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  1. The faith furnace is going to be celebrating tonight.
  2. UB Recruiting tweeted that UB is one of only 13 schools that went to a bowl game, women's tournament, and men's tournament this year. The others? Baylor, Mississippi State, Auburn, Kentucky, Iowa, Iowa State, Syracuse, Arizona State, UCF, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon,
  3. Bad day for Mid-Majors yesterday, other than Murray State. NM State's series of horrid decisions at the end doomed them.
  4. Oh absolutely. If ASU plays anything at all like this Friday, it will be a bloodbath. However you're just as likely to get the team that beat Kanas as the team that lost to winless in the SEC Vanderbilt with Arizona State.
  5. Both SJU and ASU are close to averaging 1 turnover per made basket. That is atrocious.
  6. UB just need to apply pressure and ASU has a mental breakdown and throws it away.
  7. Given the AZ game last year and the way Harris covered Ayton, I might give him a shot.
  8. Am I crazy to feel that ASU and SJU were the worst two teams in the first four, play in games, and that includes the 4 16 seeds?
  9. Also, if ASU is anywhere near as careless with the ball on Friday, Dontay and Jordan will absolutely eat them alive.
  10. This may be the worst effort I've ever seen from a team in the NCAA tournament, by St. John's. They should be embarrassed and the committee should be shamed for putting them in the field. ASU should also be thanking their lucky stars because almost every other team in the nation would have buried them with that putrid second half they had.
  11. ASU looked good in the first half, but has been downright bad in the 2nd. My overall impression is that St. John's is bad and should not be in the tournament. ASU is less bad and was a legit bubble team. They can absolutely beat UB but Buffalo is the better team.
  12. ASU travelling, then draining a shot with their foot on the line but the refs calling it a 3 isn't helping the Red Storm.
  13. St. John's is shooting 30% for the game. The fact that they have kept it within about 10 gives me a lot of hope for Friday. ASU should be running them out of the gym. They've been almost as bad as St. John's in the second half.
  14. This is a bad basketball game. All the other first four games have been good. Neither team is shooting better than 31% in the second half. It's just an ugly game.
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