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  1. What did his Instagram story say since he doesn’t have a story right now
  2. This. It would be news alone for him to ask for his release since he’s signed already
  3. He was just on a stacked team playing behind a 5 star and a very highly rated 4 star. Hopefully this helps him build some more confidence and swagger for when he’s with us next year
  4. They still have games, Geico nationals I believe
  5. It’s like you didn’t read what I said though...they TIME their plays, they have a feel for how long the play takes and at the end of a game when it’s tied and you’re holding for the last shot, you want to make sure time expires while the ball is in the air. Executing earlier into the clock would’ve left time on the clock for Kent to do something with.
  6. Can assure you the time they started the play is directly based off how the play they were going to run was designed. It’s a situational thing, there isn’t a set time for when a last possession play should start Edit- especially with how well Kent was shooting all night, last thing they want to do is score too quick and leave any time on the clock
  7. Trust me when I say I would be the most sympathetic and compassionate person to him and his situation if his jersey was blue and white and said Buffalo on the front
  8. The team’s psychologist is heavier as well and so is their athletic trainer, could be either of them
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