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  1. It's a lack of loyalty. No way he has as productive of a season at Miami then if he stayed at UB. IMHO I think he will be lucky to get on the field at Miami. According to 24/7 sports over the last 3 years Miami has had five 4* recruits and three 3* . He is no Anthony Johnson and he will be lucky to be UDFA in the NFL.
  2. 1. 911 Tavern 2. Gene McCarthy's 3. Doc Sullivans
  3. Maybe all 3 said no. Unfortunately we will probably never know. Something just seems off about this whole situation.
  4. Any names as to who said no? Just taking so long to hire a guy that was already there I agree . Not that my opinion matters. Lol Hope I did not offend with my joking around.
  5. It's all that Kevin guys fault. He got in a Twitter fight with Fife. Lol. Just kidding
  6. Do the players that decomitted have to sit out a year?
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