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  1. Put Quate McKinzie on the All-Potential list
  2. I’d throw Torian Graham in there somewhere, Bobby Frasco too
  3. I would hand them my student ID at games and tell them I was undergrad even though I was a graduate student and I would get in to games for free
  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself
  5. Was wondering about him thanks. He’s buddies with Segu. Played high school ball with a 5 star teammate but often he shined more than the 5 star
  6. Ridiculously athletic. Plays much taller than 6’0 and with a lot of hustle
  7. Any chance we could find some highlights of his?
  8. Hope we have a solid chance of landing him
  9. After last game where their fans were a real class act, I hope so too. I still remember all the sudden burner twitter accounts that started accusing Oats of paying his recruits lol
  10. Agreed honestly, hoping for our sake he stays under the radar
  11. He has height too, could get even taller. That would be a very strong get. I’m pretty surprised we’re his first D1 offer. Certainly won’t be his last
  12. He looks very solid, only a sophomore -soon to be junior too. Very strong recruiting work by the coaches
  13. I personally just hope we can get back to talking about the recruit this topic is about. Anyone have any links to highlights of his or anything like that?
  14. Can an admin add his recruiting year to the title if possible, I forgot to lol
  15. Also has an offer from Baylor
  16. Agree with the Brock part. He may not be able to run and gun, but his game is all back to the basket and physical post defense. He’ll be nice to have for any team with a decent big
  17. End of the day, their play will do the talking. I hope any doubters are pleasantly surprised
  18. I have quite literally with my own two eyes seen him in practice shredding our defense. It isn’t overly optimistic at all, and he isn’t going against the AAC anymore so the Houston example has no weight.
  19. Easily a 10ppg kind of guy
  20. Completely agree. As far as Brock goes, I could see him being an 15-20 minutes per game, 8.5ppg, 5rpg type of guy this season. He’s not going to carry games the way Perk could, but he has definitely improved greatly and it would’ve been unfair of me to not give him credit for it.
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