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  1. Completely agree he just doesn’t have the foot speed to keep up at this level. You can get stronger and even improve your skill set, but can’t create that. Hes just too slow and you even saw that when he played in past getting beat to the bucket on defense. He’ll get PT but don’t see him playing a big part either.
  2. Couldn’t agree more with you, it’s a no brainer in my eyes too as they are the 3 best players. We play in the Mac, Graves will likely guard the 3 position and he’s 6’3” and more than enough athletic and strong to hold his own. People making it like he’s gonna be guarding 6’8 guys. At best he’ll be guarding guys that are 2 or 3 inches taller and I think that won’t be an issue at all. We’ve always played this way also this whole stretch of winning so don’t see why we all of a sudden change it. Gonna we weird watching this team without massinburg and perk, and dontay caruthers coming off the bench was such a luxury, dude was a beast.
  3. 40% is a pretty good amount in my opinion. We’ve always played a 3 guard lineup traditionally going back to when we first won with Bearden, Evans and Skeete. Not only does it allow you to have 3 ballhandlers on the court, but it helps you push the pace like we want to. Jeenathan still has to prove himself and I’m sure he’ll get plenty of minutes off the bench to do that. When we are playing a big team where the size is a factor I can see us tweaking starting lineup to matchup better, but in most cases this won’t happen.
  4. I don’t see how you don’t start Johnson and we usually play a 3 guard lineup so I see him starting with Jordan and Graves. Also don’t see Bertram playing any significant role unless god forbid there is some injury, he just doesn’t have the foot speed to play at this level. Sure he has improved but I just don’t see it. Would be a game changer if Mballa gets that waiver, need that strong body down low.
  5. Jordan, Johnson and Graves def. a lock like everyone said. I think at the 4 Nickleberry gets the nod. 5 spot is tricky, against a smaller lineup Hardnett might get start there but bigger lineup probably Skogman. We are a little thin at the 5 spot in my opinion until we get Mballa. When we match up against bigger teams were gonna be a bit undersized and Bertram is likely to get some bench minutes way we look right now. Solid bench also w Williams, Segu, Grant and Hardnett/Skogman. I think Gallion might get some bench minutes too atleast early on. This team will definitely have legit shot at 3 peat this year.
  6. Not a bad option at all would make us more versatile, we definitely have to fill this last spot with a big man who is eligible to play this coming year. Skogman the only true big man, and I just don’t trust Bertram for any significant minutes so this last spot is really important and will definitely get good amount of minutes.
  7. Would be a huge land. Set us up really nicely and put us in position this coming year to compete to win Mac again. Also, would be clear our focus next year would be to replace Davonta Jordan, which is no easy task at all, as I think he’s one of the best all around pg’s UB has ever had (minus free throw shooting lol)
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