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  1. Cool. Hope Drew does well out in AZ. I noticed on Friday a Murray State LB got drafted late 3rd round (98th) by Jacksonville. Turns out the player was so under the radar that the draft broadcasts didn’t even have a highlight reel of him to show. He wasn’t among 730 players on one draft analysts big board. It’s kind of the opposite of the UB draft saga. anyway this player is Quincy Williams, brother of Jets first round pick Quinnen Willams. He’s undersized but a hard hitter who had 231 career tackles.
  2. Still don’t get the Anthony Johnson thing. He has NFL hands, an NFL body and awareness of how to position his body. He doesn’t have super speed but is fast enough. He should’ve been drafted before any of them. Tyree, I get why he dropped based on the second half of the season. Too many passes skipped off the ground or sailed way over the heads of receivers. That idiot Steve Smith coming down from the TV booth and lecturing Tyree on how to better throw a slant probably didn’t help much either. May not have hurt but it made him a bit of a joke to the announcers
  3. Good thing we still have Khalil Mack’s name associated w UB . Can’t believe the Football program got shut out in the 2019 draft. Would’ve also been nice to use that achievement for future recruiting.
  4. Glad he signed w the Bills and we can keep an eye on him. That will be cool. I thought AJ would fill the bigger need for the Bills. That surprises me to see them take a pass... at least for now
  5. I dunno. He was pretty hyped up this past season and his stock was high. He worked w some really good receivers. The UB offense was going to be a bit thin/new at WR going into 2019. He would’ve had to transfer somewhere else and learn a new offense, get comfortable, etc.. I can see why he declared early. It just didn’t work out in the draft. He can still rise up if he has NFL talent.
  6. Not surprised Tyree has dropped this far. I am surprised AJ wasn’t picked before the 5th rd.
  7. Yup. Oats will improve Alabama, but unlike his time in the MAC he will not be able to out-recruit the other big time SEC programs. He's not going to simply get better athletes. Kentucky, LSU, Florida, Auburn, etc.. will all have athletes as good if not better.
  8. That would be interesting. When they list NFL comparisons I've seen Paxton Lynch named as a comparison for Tyree. He was one of Elway's worst picks at 26th overall in 2016. TJ could go to Denver but Elway won't reach to grab a project QB this time around.
  9. The UNC job is a concern. But at least there’s a restructured buyout clause according to the News.
  10. Even a day before the draft, some sites have Tyree getting drafted on day two (Rounds 2-3) and some peg him as a 5th or 6th rounder. There's no consensus. So I guess based on that, look for Tyree to get drafted in the 4th round! I'm thinking Giants, Falcons or Buccaneers.
  11. I feel like this will be the norm for reasonably good players at most FBS schools. If they don’t enter the portal at some point in their college career, they aren’t doing something right. At the first sign of adversity, bam...heading straight to the portal. These college players love having the ability to be free agents.
  12. The numbers I saw on the QBs looked pretty blah. Not saying that spring ball is any indication but I’m not feeling optimistic about the offense this fall. Hope that changes as we get to summer camp.
  13. What's the deal? I feel like people would be killing Oats if he were openly interviewing for an upgrade while still at UB ,,, It's got to be tough to keep the current players happy with this.. and not have potential recruits disillusioned by a possible coaching change.
  14. Several people who know Jim well (Oats, Hodgson, Danny White, etc.) think it's a great hire and are congratulating The Bulls program and our AD on social media. So I'm more than willing to give Mark Alnutt the benefit of the doubt here that this is a good hire. He took his time, checked out the landscape of potential candidates and then pulled the trigger.
  15. Nice press conference, Jim sold me on his abilities and confidence to keep this thing rolling. I'm definitely rooting for him.
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