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  1. Checked him out, replays, as well as something I do with all our offers is to look at their twitter to get a sense of what they’re like. He’s completely focused on basketball and shouts out his teammates whenever he can. As far as his offers on 247 go, looking through his tweets, he doesn’t have offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida or Florida State, but he has taken unofficial visits to them all. His official offers are (in order he received them): James Madison, Presbyterian, North Florida, Seton Hall, Auburn, Georgia, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, Missouri State, Kennesaw State, University AT Buffalo
  2. Based off watching them at practice, Skogman plays a mix of back to basket and stretch big, Mballa does the same. I meant it as Brock will be graduating after this year. There have been many identical cases where a player with remaining playing eligibility graduates and decides to move on with their life. I see it as a possibility given the very limited role he has had up to this point at UB.
  3. Really appreciate you doing this, also had no idea Tyson Acuff was so highly regarded. If we can get more players at or above the caliber of Chanse then I don’t see any drop off despite graduating Davonta, Antwain, and Gabe. Officially we had 3 scholarship spots to fill, 2 once Chanse signs. If Brock decides to call it quits after this season since he’s a senior in the classroom that potentially opens up 1 more spot. Good thread to have to stay up to date and on top of things
  4. From Segu’s Instagram story the other day but seeing this topic with an update reminded me, he’s also a dad now!
  5. From West Orlando, and is friends with Segu.
  6. We have a top 50 recruiting class which was assembled after losing our entire recruiting class, coach AND top recruiter. Along with having to rebuild the coaching staff, all with very short notice, having a top 50 class after losing an entire top 50 class is remarkable. What more could’ve been done here? A lot of people on here are taking stabs in the dark doing the exact same thing all the analysts that are underestimating this team are doing: looking at who left and thinking the cupboards are empty. Go to a practice or two and you’ll quickly see that’s far from the case. The team is still supremely athletic, has arguably more depth than they did last year, and has more height.
  7. Absolutely agree, there’s a ton of talent out there. Look at the recruiting class the staff brought in on such short notice, very late in the recruiting year
  8. If we can get a guard with his athleticism then we’ll be in a good position to have an instant replacement for Jordan. This class is probably going to be guard heavy
  9. You one of those people that got mad they lost and accused UB of paying for their recruits?
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