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  1. zigo230

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    All good points above and from other posters. He will never be hotter. If he wants to make serious money it's go time. On the flip side all he has to do is look at the Hurley brothers. They can recruit the hell out of the country. But in the high major world, so many programs get great players. It's not easy to win and be dominant. Down in the MAC it's different. A well known coach and program can stay ahead of the pack. As you said, we will re-visit this in a couple months. On to EMU.
  2. zigo230

    EMU @ #16 UB (1/18 - 7pm ET)

    I think Oats stays. He's a big family guy and they just bought their dream house out on Grand Island by the river. He's got an amazing thing going here...not easy to duplicate this at a high major school. Although some other posters on the MAC board are saying this year is the Nate Oats farewell tour.
  3. zigo230

    #16 UB @ WMU (1/15 - 7pm ET)

    Well said. I feel like the Bulls will get picked off somewhere in the MAC, maybe 2-losses total. It's not the end of the world. These road games especially are tough. Even if other top-25 teams played at random MAC arenas they would lose a game here and there. We just never get to see that kind of scheduling. They would most certainly take a 9-point win, be happy and get outta there.
  4. zigo230

    KJ to the U

    I think too much is being made of this. It’s literally happening at every school or will soon enough. Guys are transferring for a myriad of reasons. Some want more playing time before their college career is over forever (Hurts) and may require moving from a P5 to a G5 or FCS school,..some want to move up a level and challenge themselves, some may not like coaches or schemes where they are at,...it could be anything. But if a program puts it out there, that transferring is frowned upon and they will fight it from happening, then I bet that program will have a tough time recruiting anyone. Didn’t some big name QB just move from Georgia to Ohio State? I think the really good QB from Eastern Washington just entered his name in the grad transfer portal. He wants more exposure I bet. I doubt KJ has any ill will towards UB. Like others have said, his star QB is gone, his stud WR teammate is gone, and losing some other great talent to graduation. He probably thinks it’s a great opportunity to change it up, play at a big program and spend his winter in warmth. He’s worked hard to be able to do this and get a once in a lifetime chance to play a year in the ACC against some giants in college football. i really wish the guy well. I hope to see him in the NFL someday repping UB. The 2019 Bulls will be fine. We have some great young players ready to break out.
  5. Anyone pay attention to the fact Troy's coach Neal Brown is the new head coach of West Virginia? He makes the jump from a G5 program to the big time. I was impressed with the job he did in the DGB. Halftime adjustments, coming out with the on-sides kick and controlling the entire 3rd Qtr. That won em the game. I thought they out-coached the UB staff in that game.
  6. zigo230

    KJ to the U

    Eh. I’m ok with it. It’s not like he was here for a year and bolted. He contributed and graduated. This is the new world of college FB players. They have options now. It stinks for UB that he took his talents elsewhere, but for KJ? It’s gotta be really cool to go to a national program like the U, with all that history. On the flip side I saw that Miami had a need because they had two WRs transfer to other programs. So this moving around is happening all over, it’s not unique to UB.
  7. I didn't see a thread yet for this. Never too soon to start ranking the candidates. Looks like Kolston Brewster has decided to transfer. He probably knew that he wouldn't get any playing time at UB. So unless I'm missing someone that leaves the following QB's to battle it out. Kyle Vantrease Dominic Johnson Matt Myers Trevor Bycznski (true freshman)
  8. zigo230

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    didn’t expect him to declare but good luck to Tyree. Would be great to see a UB QB in the NFL. Rooting for him.
  9. zigo230

    UB/OHIO Women’s game

    The team doesn’t seem as clutch as last seasons club. I’m sure they will get better as the season progresses. Plus Ohio is now in the mix as a MAC power to go along with CMU. If UB women can win the MAC this season they will have really earned it.
  10. zigo230

    K J Osborn

    Dang I like Osborn. I think he’s got a shot to be in the League. This is all about guys positioning themselves as best they can to go Pro. May be an ill-advised idea, may be a great idea. Ya never know. It’s a new age. On another front, Look at all the players skipping their Bowl games. We used to never see that.
  11. That was fun while it lasted. He was great. So much change ahead in 2019 but that’s college FB. As long as Leipold stay put the program will find replacements and move along ok.
  12. zigo230

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    In other QB news...Justin Herbert is returning to Oregon for his senior season instead of declaring for the NFL draft.
  13. zigo230

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    Despite what was said above, I'd actually like to see him play at Auburn or any big program for that matter. Let's see what he's got.
  14. I really think AJ after his hamstring injury was in protect-his-body mode. Last night it was apparent all his patterns were away from contact. Sideline patterns where he could catch, run, and waltz out of bounds, fade passes where it was a catch or overthrow....nothing over the middle where he would get blasted. Maybe that’s why Nunn was targeted more. But like you said, he’s a known quantity, an NFL pick...and we’re probably fortunate he even decided to suit up for the DGB.
  15. zigo230

    Tyree Jackson’s future

    I saw people speculating on Twitter that Auburn is an option. There’s a relationship w the AD and Auburn’s QB is leaving early to go pro.