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  1. Ugh. Just awful. The story of this season are a Really good Oline and RBs getting offset by Poor kicking game, and nothing special at QB or WR. Although it was good to see some of the other receivers get some action today. D played hard on the home field, made some plays, just couldn’t close it out.
  2. In between getting hit after throwing and misfires, Myers threw a few balls downfield that were spot on. if we had some skilled receivers they would have been caught. I have no idea if Vantrease is much better but as you said he seems like a game manager. However, against Temple, Myers managed the game pretty well. don’t really get how our QB was crushed several times after releasing the ball and there weren't any roughing the passer calls. One in particular looked like the helmet crown hitting Myers’ face mask. UB breathes on their QB and gets hit with roughing.
  3. Miami just looks like a team that wants to win this game so much more than UB.
  4. Somehow Georgia Tech is a +10 underdog at Temple this weekend. Temple is a better team than they looked this past weekend at UB, but how bad is GA Tech this year? I believe they took UB's awesome strength and conditioning coach. Must be tough times at Tech this season.
  5. What a huge W. Great job by the team and Leipold/staff. No one could predict that coming off Liberty. The only bummer was seeing a Bulls player injured on what seemed like every other play the last 3 mins. I think Nuun was hurt too.
  6. Special teams are huge. UB freshman hits a 52-yard FG. Temple botches a punt snap that sets up UB for a short TD.
  7. Yeesh, sparse looking crowd on the kickoff.
  8. Usually, a good Oline and RBs travel well, but Liberty’s Dline won the battle. Didn’t see that coming. Nor did I see the up-tempo offense by LU dominating what is supposed to be a good Bulls D. Just one of those games. They really wanted it more than the Bulls. I’d consider Liberty the caliber of a mediocre MAC team so this doesn’t bode well.
  9. the receivers are subpar. Myers has no help. They weren’t able to recover from losses like AJ, KJ, Mabry, Jones, etc. I mean they have McDuffie and Dom Johnson out there. The best TE is hurt. No other WRs are stepping up
  10. Liberty has 2 guys to worry about (QB & WR) and they let them both go off in the 1st half. Ugh.
  11. Terrible opening drive given up by the D. Then O misses a short FG. The Bulls look really slow tonight, or maybe Liberty is playing fast early. Gotta pick up the pace and play harder.
  12. The Temple-Maryland game today has had more botched/strange special teams plays in the 1st quarter than you’ll see all season.
  13. I have no problem with the play calling. Like others have mentioned, the Bulls RB's and OLine are best units on offense. Myers looks very promising. His ability appears to be ahead of the entire receiving corps and that probably not a great thing. The kid has to make plays and make perfect passes. Other than Nuun and now the injured Lefebvre, no other receivers get any separation.
  14. I'm just hoping UB is not blown away by some ridiculous score. Just need some ball control (hello Oline and RB's), and no turnovers. I don't know how good Penn State really is? They are breaking in some new players at key positions. From their perspective, clearly Idaho was a great tune-up game for Buffalo. And I think UB will be a step up in class and be a good tune-up for their Pitt game. No idea what to expect here.
  15. Tyree's got a ways to go to make anyone's practice squad. In that final preseason game the Bills staff had to line him up in shotgun every play....just to give him a chance to scan the field and get the ball off. If a QB cannot play at all under center, he's not going to make it in the pros. Hopefully the game slows down for him, but he needs another club to give him that shot.
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