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  1. This article here says it’s Ole Miss, Tulane, and UB pursuing him the hardest. Smart money is on us now it seems like.https://www.5statehoopreport.com/blogs/post/three-programs-heavily-pursuing-chanse-robinson-talks-to-5state
  2. there it is. Lets hope a commitment comes as well. Would be huge.
  3. Maybe throw pino in there somewhere..
  4. I feel like this mistake happens often with potential recruits haha
  5. Pretty good matchup for us. Should be a fun tournament.
  6. this kid is first class
  7. He made a post on Instagram with him in a UB Jersey...looks pretty official now
  8. Looks like it might be laquill hardnett from Cincinnati according to Twitter! Big time get!
  9. At the point where I have coach Jenkins tweet notifications on because I’m so antsy!
  10. Possible commitment incoming 🚨🚨
  11. Same high school as CJ 😧, looks to be a stud though. Maybe being in on him early will help us in the process as it has in the past.
  12. 2020 Juco guard. Transferred from St. Peter’s after redshirting freshman year. Averaged 26 ppg at temple Junior college. Getting high major interest apparently now.
  13. Would this mean he is eligible right away? Could Nigel John not be a sure thing maybe if we’re reaching out to Hardnett?
  14. Looks like we should be getting a commitment soon. Just an outstanding job by the coaching staff addressing our need for big men and getting two high quality recruits in skogman and John. Nickelberry, mballa and gallion round out what looks to be another fantastic class for us. Losing all our recruits and managing to pull these kids in is just an amazing job.
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