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  1. So was it determined that the signing day deadline didn’t actually mean anything?
  2. The guy has 2 years left so I doubt this is accurate. We’ll see though.
  3. Somewhat agree. Don’t think we should totally dismiss Brock though, he was one of our best recruits ever and has sat behind a couple of our best teams ever. He could be a pleasant surprise this year
  4. Thanks, sounds like they were about as vague as humanly possible hahah. I’m sure they want to let the kids have the spotlight with their decision reveal.
  5. Any inside info on this or just saw it on twitter? Haven’t heard much about his recruitment here TBH
  6. Don’t you need Embiid’s permission to say that??
  7. Does he have 4 years of eligibility? I’m not sure how prep schools work
  8. Savion signs, 2 spots left
  9. Good call on this one!
  10. A commitment announcement would do the trick 🙂
  11. A little over a week and 3 scholarships open.... we’re in the endgame now
  12. Completely this. Good for him
  13. Correct. So I’m suggesting Gallion, mystery player, pocket the final one for later
  14. I’m totally on board with pocketing a scholarship for later use. Provided Savion Gallion signs that would be 3 and there would be one more. Not a clue who that would be, I wonder if our new assistant coach could pull a JUCO out of his hat
  15. Yeah ASU makes a lot of sense for him. Of course I wish he picked Buffalo but can’t really fault him.
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