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  1. If they hire Whitesell, Hodgson is going to Bama along with our recruiting class. If for some reason they chose to not hire Hodgson then you may as well do a nationwide search because you've lost the recruiting class anyways. In no way would Whitesell every be the correct choice
  2. If Hodgson gets the job I am VERY optimistic about our future. Coach was who done most of the recruiting (same as Oats did for Hurley), knows the team culture (no need to win over locker room) and no starting from scratch with an entirely new staff, recruits, playing style. It is yet another step forward. Alnutt needs to continue to put trust in what he has built. It is without doubt the best for both short-term and long-term success of this program. Always scary to hire a 1st time head coach, but this would also allow the program to utilize more resources as he will be significantly cheaper then an external hire.
  3. Square one!? Absolutely not. We are a mid-major that has been successful through two consecutive coaching stints. You nail one more and you are getting very close to leaving the dreaded stepping stone mid major job territory.
  4. I'm sorry but Whitesell's record as a head coach is hardly a no-brainer and like it or not Hodgson is a much more attractive sell to a young recruit then an older Whitesell who's had his shot.
  5. No interviews. Hire Hodgson today. He will likely be able to keep most of the team + recruits together. The same exciting brand of basketball. Doesn't need to win over the locker room and continues the lineage of hiring within in the same fashion that Gonzaga did to become who they are. Hodgson is from WNY and in the time to come it success follows having your whole life here it becomes a much longer long term destination. Onward and upward!
  6. Please please please hire Bryan Hodgson immediately and keep this team intact. Graves please stay with us!
  7. So sad 😞 I can't even be mad at him. Thank you to Nate Oats and everything he has done for Buffalo!
  8. For comparison my parents are longtime season ticket holders for the Siena Saints, who have a lot of local support and have had some very good years but nothing noteworthy the past decade. They pay 375 per season ticket. Success drives interest, or in other words demand. This is a good thing.
  9. Maryland goes down to Nebraska. Gotta figure we'll pass them in seeding now with a clean weekend in Cleveland.
  10. I would imagine this is a mistake, but Jay Bilas insinuates that we are out of the tourney in the event we lose in our conference. He has been a big advocate of Buffalo and ranks us 22 in this post, but interesting nonetheless. https://t.co/Zq0GgX4aVA
  11. Win MAC and we’re a 5. Pull for all the favorites on the conference tournaments.
  12. 16 in net, 9 in RPI, 16 in Kenpom. 21 in AP poll. If we win out and don’t get a at least 5 we’d be getting totally screwed.
  13. I have to massively disagree with a lot of posts in here in reference to effort. This was an extraordinary win for us. A soul searching win. To go down like we did so quickly after a gut-wrenching loss at NIU most kids would have doubted themselves if they were "that good". Massinburg struggled in the first half before finishing strong in the second. Harris and Graves were really off tonight. One thing is for certain is every game is going to be very difficult. It is actually a wonderful season long test for these kids not only as basketball players but as human beings who can overcome tough environments like tonight and what they will see in every road game this year. I seriously think we all underestimate the importance of Perkins is to this team and that is saying a lot with everyone knowing his value to us. When he scores a bucket or two down low the whole court opens up for us and the offense flows very smooth. He was incredible tonight. I was EXTREMELY happy to see very strong games from Caruthers and Jordan offensively after both had struggled for the last stretch of games. Even more so - wow Segu is going to be the real deal. The kid is nowhere near as athletic as Jeenathan but his confidence is next level stuff. He is going to be an incredible player once he puts some weight on. Speaking of Jeenathan he finally is finding himself out there. Outside of one bad shot he looked very good today. Our defense needs some work as does our rebounding as many have mentioned. With that being said this was a very entertaining game of two top quality teams. If I was a coach or an AP voter tonight I would be very impressed with the MAC. That crowd was loud, the game was at an incredible pace and the shots were falling. This game was so much more entertaining then NIU game. Can not wait for Tuesday!!
  14. NIU Kenpom is 128 we lost on a buzzer beater on the road. Meanwhile TTU scored a mere 45 points tonight and dropped its third in a row. Auburn lost to a 10-8, although good, South Carolina team. Maryland game against MSU was closer to a blowout than a close game. VT got waxed, but has a chance to get a good Home W this weekend against Cuse. Ole Miss and Miss St look like garbage. Handle business Friday we’re still well within top 25. First things first let clean things up.
  15. The silver lining here is that our loss is hidden in a sea of losses this week in the top 25. Here’s what we’ve already had so far this week. 10 VT lost by 21 13 UM lost by 13 24 ISU lost by 4 16 AUB lost by 3 22 MSU lost by 21 14 TTU lost by 13 20 MISS down by 28
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