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  1. He was unstoppable in the 2nd half of that game
  2. After having 2 straight turnovers, Jordan came back with 2 steals. Graves worked hard to get rebounds and put backs today, and was a huge part of the win despite some missed shots and free throws. Grant and a Johnson have finally turned the corner too I think. Mballa and Brock had very quiet games, but Hardnett played well. Segu broke a couple ankles tonight, I’d like to see him with more playing time. And Williams is turning into a monster. Good to hold onto a win 🤟🏽
  3. How many turnovers has Jordan had over the past 2 games? Not sure what’s going on with him
  4. This forum is becoming unbearable
  5. Jordan, Johnson, and Williams are a combined 3 for 16.... but you’re complaining about grant?
  6. These announcers are the worst I’ve EVER heard. And it has nothing to do with being biased, they just have no idea what they’re talking about
  7. He’s been our best player, but ok
  8. We can come back against this team if we can figure out how to break the zone. So far it’s just been passing around the perimeter until the clock runs down
  9. Why do we struggle so much with the zone
  10. Espn+ replays are available starting like half hour after the game ends. Very easy to locate, either through “replays,” “ncaa basketball,” or the “MAC conference” sorting tabs. The fact that it’s on ESPNU does not change this as long as you have ESPN on your cable package.
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