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  1. Go Bulls! That was a great win...I didn't even get nervous 😀
  2. They were live streaming on Facebook but the feed stopped working apparently. CBS is doing a live looking when they announce our seed. Looks like it just came back on.
  3. https://getsomemaction.com/tournaments/?id=105. Scroll down to the score from the championship game and the links to the press conferences are there.
  4. I want to beat NIU. We play very poorly in their gym. I think the gray floor painted Huskies messes with our guys. NIU is the only team in the conference UB has not beaten this season.
  5. Why was Perkins on the bench the last couple of minutes? We arent hitting 3's. He has 1 personal foul. He should be in there.
  6. That's typical Reggie. He never knew when to call a time out. I watched most of the game. He should have used one after the Monmouth lead got above 3 again. Instead he used one at about 4:25 which was right before the under 4 time out. By the time he used them the game was basically over. He was also sitting when he should have been up talking motivating his players. But there is a reason Reggie has never won the big game and Oats has.
  7. It was a knee to the head from Graves. He sat out the rest of the game as a precautionary measure.
  8. On the radio broadcast Whetzel said that Jordan hit his head on the court. But on the Espn+ it looked like he hit his head against another players leg. But I didnt get a great look at it on the app.
  9. It was a gritty win tonight. UB wasn't terrible but they didnt put the hammer down when they built the lead to 12. Curruthers wasn't good tonight. It was good to see Harris make that 3 and the 2 point jumper down the stretch. #1 seed, in any other conference that probably means more than a quarterfinal game. We'll probably wind up with NIU. We play better against them away from their gray floor.
  10. He needs to take the shot instead of trying to throw a blind pass behind himself.
  11. How was that a shooting foul for Ohio at the end of the first half? It didnt look like the Ohio player was in the act of shooting and Buffalo only had 5 team fouls.
  12. Mine is lined up so far. I'll see if it works still coming out of the commercial break. I'm using the TuneIn Radio App.
  13. This woman's voice is rough to listen to. At least Michael Reghi isnt there tonight.
  14. I went to UB from '97 to '01. When I was a freshman and sophomore the Bulls were in the Mid-Continent Conference. Then they moved up to the Mid American Conference in 1999. The team lost a lot more than they won. Then they finally got close with Turner Battle in 2005 but lost on a tip. Anyway, I dont know if you were around during those building years until the team finally won the MAC Championship in 2015. But if you've gone through watching the team lose for a long time, you wouldnt think about leaving early when they are finally this successful and competitive.
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