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  1. Another 3 star receiver from Florida. Offers from Iowa state, Virginia tech, wmu, Toledo and others. Another big get by the staff! https://247sports.com/player/artez-hooker-46083568/
  2. Another commitment today.... 3 star safety out of Georgia had offers from UCONN, Iowa State, Rutgers, UCF and some MAC schools as well
  3. 3 star Dual QB. Had offers from Maryland, Toledo, WMU, Akron and other FCS schools.
  4. I Hope fagan decides to return. Seemed to have potential in the very limited minutes he played. Would understand if he decides not to. As for Brock, he’s a serviceable role player but not much more. Seems to be a good role model for the younger guys as well but would totally get if he decided to grad transfer as well. Guess we’ll see soon enough what happens!
  5. All signs point towards Foley coming here now..
  6. Seems like a very good hire. Would be a little strange for him to go from up and coming juco head coach to a position equivalent to Jenkins old role. Nevertheless, happy he’s apart of the staff in whatever capacity that may be.
  7. Zion seems to like it
  8. HUGE GET. Great job by the coaches
  9. Seems we got his twin brother as well. 3 star linebacker with offers from all MAC schools
  10. 3 star CB from Michigan commits to us over loads of big time schools. Beat out Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota, Pitt, Kentucky, Missouri as well as others. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Quillen-Howze-122053/RecruitInterests/
  11. Oof. Who does this even leave now i wonder. Possible they don’t even use the last scholarship?
  12. honestly makes me a little upset seeing all these good players want to transfer out of the MAC. Yes it may make it somewhat easier for UB, but I like to see top talent stay in our conference still.
  13. So much for staying close to home
  14. Just realized we beat out ole miss for both Robinson and Zachery 😃
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