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  1. Meh, honestly if he’s not considering us I’m glad he made a list. our coaching staff can move on to someone who is interested in playing at UB, rather than tying up resources on someone who isn’t coming
  2. Good stuff, that’s better than I expected. Honestly I thought he’d be playing in Spain but I guess there’s a lot of good players out there
  3. Because you get in early on under recruited kids who you think will take off in their senior year. It’s worth a shot that they’ll have a soft spot for the team that was there from the beginning, especially if that team keeps making the tournament 🙂
  4. Does Hungary have a decent league? To be honest I expected him to land in more of a Western European country. Outside of Budapest I don’t really know much about Hungary.
  5. Hopefully the coaching staff stays in touch
  6. I think Jeenathan starts this year and dominates. Would imagine Nickelberry gets a lot of minutes off the bench though
  7. Official. What a great class considering all the circumstances since our old coach left
  8. Why would we move on? At worst we pocket a scholarship, something a lot of us were expecting anyway. If I’m the coaching staff, I tell him “our last scholarship is for you, we’re not using it on anyone else” and play chicken with the bigger schools as they get tired of waiting and move on
  9. FWIW, Oklahoma state just signed a power forward from the Netherlands. Hopefully they got tired of waiting. Either way I’d think it only helps our chances
  10. Sadly, this. If UConn was hemorrhaging money in the conference, I don’t see how UB could make it work.
  11. He also “liked” a whole bunch of TCU posts.... wonder if they’re coming in with a late offer.
  12. With the Raptors winning the NBA championship, basketball is about to skyrocket in popularity with our neighbors to the north. If UB and the coaching staff were smart, they’d do everything in their power to make connections and form a network up there. If we could start a pipeline and make inroads with Canadian recruiting, the sky is the limit for UB.
  13. The problem with the major recruiting sites is that they never update anything (at least for mid majors). I think with accurate, updated composite rankings we’d be near or at the top of the MAC at least. Combined with our current roster there’s no reason we can’t keep the momentum going. If we become a mid major who’s “always” in the dance, I think we can feasibly out-recruit the rest of the conference consistently.
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