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  1. Who else internally helped out with recruiting? Maybe they promote from within again? Either way im excited with our recruiting for next year and if we add one more baller than we should be in great shape going forward.
  2. 247 Sports updated to include Josiah and Chance for next year, putting us at 73 nationally which is impressive. We still have one spot remaining (maybe two if Brock decides to graduate???). Gotta give Whitesell some credit here, but there has been no news on recruiting in a while... https://247sports.com/college/buffalo/Season/2020-Basketball/Commits/
  3. Skogman would probably not redshirt if we didnt have Mballa. Mballa has been great and pairing him with hardnett/Skogman at the 4/5 with williams at the 3 should be a good frontcourt for years! Add Segu and Gaves at the guard positions, and we should be even better next year.
  4. I would if I didn't live like 7 hours away (NYC) 😞
  5. Hardnett has been extremely efficient in his minutes. He plays so much better at the 4 lets hope he stays there. Jeenathan had an off game scoring but still got 4 assists so was productive. Johnson seemed much more confident and was taking better shots. Maybe it took him a little while to get in his groove but better late than never! This game looked like a step back for Brock. While he was never expected to be a big minute player, the past few games he contributed a solid couple of mins with some points and rebounds. Here, he struggled to get position and use his size to his advantage at all. Lets hope he can play some meaningful minutes next game. Overall there were some lapses on defense for layups, and they shot lights out from 3 in the first half. Free throw shooting was much improved (shoutout to Johnson as he was 7/7). Way too many fouls called on both sides which hurt game flow. This was a must win conference game at home against a week opponent and while it wasn't the overall great performance they had against Central Michigan, they came away with a double digit point win. Go Bulls
  6. Kinda ironic we hit the free throw at the end that Graves tried to miss
  7. Wow 15 rebounds for a guard is really impressive. Filling up the stat sheet.
  8. Can Johnson come off the bench for NIU? haha
  9. Haha true I was being optimistic on what some people said on here about improving his game
  10. Does Brock start? How much do you guys think he plays?
  11. The students being off definitely doesnt help but I hope there are a lot of our fans and minimal bonnie fans!
  12. What do you guys think the fan distribution will be? (our fans, their fans, general cfb fans, locals)
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