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  1. Divergent opinions on this player locally. Will look for more consistent effort on the defensive end this year.
  2. We're full at guard and wing in terms of the 19-20 rotation. To me, we just need a real big. There are starters minutes available for a big. We risk wasting a great core of talent if we don't bring in at least a veteran depth big.
  3. At this point I'm pleased with how the staff bounced back with the three man class. I imagine it may be quiet for a bit early this summer. I would love the staff to grab a Canadian or Euro big that has fallen through the cracks. Or a 27 year old 6'6 PF from the Delavan-Moselle community center. Any big. Not sure what the buzz is around the French kid from Texas Tech. Haven't seen anything actually substantiated on that
  4. Anyone know if we're home or away? Would like to get seats by the bench.
  5. I meant "there's no way the staff thinks Brock and Skogman are enough" when I said "I can't believe..."
  6. I'm rooting hard as hell for Brock but I view any real contributions we get from him as a bonus moving forward. He should be able to eat 8 minutes per game in the right matchup...but we need another rotation big badly and I'm sure the staff is working on it.
  7. Big for next year is still an urgent need. Can't believe the staff thinks Brock and Skogman will be enough.
  8. Not a good list at all but we'll see. Needed to get some depth on the board with the clock ticking. Likely won't get much time this year but it will be interesting to see his development in years to come.
  9. Small point but can we spell his name correctly in the title? Very excited for him. Another lefty, but actually ambidextrous. Kid had offers from the big three Florida schools, Georgia, Vandy, Southern Cal, and of course Memphis. Let's go.
  10. Very nice. His highlights show some pretty serious swag/compete. All for infusing the squad with a talented a**hole. He seems like a big PG from the reel and almost 3 APG in JUCO. Creative no looks and unselfish. Also love adding a guy from the Segu orbit. He's a magnet for talent and fun with his peers.
  11. Evan Daniels just posted a 247 Crystal Ball of Rojas to Alabama...😒 Either Bama is gonna be lower-tier SEC or we were poised to reload massively.
  12. Thorpe is an uninspiring hire. Hope I'm proven wrong but UMKC just isn't the level I want to be cross-pollinating our program with. Although I do like the Chicago roots a lot. Hopefully Agee and T. Williams are still in play.
  13. Whitesell on WGR this morning said he's recruiting Thursday through Sunday with a focus on JUCO specifically. Let's see if we can track him and piece together what he's doing.
  14. I don't know about you all but I'm ready to run through a wall for Coach after that. He said almost everything I was hoping to hear and seemed genuinely humble and grateful for the opportunity. Pretty refreshing stuff.
  15. I assume he means Nate Will returning for his Soph season. Which if true would be great obviously. Also likely means Rondo is staying, as those guys are really tight. They're currently driving convertibles around Orlando 😎🤘🏼
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