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  1. This was a very frustrating game to watch. Really had much higher expectations for Johnson going into this year, he’s been a bust no other way to say it. It’s sad cause you can tell he’s got the talent. Some of these recruits I think lot of people had higher expectations going into the year that they would have a big impact like nickleberry and Hardnett, just hasn’t panned out so far, hopefully that changes. The only guy who I’ve been impressed from the new guys coming in is Mballa. Ceiling is super high for him, just gotta avoid bad fouls and work on ft shooting. Segu had that amazing game against Harvard, but he’s faded himself. We need some of these other guys to step up, can’t be relying on just Graves and Jordan to provide most of scoring.
  2. I watched the vanderbilt vs Tulsa game. Granted vanderbilt had a rough game I think this is a very winnable game for us. I expect Jordan to step up and have a good game. Mballa will also play big role, need him to stay in the game most importantly and not get in foul trouble. Nesmith will get his points, just got to limit him from having a huge game. I’d stick with man, that’s our bread and butter, maybe show a zone look once or twice during game just to confuse them but that’s it.
  3. Agreed Williams has to take those 3’s when he is wide open. The scouting report on him I’m sure says let him chuck from the 3. He’s gotta work on that so he can atleast shoot a 30% clip to keeps teams honest. He’s been great at attacking rim and finishing on the left side. He is definitely playing a lot smarter this year as a whole, and making the extra pass when needed. Last year he would force it when the play wasn’t there. I think he’ll be fine just taking some time to develop.
  4. DePaul will likely be ranked when we play them. Would def. get some looks if won both but one at a time for now.
  5. Nice preview agree with most your points there. Just hope your right about Johnson, been a big disappointment so far, 30% from the field not gonna cut it. I think he turns it around eventually, but it better happen soon- not so much for this game, but for the two following it we will need him to perform if we going to come out with wins. Williams also looked good last game, hopefully shows some more consistency there.
  6. That hurts he definitely was a nice option to have on the bench as a big, strong body that can spell some minutes here and there.
  7. Exactly the kind of guy I would like. Would be nice not to have to sweat once Mballa gets 2 fouls and also can play him alongside Mballa when going against bigger lineups.
  8. 100% agree with you there. Need an athletic big man who can protect the paint. Love what I see from Mballa but he’s only 6’7” and we need more depth there.
  9. Don’t like to call this a must win, but it’s a def. should win, especially since following this game with Vanderbilt and DePaul on the road. We def will be undersized, but should continue the same strategy of fronting the post and turning them over.
  10. Definitely nail biter, another poor shooting night with the exception of Jordan and Jeenathan. That call wasn’t lucky was a clear foul. Refs missed some other fouls on mz state against us. He hit the big points to close it out, but Johnson needs to get his act together he’s been horrible so far this season and this game he was missing open shots. He’s too talented to not be performing better.
  11. Yeah I don’t think people freaky over Johnson, Just disappointed with his inconsistency and basketball IQ right now. I think he’ll be fine but he got to stop taking these contested shots and move the ball. He’s not comparable to Blake or Willie cause both those guys came from the juco ranks so it was kind of expected there would be a period of transition w them. This guy played d1 for 3 years at Middle Tennessee . He’s gotta make the extra pass when guys are in his face, period. Some of these other guys haven’t really played at this level, like Hardnett since he redshirted and Nickleberry to so kind of figured would be adjustment there.
  12. Wow what an ugly game looked like it was going to get away but the full court press got us the win right there. We shot terrible once again, but was able to turn them over 22 times which is reason we won. I’m glad Whitesell benched Johnson he was terrible. Give credit to Jordan, Graves and Mballa who had solid games. We are too thin on the front line it showed in both these games in Charleston. On to the next but if we play like this against Missouri state, mark it as a loss.
  13. Agreed. Not to say that Whitesell will turn out bad, but Oats was not afraid to rip into the refs if they making bad calls or rip into the players if they not playing 100% or making poor decisions. With some of those shots that Johnson was taking last night he would have pulled him and given him an earful. Whitesell is just too calm for my liking, but obviously I want to see him do well.
  14. Yes I agree UConn is a potentially top 25 team and we hung right there, but I honestly felt we could and should have won that game. We shot the ball extremely poorly, especially in the second half. Some really bad shot selection especially by Johnson, he’s gotta stop taking contested poor shots. Segu and Jeenathan had poor offensive games. Mballa was a beast and him getting in foul trouble definitely hurt as we are lacking depth there. Some defensive lapses too. Hopefully they learn from this, but you clearly see we have the talent just a matter of putting it together and playing smart.
  15. Mballa has to have better court awareness was in the circle there. Would have been a charge if he could have got out.
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