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  1. LINK: Big 4 Basketball Update: Buffalo earns six seed, awaits Arizona State/St. John’s winner The Bulls deserved a five seed but in the end, it won't make much of a difference. I would almost rather them be a six taking on Arizona State/St. John's than be a five taking on Murray State. Ja Morant is the real deal and I'm glad UB avoided him.
  2. LINK: Big 4 Update: Buffalo will be fine despite being under-seeded I'll say this once to get it off my chest, Buffalo was under-seeded. There's no debate about it! But, none of that matters now. The Bulls have a favorable first round matchup regardless of who wins the Arizona State/St. John's matchup. I am worried about Texas Tech in the second round. They're a very talented, defensive oriented team. I detail the upcoming NCAA Tournament and more in my weekly Big 4 Update.
  3. Despite what Lunardi says, I believe Buffalo HAS to be a 5-seed. There's NO WAY they can be worse than a six. If so, that would be highway robbery. Here's the link to my story with comments from Nate Oats with his thoughts. LINK: Nate Oats pleads Buffalo’s case heading into Selection Sunday
  4. LINK: Nate Oats pleads Buffalo’s case heading into Selection Sunday Nate Oats comments on where the Bulls should be seeded in the NCAA Tournament. LINK: Sights and sounds from the Bulls MAC Championship victory
  5. LINK: Buffalo dominates Ohio, returns to NCAA Tournament It was a great weekend for the UB women's basketball program. I have my game story with interviews and instant reaction attached above.
  6. As most of you already know, I'm down in Cleveland covering the MAC Tournament for From the 300 Level. I've been doing some video content on social media in addition to posting online recaps. Here's my two stories from Friday: 1. Women take down Central Michigan 2. Men survive scare to advance to 4th MAC Championship in five years I hope to run into some of you on Saturday. I'll be at the Q covering both championship games. Make sure to say hello if you see me typing away or walking by.
  7. They'll be taking on a solid team in the first round regardless of if they're a five or a six-seed but you're absolutely right. Ultimately, Buffalo just needs to take care of their own business and not worry about where they're seeded.
  8. LINK: Not much movement expected for UB in polls I’m not expecting much movement by Buffalo this week. The only team that’s guaranteed to drop beneath them is Marquette after losing a pair of games. At this moment, I’m predicting Buffalo to be ranked 18th in the AP Poll on Monday.
  9. LINK: Big 4 Update: Buffalo has chance to move up to 5-seed with strong week in Cleveland NCAA Seed/Poll Watch: I believe a five-seed is still in play for Buffalo if they win out in Cleveland. The Bulls have an impressive NET ranking (#16), have a winning record vs. Top 75 NET opponents (4-1) and have been on fire heading into tournament play. Most bracketologists currently have them listed as a six-seed. That makes sense for now but you have to figure there’s room to play with depending on what happens next week.
  10. LINK: Bulls seniors leave a lasting legacy at Alumni Arena Guys, We're all well aware of how much this Bulls senior class has meant to the UB program. They've left a lasting legacy that will be remembered for ages to come. Yesterday, I wrote a column on how they deserved to go out in style and that's exactly what took place last night at Alumni Arena. I have numerous videos from the game in my special edition of the Big 4 Update. Among the videos are postgame speeches from the players, the pregame intros and the final substitutions for Jeremy Harris, Nick Perkins and CJ Massinburg. Enjoy!
  11. LINK: Let's send the UB seniors out in style! My article today is a pretty simple concept! Let's enjoy what tonight represents by soaking everything in. This senior class has been special. Nick Perkins was the first one to join the Bulls with CJ Massinburg committing shortly after Nate Oats became head coach. They're the ones that helped pave the way for Buffalo to get to the next level but it wouldn't have been possible without Dontay Caruthers, Jeremy Harris and Montell McRae joining along the way. Congratulations to all of them tonight on their final home games at Alumni Arena!
  12. There's a ton that went into it from John Groce leaving for Illinois to Jim Christian deserting the Bobcats for Boston College to Saul Phillips dealing with a plague of injuries and poor recruiting. The main theme, regime turnover can be problematic and is a huge hurdle for growing mid-major programs. That's why I was so impressed with Nate Oats when he took over at Buffalo. He became head coach during a pivotal time in UB's history, where they were hoping to carry over the momentum from their first NCAA Tournament. Making it back right away kept the program afloat, keeping recruiting at a high level and maintained a small level of continuity. Ohio had some bad luck along the way that was out their control. Hopefully the UB administration has taken some notes of the Bobcats mistakes so they don't end up falling down the same path if Oats eventually decided to move on.
  13. I definitely enjoyed my time in Athens but I'm glad to be back home covering the Bulls! I was a member of the Ozone during DJ Cooper's four years at Ohio and still believe he was one of the best players to ever wear the Green & White. Those Bobcat teams were special, reaching the Second Round in 2010 and the Sweet 16 in 2012. I originally thought they were a good comparison for what UB was building last season but believe this years team has easily eclipsed them. As I said in my post, the Bulls right now are the best MAC squad I've ever seen, which is saying something. I grew up rooting for Buffalo and became an Ohio fan in college so I can honestly say I wish the best for both programs.
  14. I understand where you're all coming from but you probably don't remember UB being including on many bracketologists' final brackets in 2005. RPI was supposed to be a MAJOR factor back then but there were several teams with less than stellar resumes that made it in over the Bulls. I followed ESPN's bubble watch the entire year. UB was definitely in the at-large discussion. Snub might be a strong word but here's Bull Run breakdown of it a decade later: https://www.ubbullrun.com/2014/7/24/5858016/buffalo-loses-the-2005-mac-basketball-championship-to-ohio
  15. Even with them blowing the lead, UB still deserved to be an at-large team that year. I remember seeing Dick Vitale enraged that the Bulls didn't make it.
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