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  1. I personally want Marial Mading from Rhode Island. 3 star 6’11 redshirt Freshman that just hit the transfer portal. Has a lot of Kevin Durant to his game
  2. Good detective work, thanks! It would also make a lot of sense given Jenkins JUCO roots
  3. Coach Jenkins is in Miami, any significance to this or do you think it’s just a vacation?
  4. I believe he can play now as a grad transfer
  5. Thought the same thing, never was a fan of the trash talking players. The ones that kill other teams quietly Definitely got Perk vibes from it. He looks like he’d be an awesome addition to the team
  6. He’s listed at 6’9 250 now, and spent his freshman and sophomore years with Wichita St. I like it all around.
  7. I hope he develops and surprises people, but from what we’ve seen of him, he lacks the lateral quickness to be an even halfway decent defender and it ends up with him fouling a lot. I hope we land a surprise transfer big because our current forward depth is going to lead to us being bullied by anyone with a halfway decent big
  8. Good point, it’s definitely asking a lot. Only real solution for that I’d say is the transfer market and even then the ones that are eligible immediately are getting scooped up left and right. Might be a season similar to the one where Kadiri was our “big”
  9. Tough luck but it makes sense after getting Gallion. It gives us room to possibly land Notae or Marco who have actual experience. We need depth at big baaaadly
  10. The thing is he bought that house from the owner of the BAC gym. Based off of what I’ve heard, the BAC owner loved hosting parties at the place on a regular basis. Not really sure what Oats could’ve possibly put 100k into unless the previous owner was fine with plenty of people seeing his outdated home
  11. I meant more like the actual number of players transferring is crazy. Even as you said since it’s now public knowledge maybe seeing an actual number for it changes perception of it. Still crazy to think that there’s that many transfers on a yearly basis
  12. I think it’s kind of ridiculous the amount of players that are in the portal this year, but hey that’s just me
  13. I’d have to disagree about the star performer part. The talent that is still unsigned as well as the players that are in the transfer portal still means there’s plenty of potential still out there. Yes CJ being an overlooked 2 star ending up being arguably the best player in school history is rare and unlikely to be repeated, but when there’s still unsigned 3 stars and P5 players in the transfer portal, I still think we can get some key contributors. Only uncertain for me is whether the player(s) we bring in will have to sit a year then play or if they’ll be freshmen/grad transfers
  14. Tons of talent still out there including players entering the transfer portal still, I feel like some late summer signings are coming. I just hate waiting lol
  15. I think he’s referring to how Rojas and Hodgson have the Jamestown connection and are actual friends not just coach and player and suddenly Rojas is chopped liver to him
  16. Players can still sign with the team to play for us up until the semester begins I believe, only difference is rather than signing a letter of intent they come to a scholarship agreement which seem like the same thing but apparently are different things
  17. Very first thing I started doing 😂
  18. Definitely will be interesting to see if he can keep it going. Michigan is top of the line blue blood and has more than enough money to get whoever they wanted to coach them, it’ll be interesting to see who they go with
  19. I’d say if they bring in one of their former players that also played in the NBA they could easily bounce back recruiting wise and even retain their recruiting class. Sort of like what’s happening in Memphis with Hardaway. They’re building a pretty scary team down there. Maybe one of the Fab Five?
  20. If it adds anything to the conversation, my dad is an usher at our church and one of the people that goes there is the secretary in the basketball office and she told him there’s been “a lot of guys visiting lately, including one this last weekend”
  21. Eastern picks up a commit. Can’t find much on him, doesn’t look like he had any other D1 offers
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