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  1. I fully admit I was wrong and was just being impatient lol Seeing Ohio bringing in recruits and making tons of offers didn’t help either
  2. Don’t forget about Segu and Jeenathan (hopefully) having Davonta-like improvement, if we can land these two and then Agee that will be a very good class without all the high ⭐️ ratings Hopefully we can get someone that can play lockdown D to sub in when Davonta needs a breather
  3. All this recent activity makes me feel better. I was getting pretty annoyed at the staff for seeming to not care about the 5 open spots, if we can get these two and a tall (6’5+) guard or two things will look a lot better
  4. A couple of them signed with various agencies (CJ and Dontay) there could be more but those are the two that I know of, not sure about actually declaring though
  5. Him and Davonta can compete for worst free throw %
  6. All jokes aside though what is this coaching staff doing? They’ve had a week to get it together and it’s still nothing but radio silence
  7. Same here. I don’t understand what the issue is
  8. Just your average day on UB fan 😌
  9. What’s worrying is the lack of urgency. I get it’s a blackout period, but there’s been zero mention of any recruiting activity at all. They do realize there’s 5 open scholarships correct? Perhaps someone should tell them?
  10. Agreed on that, he is a great shooter but he doesn’t make his own shot per se. No type of Curry step back in his arsenal
  11. Did I make the mock draft? I was just saying what I saw
  12. CJ has been in multiple mock drafts, one of which had him going to the Warriors in the first round
  13. Pretty sure I said PRACTICALLY every school lost a rostered player. Not every school. Practically every school. You have unrealistic expectations and seem to really have a naive understanding of how this industry operates
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