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  1. 24-7 (ish) without enough quad 1 wins to be an at large. Hopefully win the MAC tournament
  2. You’re getting 2 extra home games compared to last season
  3. I dont blame Myers. I blame the 10 yard cushions our DBs are giving on every play and the mind boggling play calling
  4. Leipold’s playcalling and decision making has never been his strong suit, and it’s especially awful tonight
  5. Haha everyone must have been procrastinating, the renewal form said 9/12 was the deadline. Great to see everyone renewing even with the graduating seniors and our ex coach leaving.
  6. Lol. Hopefully you fare better than last season. Call the ticket office.
  7. Well they did get a million dollars from the Oats buyout and are paying Whitesell a third of that for the season
  8. I agree, and I’ll take playing Army anytime. I’m glad they seem willing and interested in coming here
  9. According to Rachel Lenzi of the Buffalo News, Army is coming here on December 14th. As far as I know this hadn’t been reported yet
  10. Yes we will probably lose, but I wouldn’t look at the score from this weekend as an indicator. Dont forget Idaho dropped down to the FCS a few years ago. UB is a much better team
  11. National media really only sees that we lost our coach and starters. They don’t know or care how great our depth is because that requires work and research.
  12. Very nice! I’ll take all the Saturday home games I can get
  13. According to Jonah Bronstein, Myers will be starting! Wow
  14. More people care now than ever before. I get comments all the time wearing my UB gear and I see way more people wearing merch around town. I’m not sure that people are serious enough to know all the players, get excited for the schedule release, etc but it’s definitely headed in the right direction
  15. I agree, no way we can fill key bank center yet. I agree with your point, just took issue with calling alumni’s attendance pathetic, as it was rocking all last season!
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