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  1. Yea I have seen that, but it seems like its mostly P5 schools where kids commit early to
  2. Would be a good get. How many player make their decision this far in advance though? I feel like this early its just a numbers game for high recruits and we shouldn't expect to actually get any 2020 recruits for a while.
  3. Great read. It sucks that we lost our entire incoming class, but Whitesell did a great job allowing us be competitive in the MAC again.
  4. I think a lot of people would be very upset if the aac came to us and we turned them down.
  5. Is there a deadline we would hear by on Mballa? Would be nice to hear either way.
  6. I wouldn't complain if we got an AAC invite though haha.
  7. Maybe we need a bigger arena haha
  8. Agreed. Another huge aspect of Whitesell's efforts is that no one transfered when Oates left. There are literally 100's of d1 transfer every year and no one left the bulls!
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-national-title-odds-kentucky-and-memphis-are-best-bets-but-theres-not-much-value-in-duke/ It looks like we are tied for about 85th or so at 1000-1 odds. It's nice to be listed!
  10. Why do you think Williams only starts if mballa can't play?
  11. Yea exactly. They aren't bound to this list at all and they could just say things changed and go somewhere else.
  12. I'd be very happy being around 100. Hardnett getting the waiver should help also. Mballa would be clutch.
  13. Does Mballa start if he gets a waiver? He barely played last season for Texas Tech
  14. How does this European League compare to others?
  15. Length seems to be pretty important in a starting lineup. How would we stack up? I know we recruited 4 guys 6'7+ this year which is definitely helps.
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