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  1. Was hoping we would push them like UCF pushed Duke. Unfortunately the Bulls didn’t give TT or their fans much to worry about tonight. The narrative will be, they were a nice little MAC team... now go away and let the big boys play. But really the Bulls are a very good team and will hang with anyone on most nights. This specific matchup turned out to be a bad one. looking forward to next season!
  2. Really impressed with the women tonight. What an effort after getting down so much early. They outscored UConn on their home court over the final 3+ quarters. Didn’t see that coming
  3. Well, on the glass half full side- maybe Oats’ phone is not ringing off the hook after this.
  4. Ugh. All the backwards crazy passing. Nothing happening. I guess that hyped up TT defense is as good as advertised. They might be a sneaky Final 4 club.
  5. Some folks on the TT board think UB is full of themselves and have no respect for Big12 basketball. Not sure which press quotes they are referring to. But whatever, this will be tougher than any MAC opponent. I think we all know that and the players too. But everyone has to feel confident otherwise you lose the game before you even step on the court
  6. If the Bulls enter the 4th qtr with a legit shot at UConn, that in itself will be considered a win. Here’s to wishing
  7. It’s ok to be nervous and anxious. Even fans of UNC, Duke, Virginia, etc.. are nervous come tourney time regardless of the opponent. Let’s get it going, Go Bulls!
  8. I hear ya. Was rooting for Belmont and St. Mary's yesterday because you know one of these 11 seeds are gonna win a game. Neither came through so now we have to sweat this out!
  9. That's what I'm doing. Since I have my own office it doesn't matter but the March Madness stream on CBS still has the Boss Button. Always cracks me up to see that.
  10. I saw St.Johns a couple times this year and they looked really good in those games. I like them to win this game vs. ASU.... we’ll see soon enough
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