! I hope you are right and this isn't blue-colored glasses. I am happy that is seems Segu is developing defensively. That will be crucial. I am excited to see who will be the one (or more) players who, through their play, earn a lot of minutes this fall. There are a lot of minutes to replace. Go Bulls.
  8. I suspect that is the case for most other prominent P5 basketball programs with strong followings and a large arena. What makes Syracuse more unique is the fact that they hardly ever schedule good OOC games outside of the Dome. By contrast, UNC went to Elon, Wofford and Michigan last year. Of course, Syracuse isn't the only culprit. Duke didn't play a true road game OOC last year. But Syracuse has been doing it for a lot longer (it seems) with few (if any) games ever true road games OOC. Occasionally they may have one, but it is rare.
  9. Here's the thing, though. He doesn't make the shot and is trying to slap the ball out of the hand of the rebounder. He misses and gets his headband. He realizes the headband that he is now hold is drenched with sweat. What should he do? He does the childish thing and flings it back at him, but he really should have just tossed it off the court. It is what you might see on the playground. I wouldn't say that this is "he lost his cool", but it isn't a good look. I hope all of the other positive stuff he did this summer outweighs this unfortunate decision. If they like his play, they overlook this.
  10. Perkins playing again tonight. It seems he is starting every game and gets minutes. He scored and good # of rebounds. Don't look at his +/- though. I suspect that he will be part of the Lakers G-League team this year to see if he develops. It would be a good spot for him.
  11. I don't think I ever called for hiring Hodgson directly, but I did criticize the process the AD utilized. And I was skeptical about what Whitesell could do in such a short time. But...as I had hoped...the brand and excitement and recent success has been successfully leveraged...and now we have a solid recruiting class. Kudos to Whitesell and his staff. I wish them good luck this summer and fall. Go Bulls!
  12. If the "ambitious fan" does this in a spreadsheet, please add a column for "where they ended up". I am interested to see where guys who decommitted from the program eventually ended up.
  13. Perk on the Lakers! Love it. He is a guy that can open some eyes with some good play in Vegas. I may have to watch some summer league games...
  14. Pitt is an ACC team (albeit one with 3 conference wins last year...but whatever). The fact they had a strong interest in this is guy means they have something other than this 55 second video of him playing against...what...a middle school YMCA team during the summer? And, of course, he was already committed to WSU at some point. If the Bulls are able to land him, that would be another big body and project...but (again) a project with a high upside. Those are good to have! Let's get him signed!! Go Bulls.
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