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  1. I think someone said his mom went to UB, who knows honestly
  2. You could still be on to something, we got Harris because the coaching staff took the time to get to know his mom and to talk with her
  3. Its almost like they made the wrong choice going for the biggest name instead of the best fit 🤔
  4. At this point I feel like this has to be an academics thing like McBulls said. Transferring credits from one college to another is hard enough, throw homeschooling in the mix and it’s probably a mess
  5. Well his UB career was a great one Zed Key May 2019 - June 2019
  6. That’s crazy, his dad used to coach my team at the Niagara Falls Boys and Girls club
  7. Believe we are competing with Oklahoma State
  8. You’re absolutely right, that’s helping a lot here and hopefully it continues to help
  9. Really makes me less worried about Oats leaving. While he was a good coach, most of our success in the MAC came from being able to recruit better than the rest of the MAC. If we can continue that then we will be fine. Whitesell had a reputation for being a good coach that couldn’t recruit. Now we have a good coach that can recruit
  10. Getting antsy about this, this would seriously cap off our class. What a quick turnaround by this staff, I like it
  11. Andre the Giant begs to differ
  12. Oh no I totally agree, finding a solid big that can also shoot 3s like Perk is really rare, I just think whenever we’re saying someone could be the next Perk, we’re bringing in both scoring abilities he had
  13. His down low game is Perk-like. Not really sure about his 3 shooting though, maybe getting 50lbs of muscle on Skogman would produce that lol
  14. This was honestly hilarious. Reminded me of this comedy sketch where a D1 football player is playing youth football against a bunch of 12 year olds stiff arming them into the ground and picking them up and throwing them on defense
  15. Exactly, they managed to turn it around and keep the ball rolling. If they were able to recruit all these high quality players in such a relatively short time, I’m excited to see what our 2020 class will look like.
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