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  1. Evan Daniels just posted a 247 Crystal Ball of Rojas to Alabama...😒 Either Bama is gonna be lower-tier SEC or we were poised to reload massively.
  2. Thorpe is an uninspiring hire. Hope I'm proven wrong but UMKC just isn't the level I want to be cross-pollinating our program with. Although I do like the Chicago roots a lot. Hopefully Agee and T. Williams are still in play.
  3. Whitesell on WGR this morning said he's recruiting Thursday through Sunday with a focus on JUCO specifically. Let's see if we can track him and piece together what he's doing.
  4. I don't know about you all but I'm ready to run through a wall for Coach after that. He said almost everything I was hoping to hear and seemed genuinely humble and grateful for the opportunity. Pretty refreshing stuff.
  5. I assume he means Nate Will returning for his Soph season. Which if true would be great obviously. Also likely means Rondo is staying, as those guys are really tight. They're currently driving convertibles around Orlando 😎🤘🏼
  6. Of course. I'm talking Moultrie, Moore, and Bivins. Also, we might need Dom Johnson for some actual minutes if he isn't taking snaps.
  7. No just curious. We had an 8 man rotation in tracksuits on the bench all year, just curious if we might be able to scrounge a 10th man from that group.
  8. Yeah I mean it's obvious we missed out on a few folks. Disappointing that the admin couldn't do more over the last 5 years to parlay our on court success to program prestige. (Have the god damn international students stop wizzing badminton birdies past our guys in Triple Gym.) This could work out if everyone on the roster hangs on. I remember a video of the guys singing happy birthday to Whitesell earlier this year - they seemed to have affection for him. The only concern is that he's a defensive coach who prefers to slow down and be in control. Harder to sell UB to stud recruits at this level without our tempo. Just a personal thought as someone who is extremely online and younger (I assume) than most of this board. Ronaldo Segu is the most important person in UB basketball. If we keep him, we stay relevant with his peer players. We keep some swag and comraderie. #trustinrondo
  9. Can any of our dozen man walk-on army actually play? Seriously asking
  10. Sure, that's why I wrote from what we can see. Other programs have kids in the transfer portal the day a coach splits town. The worst case scenario may still play out, but I respect the work I imagine they're doing.
  11. Forget my optimistic post in the main thread...😵😵😵
  12. I think some are reading too much into "how long this is taking." Oats resigned 9 days ago. The public bidding for Parker took until this Monday I believe? So the search has been on in earnest 4-5 days. It could be that a Final Four coach is in the mix, but I don't think that's the only explanation for taking time. It really hasn't been overly long. It's unlikely that, short of a really prominent hire, we were going to keep our recruiting class together. And if our new coach likes a recruit still, he can reach out and we already have a head start. Meanwhile, Whitesell and Quarles deserve credit for stabilizing the guys on the roster from what we can see. We've heard some young, dynamic P5 assistants mentioned as candidates. One of them can keep us at the top of the conference using their skills and Rolodex to build off our recent success, burgeoning brand, and geographic advantage within the MAC. I remain confident in Alnutt and I imagine we'll hear something no later than Monday or Tuesday if we want to wait until the National Championship news passes.
  13. Fun to talk about, but no reason to think Stephens is a realistic option at this point. Right hand man associate coaches at big time programs usually jump into the same conference or at least P5.
  14. Please no. BC is not the program we want to tap in to.
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